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We are working on the next release of jahshaka ( for more info) and have finished the inital port to irix. We still have a lot of things to work on now that we have a solid cross platform development strategy that doesnt tax the development process. We used to waste so much time supporting just windows and linux but with our new strategy (qmake) we can now focus on coding! We have also recruited a few good programmers so you can expect us to reach v3.0 pretty quickly... (and its going to really rock when it gets there!)

We would really appreciate your feedback so we can get any major bugs out of the way. The irix binary was compiled on a r10k system but the source is really easy to build, we build it using the sgi Cc compiler so im sure we may need to tweak the system for gcc.

We are looking for a sgi developer to help out, please email me on mailto:[email protected] if you are interested. We are having some sgi-specific issues especially in the paint module... and with 3ds max obj support.

You will need to have the following freeware items installed for it to run

The binary is located here: ... z?download

If you want to check the latest source code out from cvs use the following commands:

cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/jahshakafx login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/jahshakafx co jahshaka

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Please post to the jahshaka forums if you can at:

Bugs and problems here

Feedback here

Thanks for your support!

Glad to see that you finally made it in here. I had made a post in the jahshka forum months ago, hopefully there are people here willing to help out.

I couldn't code to save my life, otherwise I would jump in too.

It took a while since we have limited resources :) and we didnt raise a few million bucks like the guys at blender did so we have to just take it one step at a time.

We have attracted a few developers now and we are starting to make some solid progress so please dont judge us too harshly yet...

Our goal is to make it to 3.0 and we are looking to the future, it took linux a few years before people took it seriously!

Wow, I can't wait to try this out; looks totally amazing.
jahshaka wrote: It took a while since we have limited resources :) and we didnt raise a few million bucks like the guys at blender did so we have to just take it one step at a time.

heh. but blender was a work of genius long before that public debacle. :)

and that is not an attack on jahshaka, only a defence of blender. i have yet to try jahshaka.

- NauSeuM
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i know blender rocks, i wasnt trying to attack them either... i have it on my boxes and use it frequently.

I wasnt talking about the public buyout, they raised millions before that when they were a company... so the dot-com days were actually a mixed blessing. We have been compared to them in the past since they are now 'open source' but i just want to make the difference between their maturity and ours clear. We hope to get there soon!

We also hope to work on integrating jahshaka into blender similar to the max/combustion integration thats out there.

I was able to compile mplayer-1.0pre1. It currently can run various mpeg, ogm, and avi files (as long as the audio codec is opensource). I am looking for 1) someone to tell me how to make a tardist of it, and 2) anyone willing to test it out with more media files.
You can find out more information about my progress building it here:
"-vo sdl -ao esd seems to be able to play the Evangelion comedy fine on a 300MHz Octane with ESI graphics (as long as nothing else is running)". I also got a AC3 DIVX encoded file to play, although the sound was off on my 195MHz octane at home. :shock:
Anyhow, currently only SDL provides the correct colormap so you will need that installed. In addition, ESD provides the best audio so you will need that also. Any bleeding-edge takers?
<edit> you will need SDL, aalib, auiofile, esound, expat, freetype, gettext, libjpeg, libogg, libpng, libvorbis, libz, nas, tcp_wrappers. I know some features (ASCI rendering) are not necessary, but I wanted to make it as full featured as possible.
I don't have any movie's to play, but here's some instructiontions on making a tardist:

1) Look at the on-line manual for SoftwarePackager ... srch=swpkg

2) I do:
%find /usr/local -print > ./before.list
%gmake install
%find /usr/local -print > ./after.list
%diff ./before.list ./after.list | grep "> " > installed_files.txt

to get a list of the installed files (assuming I told config to put them into /usr/local).

3) ldd (executable) gives a list of the run-time linked libraries for example:

%ldd /usr/freeware/bin/gimp  =>      /usr/freeware/lib32/  =>      /usr/freeware/lib32/  =>  /usr/freeware/lib32/  =>     /usr/freeware/lib32/  =>     /usr/lib32/  =>   /usr/lib32/  =>  /usr/lib32/  =>      /usr/lib32/  =>        /usr/lib32/  =>         /usr/freeware/lib32/  =>    /usr/lib32/

4) Find the package name of each library via:
%versions long | grep usr/freeware/lib32/
f 59364  4750 fw_gtk+.sw.lib          usr/freeware/lib32/

5) Find the serial number of the package:
%versions -n | grep fw_gtk+.sw.lib
I  fw_gtk+.sw.lib       1278773820  gtk+-1.2.10 shared libraries

6) Run swpkg, select a name(no spaces or special characters), and configure the subsystems, select the install files, etc...

7) write a prerequist for the base software (from inside swpkg), i.e.:
prereq (
fw_gtk+.sw.lib 1278773820 maxint

8) tell swpkg to build it

9) do a
%tar cbf 20 packagename.tardist distfiles...

Thanks squeen, I will try to get it put together.
I have shoutcast streaming audio working also. I am listening to RadioParadise right now. I got mozilla to run the steam, so the only way to stop it AFAIK is a kill. :twisted:
Squeen, here is the prereq list by running the comands you mentioned. Is this appropriate and/or reasonable? I am not sure why ViewKit, java, and compiler are necessary.
prereq (
fw_libvorbis.sw.lib  1278554320 maxint
fw_libvorbis.sw.libvorbis  1278554320 maxint
fw_libogg.sw.lib     1278554220 maxint
fw_libogg.sw.libogg  1278554220  maxint
fw_libz.sw.lib       1278119120  maxint
fw_libjpeg.sw.lib    1235274920  maxint
fw_libjpeg.sw.libjpeg  1235274920  maxint
fw_freetype2.sw.lib  1278985320 maxint
ViewKit_eoe.sw.base  1278786820 maxint
dmedia_eoe.sw.base   1278786820 maxint
eoe.sw.base          1288786920 maxint
java2v131_02_eoe.sw.base  1278277810 maxint
java_eoe.sw.base     1275311810 maxint
sgitcl_eoe.sw.base   1232792120 maxint
fw_aalib.sw.lib      1278987220 maxint
eoe.sw.gfx           1288786920 maxint
x_eoe.sw.eoe         1288786920 maxint
fw_SDL.sw.lib        1278982920 maxint
fw_esound.sw.lib     1278325520 maxint
fw_audiofile.sw.lib  1278119520 maxint
compiler_eoe.sw.lib  1278628210 maxint  1278786820 maxint
fw_gettext.sw.lib    1278985220 maxint
fw_nas.sw.lib        1277898020 maxint

I pulled out eoe.sw.gfx, eoe.sw.base, and x_eoe.sw.eoe so that it would install on another machine. My videos play fine, but mplayer is not able to find esd. I get the message:
/bin/sh: esd:  not found
AO: [esd] esd_open_sound failed: No such file or directory
Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.

I have the freeware esd installed (and it is the same version as my build machine). Hmmm.... I don't think it is related to the prereqs I removed.
Looks good to me, and yes I usually leave out things like eoe.sw.base (IRIX OS) and x_eoe.sw.base (X11) since they are really required for the computer to run and the serial numbers might be different on older revisions of the OS.

I'm not that framiliar with how sound works under IRIX and where esd lives...others here (I'm thinking of lisp for one) could probably be more help to you.
squeen wrote:
(I'm thinking of lisp for one)

First of all, esd is *horrible*.

I see two options for good sound. The most preferable is to have a look at the alintro. This will tell you all about the SGI sound API. There were some demos with irix with source, but I can't find them right now. ALternatively, you could make an allegro driver, since allegro should jave good irix sound support. I can't vouch for the rest of allegro though.

mplayer should already have native IRIX audio support, but it's probably trying to use ESD by default. Recompile without ESD enabled and see what you get.

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IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
Copyright 1987-1992 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Yes, mplayer has native IRIX audio output, and mplayer is not using esd by default. I have run with "-ao sgi" and mplayer reports that the sgi audio driver is being used. I will try a compile without esd for testing purposes.
The most preferable is to have a look at the alintro. ... ALternatively, you could make an allegro driver, since allegro should jave good irix sound support.

Thanks for the info, lisp. When I have a minute I will look into your suggestions. I am not familiar with allegro, so i'll get to learn something new. :)
don't assume all of that money went directly to development. either way, most of the valuable features of blender were developed either before or after the 'commercial NaN enterprise' (IMHO, mostly before).
amen, sky...


/me pets his 1.8x blenders...


- NauSeuM
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NauSeuM wrote: amen, sky...


/me pets his 1.8x blenders...


- NauSeuM

yeah, i have the sources for blender 1.80, but i need help reintegrating the irisgl code back in, it was kind of mangled in the later days there. still 2.2x is getting an interesting facelift, i'm still maintaining the irix distribution, trying to keep it from getting out of control (like opengl 1.2-3-4-1,000,000).

anyway to the point of the thread jahshaka looks interesting, but where's the documentation? i tried random button pushing, but got no satisfation there.
the freeware install is a a bit annoying too, we static link whatever freeware
is needed, maybe QT doesn't allow this, but it makes portability (ease of use)

btw listing the freeware subsystems that need to be installed is great to do, but
i shouldn't have to find it here, it should be part of the kit? or did i miss it?
i could only find windows/linux centric mention in the distribution.....
Ton Roosendaal has a project going that might interest you:
Not much progress, but it's there for those who want to work on it.

Jahshaka is all well and good, but I'll wait till development gets a little further along.
- Jim
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directedition wrote: Ton Roosendaal has a project going that might interest you:
Not much progress, but it's there for those who want to work on it.

yeah, i started it. nobody else is interested. i've known ton for years.thanks.
skywriter wrote:
directedition wrote: i've known ton for years.thanks.

All hail Ton! I was a lowly user with no artistic skill, but Ton always gave me advice and help whenever I needed it. Cool guy.
- Jim
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