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I just wanted to start a post about ourselves in here. Maybe we can see what each other do as our day jobs and such. I'll start off with me...

I am spending my time right now as a PeeCee repair technician making horribly low wages :roll: . Am aspiring to do better right now because that isn't cutting it for taking care of my family. I am very disappoined with M$ and nearly every single one of thier products so I decided that I would make 100% switch to nothing that's M$ on anything that I have control over.

Right now I am using nothing but 64bit Unix workstations for desktop machines, I guess i just carried away...

I have a very lovely wife and two wonderful childrens. I and my family can all be seen here I live nearby a very good friend of mine, orionpi, and am often sharing info and other cool stuff with him. He has helped me out quite a bit when it comes to *nix in general. I have another person that had actually gotten me started on IRIX all together, but I can blame orionpi for getting me started on the SGI hardware all together. And to him I say thanks. :wink:

Hope you enjoy the shots of my family. I may foloow up with other stuff about me depending on how this string goes.

Now it's your turn...
I'm a cellular network translations engineer for a major wireless communications company; I do switch translations, network design and implementation. Very stressful and time consuming work, I often wish I was doing something else but then again the pay is very good.

I don't have much of a personal life outside of work :) I do have lots of hobbies that I never seem to have enough time for.

I've owned/used SGI hardware since 1996 ... my first was an Indigo R3000 I bought from Reputable while I was living in Japan. It cost about $1600 at the time :shock:

Twitter: @neko_no_ko
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I work in a hospital as a general technician for computers. We have a classic network with NT machines, and specific software running on Unix servers.

I'm in a small team (3 people) to ensure that both hardware and software are working well, and i also develop some little software that can be useful.

I'm both the repair and the develop guy.

I've discovered sgi workstations during my studies, where i had to make a little software for a research lab, with realtime 3d rendering using opengl. They had a funny purple machine that i had never see before, an indigo2!

Computers are not only a job for me, it's also a hobby. I'm very curious, and i like "alternative" operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, QNX qnd BeOS.

Now that sgi machines are cheap, i've decided to buy one... i've found a O2 on Ebay, and i was lucky enought to have one in good shape, with video IO. Irix is a very interesting system.
I broke my first 4 or 5 IRIX installs in my early learning process. And it took me 9 tries to get Solaris 9 installed right, only to find out I had it right the first time.

*NOTE: Don't go deleting things from temp directories unless you damn good and well what they are. socks5_pid is an important part of connecting to the network, leave the hell alone!
Hehe ... I won't even ask why you are using Socks5 on a home machine :)

Twitter: @neko_no_ko
IRIX Release 4.0.5 IP12 Version 06151813 System V
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I am an Sr Unix SysAdm at the biggest GSM Mobile Operator in Romania (Eastern Europe) .
I manage HP/UX and Linux systems (we don't have any SGI hardware at all ) - and the job is great - mostly because the job requirements did not stated that windows knowledge is required - and i become winbloze free for the last 3.5 years i worked here :)

I got my first SGI 2 months ago from a guy from an 3d animation studio who gave me for free ("you have to haul them downstairs 6 stories with no elevator" - kind of free :) ) 2 I2s and one 20" sgi monitor. I kept the one with the violet case and gave the teal one to a friend. Turns out that both were R4K 200 with Extreme gfx, but mine had the case "upgraded" :)
I'm a sysadmin for a small pharma company. I've been using SGI's for many years (1995-present anyhow) but only been in charge of some beasts for a couple of years, Linux being my previous sin.

One of my interests is 3D graphics which was sparked by some of the 3D work my company does for the good of mankind (or something like that), hence the personal interest in SGI equipment 8)
I've been doing desktop support since I got out of high school (3 years). I recently got a part-time job at a local datacenter as a NOC tech. It's taken 3 years and I finnaly have a job that's not in Houston or has a 2 hour commute.

I've been using linux for about 5 years, picked up my first Indy about 15 months ago, took 5 months to find IRIX, but since then I have transitioned quickly. Now if I can just keep the switches for ps streight between Linux, BSD and IRIX it would be great.
I am a sysadmin for a e-mail provider called gmx , I am working with linux for about 4 years.
Bevore i bekame a sysadmin i was working as a mechanican :lol:
My first SGI was an indy 3 years ago i have sold it to a friend and now i am a proud owner of an Octane :D
I am a SysAdmin working for a advertising agency. We have heterogeneous platforms like Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Sun, Linux and W2K. It is almost a time consuming and stressing job and personal life is rare...

My first computer was a Apple Macintosh 128K in 1984. And it was love at the first click. At that time I knew this little cube would change the computer world... :)

I deal with different *nix systems since a couple of years and my favorits are Mac OS X, Linux and IRIX. Whenever possible I avoid to touch a M$ machine :)

I own a PowerBook G4 and a teal Indigo2 R44K/250/Extreme with a 20" SGI monitor.

