The collected works of Booga

Wow! Cool to see all the rare hardware we own. Some names I hadn't heard in quite awhile. Here's my list-

-Indigo 2- 195Mhz R10k, 384MB, 9.1GB, High Impact (hope to get TRAM or Max Impact soon) Will be running IRIX 6.5.22 when I get my disks

-Indigo 2- 200mhz R4400, 96MB, 2.1GB, Solid Impact, will get IRIX 6.5.22 when my disks come. This one's pending sale.

-Indy- 100mhz R4400PC, 32MB, 1.2GB, 8-bit XL, IRIX 5.3, I'm fighting with my CD-ROM drives to get 6.2 on it. Not even going to try 6.5

Going to get at least one more Impact 10000 system later this week.

-UMAX c600- 240Mhz 603ev, 48MB, 6.4GB?, Rage IIc All in Wonder

-PowerMac 6360- 160mhz 603ev, 32MB, 1.2B

-Powerbook 3400c- 240mhz 603ev, 144MB (it was expeeeensive to get the 128MB memory module to max that! Helped performance a lot.) 4GB, the usual 12x CD-ROM

PC stuff-
-"Tsunami" custom system- Engineering Sample Pentium M at 2.6Ghz, defaults to 2.8 but I downlclocked for stability. (Capable of breaking 3Ghz on a good motherboard, but I don't see the need for spending extra money and time on that), 2GB DDRII, 120GB SATA drive, Radeon x1800XT. Usual DVD-/+RW stuff. Nothin special except the proc. I occasionally play games on it, so it runs Windows XP. Not a terrible OS really. Probably going to get Mac OS X on it sometime soon.

-Wee server thing of doom, unnamed so far- 500mhz K6/2, 256MB, 2x 40GB IDE drives (thinkin of putting my SCSI Cheetas in there instead), Free BSD 6.something or other. Working on fitting it into the case from a busted Onyx power supply.

-Dell Dimension 4600- 2.8Ghz Prescott (eww! At least Hyperthreading was a good idea.) 1GB DDR, Geforce somethin or other, 40GB IDE drive, CD-RW. Got it from a friend, used it a couple times, was duly unimpressed. Trying unsuccesfully to sell it on Ebay and elsewhere, the local pawn shops will see me soon. :evil: