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I've been curious as to what type of hardware we all own. As Sgi boxen go, I own 3 Iris Indigos, an Indy and an Indigo2(purple). I also own 9 Sun's, 3 NeXT's, 1 BeBox, 4 Tandy's, 1 Commodore 128D, a older x86 Xenix server and around 35-40 Mac and Mac Clones (haven't counted recently). I can't seem to let a computer get dumpstered.
Down to 2 systems. G4 running Linux (serving files via NFS/Samba), and sgi Octane running Irix 6.5.17. My girl has an scsi-based AMD 2100 with winxp on it.
I have a few systems, as follows:

Origin 200 4xR10k 180, 384MB ram, 6.5.19m
Octane R12k 360, MXI, 1gig ram, 6.5.19f
O2 R5k 200, 256MB ram, 6.5.19f
Indy R4k 200, XL24, 256MB ram, 6.5.17m
Indigo R4k 100, Elan, 384MB ram, no-OS (will have 5.3 at some point)

Athlon XP 2200+, 1gig ram, Winxp-pro
IBM T20 thinkpad, 750mhz, 512MB ram, Winxp-pro
IBM X20 thinkpad, 650mhz, 256MB ram, win2k adv svr.

I have a Sinclair ZX81 floating about somewhere too, which is broken unfortunatly.
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My systems are:

Octane 360MHz MXE
Origin200 2x270MHz
O2 RM5200 300MHz
O2 R12000 270MHz

Sun Ultra2 3D 2x300MHz
Sun Ultra10 360MHz

Alpha PW500au SUSE Linux / Win2000

A couple of PCs for games.

"He who dies with the most toys wins"

I'm not there yet but, I'm working on it. :wink:

nekonoko wrote: ...I usually just sell the stuff I don't use much.

Same here. If I don't have a need/use for somthing, I just get rid of it.
I used to have a whole collection, but when I moved to the UK like 6 years ago, I had to sell most of it or throw away (I knoooooow... it hurt so much). Now I´m down to:

A couple of random x86 boxen.
A Octane SI/2*195/512/6.5.17m.
A Amiga4000T/highly specced.
A Psion revo+.
I have lots o-stuff in the basement, but the main machines I happen to have out are:

NeXTStation - unfortunatly not getting as much use now that I have a decent Indy
r5k 180 Indy - My main machine
r4400 200 Indy - there to run IRIX 5.3
Ultra 1 200E - Runs headless even though it has a Creator3d...
r5k 150SC ChallengeS - just because
300MHz P2 - Generic Linux machine
350MHz P2 - Generic Windoze box (for all that x86 windows only stuff)
I also have too many computer...

1 Dual Pentium III
2 Indigo2 teal
1 Indigo2 impact (coming soon)
1 Octane r12k sse
and 1 old Mac II VI (or something like that)

I only use my Octane and PC really
all the others a colecting dust.
I'll echo the 'too many machines, too little time' litany :) .

R5000 O2 180 MHz with an FPA rigged to a 1600SW (6.5.20m)
R4600PC Indy 133 MHz in the office running IRIX 6.2
AMD Duron 900 MHz Linux firewall running Debian stable
Apple iBook 800 MHz - my main machine
IBM ThinkPad 560E running Debian 3.0 - backup portable
1Ghz Duron PC running Mandrake 9.1 and Windows 2000
400mhz PII Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop running Win98
Indigo 2 w/ R4400 and extreme graphics (happy winner of SGI Zone's trivia prize :D )
Indigo 2 w/ R10k high impact
O2 w/ R10k and A/V card
2 Indigos R3k (one working power supply)
- Jim
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Octane R10K @ 250
Athlon XP 1900 running XP pro and Red Hat 9

my next setup will probably be a mini-ITX pc that i can setup for a firewall

I have had so much hardware that it's hard to keep track. I also get rid of stuff that I am no longer using as well. I figure it's better off going to a good home than siting around doing nothing.

Currently I have...

Indigo2 R10k 195
Indigo2 R4400 250
Indy (proc is in limbo...)
Personal Iris R3k (IP12)
Ultra10 300
Ultra10 270 (Was an Ultra5 a few days ago, but orion wanted to save some space)
SS20 (some where at a friends)
Dual Xeon 550 (Another friend is borrowing this one)
Dual PIII 550
Centris 650
... and enough spare PC parts to put together another Dual Xeon rig and possibly another few machines.

