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Gray Fox wrote: I would like to see some games for SGI Systems.

Here here! I second that motion!
Oh it is fabulous and sunny here in Las Vegas, just another B E A Utiful day.

Can we please drop the global warming talk, it is a unproven theory, not fact. it is bound to lead to politics.
Gray Fox wrote: How is Las Vegas weather in the winter time?

Usually it is just Windy and Cool, never too cold, rarely wet. During a lucky winter we may see some rain, and sometimes on the west side of the valley we get snow, very rare but very awesome.

The thing about the desert is, the winters are dry, you see the most rain during the summer, usually thunder storms.

The office, last winter.
Watched all six episodes of Furi Kuri this weekend....

If you have not seen it, see it now, at all costs. No review does it any justice, people will interpret the story however they want and still be far from the truth.

The fact is, it is just fun to watch.
LaLora wrote: haha :lol:

wouldn't it be more useful to use a helicopter to catch other Lamborghinis/Ferraris/etc. ?

All you have to do is fly right next to them and aim a large caliber weapon at the driver, so he can see it. If he doesnt stop, plug his nice expensive engine with a slug. They day police are allowed to fly attack gunships is the day I join the local Metro PD :D


That thing is freaking nice, sure as hell is a UFO. Just imagine it with lights on, going about 150... a blue blur.
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
foetz wrote: use cups :lol:

and pray you do not have to read the manual :shock:
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
The fix is simple, external scsi cdrom or another SGI machine. I tried the linux netboot and it was waaaaaay more hassle than it was worth, seriously. It was wiser just to spend 20 usd on the drive.
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
CordlessTucanMania wrote:
yetanother**ixuser wrote: hmmm.....
why not install foundation from cd-drive as common, and the rest of the crap over nfs from the linux box or from an local dir. i see no need to boot from the overlays at all.
discussions welcome!

I'm interested...Could you be a little more explicit.

Install foundation from the CDROM, and install the overlays from the nix box or from the local machine.
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
LaLora wrote: Guam?
..ok, what's next? Anyone from Christmas island? Samoa? Ascension? ..Barbados or Bermuda maby? :) :) There's already one member of this forum living on Reunion, now another one on Guam.. How many of you people are living on such exotic distant places? :)

after I join the air Force they may send me to Diego Garcia, now that is the definition of remote and tropical.
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
foetz wrote: to modify the toolchest systemwide edit /usr/lib/X11/system.chestrc or /usr/lib/X11/nodesktop.chestrc.

Kick ass, thanks. :D
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
I just need another working octane with good skins, I dont care what the specs are. If you could quote me a price with shipping (to 89117) I will see if we have a deal.

It does not need a hard drive or processor.

NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
Satoru wrote: I'm somwhat ignorant on the matter: what is the definition of "street drugs"?


The legality of said drugs in your respective country is how I refer to it.
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
whiter wrote:
Nihilus wrote: Among the swedish cream of hackers we have this saying:

That's a bit arrogant, huh? Calling yourself the cream of hackers. :)

Nihilus wrote: "Street drugs and computers - combining the best of two worlds."

Lol. That's the most stupifying thing I've heard for years. IMHO.
Dunno how to put that in a non-offending way, really.
As a computer hacker I'd be quite insulted if anybody would ever associate that profession with drug usage.


AFAIK nobody ever labels themself a hacker unless they are NOT a hacker. Besides, I find drugs, sex and loud music go better together. Drugs mostly impair logic, which I would guess is the most important function when actually trying to get something done on a computer. Now surfing the net while mentally fustigated by drugs or alcohol is another matter all togehter...


Lmao, feed your head much eh?
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
You kids and you fancy designer drugs, whatever happened to good old alcohol?
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
chervarium wrote:
VenomousPinecone wrote: You kids and you fancy designer drugs, whatever happened to good old alcohol?
You have not done any research on the molecule I've just posted, have you :) .
Besides, I'm (ab)using high octane booze all the time ;) .

Hehe, well I must admit anything with an acronym for a name sounds designer to me. :P

Well, high octane booze and cannabis usage on occasion is normal in my book. ;)
NOTE You cannot use Virtual Disk Manager to create or to shrink physical hard drives.
An alcohol thread I have yet to post on? egads time to remedy that problem :D

praetorius wrote: Otherwise, just give me vodka intraveniously. :lol:

I think I would have to agree about the vodka. I find a bottle of Stolichnaya or Finlandia always does the trick, Grey Goose and Belve are waaaaay overated and overpriced.

