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Octane (nearly Octane2) for sale in Australia

Hi everyone,

for various financial reasons i am gonna have to sell my baby.

below are the basic details, if anyone in AU wants more details or to make me an offer, don't hesitate to PM or Email me.


r12000 300MHz CPU
2x 9GB HDD's (1x 10k rpm)
VPro V6 Graphics
Old Logo Skins in very good condition
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ok. wanting about AU $600 + shipping.

ubi dubium ibi libertas
I'd love to buy your OCtane but ATM I'm stuck because of various financial reasons myself. Maybe in a couple of weeks, when hopefully invoices get paid

Besides I don't think that the V6 graphics will support my GDM 20D11.

Is anyone able to verify if the V6 supports 1280 x 1025 @75 Hz?

ruckusman wrote: Is anyone able to verify if the V6 supports 1280 x 1025 @75 Hz?

Nope, it doesn't. You'll need a V10 or a V12 for 1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz. For a list of supported resolutions for VPro, you can refer to this link http://www.sgi.com/products/remarketed/ ... tions.html
though on that list it is easy to miss this part:

"...1280x1024 at 60Hz (available with 8-byte frame buffer depths, supports 4-bit per component RGBA, double-buffered with Z)"

that's what i ran on my samsung 710v lcd screen.
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