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Babble time for me as well,

Linux is never going to get much larger: It's found a fairly decent market share in the server/web arena, but Linux has almost zero commercial software support. POS systems, accounting packages, office applications, etc. The platform is just to fragmented, to many variations between distributions, and when a company is spending thousands of dollars (maybe hundreds of thousands!) or even fifty bucks on a piece of software thier going to expect the thing to at least run right off the bat. With Linux, you can never really guarantee that; it's a support nightmare (check out ). Since I feel that 'Lintel' pretty much blows, I wanted a hardware architecture supported by a commercial Unix OS, and sgi fits the bill just perfect. :) some of the hardware does have a few small defects (light bar for Octane), but for the most part it's awesome, and Irix sports a nice unified interface, is fast and super stable. I picked up my Octane with a 20' sony monitor, mouse and keyboard for under $425.00 with shipping. Add a famous light bar replacement, and you've got happy computing here.
All my systems are named after various food-related items; 'jelly' is the fileserver, 'peanut' is my G4, 'raisin' is Anne's PC and 'sugar' is the Octane. I've got one more box sitting in my closet but it's not doing anything (no OS). I'm not even sure if it runs!
I plan on buying an LCD monitor in the next few week and would like to find one in the 17' inch range that'll work with a 13w3 adapter. If Anyone here has any experince with running non-sgi LCD panels (17' or 19' inch) please let me know. Thanks!
Good idea. I'll probably just have Tony order me a phillips so I can test it with my Octane. If it don't work, I'll just ship it back. I'd be great if you could keep me posted on that vegac . :)
Coo. I think I'm going to order a viewsonic VX700 from work:
It's SOG, has good image quality, and at cost I can get it for $420.00.
That would be great!
I can live with the ghosting issues and what not; LCD's monitors are easy on the eyes. Another big issue with me is not being able to get straight lines on a CRT monitor. My sgi triniton does this:
) (
Even the View Sonic looks squashed from the right angle.
I'd love to grab a 1600sw (in working condition). They show up on ebay quite offten, but for $300-$400 I'd rather drop an extra 50 bucks and get a boxed retail LCD monitor with a warranity.
Coo. You sould have neko post these snapshots in the user gallery.
Hmm, when I get some free time I'll have to play around a bit. I had 4,200 roms in my mame directory at one point (although I might have deleted it since).
vi and Nedit are my faves, but I was wondering what people use for general text editing and coding on Irix. vim? emacs? Other?
Stonent wrote:
I learned vi in a college unix class after I had been using linux for a few years. I like it because I know that it is on any system.

I aggree. One can pretty much jump on any Unix box and be sure that vi will be there.
somecodemonkey wrote: the Gnome KDE war is just so stupid, who cares what window manager you use, i think it was red hat who wanted to incorperate them together but since i don't follow linux news that much anymore i don't know if they did it or not, i do know they also wanted to combine all the shells into one... that idea was not very popular

Yeah, that argument got old years ago, but people sill continue to dwell on it. In fact, that's all linux users seem to do: argue. and complain.
Down to 2 systems. G4 running Linux (serving files via NFS/Samba), and sgi Octane running Irix 6.5.17. My girl has an scsi-based AMD 2100 with winxp on it.
nekonoko wrote: ...I usually just sell the stuff I don't use much.

Same here. If I don't have a need/use for somthing, I just get rid of it.
Slide wrote: I'm having trouble getting name resolution for there anywhere else we can pick up the tardist?

Same here..
Ahh, that does the trick. I couldn't even load most of 'em before this little hack. Thx again lisa!
I'd like to help out with porting unix software once I'm up and running with mips pro/GCC. :)
Yep, nice work on this one Squeen, I can't wait to get home and give it a try.
Could you tell us what output plugin you are using?
Wow, I can't wait to try this out; looks totally amazing.
Is there any freely available CAD software one could download for irix?
assyrix wrote: Solid Modelling: BRL-CAD
Design: ACAD 3.0

sorry don't remember the links.

Thx! I'll search about and see what I can find.

squeen wrote:
Lastly, semi-fly what kind of CAD package are you looking for -- 2D or 3D? Over a year ago, when I couldn't find an IRIX version of AutoCAD I started writing a simple 2D replacement using openGL and Motif. It's far from complete (in a state only a father could love)...but usable for some drafting. Here is a screenshot of a mechanical component I designed with it. I think you would have to be framiliar and longing for the old (early 90's) AutoCAD interface to find even some small joy in this application -- but let me know if you are interested.

Both 2D and 3D, and I'd love to try out xcad.

nekonoko wrote: This might work under IRIX - haven't tried to build it though:

That looks very nice! I'll have to put that on my to-do list. :)

Thanks for the help all! I'm thinking about taking a CAD class from the community college I'm currently attending, so I figured that there must be some CAD software avaiable for irix on the cheep. :wink:
nekonoko wrote: Well I'd heard about the patch, but I hadn't heard it would kill your Octane if you forgot to apply it beforehand :) Certainly something that can't be emphasized enough just to make certain everyone knows it can be dangerous.

No kidding. Maybe this info should be posted on the front page with a huge WARRNING label.
that is some amazing work. :D
wow, thanks!
Wow, great work on porting that! downloading now...
configure complete, now type 'make' and pray.
For some reason, I am no longer able to view the japanese characters listed next to the links on the Nekochan front page. I can't rember what I did to get them working in the first place, but I'm guessing I downloaded a language pack of some type: is this correct?
configure complete, now type 'make' and pray.
It all comes back to me now... :) Thx Nekonoko!
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Marry new year!
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amigo wrote: Where can I get a good client for IRC, and I dont mean that poor excuse for an IRC support in Gaim or console BitchX, I mean a decent IRC client like mIRC in Windogs, that has advanced features and such?

How about X-chat?
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Involution wrote: X-Chat is fairly unstable- or at least it was for me.

You can't be serious - I've been using X-chat for years on three diffrent platforms (irix, OS X, and linux) and never had a problem - did you use an "unstable" or beta build?
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0ctane wrote:
Hakimoto wrote: yeah, gentoo can be a pain to set up, but once it's done it's real sweet. I only ever used Debian and Gentoo. I like the idea of a fully optimised system, that's why these days I always go the gentoo way.
Yeah, I am a gentoo user also. My bro got me hooked while I still had an old Pentium III ... need those optimizations to get it running swiftly. I have noticed, however, that there is a big anti-gentoo following "out there". Oh, well. At least it seems friendly around here.

Seems that most of the anti-gentoo sentiment flows from the Debian community - I've also read that alot of Linux users looking for instant results tend to bash gentoo after unsuccessful installation attempts.
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cmstar wrote:
I need to access some files on and Indy hard drive in my OS X box. Is there a way to mount the XFS filesystem.

zolotroph is right - XFS is not supported under OS X in anyway, to the best of my knowledge.

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Omega_Trion wrote: I just purchased ZetaOS R1 final release version it should be here in 2 weeks from It should be really fun to use. We may be able to quad boot on new macs. OSX, Linux, Zeta, oh and windows. Im sure there are more.

At one point, I too bowed at the altar of the fantastic BeOS. Amazing operating system. Lacked a bit in the networking area, but still fantastic work. Personally, I'm waiting for some first hand reports on Zeta R1 before I purchase - so, maybe you could post a mini review on the forum (Nekonoko would probably allow for some screenies too).
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Gray Fox wrote: Does anyone here play any trading card games?

I play Magic The Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG.

I started playing MTG right before revised was released. Played for a few years, entering into tournaments whenever I had the time. I eventually sold-off most of my collection, including the power 9 (minus the pearl) and complete dual land set. Little did I know then...

I've picked it up twice since then, last time being while mirrodin was in standard. I don't really care for the current tournie format, however, with the endless set rotations, card value decreases, etc.
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Gray Fox wrote: Some of the new rules suck.

Yep, they sure do...
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SupremeCmdr wrote: Congrats, I made the jump to Apple a few years ago and can't imagine using anything else.

A few apps no-one else has mentioned:

- Emacs a must have

Most OS X users at my place of work prefer Carbon Emacs:
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ChristTrekker wrote: My G5 desktop is still on 10.3, so I'm hoping I can scrape together the funds for 10.5 in the next few months.

Funds for Leopard? There are some great deals on the Intarweb - or so I've been told.
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toxygen wrote:
heh, glterminal simulates flickering and low baud lags. formidable!

This is the hottest terminal mod for OS X. :)

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