Can't forget my Dual G4 867 in the nice Quick Silver case and my Wife's Athlon 1900+, but I don't normally incluse that because it's hers and I only get to go near it when it isn't working.

Almost forgot psuedosun...
Well let me see here...

I have:
SGI O2 (Acting as webserver)
SGI Octane (Awaiting an OS install, not sure what it'll do)

P75 (FreeBSD, Acting as DNS server)
Celeron 667 (FreeBSD, Fileserver)
Dual Celeron 466 (FreeBSD, Currently down, not knowing why it randomly shut off)
Duron 1.3ghz (WinXP, Main work/desktop machine)
Dell 1.13ghz Laptop (WinXP, For when working up in the Bay Area)
P2 233 (Friend's Box, FreeBSD server for him, web email etc.)
Indy R5K 180MHz XZ 256MB 18GB Floptical Granite CD-ROM IndyBag
Indy R5K 180MHz XL24 IndyVideo Cosmo 256MB 18GB Floptical IndyBag
Indigo R4400 150MHz Elan 384MB 9GB Floppy Toshiba CD-ROM
Crappy PC with uninteresting specs

Everything is sharing two monitors, GDM17E21 and GDM5021PT and has matching granite accessories.

I used to have an Indigo2 and a ChallengeS but it's hard to keep this much crap around whilst living in New York City.
One good turn deserves another.

Indy (below)
Sparcstation4 85/192mb ram 2.1gb Solaris 7
Aries Marixx-MS (Sparcstation 5 clone in an SS1 box) 256mb, 2.1gb Solaris 9
2 Sparc classics (OpenBSD 2.7 and the other is disassembled)
IPC (bad nvram)
Gallantweb GW500 mini server (ClarkConnect Linux 1.2, RH 7.3 based)
Dell Poweredge 6100 Dual P-Pro 200 1gb ram, 6x9.1gb raid 5 (NT4)
Dell Inspiron 4100 1ghz w/ Radeon (modified to be a Latitude C610 so I can use the dock) XP and Solaris 9 dual Boot!
Dell Latitude c600 (600Mhz) motherboard with broken power connector (works on battery!)
Dell Latitude XPi P133 (Somehow running Windows 2000 hehe)
HP Netserver 5/100 LM (case modified to fit an Asus P2BS) Compaq Smart/2 P Raid Solaris 9 Intel
Apple Quadra 650 A/UX 3.1
Apple Quadra 840av
Apple Macintosh SE 4mb/2.1gb
Apple Performa 6360
Tandy TRS-80 MC-10 4k ram! (my first computer! Still works, now it's 20 years old!)
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (OS-9 MultiTasking OS) 64k
Commodore vic-20, given to me in the early 90's
Indigo2 Motherboard, no video card, 200mhz r4400. Needs case and psu.
Too many misc x86 computers and parts
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Mabye I should look more into my hardware before I post info from one source of information:
:Crimson: :Onyx: :O2000: :O200: :O200: :PI: :PI: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Octane: :O2: :1600SW: :Indigo2: :Indigo2: :Indigo2IMP: :Indigo2IMP: :Indy: :Indy: :Indy: :Cube:

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Wow! Cool to see all the rare hardware we own. Some names I hadn't heard in quite awhile. Here's my list-

-Indigo 2- 195Mhz R10k, 384MB, 9.1GB, High Impact (hope to get TRAM or Max Impact soon) Will be running IRIX 6.5.22 when I get my disks

-Indigo 2- 200mhz R4400, 96MB, 2.1GB, Solid Impact, will get IRIX 6.5.22 when my disks come. This one's pending sale.

-Indy- 100mhz R4400PC, 32MB, 1.2GB, 8-bit XL, IRIX 5.3, I'm fighting with my CD-ROM drives to get 6.2 on it. Not even going to try 6.5

Going to get at least one more Impact 10000 system later this week.

