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squeen wrote: This may be document elsewhere, but it happened to me and a few others at our facility:

Doing an upgrade from (other than the miniroot) on Octanes to 6.5.21 WITHOUT patch 5086 will cause inst to bomb during the flashing of the PROMS (i.e. exist commands).

The result -- you're system will not boot AT ALL after the crash. The SGI tech who told me this has replaced three motherboards so far, that being the only solution he knows of right now other than patching inst BEFORE the upgrade.

Watch out!


you can't upgrade to 21 without the patch.
to do so you have to set rulesoverride on and then it's your fault :twisted:
except from 20...
oddoh wrote:

is the irixdivx homepage dead?? :cry:

it's back :D

andreas@rootprompt wrote:
...if yes, does anyone know if it's possible to import Quicktime MJPEG A files into it...

NO! tried it a few minutes ago.

i think shake on irix can't handle movie files at all.

Shtoink wrote:
Anyone else having the issues I am with the XMMS 1.2.8 tardist? I used vegac's method of linking /temp/usr to /usr and got it to actually show up with the plgins, but it fails to actually play any of my MP3s. It'll zip through the list making an attempt to play and skipping to the next, but never actually play9ing anything.


read my comment at the title site.

just put the plugins in ~/.xmms/Plugins
no need to play 'linking' games :wink:


i'm also using v6 and gtk but never got such problems.
gftp, sylpheed and the mozilla based apps run fine.

tried with 6.5.20-22...
yes, seems like it's a gnome issue.
the gnome freeware stuff is quite outdated so maybe it's just from a time vpro features like the color depth were very rare...
did you set your desktop to 24bit?


neko is right. 1.7a needs newer gettext.
all versions that include are fine.

i know it might not be ideal but gettext from freeware is too old and a bunch of other apps need newer versions to work. my gettext and that one from freeware can exist together but be sure to notice that only one of them must link to or set paths strictly when building stuff on your own.

happy surfin :-D

SpiffyIRIX wrote:
Could you post detailed compiling instructions for Mozilla? To use Mozilla at work I have to compile from the source or use a downloaded binary from or We use MIPSPro C 7.3 and MIPSPro C++ 7.3. I could also get GCC 3.3 from I've tried your compile at home and at a friend's house on SGI O2, see comment on front page of site article. It works ok but it a little slow.


i read your comment and i guess you want firefox.
firefox is mozilla but without all the exrta stuff.
look at for more information.

all the mozilla based apps i provide are mipspro only! (-O3)

runs fine on octanes with r12k and up. o2 should be a little slower but i guess you know you can't compare just the cpu without looking at the whole machine.

gcc builds suck in general :D

directedition wrote:
GCC at least provides an option for those without MIPSpro.

sure, but he has both.
this advice was just for him.


why not
1. burning the inst. tools the normal way
2. burning the rest on 1 iso dvd (dvds don't have to be udf)
3. install the stuff ;-)

just add /usr/local/lib to your LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH.

hello again,

you need some libs from the bigpack availible on the mainsite.
at least xft and xrender cause i compiled it with xft support so we get nice smooth fonts.

you can use this method in general whenever some libs are missing.

search for the file and when you find it just add the path to LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH (without N32 for old libs and with 64 for 64bit libs).
if the file isn't availible you have some missing packages for running the specific app.

also remember to customize your userChrome.css...

i'm sorry.
the ff was just an internal test and shouln't be availible ever.

i'll tell neko to delete it. please use the official named versions.

just try it :D

the official last firefox is also with xft but without gtk2.
i guess you know why i make them without gtk2 for the moment...


got the qt pack but qmake is missing!!!! the whole folder!
including irix version ;-)

is out :D

for 6.5 look at:

one person said the 'v7 last irix' stuff some time ago but nobody confirmed it.
well informed people also never heard of this. we'll see...
i never used the install script.
just extract the houdini.tar.gz from inside the extracted download file to a folder of your choice.

6.5.51 crashes everytime i wanna use open or save dialogs.
6.5.53 even doesn't startup!

quick-checked the new features and if you're happy with 6.1 and don't miss something
special stay with it!
Maya 6 doesn't support hardware rendering under IRIX

i guess it belongs to the hardware render feature from within the render options window.
the hardware render buffer should be there as always.

