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I work in a hospital as a general technician for computers. We have a classic network with NT machines, and specific software running on Unix servers.

I'm in a small team (3 people) to ensure that both hardware and software are working well, and i also develop some little software that can be useful.

I'm both the repair and the develop guy.

I've discovered sgi workstations during my studies, where i had to make a little software for a research lab, with realtime 3d rendering using opengl. They had a funny purple machine that i had never see before, an indigo2!

Computers are not only a job for me, it's also a hobby. I'm very curious, and i like "alternative" operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, QNX qnd BeOS.

Now that sgi machines are cheap, i've decided to buy one... i've found a O2 on Ebay, and i was lucky enought to have one in good shape, with video IO. Irix is a very interesting system.
I've found something this morning : a curious project to make a window manager that's like Irix.

Here's where i got this information :

Here's the site of the project :
Stonent wrote:
I learned vi in a college unix class after I had been using linux for a few years. I like it because I know that it is on any system.

Same thing for me.
Screenshots seem very close to the original indigo magic desktop.

I think this project is funny among gnome/kde war.
dexter1 wrote: I have finished the translation of the overclock article, and will be contacting Gemm today about the exact publication (his site or my site or...) of the story. As soon as the page is up, i'll post it on the news, so you can all read it...

Great news!
warerat wrote: The PCI riser has a Dallas serial prom (looks like a little TO-92 transistor) on it with the serial number of the machine encoded on it. I think if it's not there the ethernet won't work or some message comes up at the console.

You can start the machine, but Irix complaints that Ec0 interface doesn't work correctly.

So, you have no network interface.

On top of that, you can't use software like Maya, that requires a FlexLM key, which key is based on the mac adress of the built in network card.
LoWeN wrote: Hello,

Hummm "bad".
So what can we take as "base" for that kind of mod.
Any R7K sure?
Because I never found any R7K here around only R5K/R10K/R12K and one time in my life I have seen 02+.

Kind regards,


All you need is writen on page 2. ... c&start=15

You need a R5K motherboard with a RM5200 - 300 Mhz Cpu with a specific Cpu board revision.

RM5200 are hard to find, and even if you find it, its price will be very high.
My head hurts this morning. :lol:

It's going to be a snowy day.

Happy new year everybody!
Very good news, i'll try it as soon as possible!
Thomas W. wrote:
(i have to apologize to you for my horrible english)

Don't care about it, it's not as horrible as mine with my french-english words. ;)

And for this thread rules, you're absolutely right.
I don't drink alcohol very often, but i have to admit i like two things :

- "nut wine" ("vin de noix" from google translation... this is a mix of red wine with nuts)
- ratafia (generally homemade mix of fruit and strong alcohol)

I also like wines from Burgundy (because that's where i live!).