The collected works of RageX

Very cool! Thanks!

Do you have any idea what type of system I would need to properly run the Neo Geo games? What about CPS2 games are they supported yet?

Are there any NES emulators for IRIX? What about controller support?

Emulation is one of the few reasons I still keep a PC around.
dexter1 wrote: For the CPS2 games, i found something on:
Looks like this is going to work. ROM's are probably unfindable :(

I've got lots of CPS2 ROMS, I just lack an emulator for IRIX, as well as a fast machine.

Chalk up another reason to get an R12K O2 ;)

Hah! Well, get yourself a Fuel, that has USB on it and hook up your microsoft Sidewinder :twisted:

I have a bunch of the original sidewinder controllers, they use a DB15 serial type connector and they daisy chain, unlike the USB sidewinders. I'm guessing one would need to build a converter and then hire a device driver programer.

I'll eventually get this worked out but the PC stays for the moment.

nekonoko wrote: Great, I'll try and get everything sorted out and packaged up :) Thanks!

Cool, thanks guys.
I'd remove all the boards and inspect the CPOP connectors. Lots of these guys on eBay seem to like to pull everything ouf the chassis and it makes you wonder if they take the proper care or if they are even aware of the fragility of these connectors.

Anyway, a good reseating after travel can't hurt.
Indy R5K 180MHz XZ 256MB 18GB Floptical Granite CD-ROM IndyBag
Indy R5K 180MHz XL24 IndyVideo Cosmo 256MB 18GB Floptical IndyBag
Indigo R4400 150MHz Elan 384MB 9GB Floppy Toshiba CD-ROM
Crappy PC with uninteresting specs

Everything is sharing two monitors, GDM17E21 and GDM5021PT and has matching granite accessories.

I used to have an Indigo2 and a ChallengeS but it's hard to keep this much crap around whilst living in New York City.
This is what happens when I can't sleep:

Wallpaper is grabbed from the new Tzero machine. Size is 1280x1024 b/c that's what my Indy runs at. I left them as TIFs (hope you have broadband) so you can choose how to use them, they might not look so great as XPMs. I can probably kick out 1600x1200 pretty easily if requested.

Anyway, enjoy.
I redid these using a different method. Under the loupe the results are better. So much so that I didn't bother blurring the background.

Here you go:

But then I kind of like the blurring so:
nekonoko wrote: If you'd like I could build you an account in the gallery to post these in.

That would be cool. 8) Somehwere around here I have more wallpaper too. I've been meaning to photograph my hardware as well, so maybe having an account will motivate me :wink:
Got some 1600x1200 images put together, will upload them to the gallery & my site sometime this weekend.

Interesting news: it appears that my wallpaper design will be seen in IRIX 6.5.22. :D
DaJuice wrote: Awesome, how did that come about?

I guess Nekonoko has some fans at Mountain View and they hang out in the forums and checkout the gallery. I was asked if it was cool and of course I said by all means.
I've put up more of my current wallpaper: ... ?g2_page=2

Might have some more additions if I ever get around to searching through my Indigo.
Great little program! I've installed this on all my systems. This could be a must-have program ;)

Anywise, here are some of my thoughts. I should say that I really do believe in the UNIX philosophy: small is beautiful, do one thing well, let the user choose, build a filter, etc.

Some repsonses to your roadmap list:
    Icon antialiasing would be great.
    I'd like to see the default IRIX mailbox used, especially if it can be animated on the iconbar.
    Options for iconbar location and scale would be great. One thing you may want to look into is Xinerama aware code, so that ppl using 2 screens don't have the iconbar split between them.
    Exclude icons by dragging them off the bar and onto the desktop &/or through a menu option saved to a .iconbar file.
    Lockable icons as well as a few basic sorting options.
    I'd prefer that iconbar not be a program launcher. Toolchest does a great job of that.
    Optional transparency effects would be cool.
    Vertical icon stacking is another great idea.
    Consider Handling multiple desks just like iconbox:
      Icons on other desks are shown by an concave icon*.
      Icons on the current desk are shown by an embossed icon*.
      Icons on the global desk are always shown by an embossed icon*.
      Icons remain on the desktop where they originated unless explicitly moved.
      Icons on the current desk are restored with a single-click.
      Icons from other desks are restored by double-clicking but this does not break them away from their original desk.
    * See my alblum to see what I mean about iconbox:
And some additional ideas of my own:
    Icons can be reordered by dragging.
    Clicking on the icon of a open window minimizes it to the bar (for symmetry's sake)
    Iconbar minimum & maximum size constraints.
    Scrollbar/arrow button for when there are more icons than screen space.
    Use of a more standard window with a title bar and menu (like ov).
    Options to turn off the title bar & menu (like ov).
    Cascading menu for controlling options and performing actions (like ov).
    Standard right click menu for icons (like iconbox).
    Keyboard shortcuts.
    Clearer divisions between icons.
    Option for auto-hide.
    Option for always-on-top.
    More advanced window management (tile, cascade, fit, snap, etc.)

squeen wrote: Missing applications : I have explicitly told the program to ignore the following named applications for now: ToolChest, iconbox, iconbar, nixieclock, gr_osview, xeyes, Desks Overview, top, bottom and xbiff.