Is this something new or is that the case with 5.5 as well?

afaik there never was a v5.5.


where did you get the bonustools?
did you test maya6 on irix?

you have to run the install-cups script or replace system lp-stuff by hand.
sum][one wrote: damn.. i hope they're just bit late with IRIX release... i wont imagine if houdini has been really dismissed from IRIX :(

no, the 6.5.x version are just for testing so the supported versions will diff. sometimes.
try this:

worked fine for me.

the startup scripts of si3d are crap (also xsi).
meanwhile it seems like avid is just a wintel company and you'll feel this everywhere :twisted:

however, search for the libs and link them to some known place like /lib32 or whatever.
of course you can also include all relevant folders in your LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH etc.

it will continue to crash from time to time as long as you didn't get all libs used...

yeah si3d is better on irix. i rather thought of xsi :D
si3d is great at all and still used!


0.9rc1 also used ~/.mozilla.
maybe you know that firefox will replace mozilla someday. i guess this day comes closer so they're
beginning to adapt some stuff.
0.8 also needed a new profile dir at that time.

not very smart but not too bad, too.
Soonerfan wrote: Hey all, been awhile since I have had the chance to visit my IRIX box. I was wondering if there was a procedure or list or outline on how to install all this neat stuff. I would be a happy test user of said documents. I would like to see, and would help validate a procedure for....

1. Installing the Neckoware software. (Which tardists first?)


just get the whole bunch and extract all into one folder.
from there start 'swmgr -f .'

2. Setting Library and paths up correctly for stuff to run

nekoware defaults to /usr/nekoware.
older packages are in /usr/local but this should be in your paths anyway.

3. Installing a Neckoware compiling environment.

that isn't possible. you have to install the irix dev-stuff and after this be sure to install the header files
from the nekowares.
but be careful, most nekoware is gcc and some are not useable for building stuff with mipspro.

It sure would be nice to see some sort of giudeline on how to setup a 6.5.x ~ R10K and above machine to compile your own software and run all the kick-butt stuff already compiled and ported, in one nice document. I know that this information is here, but it seems like a bitchkitty to find in several different documents.

this is because this is general unix stuff and neither irix nor nekoware specific.
there's no general cheat sheet for compiling stuff. every app can be a special case...

For example, the firefox builds(eventhough not a nekoware release), if one does not know any better (ie: Me)
1. Download
2. Extract into correct place
3 Set Library paths and such
4 enjoy

this is not too hard:
- extract into /usr/local/firefox
- ensure the deps can be found in your paths
- start with the gtk1 version
if done correctly it should run without any further work.
nekonoko wrote:
foetz wrote: but be careful, most nekoware is gcc and some are not useable for building stuff with mipspro.

Only the old 'archived' Nekoware is gcc. The new stuff is built with MIPSpro.

i recall a post that said gcc was made with gcc and glib2/gtk2 provide gcc typical errors when
used with mipspro...
Soonerfan wrote: Point 1 seems easy enough. I was doing 'inst name of tardist.tardist'. As a side note if you do it this way it takes a long, long time.

Point 2. "Setting up paths"
I know doing this depends on what shell you are using correct?
Is there a way to set this for all users regardless of the shell used?
Kind of a System path in ms-terms?
Also the libraries, if I install all of the Neko stuff, reside in a different place (/usr/nekoware/libxx). Is it an insanely stupid thing to do to create my own /lib_other dir and copy all the libs from /usr/freeware/libxx and /usr/nekoware/libxx into /lib_other/libxx/?
At this point can I just set a variable in my shell to point to my /lib_other/libxx path?

VERY bad idea ;-)

If this is possible, how does one do it?
Otherwise, can someone re-explain setting up these variables in a bash shell and/or a tcsh?

sure, ksh and compat. is: export PATH='/usr/foo:/temp'
csh is: setenv PATH '/usr/foo:/temp'

Point 3.
When you say dev stuff are you refering to the IRIX Dev Cd's?
Also, what is a header file and where do I put such files? (told ya I don't know diddly-poo, except ./configure,make,make install :) )

i would advise you to start with learning about apps and their deps.
later have a deep look at unix system environments.
after this build some custom stuff with gcc and then with mipspro.
proprietary unix with native compiler might not be the best starting point.

