The collected works of Shtoink

I just wanted to start a post about ourselves in here. Maybe we can see what each other do as our day jobs and such. I'll start off with me...

I am spending my time right now as a PeeCee repair technician making horribly low wages :roll: . Am aspiring to do better right now because that isn't cutting it for taking care of my family. I am very disappoined with M$ and nearly every single one of thier products so I decided that I would make 100% switch to nothing that's M$ on anything that I have control over.

Right now I am using nothing but 64bit Unix workstations for desktop machines, I guess i just carried away...

I have a very lovely wife and two wonderful childrens. I and my family can all be seen here I live nearby a very good friend of mine, orionpi, and am often sharing info and other cool stuff with him. He has helped me out quite a bit when it comes to *nix in general. I have another person that had actually gotten me started on IRIX all together, but I can blame orionpi for getting me started on the SGI hardware all together. And to him I say thanks. :wink:

Hope you enjoy the shots of my family. I may foloow up with other stuff about me depending on how this string goes.

Now it's your turn...
I broke my first 4 or 5 IRIX installs in my early learning process. And it took me 9 tries to get Solaris 9 installed right, only to find out I had it right the first time.

*NOTE: Don't go deleting things from temp directories unless you damn good and well what they are. socks5_pid is an important part of connecting to the network, leave the hell alone!
Not yet... But it IS on the list of things to do. Unfortunately the timeline for that very list has been lost. :D
/me needs to figure out how to get ahold of 6.5.19f some how... :cry:
I like the little disclaimer about gcc 3.2.1 on the freeware site.

NOTE: fw_gcc/3.2.1 should only be used on systems running IRIX 6.5.18 or later. It accidentally picked up some version-specific headers. Older system can still run fw_gcc/3.0.4

Accidentally, eh?
Speaking fo ROMs...

I have a stash of NES roms that number in the 4 digits. I think it's in the neighborhood of 4,000 or so. I also have about 30 or 40 GBA roms, too. They are in an archive, but I'll dig them up some time soon if anyone is interested. There are alot of hacks of the same games, but the bulk of them are mainly the actual game or different beta versions of the games in all sorts of languages.

Be warned, the NES collection is about 1.2 GB uncompressed!

I'm not really a rom collector, a friend just dropped off some stuff and those were in it.
I have yet to come up with a real naming scheme for my systems, I have been picking the names rather randomly. When I was using windows only my primary box was "Thing", but after that I started naming them in reference to the machine. Since I don't have very many machines that are the same, it doesn't cause much confusion. Especially when they are never all up and running at the same time.

So after the abandoning of windows all together, the names went like this...

pseudosun = The little box I made out of spare parts inside a Sun 911 HD case.
IMPACT10K = My primary I2, not very imaginative...
o2R5k = That was the name of my O2 before orionpi got it
IndyR5k = That was the name of my Indy when I was using, before orionpi got it
ultra10 = the unimaginiative name for my Ultra10
ultra5 = the equally unimaginative name for my Ultra5
Mongtalunka = The random name for 1 of my Dual Xeon machines that is on loan to a friend for 3d modeling.
BaconDouble = The name for my Dual 867 G4. For some reason I was thinking of hamburgers, but didn't want Mac to be part of the name.

I had quite a few machines that i never even named, because they were just never used for very long or were powered up just for testing. That's what happened to my Onyx RE2 Deskside. The damn thing had a bad RM4 board and I ended up getting rid of it. It didn't help that the damn thing dimmed the lights evertime you turned it on.

I might come up with something intersting for naming scheme later on, who knows...
I know that a lot of machines don't like to travel. I have seen many times where a machine would fail to boot, but after pulling most, if not all, of the things that can be unseated and reseating them it can help. But that won't fix a dead part. Hpoefully it is something that jsut needs to be reseated.
Damn, I tossed mine out as well. :?

I'll see if I can scrounge soemthing up, or even email the creator and ask him.


It looks like he's open to peeple helping in developing the software, maybe someone can assist in keeping an IRIX port alive.
lisp wrote: Get rid of XP?

Once again, Neko comes in to save our butts... :wink:

Napster Baaaaad!
Isn't there a help option built into the xmame executable? Something to the effect of xmame --h maybe...

I imagine that you can extract the zip and fire up the roms just the same as any other platform. Works like that for the GB and NES emulator stuff.
Hey, if can't get yer hands on the real thing, this can at least let you pretend :wink:

I have had so much hardware that it's hard to keep track. I also get rid of stuff that I am no longer using as well. I figure it's better off going to a good home than siting around doing nothing.

Currently I have...

Indigo2 R10k 195
Indigo2 R4400 250
Indy (proc is in limbo...)
Personal Iris R3k (IP12)
Ultra10 300
Ultra10 270 (Was an Ultra5 a few days ago, but orion wanted to save some space)
SS20 (some where at a friends)
Dual Xeon 550 (Another friend is borrowing this one)
Dual PIII 550
Centris 650
... and enough spare PC parts to put together another Dual Xeon rig and possibly another few machines.

Can't forget my Dual G4 867 in the nice Quick Silver case and my Wife's Athlon 1900+, but I don't normally incluse that because it's hers and I only get to go near it when it isn't working.

Almost forgot psuedosun...
These are pretty badass!

I actually ran into that info while finding some stuff for 6.5.20. I thought it was kind of interesting.

