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neko is right. 1.7a needs newer gettext.
all versions that include are fine.


I saw this and thought, "Oh kewl !" because I'd tried the nice shiny
new Nekochan Thunderbird and Firefox binariies (thanks foetz) only
to get the dreaded "cannot map " message.

So I grabbed the newer gettext but still only get as far as

5793:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames

with both T-bird and firefox :(
foetz wrote:

just add /usr/local/lib to your LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH.

that's an improvement, thanks ... but what else needs upgrading ?

Now I get :

Gort 2% firefox
*** global extensions startup!
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/
nsNativeComponentLoader: GetFactory( Load FAILED with error: 1708:./firefox-bin: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/freeware/lib32/

I looked for a readme, but no could find ... sorry for the stupidity, but ....
squeen wrote:
LoWeN wrote: Last I have made almost desepear the desktop behind icons...
Some people find that I am crazy? Am I?N

No -- that's why I wrote iconbar! :D

The best system I have seen is in the Workplace Shell. Minimized
programs disappear entirely. Then a lmb-rmb combo click on the
desktop brings up a menu of running apps. Choose and go. Neat,
uncluttered desktop combined with easy access to any running
application (as long as you can find any clear spot on the desktop
for clicking ! ) I'm surprised that no one else uses this method. I
imagine that it would be difficult to incorporate into 4Dwm tho ?
psergiu wrote:
I have a pledge - if it's not a hassle can you please also make mips3 versions for the binaries you make available ? There are a few people around with only access to R4k machines and no chance of upgrading to somthing better. And not everyone can compile his sources.

Actually, why not ? The parts to do it are all available (not MIPSPro, but gcc.) I also don't have the time or skills needed to barge through the dependencies swamp, but I certainly could set up a script and let it run overnight. You would like mips 3, I'd like highly-optimized mips4, the people doing the work would like some occasional sleep :-)

What about good step-by-step recipes for self-compiling ? Linux turkies can do it - the trouble with Irix is that there are so many goofy gnu-isms in gcc, but once someone has figured those out if there were a recipe along with the mips4 packages why *couldn't* people compile their own gcc versions for mips3 ?
lewis wrote: Why would having more than one drawing thread make any difference on a dual machine? The first CPU is occupied entirely with the MPEG2 codec... if I had an Origin, then yeah, but I think that can wait :)

I think you need to know more about how the scheduler works to really say. I'm not up on SGI multi-processing but in OS/2 (very thread-oriented system) the scheduler makes all those decisions in a round-robin fashion. As any task gets completed its cpu becomes available. The scheduler hands the next thread to the first available processor. Your computer DOES have more going on than this one process. You can't really say "one cpu is occupied entirely with" by any stretch of the imagination, unless that task was particularly written to do that AND the operating system would let you HAVE that much priority.

I'd be real surprised if it did. OS/2 certainly won't let you. You're in applications, not systems level ....
[quote="nvukovlj You can use the benchmark scene available from their site to check this out, although for the demo version you'll need to decrease the res to 300x300 [/url]

There's one of the problems with benchmarking. Since SGI's and peecees have different strengths, the SGI comes off worse than it should using peecee paramaters. Shouldn't an Octane's strengths show up more in BIG scenes, moving lots of data around ? I see where peecee people are having a lot of trouble now using memory over two gigs ... while the Octane and HP workstations are quite happy with 8. But since the usual benchmarks don't test those scenarios, we come off looking like dodos ... There are areas where a benchmark that wasn't peecee-driven would show that there are things Intel boxes flat-out CAN'T do. Small sized scenes would not show off an Octane's strengths, imo. (I was going to say it's better than nothing - but is it, really ? For unbiased people sure, but put these results into a Wintel-fanatic's hands and we'd be better off without ANY benchmarks.)
nvukovlj wrote: No mention of a PC here...

Sorry, I'm just so sick of the benchmark thingy, what with every Intel-owner in the Western Hemisphere using
bogus benchmarks to "prove" their tiddly little piece of crap is "superior to that old SGI garbage ...'"

You're right, benchmarks certainly have their place. It's just that they are so easily misused .... how about the
Iges import feature ? Do they need a little encouragement ? Or some help ? I've got igeses coming out the
wazoo around here ...
nvukovlj wrote: If you look through this thread, there is at least one e-mail address you could use to contact them.