What describe me best? Hmmh... beside the fact that I am living for my work, I sometimes riding on a black horse with a double-edged sword in my hand and some sort of *dusty* sarcasm on my lips to fight against the *evil*. Sometimes it is necessary but sometimes I should be more relaxed... :wink:
I suppose I'll join the fray, first of all my normal name is Bryan (which I post under in the news posts here on Nekochan...)...

For a living, I write video games. Specifically, for the past 2 years now, I've been doing games for the Gameboy Advance...if you actually care to hear what games I've worked on you can ask later, but I figure I won't bother you all if you're not interested...

Personal wise I'm engaged and getting married at the end of September (I can see it now, very little money for toys...it will be sad...but blessed all at the same time). Sad thing is, my hobbies are pretty much the same as my job, networking systems, and coding...which means I don't leave my office much. Basically in my spare time I explore the latest 3d technology, and for work I work on old-school 2d games, yay...

My R10k 175mhz O2 is my first (and currently only) SGI I have right now...I've dreamed of owning one since I first read about it being released so many years ago. I have a number of other machines all running in my office as well...to give you an idea, I have 5 machines here, all running different OSs (Irix, WinXP, Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD).

That's about the end of my boring story...
Well I think I'm the deffinate odd ball in the group here on Nekochan. I have been exploring SGI's for only a short while now (this was brought on by orion pi, we've been friends since middle school). While most of you have persued tech. type jobs; I am a chef at CI shaneagan's. I always planed on being in a tech type position, but I didn't want to be suck repairing things for the rest of my life. Thus I took some thing I'm good at made it my job and left thr Tech stuff for my hobby.
I'm a student studying my final semester of a Bachelor of Information System (BIS) Honours, at the University of Tasmania, Australia ( http://www.utas.edu.au ).

I have owned my O2 since 2000 (r10k 175Mhz, 256Mb, 9.1Gb, AV option), and prior to that I owned an Indy.

I use the O2 for my desktop system at University, which I use to connect to an SGI Origin 3400 (24x500MHz r12k, 24Gb, 3.5Tb) which belongs at the Unversity's high performance computing facility. Mostly I just use it for lamemp3, but occasionaly I do some work on it ;)

I have done an Advanced IRIX Administration course, in Melbourne last year. I am also doing an MPI (Message Passing Interface) course this year, so that I can put some more programming skills into the Origin. Hopefully I'll get around one day to putting my notes online for people to share.

When I'm not messing about with computers, I am a visual artist for local raves (see my photo gallery - http://www.semisphere.org/visology/gallery ) - which of course I use my O2 for (love the AV option!). I'm also into DJing in my free time, my favorite style being hard trance and progressive trance.
I am a test engineer for Citrix Systems R&D LTD in the UK. I work just outside London. I test application providing software (Client and Server), on a wide range of platforms from Linux to Mac, with Windows/Win CE in between. I get to play with the expenisive Pocket PC machines as well :lol:

Pay is pretty good. Although Windows sems to be taking over at the company, we need more Mac and Linux! :evil:


"Hope dies last..."
Well then,

My real name is Frank, and together with Fem i live in a small appartment in a suburb of The Hague, The Netherlands.
My job is being Yet Another SysAdm at Delft University of Technology. I was planning to go for a PhD in Groningen from 1994-1998, but switched to commercial ICT (Logica). That being too hectic for my way of life i decided to go back to University and do what i think i do best, helping people with Unix machines and scientific code.

I started Unix on an HP/Apollo, but in Groningen i quickly found a fun research group, and they had SGI machines, whoah!
Now i am sysadmin in a theoretical mechanics group, consisting of about 10 Indy's, which are now slowly being replaced by Linux machines, 3 O2's, a Indigo2 Impact, 3 beautiful Indigo1's :) , and 5 Origin 200 as our main servers and numbercrunchers. And yes a horde of Windoze machines, which i spend way to much time on...
Name is Justin Barrera 18 year old, living on guam
I work as a computer Tech at a small shop for 6usd an hour(I hate fixing peoples computers)

known for trying to get MS windows onto anything I get ahold off.
I like messing and working on any computer system.
hopefully will be getting a Octane and a alphastation soon.
..ok, what's next? Anyone from Christmas island? Samoa? Ascension? ..Barbados or Bermuda maby? :) :) There's already one member of this forum living on Reunion, now another one on Guam.. How many of you people are living on such exotic distant places? :)
Yeah, that's the cool thing. We're really international here! :D
LaLora wrote: Guam?
..ok, what's next? Anyone from Christmas island? Samoa? Ascension? ..Barbados or Bermuda maby? :) :) There's already one member of this forum living on Reunion, now another one on Guam.. How many of you people are living on such exotic distant places? :)

after I join the air Force they may send me to Diego Garcia, now that is the definition of remote and tropical.
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Ah well I'm not international anymore. I live in Tampa, FL. I work at a printing company in prepress and as their mac technician/unix guy. I also work for local apple reseller part-time.
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