Last bit...
What is the difference between the gtk1 install and the gtk2 stuff? Besides the pretty colors and all.)

try ;-)
nekonoko wrote:
foetz wrote: really?
i recall a post that said gcc was made with gcc and glib2/gtk2 provide gcc typical errors when
used with mipspro...

Yes really. I explained this once before ... it does not matter what compiler you use to bootstap gcc. Why? Because the end product is compiled with itself, i.e. gcc is always - (unless you're packaging up the raw stage1 which is a very broken way to go about things) - compiled with gcc in the end (ie. gcc 3.4 built with gcc-3.4). It makes zero difference how you get there, except maybe some sort of inflated ego (and maybe reduced compile time on stage1, but that doesn't change the end result).

oh, maybe my post sounded a bit too rough. meant no harm with it!
i know about the gcc stuff mentioned here and that this is the official attitude but in some cases
i made other experiences.

Besides, gcc is not a library and your original complaint was regarding link compatibility between gcc and MIPSpro :)

it was NO complaint! just wanted to let him know that it's possible that sometimes some stuff
doesn't work and it's not his fault.

As for glib2/gtk2 as far as I know they are 100% MIPSpro.

sure if you say it i believe it. it just shows some well known issues happening with gcc builds so
this was the first that came to my mind.
i guess you know that i know very well how much work it is to provide a complete suite like nekoware.
be sure i esteem this!

i primary focused firefox/bird so far.
maybe this is not what you want.

so here's a little poll to see which mozilla app is the most wanted so i'll provide more builds of

please vote to help me keeping the cutting edge stuff you like ;-)
skywriter wrote: can you add a 'fast' button? they're all too slow to use.

*posted from internet explorer*

thanks a lot :?
so what are you doing here?

greetings to all security holes mr. ie6 :twisted:
skywriter wrote: can you add a 'fast' button? they're all too slow to use.

*posted from internet explorer*

what sgi do you have?
indy r4k?
squeen wrote:
foetz wrote:
As for glib2/gtk2 as far as I know they are 100% MIPSpro.

sure if you say it i believe it. it just shows some well known issues happening with gcc builds so
this was the first that came to my mind.
i guess you know that i know very well how much work it is to provide a complete suite like nekoware.
be sure i esteem this!

foetz -- you willey old hacker -- I've been hoping to get some feedback from you regarding the new nekoware. It is my belief, unless configure out-foxed me, that the gtk 2.4 on nekoware/beta is 100% MIPSpro. If you have run into some errors please tell me what they are to I can go back and try and fix the port. Also, if your builds don't exhibit the same errors I'd like to know that as well. You know that I'm just stumbling my way through this and its a big help if the elder statesmen like yourself help keep things on course. The goal is to have a stable foundation that most folks feels comfortable building against and using.

hehe, "elder statesman" :lol:

well, no problem to provide some nekoware improvements. i haven't been under the impression
'foreign' influence is very welcome but i'm happy about this.

just compile an app with mipspro using the neko atk, pango, glib and gtk. you might see some
linker errors similar to those gcc builds provide.
then just replace the 4 packages with the ones from me and all runs fine...

feel free to contact me.
squeen wrote: If you are intent on gimp 2, you might try the Nekoware/beta version I just built. It installs with SoftwareManager (tardist) and will prompt you for the prereqs (i.e. gtk+ and libart). You can get both of those tardists from the same location. Each one will then prompt you for more prerequists just like SGI freeware. Eventually it should run. (You'll want /usr/nekoware/bin in your path, or just type /usr/nekoware/bin/gimp).


you got gimp2 compiled with mipspro?
i got several issues i couldn't resolve... :?
great idea!!

especially the yuv2rgb is one of the top 3 slowdowns.
i'm anxious, too!

amigo wrote: Speedwise some things just cant compare because clone machines (PCs) have advanced much (you have Intel Pentium 4 3.3GHz ) while MIPS is still "crawling" at R14000 600MHz tops or around.