Before I do that : At the risk of looking stewpid, I downloaded the demo. It appears to be one gigantic shell script ? Any hints on how to run this before I totally destroy the file in 'experiment' mode ?
nvukovlj wrote: Two options (as root):

1. sh ./

thanks, worked like a charm. Seemed a little unusual as a distribution but what the heck ...

now ....

Gort 10% realsoft3d
1676:/usr/opt/realsoft/bin/Realsoft3D: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames /usr/local/lib/

I'll probably figure out why when I have a little time, but .... if you're involved with the porting, it's always nice when a program installs all its parts on the first go-round. For a demo, what the heck .. if I were paying $300 I'd probably be a little irked at this. I didn't install it to the default location so that may be the problem, but if you're going to give people that choice, the installer should be aware of itself ?
nomagic wrote: Our prices are generated upon consultation with the client because we recognise that all clients have different requirements.

Sorry to be rude, but you must have meant "different pocketbooks." The software is exactly the SAME for everyone. Just like a Toyota is the SAME for everyone. SGI might have a reason for not publishing prices but with a simple app like this there can only be one reason not to. We'll leave that reason a mystery for our loyal readers to figure out :-(
lewis wrote: I think it's fair to say that IRIX's SMP is rather more advanced than OS/2's, y'know :) .

In fact ... well, it probably is, since it doesn't have all that x86 crap to deal with. But then, Unix is still stuck in the process world even tho threading is often many times faster.

Remember who IBM is ? And what they made their fortune building ? IBM is seldom best at anything but neither are they very far behind. They were designing mainframes while Jim Clark was still a $400/month math teacher .....

you should know a little more about OS/2 before you criticize. I would suspect you've never used it ? Many many nice features and good ideas. Too bad the Redmond crooks suffocated what could have been an entirely different peecee experience.
nvukovlj wrote: Tried installing to a directory different to the default.

I can't reproduce this problem.

I've contacted you in a PM to follow-up on this anyway...


It may have been a combination of several things I did ... running now. It's well worth downloading and looking at, for anyone who is curious. A few more quirks which I'll pm you about tomorrow morn nvukovlj, if that's okay ....
nomagic wrote: I was talking along the lines of support, updates and functionality. In the current business climate you also can't expect a software development company to have fixed prices as the clients needs will greatly dictate the overall cost.

sorry, that's b.s. In fact I'm gonna go dump the tardist right now without even requesting an eval license. No way will I deal with a company which isn't even honest enough to give a person any kind of idea of what their 'product' costs.

Nice to know up front what kind of outfit you are right upfront, tho.
brandon wrote: Beyond that, why can't a company have variant prices based around levels of support, quantity of licenses, combo software packages, combo hardware packages, etc?

Of course they can. And they do list those prices, too. They don't have to be exact - most companies have a "list price" which everyone knows is hooey then an "educational" discount and/or other price breaks in the price book. Generally the list price is the highest. We all know and understand this.

Companies which refuse to show or tell ANY prices are out to get every last stinking penny they can from you, no matter who or what. The ONLY reason for refusing to give any sort of indication of what the price is, is when they are used car dealers. Or horse traders. Or other unethical types of white-shod shysters.

Companies are around to stay in business.. and you shouldn't complain to a company for having variant prices depending on it's customers and/or customer base.

No one is complaining about different price structures which depend on different services being provided. What I AM complaining about is a total refusal to so much as mention ANY price - based on the desire to pick every possible pocket to the max. You're right - this is the modern version of "business" - especially in software.

Sorry, you guys go get your pockets picked. I'll shut up now but you can expect an "I told you so" later. Or maybe just one big Cheshire-cat grin .... I was once young and naive as well. Have fun.
schleusel wrote:
schleusel wrote: i've updated the tardist with the new 1.0pre4 release:

uploaded a new revision (128) of the package. Only difference is a small change to vo_gl2 (hopefully removing any remaining fullscreen flickering problems with large files on slower machines)

schleusel, verry spiffy. Just tried it again and on an Octane MXI at 400 mhz and it works real good. Only made the one change in the config file to gl2 and away we went. Played every avi and mpg file I have at about 60 - 70% cpu utilization. Maybe it's time to up that cpu to a dually ....

Now I can watch porn-o-graphee on my SGI, muchas gracias :-)
miunk wrote: I need to create a circle with the edge of the circle having the texture of a rope. Is it possible to do this with gimp? Or perhaps with blender?

probably not exactly what you're looking for, but a tutorial here : ... .asp?id=28
miunk wrote: The interface for blender is unlike anything I have ever used.

oh-oh ! I said this once in less polite terms and Skywriter let me know that I was full of something :-)

Actually, at 1600 x1200 on a big monitor, the Blender interface is not so bad. Probably be okay on the 1600sw, too. When it's all squshed down teensy it's a pita.