-UMAX c600- 240Mhz 603ev, 48MB, 6.4GB?, Rage IIc All in Wonder

-PowerMac 6360- 160mhz 603ev, 32MB, 1.2B

-Powerbook 3400c- 240mhz 603ev, 144MB (it was expeeeensive to get the 128MB memory module to max that! Helped performance a lot.) 4GB, the usual 12x CD-ROM

PC stuff-
-"Tsunami" custom system- Engineering Sample Pentium M at 2.6Ghz, defaults to 2.8 but I downlclocked for stability. (Capable of breaking 3Ghz on a good motherboard, but I don't see the need for spending extra money and time on that), 2GB DDRII, 120GB SATA drive, Radeon x1800XT. Usual DVD-/+RW stuff. Nothin special except the proc. I occasionally play games on it, so it runs Windows XP. Not a terrible OS really. Probably going to get Mac OS X on it sometime soon.

-Wee server thing of doom, unnamed so far- 500mhz K6/2, 256MB, 2x 40GB IDE drives (thinkin of putting my SCSI Cheetas in there instead), Free BSD 6.something or other. Working on fitting it into the case from a busted Onyx power supply.

-Dell Dimension 4600- 2.8Ghz Prescott (eww! At least Hyperthreading was a good idea.) 1GB DDR, Geforce somethin or other, 40GB IDE drive, CD-RW. Got it from a friend, used it a couple times, was duly unimpressed. Trying unsuccesfully to sell it on Ebay and elsewhere, the local pawn shops will see me soon. :evil:
I have a few myself:

R4400 150 Indigo Elan Irix 6.2
R4400 250 Indigo2 Extreme (Teal) Irix 6.5.11
R4400 250 Indigo2 Solid Inpact (Purple) Irix 6.5.15
R10k 195 Indigo2 High Impact w/ TRAM (Purple) Irix 6.5.15
R4400 200 Challenge M w/Vault (both Blue) Irix 6.2
R5000 150 Indy 24bit Irix 6.2
R4400 200 Indy 24bit Irix 6.2
R10k 225 Octane SI Irix 6.5.15
4D/440 VGX Irix 5.3 w/ XFS
R4400 150 Crimson RE Irix 6.2
RE2 Onyx w/ quad R10k 195 Irix 6.5.15
320 Visual Worktation Win2000

Still trying to get the Onyx happy and I need a part for the 4D/440. But that is another post.

Dr. Dave wrote: One synth - Casio CZ-1000 - had it for years.

Now before you start saying "Casio"

Oh I will, but nothing but praise and cursing:)

And folks, get ready to weep as Kurzweil K250 and Fairlight CMI series III is heading my way (still maybe even this year :) )
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I'm a late comer but now I have a list worth posting...


2 x Indigo2 R10K/175 IMPACT (128MB/4GB/SolidImpact)
3 x Indigo2 R10K/195 IMPACT (still assessing these)
1 x Indigo2 (haven't inventoried)

2 Indigo2 parts boxes

2 x Octane (Dual R10K/195/2GB/108GB/ESI).
Single R12K/270 board with 512MB
Single R10K/195 board
MXE graphics board
SI graphics board

Iris Ingido R3K (I believe 64MB onboard, unknown since system has no graphcs. Working to get this machine up.)

Personal Iris 4D/20 (powers up and displays PROM, hardware unknown)
Personal Iris 4D/35 (status unknown, still cleaning this one up)

O2 R10K/195 (256MB/Audio/Video)


3 x SPARCstation 10MP (various processors and memory)
1 x Ultra 10 (330Mhz/512MB/4GB/Elite3DM3)
Ultra Enterprise 450 (haven't powered it up, big box)
Enterprise 3000 (haven't powered it up yet, another big box)
Several Sun enclosures with varying devices
2 x 411 with CD-ROMs
1 x 611 with Exabyte
1 x 711 with 6 4GB SCA drives


Athlon XP 2800+ (512MB/80GB/Ultra 5900FX-128MB/SB PCI 512)
Athlon XP 2400+ (2GB/250GB RAID/GeForce4 Ti4200-TV In)
Athlon 1.5Ghz (384MB/18GB LVD and 40GB EIDE/GeForce4 Ti4200)


Dell Optiplex P90 (64MB/1GB/SVGA) - this is my firewall (runs Linux)
Tandy 1500HD (10Mhz 8086 V20/640KB/20MB/CGA)
Timex Sinclair 1000 (Z80/18KB)

I have tons of spare parts (fills four bins under my bed), two LCDs, three glass monitors (2 PC, 1 SGI), SGI, Sun and PC keyboards.

I'm essentially a geek. And the kicker with this is all of this is shoehorned into a 450 square foot apartment. :)