Would be nice if this worked just like a control panel. Nice gui for making a list of programs and when you click okay it writes options out the .iconbar file. Another thing I think would be cool is to be able to exclude certain programs by dragging them off the iconbar and onto the desktop (like the clock) and having that noted in .iconbar.

Some of these suggestions might be impractical or require changes to 4Dwm, not sure. But I thought I'd throw them out anyway.
squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: I'd prefer that iconbar not be a program launcher. Toolchest does a great job of that.

I agree, my only thought was for an option to have iconbar keep Toolchest "always-on-top" as well as itself.

Auto-hide and always-on-top would be nice to have. In fact it would be nice to have these options available for almost every window.

squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: Consider Handling multiple desks just like iconbox:

This multidesk issue has me a bit puzzled right now - the only indicator can find that determines which desk and application is on is a window property called _XROOMS_APP_NAME, only it doesn't seem to update itself too often. The whole multidesk thing under 4dwn doesn't seem well documented.

squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: Clicking on the icon of a open window minimizes it to the bar (for symmetry's sake)

I'd also like a minimize all button.

Maximize all, tile, cascade, fit, snap (to other windows, to screen edge, to grid) ... all would be cool, but wouldn't one have to delve into 4DWm?

squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: Scrollbar/arrow button for when there are more icons than screen space.

Have you tried the multi-row spill over to see if it is well behaved?

Ah, no I haven't, didn't know it was there. I've got a big screen (two actually) I'll have to open a bunch of xterms and see how it works.

squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: Use of a more standard window with a title bar and menu (like ov).
Options to turn off the title bar & menu (like ov).
Cascading menu for controlling options and performing actions (like ov).

What is ov?

Desktop Overview, it could have been given a more inteligible name. I really do love how ov works, simple and does just the right job.

squeen wrote:
RageX wrote: More advanced window management (tile, cascade, fit, snap, etc.)

I not exactly sure what you mean here - management of the top level windows?

Yeah. Probably requires tweaking of 4DWm. Maybe an SGI engineer will see this and get to thinking ... I often work with mouse focus and autoraise, but I'd still like some tools to juggle windows more efficiently (including sloppy focus). When using Pro/E you must use explicit focus, so these kind of things would be very handy to me.
Where are you located? ... 11-04.html

They mention multiple parallel GPUs and anywhere from 1 to 4 CPUs. Sounds like a Tezro with Itanium CPUs and a new ATI type graphics card(s). Or maybe an Onyx4 with Itanium CPUs and ATI type graphics cards(s).

Guess we'll find out on Monday, or maybe late tonight, hopefully with prices.

I remember being called crazy years ago when I predicted that SGI would completely mirror their IRIX/MIPS product line with a LINUX/IA64 product ("Itaniums in that small of a chassis!!!! Graphics on Linux!!!! you're crazy!!!!"). Not that I agree with that direction, it just seemed to be the obvious course given SGIs direction.
hamei wrote:
jan-jaap wrote:
As we all know, the x86 code execution speed of the Itanic is best described as "pathetic" . :twisted:

From what I understand the Itanic is a lot like RISC in some ways - execution speed is very dependent on smart compilers. So what do they have on Linux ? Gcc ? hmmm.

x86 code is slow on Itanium because it is run in some sort of emulation mode. SGI uses the Intel compilers on their Linux systems. I've heard that they're very good and getting better. GCC as always is behind compared to the official compilers.

Also, Pro/E on Linux is still around. But PTC droped support for Itanium (in favor of x86-64/EMT64) maybe six months ago.
Yeah don't trust the seller, he doesn't know anything. It would appear to have 1 IR2 pipe and 1 node board, I'd assume low spec, which would mean 2GB or less memory and an MSCSI card, plus what looks to be all the cables and a big scuff on the upper skin.

At this point ($130 bid) it would make sense to bid on the government auction instead of eBay.