'scuse me, gotta run before sky sees this ......
Anyone using this ? From freeware ? I had it working, but suddenly I'm headless for a while. I'd like to at least be able to marginally use some graphical programs but I neglected to set up the server password and all before it got decapitated. Anyone know where the VNC settings and password files live ?
edefault wrote: Hamei,

A TightVNC server on a NT4 crapbox to give me some access to windnose only programs, mainly DigiMap for route planning and GPS navigation.

Don't hate me :-) I need to use it the other way. I did have it working on the Octane as a client. The Octane got beheaded tho, so for a while I need to use it as a server. I never thought to set up the password, etc in the server direction before I lost all visual contact. (Nothing else syncs on green around here.) If someone knew where the appropriate files are it'd save some huntin' and essperimentin' .
lewis wrote: It's nice being able to rearrange the buttons window to be vertical with the new GUI - it would look ridiculous on a 1600SW, otherwise :)

Lewis : careful ! People have been shot for less !

hi, sky :-)
colin wrote: MSIE 6 is quite fast on a 500 MHz Pentium 3, and renders almost every site perfectly.

I have a router that doesn't work with IE. It's the javascript .... you could change the settings but couldn't make them stick. Took me a good hour before I figgered out that that paragon of programming might be the problem. Firefox worked perfectly. So ... almost != always :-)

Something to remember if you're ever in that position ....
ruckusman wrote: Vague I know, but for memory the comand to set the password is vncpasswd or vncpassword.

thanks, vncpasswd was it !

Telnet in to run it and then run vncserver to start the daemon.

rats. Looks like I got overzealous with chkconfig off some time in the past. I can ftp but no telnet. And no sshelll daemon running. Looks like I screwed up :-(
skywriter wrote: [ using sgi freeware build of firebird. is there anything that is faster?

that''s an antique , sky ! jeeze.

get one of foetz' newer ones. I was particularly happy with an early v.8 on MIPS if the newest gives you some trouble.

btw, gtk2 is not so wonderful.
squeen wrote: It is my belief, unless configure out-foxed me, that the gtk 2.4 on nekoware/beta is 100% MIPSpro. If you have run into some errors please tell me what they are to I can go back and try and fix the port.

most likely the biggest problem is that gtk-2 is awful I worked with a guy once who claimed that, "You can't make chicken pie out of chicken shit" and boy, looking at the direction gnu is headed, he had a point. A excellent point ....
dexter1 wrote:
Shtoink wrote: I'm no genius, just a lacky... :D

Fetch me some beer then... :twisted:

Are you sure ? In Washington they brew Oly ......
jdboyd wrote: Personally, I like Gimp. I think that for most tasks, Gimp 1.4 is as good or better than Photoshop 3. Sure, it doesn't do CMYK, but that isn't relevent to this topic anyway.

I'm a Eclipse man. Without registration (big $$) you can only work up to 1280 x 1024 or so, but that's big enough for me, usually.

As to vector programs, SodiPodi may be usable, but the last time I used it, it was no where near as nice as even corel draw for illustration type stuff. Now that I look at the web site though, I'm realizing I haven't used it in a very long time, so perhaps I should keep my mouth shut.

For more technical vector drawing, there are a lot of nice free tools depending on what you want. I've used Dia for a few things. I've used Xfig for a few things. Both are pretty god.

You could always use Illustrator. It has an okay reputation ... :-)
jdboyd wrote: Personally, I like Gimp. I think that for most tasks, Gimp 1.4 is as good or better than Photoshop 3. Sure, it doesn't do CMYK, but that isn't relevent to this topic anyway.

btw, for image processing there's also this:

I mention it because foetz very kindly did an Irix compile the other day. You'll find it in his download area.
jdboyd wrote:
hamei wrote: You could always use Illustrator. It has an okay reputation ... :-)

Oh, does that mean they've started issueing licenses for Illustrator on Irix again? Very cool! Even if it is only version 5.5 (which I think is one of the better versions anyway).

You're rattling the bars on purpose, right ? :-)

Screw Adobe. "Stealing" software is not a criminal act. It is a civil offense. The damages are monetary. If the copyright holder refuses to sell the product, then they can't very well claim damages, can they ? Adobe in particular has to be one of the worst offenders against decency in this respect. MANY people with legal licenses have tried to get a new license from Adobe when disaster struck their computers, only to be refused. Adobe was one of the very very few companies which refused to free NeXT applications for individuals when NeXT went tits-up. Overall, they are scum without a leg to stand on if people hack old Illustrator licenses when they want to move it from the old Indy to their new Octane ....