That's cool as hell! 8)
Would it be feasable to use a zoom feature somewhat like the one used in the Windows Character Map utility? This will let you click or drag the mouse across and enlarge only the selcted item and it overshadows the surounding items until you pass to the next item or click on it again. I'not implying using that exact feature, but it would be a good basis for a starting point.

My only concern iwth this app is that it has the potential to end up like the tray in Windows. I'm very happy not having a tray anymore and would like it to be more like the Dock in OSX. The Dock in OSX has alot of features that are nice and some that are silly wastes of CPU cycles that you only use when showing it off. All in all it's a great start to add in some shortcuts for us lazy folk that haven't set up or taken the time to memorize hotkeys.

Very cool app, BTW :D
I had similar issues (not the same, but similar) when I was using the default audio output plugin.

Napster Baaaaad!
Glad to see that you finally made it in here. I had made a post in the jahshka forum months ago, hopefully there are people here willing to help out.

I couldn't code to save my life, otherwise I would jump in too.
Very PRO looking job there. It looks like that's how it's supposed look. I'm not sure that I could pick it out of a line of CPU board hacks. :D

Are these proc with or w/o cache? I couldn't tell if the second heatsink was for the cache or they were PC processors. You can see some blank spots where there is an option for cache modules on either side of the proc, but wasn't sure there was a second mounting point that had something resident.

If I had an Octane I more than likely would have not even thought twice about doing just that if I was to install 6.5.21. I can't imagine why they would allow something so potentially devistaing go so unnoticed like that. :shock:
Joe, you are a GOD among men...

Hope you don't mind my comment. :wink:
The limiting factor for the I2 I have seen is everything between the GFX, HDD, and CPU. Once again, that crack pipe might be looming about and clouding my judgment. :D

No reference to any software this time :wink:
Let's keep this freindly and not get another thread locked. We don't need any name calling in here, or any other kinds of slander.
Anyone else having the issues I am with the XMMS 1.2.8 tardist? I used vegac's method of linking /temp/usr to /usr and got it to actually show up with the plgins, but it fails to actually play any of my MP3s. It'll zip through the list making an attempt to play and skipping to the next, but never actually play9ing anything.

Napster Baaaaad!
vegac wrote:
made links to the plugins in ~/.xmms/plugins...) it worked fine for me, using the digital audio plugin.

How do you go about doing that? And I tried all the plugins that were listed and they all had the same result. Luckily it will coexist with 1.2.7 until I get this resolved.

Napster Baaaaad!
It's been a little while, but I had this happen to me before. The only differences besides the hardware was that I had some of the tabs disappearing as well as other elements of the GUI. I will add that Maya does't require the desktop to be set to 24bit as far as I know.

The way I was able to fix my problem was that for some reason a few of the configs got dorked up somehow and would not let portions of the GUI be displayed properly, so I saved all the stuff that I wanted and removed all the configs for my account. When you fire it up the next time, it should recreate all the configs.

I also had to go to someone else who had Maya 5 installed and get all the default configs and copy them over the ones existing on my HDD. You may not need to take it that far, that issue was all my fualt.

Hopefully that helps.
Should't there be a way to replace the faulty components on the TRAM? I know it might be easier to just replce the entire thing, but it may be cheaper to replace the memory modules that failed.

Who knows, just a thought... :?:
There really isn't a giant improvement in anything, it looks like more of a v5.5 than anything else.

The only thing I saw was a tighter intergreation of MentalRay in to Maya and and improvements to the MentalRay renderer it's self. There is supposed to be better calucations of caustics and other numerous effects, and it's "supposed" to be faster then it was before.

It's possible there could be other things that are going on under the hood, but that's just from what I have read about so far.

On another note, I have been doing some looking into another renderer for Maya that is totally blowing away MR, IMHO. Turtle is extremely fast and with a few clicks allows you to setup and configure all the cool effects.
Nope, there never was a 5.5, that was just a snide coment from me.

There is an IRIX, Linux, Mac and Windows release of Maya 6. It looks as though it's still just Maya Complete for Mac, too. :? I can't see any reason why OSX and the hardware it runs on being good enough to run all the bells and whistles from the Unlimited variety.

As far as hardware rendering, that wasn't available in verson 4, 4.5 or 5 either. That's one thing that left me confised as well. It seems as though the sgi hardware was meant for this sort of thing, so why not exploit it?

Go figure...

For new things in 6, there are a some controls in Mental Ray that allow for better use of HDRI and they finally unhid a few options that control settings in your Final Gather. I also noticed that they niow have thier own Hair system built in. No idea how it stacks up to Shave, but it still better than just a plain shader or Paint Effects that are difficult to animate.

One thing I did find frustating is that the bonus tools for 6 doesn't have any of the shaders that are available in the bonus tools for 5. So if you have anything that you used the default shaders and want to import, it could be incomplete.
Bous tools can be found here .
I'm no genius, just a lacky... :D
dexter1 wrote: Fetch me some beer then... :twisted:

Which email address would you like it sent too...? :wink:

I cannot believe this thread is still going...

When I originally started it, there were only about 200 users or less. I'm sure that people that posted early on have possibly found new jobs or moved uppper that ladder a bit.

I personally had to make a major change and went back to school. I think I might have figured out what I want to be when I grow up... :wink: