The collected works of NauSeuM

quick 1 second feedback before work:

1: love it :)

2: add xclock to the list of things not grabbed (sif nixie clock. me am teh old skool. ugh)

3: clicking an icon that is already focused and not minimised should brobably then minimise it ala winxx

4: transparent aterms focused usign the iconbar sometimes get back the odd 'transparent titlebar' behaviour (from having a custom set title) un till unfocused and refocused

5: did i mention that i love it?


incredibly cool work

- NauSeuM
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jahshaka wrote: It took a while since we have limited resources :) and we didnt raise a few million bucks like the guys at blender did so we have to just take it one step at a time.

heh. but blender was a work of genius long before that public debacle. :)

and that is not an attack on jahshaka, only a defence of blender. i have yet to try jahshaka.

- NauSeuM
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amen, sky...


/me pets his 1.8x blenders...


- NauSeuM
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tell me, did they fix the "sockaddr_union" error in later versions?

last one i tried was irssi-0.8.6.CVS. i got it working and submitted a patch but never head anything from them.

- NauSeuM

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with what cpu?

i have an r12k 300mhz and i am about to get an MXI. i was kinda hoping mplayer would be ok under that setup.
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ok. after MUCH tribulation (don't even get me started) i have my MXI in and working great.

i am using:

Code: Select all

mplayer -vo gl2 -ao sgi -vf format=rgb24 -fs filename.avi

on an xvid @ 640x352

it's a bit stuttery at first (like < 20 secs) as it fills its cache, then it is flawless

at least, so far - i haven't watched a long vid to see if it goes outta sync. tho fast forwarding into the file works fine.

i am incredibly happy.
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i never bother remembering which pin is the culprit.

if the monitor can do sync-on-green then just rip out all the 'little' pins on the 13w3 side and just leave the 3 main (rgb) coax lookin ones.

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sounds like you'll have to upgrade your Irix.
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well, i would disagree mostly because there is a lot of recent software 6.5.12 will have issues with..

but to each...
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i only had like 3 deps for gnutls... but i have a good lot of freeware and the g2office early nekoware installed.

all i appeared to need were:


and of course:


i just did the most basic "./configure && make && make install" type compile.
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i figure if the name of the lib has gnu in it, it's gonna be so full of gcc-isms that it isn't worth it

add to that that i don't have mipspro 7.4 and that i had been warned at the difficulty of compiling gaim on mipspro... i just tried to actually have the app

it's all well and good to try and have everything mipspro, but if that means not having an app i need for work that seems like cutting myself off at the foot.. :)
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similarly i use my beautiful octane for web development. although i mostly do back end dev using nedit/vim/ssh/etc, i also use the GIMP.

at the moment i am still using quanta+ forwarded from a linux box for complicated or remote projects, but i am hoping we will be able to get a working quanta+ some time in the near future.
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i should be able to tell you any day now. i bought the 'other' $250 v6 here and it should get here any day now.

as soon as i have it in i will give a report (i have MXI now as well)
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yeah ... i wanna hear about this kinda stuff too (while i am waiting for my v6 to arrive.. i might as well get a clue)
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i have brochures for octane and o2 (i cut up spares and put em up like posters) but my only real one would be:

"Origin - begin here" poster for Origin 200 & 2000


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this isn't the same as S.Dakhil known on the newsgroups as a bad seller is it?

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miunk wrote: 2x128 DIMMS: $30
R12K 300Mhz Processor: $150
FPA: $30
R5K or R12K System Board: Free /w something else.
AV card: $40

wow. i am super interested in some of this. i am in australia, so i'd have to get some shipping info, but wow.

would the r12k system boardgo into a r5k o2? i am getting what is likely to be a r5k 180 o2 in the next week or so and these items would make it a pretty nice machine...
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hear hear. where indeed.
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Hi everyone,

for various financial reasons i am gonna have to sell my baby.

below are the basic details, if anyone in AU wants more details or to make me an offer, don't hesitate to PM or Email me.


r12000 300MHz CPU
2x 9GB HDD's (1x 10k rpm)
VPro V6 Graphics
Old Logo Skins in very good condition
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aw... one of you australians... buy my octane ;)

craig: momma.. that's a scary sounding piece of gear. *jealous!* heheh

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ok. wanting about AU $600 + shipping.

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though on that list it is easy to miss this part:

"...1280x1024 at 60Hz (available with 8-byte frame buffer depths, supports 4-bit per component RGBA, double-buffered with Z)"

that's what i ran on my samsung 710v lcd screen.
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i've had an octane get to me that bad. very small box and a tiny bit of bubble wrap.

looked like it had been shipped by CATAPULT !!!


i wish i'd taken pics at the time.
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