Admittedly, it's not that great a program ... but it's a heck of a ot better than Sodipodi :-)
[quote="Thomas W."]What i know is:

IRIX is running on SGI-MIPS-Hardware

I just wanna know why I can't run NeXTStep on my HP 9816 ':('
unixmuseum wrote: It also pivots 90 degrees (should try it on the Octane one of these days to see what happens, see if 4Dwm likes 1024x1280).

Ya know, paper is usually taller than wide ... I wonder how we got into the habit of working on monitors that are the opposite ?
amigo wrote: Where can I get a good client for IRC, and I dont mean that poor excuse for an IRC support in Gaim or console BitchX, I mean a decent IRC client like mIRC in Windogs, that has advanced features and such?

I used epic4 from freeware and irssi (which was truly weird) in cli mode and chatzilla in graphics mode. Chatzilla is okay. Easy enough to try, if you are already running firefaux. Just start firefox as root, then download it as an extension and remember to check the little "let websites install software" box.
Involution wrote: I just dont see the need for gui, and buttons, when all i'm transferring and recieving is plain text. but- to each their own :razz:

Oh, then epic4 from freeware should be fine. Doesn't even have
any dependencies, as I remember. Simple, clean, works great
foetz wrote: hello,

$500 for a dm10?? by far cheaper as i thought!!
where do you get this price?

Isn't that the official SGI price ? I thought it was ....

Quite a bit more than SIIG charges, at $50. Or unixmuseum paid, $5 :-)

Hey, does anyone remember where the url is for the SGI-recommended O2-cam replacement ? The one on the funky-looking little tripod ?I could swear i saw that exact same camera over at the electricity market for $15 today. If so, definitely should purchase one or two.
squeen wrote: The recommended camera for the DM10 is the GM051394-KD the 1394 - FireWire camera with legs .

Thanks. It looks identical, from the el-weirdo legs to the flattened Model A headlamp shape. I'll go buy one tomorrow. Maybe I can do some trading, finally :-)

You've got a Phaser 350 ?! I hate you ! i am soooooo jealous !

edefault wrote: guess what? I tried again (same medium) and it fell back into its old behaviour.

If you go to that cdfreaks site that I mentioned you will see a LOT of comments about various media. Before you get too carried away, perhaps get some media which is claimed to be always-good for test purposes.

Well, doesn´t really matter... I can copy from/to DVD-RAM now as if it were a harddisk. Nice!

How slow do you find that to be ? I want to do the same thing but the figures are reportedly pretty bad. 15 minutes per gigabyte ?
unixmuseum wrote:
Diego wrote: Hello UnixMuseum! ;) ,

I'm a lot happy!, today I've founded (Thanks to GOD!) an Adaptec AFW 4300 PCI FireConnect card, and the, once installed phyisically IRIX shows up as a DMediaPro DM10... :)

Well, I did what you did dude, I got myself an Adaptec 4300, and IRIX is happily showing a DM10 now :razz:

I'll bet you that by 6.5.26 it won't :-)
edefault wrote: hamei:
phaser350 printers are pretty cheap at eBay,

The black stix for Phaser printers are for _free_, did you know? No other printer works cheaper...

shipping :-( They could be free to buy, but weigh what - 50 lbs or more ?
Jason wrote:
ruckusman wrote: If we could get some inside help from someone at SGI then we could probably make the required PROM modifications for the RM7900 at 835 and 900 MHz.

I don't want to offend you but do you believe in Santa Claus too? :)

A few years ago, maybe ... sometimes engineers get attached to their creations. What engineer would want to see his O2 crippled to 200mhz when he knows it can run at 900 ?

Same thing happened at IBM ... the source for OS/2 is now out there, somewhere ....

but is there anyone left at sgi with any kind of attachment to the O2 ? Do they have any Irix engineers at all nowadays ? Curious .....
zizban wrote: /me drools. Can only afford $300 :(

is that an offer ? Better be careful Donny doesn't trample you in the rush to accept !
donny wrote: That being said...I'm really open to offers for interesting equipment. Just let me know what you want and what you want to give up for it.

I could trade you a nice xinjiang wife plus ten pounds of grapes for the r12k-270 machine, but shipping would be your responsibility ....