Also like to add that there are 3 more Onyx systems on that government auction site:

For anyone near Alabama these could be quite a find ...
I have my permit and I plan on getting my license before the summer is here. I'd like to get an entry level Ducati (maybe the new 695 all in black with some nice saddle bags and a little headlight faring) but I'll have to test drive and research it a bit.
Scary. I should mirror techpubs when it comes back up. Hopefully they're not cleaning house.
I'm using one of these:

It's advertised as a wireless print server, but it also acts as a wireless to ethernet bridge. It has a 4 port switch, and I have a PC and an O2 hooked up to it at the moment. It also has 2 USB ports, and I have a photo printer hooked up now, and hopefully a laser printer too in the future. One caveat, if you plan on using the print server check that your printer is listed as being compatible:

The web based interface is also easy to use on the O2. One thing I haven't tried is printing from the O2 to the printer server, probably not a simple thing to set up.

Keep in mind this is a bridge, so if you need routing, firewalling, DHCP, etc., you'll need another box in the mix.
I break all the rules and move all users, including root, to /home ... most of my systems have just one big disk anyway. I'd probably follow the linux tradition if I had more disks and I'd mount a larger volume under /home if I expected to admin a lot of users ;)

Some of the other file system annoyances are hard(er) to fix ...
The Fuel has, supposedly, an ATX MOB (not quite?) ... but you'll need to get the hacksaw out to accommodate the graphics card? The Fuel puts the graphics at the bottom of the case, it's not part of the AGP/PCI/PCI-Express card cage area ...

I'm guessing your budget is small but have you considered a custom case? We built a custom rack mount case for a customer and the tooling and sheet metal charges were only a few thousand; the Engineering time was a lot more $$$ ;) . The injection molding is another story ... $$$
Well I just took the dive and bought my first Mac. It's a 17" MacBook Pro with all the specs maxed (all of them!). I'm taking it to China for business but it will also become my main computer (sorry Onyx2). Anyway, I've installed a few things so far, Parallels, NeoOffice, Joost, Firefox and Thunderbird. Quicksilver, but I haven't really started to use that one. I'm just curious what killer apps Nekochanners have on their systems, or even what tweaks/utilities you always install right away on a fresh machine? Comming from IRIX/Windows I'm sure there are a bunch of great apps and tricks for the Mac that I'm totally ignorant of ... enlighten me.
nekonoko wrote: Here are some of the items in my dock though

Hey Neko, how do you change the drive icons? The pic of the hard disk is kind of depressing.
Thanks for all the great suggestions on software, it's really helped to get my feet wet. I'll add a couple to the list of must-haves:

EyeTV - My mac is now my tv+tivo, with support to dump shows to my iphone!
gSync - Finally have gcal<->ical<->iphone 3 way sync!
iPartition - Definitely worth the $$$. Can non-destructively resize bootcamp partitions.
NeoOffice - I have iWork but I use OO at work so I can't really make the jump yet.
Wallet - I hope they bring iphone syncing to this app when the SDK comes out.
Xvid/DivX - The player seems to have some bugs but a lot of potential.

Once I get my hands on a Time Capsule my computer purchases for '08 are done, I swear! I need to start spending money on furniture and motorcycles instead :D
What version of IRIX is the system running? I still don't have my dev system up and running because I'm too lazy to figure out what version of IRIX you need ... I know it doesn't work on IRIX 6.5.

Also, for the love of god, before you mess around with it, back up the disk for future generations.
I have three mint condition IndyBags sitting behind my desk. Maybe I'll be able to retire on them some day. The Indy's inside are unusual too, a dual head, an indyvideo+cosmo compress, and an XZ running ProE, all maxed out R5k machines. I used to have a 4th Ultra64 dev system with controller board and software and IndyBags but sold it for what seemed like crazy money at the time .... Should have held on to that.
IndyBags used to be fairly common on eBay for a while. You almost never see them anymore. Gallery of some Indy related gear and bags below, don't think I've seen that many IndyBags in once place before:

For the longest time I was obsessed with finding Indigo and Indigo2 bags. Never came across one...
I'd love to have it, but not at that price. ... 1464321017
smj wrote: Looking at the photos, I don't see the "Property of HI-TECH TOONS" label mentioned in the description... Did I miss it?

Extra photos are here: ... t=3&page=0

and video:

nekonoko wrote: I've added a PayPal donation option to the page if anyone is so inclined.

This is enough to get me to come out of the woodwork. Happy to donate, this place has been a treasure trove of information and expertise over the years. It's the center of the SGI universe as far as I'm concerned.

nekonoko wrote: Over the next few months I'll also be selling/auctioning various vintage SGI systems to help pay for hosting costs.

Will this be done through the site or on eBay?