Stolichnaya that has been sitting in the freezer for a few hours with a Labatt Blue (god bless Canadian beer) chaser will put some hair on your chest. Finlandia goes down smooth when mixed with Squirt, "tastes like... victory" is the only way I can describe it.

fu wrote: ...a well-blended Mojito ...!

"This guy knew his stuff. Made me a Mojito. I don't think its a gay drink. Mojito..."
fu wrote: nowaitaminute, where's that quote from? SouthPark or Family Guy?

Family Guy, the "Brian the Bachelor" episode, the one that makes light of reality teevee shows.

Speaking of semiotics, ever read Pattern Recognition by Gibson?
fu wrote: yup! like a month ago, i used to enjoy Gibson's prose, though i'm not sure about his latest works...

if u ever wanna dig in semiotics, i reckon j. baudrillard's works published in the states by semiotext(e)

Hah! now I am curious, which of his latest work did you not enjoy? Idoru? ATP?

I think I will check out the Badrillard fellows work when I take some time off from work.

Speaking of alcohol.... anyone ever had a JaegerBomber? Its RedBull and Jaegermeister, tastes like cold, nasty cough syrup but the effect is delightful.
epitaxial bandgap wrote: And my new fave: Absinthe. Yeah, really. And the good stuff, most stuff out there is crap. For an interesting and (somewhat) educated discussion of this stuff: is the nekochan of absintheurs.
The Jade's are pretty good, planning on picking up a bottle of the Eduoard over new year's.

merry times!

Nice link, the FAQ is very enlightening!

I guess the most important thing any American could ask after reading the FAQ is... "Is it legal in Canada?" :D

]more info on gibson and semiotics please!

American born author, who now lives in Canada. Father of Cyberpunk and the coiner of many a phrase, including "cyberspace". Most of the books he has written are bleak, semi-future, and very dystopian. Lots of archetypal anti-heroes (not a bad thing) and interesting plot twists.

Start with Neuromancer (his first book) and steadily work your way to Pattern Recognition, his latest book. I am currently re-reading PR which deals heavily in semiotics, in particular social commentary on viral marketing and brand saturation in a consumer driven world.

Dropping this into google returns a better defintion than I can come up with, in particular the second definition listed applies heavily to PR.

Code: Select all


The quick and dirty is: the study of signs and symbols, what they mean and how they are used.

think Dan Brown....
epitaxial bandgap wrote: I've read the bridge trilogy and found it nice, if a little tedious.

A little tedious? Blasphemer! :wink:

never even read the DaVinci code because given a few hints by a friend reading it, I knew what the ending was going to be. Bummer.

Ditto, but I still plan on reading it. My reference to Dan Brown was actually about the book Angels and Demons, more semiotics in that

Anyway, I was looking for more good picks of things to read, by him and in the same vein. And yes, neuromancer was on the list, as was the cryptonomicon.

The Sprawl Trilogy, begining with Neuromancer (dur) is worth the read. He also wrote some of the best episodes of the X-Files. Season 5, ep 11 being the best of those... :P

But obviously, more links/resources are greatly encouraged.

I wish I had some! Like you said, it is hard to find anything concrete or canonical on the subject. That must be because of its soft-science nature, which is always up for intepretation.
fu wrote: Semiotics is not soft science, it's a special section of Philosophy...

Meaning it is not even science at all? :P

Thanks for the links Mr. Manchu, I shall read up!
Ga53n wrote: I would consider even philosophy as science

I must be seriously jaded or something... I find it really hard to call philosophy and psychology science. Thats my opinion, cant/wont change. So lets forget about it.

but back to c2h5oh


That sucks that it is hard to find Makers Mark (My fathers favorite) in Germany, you can buy a case of it at Costco here in the states. Not that I have ever bought it by the case... :P

You could probably purchase it online somewhere.

And if any Americans here are tired of wimpy, cat piss & club soda beer and want something domestic with a good alcohol content you should try Arrogant Bastard Ale, or for the more daring Ruination IPA. You can find them at better retailers around the US, comapny website is:

Ruination goes really well with spicy tuna rolls.
Better GUI?

That is tough, because readline and dialog in console seem to be my favorite. I would have to say that the software manager in Irix has got to be the best GUI, it has predictable options in a easy layout. It is not whiney (like XP), only stubborn (like a woman) when it comes to dependencies.

It is simple. Straight forward, and has some neat little options hidden for console use (ie. forcing...)

Worst GUI? well, hmm. The "new" control panel in XP. Overly simplified, which assumes you have no fucking clue what you are looking for (thus hiding shit from you in "categories" that make no damned sense), etc.

The best GUI I have ever experienced:

Simplicity, ease of configuration, obvious options and clear dialog with the user.

Software should allow the machine to communicate with the user, without having any anthropomorphized traits.

The software manager in Irix gives me this.
Dear god! dude I just shot fucking Warsteiner out of my nose!

Well, almost. The executable was so huge, it took five minutes
to load, on an HP workstation, with 128MB of RAM. Then it ran
like molasses. Actually, I thought this would be a major
stumbling-block, and I'd get found out within a week, but nobody
cared. Sun and HP were only too glad to sell enormously powerful
boxes, with huge resources just to run trivial programs. You
know, when we had our first C++ compiler, at AT&T, I compiled
'Hello World', and couldn't believe the size of the executable:

If only this was true...
foetz wrote: a typical blog - just drool.

Seems that way...

clavileno wrote: I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this comment from Greg Matter over at Sun?

This guy needs to read some good sci-fi and pull his head out of his ass.
kshuff wrote: Pitty there's only 5 active members on team Nekochan :(

Do we have a neko boinc or seti@home client? or should I just go grab it from the site and compile?
I suppose I am now the sixth active member. 3 systems, 2 active, I expect to have the Octane, the Inactive, and 2 more system up Monday for a total of 6.
Bluefan wrote: Getting a sgi to work is indeed pure fun :wink:
And once they run, it's fun using them

Surely that was part of the magic for me. Despite everyone saying you could buy a complete working system for less money, I purchased a lot of as-is Octanes on ebay for about 20-40 USD each. For me it was like working with some ancient alien technology, so vastly different from all of my other hardware experiences in every single way.

The sound, the lights, the boot chime... I almost half expected it to release steam from its vents and begin to hover slightly off my work bench.
Bluefan wrote: BTW how did you kept your octane from hovering away? The steam is managable :)

Ever try a dogleash attached to the lockbar?

See, I knew this thing could float... I must be missing something in a config somewhere.
Soon my v6 will be arriving and my Octane will become an Octane 2, I figured I might as well complete the transformation process.

Condition will help us determine monetary compensation, must be complete set with no cracks, some scratchs/scuffs are ok.

Send a PM, or send pics to will.hinds [at] gmail [dot] com
Yeah, had to run my system through the license check (curiousity being a bitch). No free software for me today, bummer. :(
voidfoo wrote: congratulations!! soon we would see pictures of an sgi-climbing kid :)

Indeed, we gotta keep the ranks up some how. :)

Congratulations Dexter!

Wooo party time *takes a shot of vodka*
Even that heartless bastard loves Octane :P
These guys know their shit.

Never grabbed my ccna personally, ios and pixos really arent that hard to begin with. One thing about the cisco certs, alone they arent worth shit. With experience, they can help you demand a higher salary.

That, and they are some of the only certs still respected.


Who would you rather hire? the kid who knows enough pixos to fuck your routing tables oldschool? Or a bullshit artist who wont even do the job? :P
hamei wrote:
I'd hope that the difficulty of getting the certificate would eliminate the bullshit artists.

...the paper with gold star really can help when choosing whom to hire. Or maybe more accurately, when choosing whom to look at more carefully.

The problem with BS artists is that they will lie and say they have a cert that they dont have just to help them land a job (for some reason I am having a flashback to my first job after my internship... :P )

If you are using it to whittle down candidates I dont see a problem. The problem I see is HR management following the mantra of "If the field has a cert, and you dont, you obviously dont know what your talking about despite your experience".

I guess my point was; the last person I want poking around in my Peecee is a 17 year old kid with an A+ certification. With a basic understanding of a complex system you can cause more harm than good if you make a mistake.

edit : hmm. Pinecone, I misread your verb. Not sure what your meaning is now :oops:

Eh, no big deal, your response was still valid.
All of my wallpapers were cobbled together with GIMP on my Octane.

You didn't specify 2d or 3d. :wink:
Very oldschool, you got any pics?
zahal wrote:
"I'm just a gigolo..." :twisted:

Dont go selling yourself short now, your a personal entertainment technician. :P
Nedit and Cosmo on the Octane, Metapad and Dreamweaver on the peecee...
GeneratriX wrote: is there any GNU/GPL replacement for Java? Just wondering. It would be great to have complete the web puzzle.

No clue :? but once they do, im playing jake on the octane.