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what did you name your computer?

my octane is "pixley", and my win2k box is named "WOPR"
Here at university, i can't do my own DNS, so they all have lame names as mech046, mech101 etc :(

In the early university days, workstations had names of small moons/planets, like Mimas, Pluto, Dione, Rhea and the big fileservers had names like Titan and Atlas. A fitting combination IMO.

SGI holland uses a rather convoluted naming scheme: first the decide if the machine is used for presales, support or demonstration, and then name the machine after a dutch city, which the first letter a P for Presales, an S for support etc. So they had in their demo room 8 O2's with names like Delft, DenHaag, Diemen etc...
My Indy was called Grub for some reason, bought it off ebay and thats the name it had, I liked it so when I reinstalled IRIX on it I kept the name.

But all the Future SGI boxes around here are part of the 'thing' label...

For example my octane is called Greenthing and Spookys Indigo 2 is called Purple thing. When I get round to it the Indy will be renamed Blue thing. :P

All the x86 boxes I have are called g0ats... for example Gameg0at, Netg0at and so on.

All our x86 servers are named after big planets like Ganymede and Nereid 8)

my win2k box is named "WOPR"

WOPR as in the big supercomputer from Wargames yeah?
I named my o2 oxygen. Rather obvious, but I like it ->
All my systems are named after various food-related items; 'jelly' is the fileserver, 'peanut' is my G4, 'raisin' is Anne's PC and 'sugar' is the Octane. I've got one more box sitting in my closet but it's not doing anything (no OS). I'm not even sure if it runs!
Mine is good ol' classic IRIS, because I was too dumb to change it when I installed IRIX. It was supposed to be called AUNE. Damn, damn, damn...

Unhappy me...

I have yet to come up with a real naming scheme for my systems, I have been picking the names rather randomly. When I was using windows only my primary box was "Thing", but after that I started naming them in reference to the machine. Since I don't have very many machines that are the same, it doesn't cause much confusion. Especially when they are never all up and running at the same time.

So after the abandoning of windows all together, the names went like this...

pseudosun = The little box I made out of spare parts inside a Sun 911 HD case.
IMPACT10K = My primary I2, not very imaginative...
o2R5k = That was the name of my O2 before orionpi got it
IndyR5k = That was the name of my Indy when I was using, before orionpi got it
ultra10 = the unimaginiative name for my Ultra10
ultra5 = the equally unimaginative name for my Ultra5
Mongtalunka = The random name for 1 of my Dual Xeon machines that is on loan to a friend for 3d modeling.
BaconDouble = The name for my Dual 867 G4. For some reason I was thinking of hamburgers, but didn't want Mac to be part of the name.

I had quite a few machines that i never even named, because they were just never used for very long or were powered up just for testing. That's what happened to my Onyx RE2 Deskside. The damn thing had a bad RM4 board and I ended up getting rid of it. It didn't help that the damn thing dimmed the lights evertime you turned it on.

I might come up with something intersting for naming scheme later on, who knows...
I have two Indys: Old_Ullix (mine) and Mummianix (my mom's)
And also two x86 (one Mandrake and one RH7.3+98):Ullix and Big_Ullix
I've to decide the name for the I2/R10k that's coming.

I have named a few Sgi:s

At my work we had a Origin2100 named Atlantis

I have a Indy called Lobster and a new Octane I haven't named yet.

Sold a few machines to my friend and his professor for using for
RNA modelling

a Octane named Krypton
a Indy named Ribosome
a Indigo2 named Octopus

I have a pc-laptop at work, it's called crabstick :-)
Octane: topaz
Indy: sapphire
x86 machine: jade
Sun SS10: chrysoberyl/elf
Sun IPX: opal
Palm: obsidian
Newton: garnet

Awaiting serial links, etc. to connect to network:
C64: sard
BBC Master: quartz
Dreamcast: pearl
2nd Dreamcast (awaiting severe hacking): abalone

I2 r4k: fifi
athlon/debian: mcs
dual celeron/debian: sonic
p166/obsd: lotek
laptop/debian: cdc
486sx/opendos: fx
mac LC485: lc3

Don't ask why :)
I had a naming sceme (named after stars), but some where in my monthly maintance of my windows boxes I seem to have abandoned it.

Meissa - HP Vectra Dual P-133 - old web/mail/dns server
Mintaka - been through many incarnations, proliant w/ 3ware - fileserver
Rigel - My linux workstation, was a dual P-III-500, but it died and has been reincarnated as a single Athlon on an MPX board
Saiph - new web/mail/dns server - HP LPr
Etheos - Sparc IPX - came labeled, kept name
Tabit - SparcStation20 - DNS, DHCP, TFTP, MRTG

but some where reloading windows boxes I started naming the machines after mainboard model (for PC clones) or model number:

x-class - HP Visulize X-Class - currently my only windows box, fighting w/ HP to get it working properly
ultra10 - SUN Ultra10
indy-r5k - Main Indy, probably main SGI
indy-r4600 - was going to give this one away, but haven't dropped it off
hpb160l - my PARISC box
i2-r10k - Indigo2 using it more lately
sparcwall - Sparcstation5-170 - firewall/router
g1 - dell GX1 - testing box
kayak - HP Kayak - needs VRM

Then there are a number of un named boxes which I just haven't gotten to: Challenge-S, another HPB106L, 3 Indigo2's, 2x SparcStation Classic's.

Hmm, I really should get rid of some of these...
Well let me see here...
my machines are...

disgruntled - my PC laptop I bring to work, just so they see it on the network
pentai - my weakling p75 server that's about to get replaced
kraze - my dual 466 celeron that acts as a fileserver

for the SGI's

wish - my O2
dream - my Octane
Lets lookie at my /etc/hosts file...

Winbox1 -350MHz P2 Windoze machine...
Linuxbox -300MHz P2 Slack 9 PeeCee
Neb -NeXTStation Turbo
Predator -r4kSC 200 Indy
Gremlin -HP Omnibook 800
Guiness -Headless r5kSC 150 Indy
Calvin -SparcStation2 -Offline
Indy112 -r5kSC 150 Indy -Offline (possibly for sale....)
Bork -r4kSC 100 Indy -Offline (bad motherboard)
Kr0n -Quadra 840av -Offline
O2 - Vidi
R10k Indigo2 - Vanilla
R4400 Inidgo2 - Turtle
Windows - Rollerball
Linux - Shinji

- Jim
:Indigo: :Indigo: :Indy: :Indy: <- signed by The Screensavers :) :Indigo2IMP: (230L) (230L) :540: :1600SW: :1600SW: <- touchscreen :PI: :Octane2:
hamei wrote:
un_ wrote:
Seems appropriate for an Onyx, if you name your Octane "Wintermute", no? :)

But my Octane is Gort ....
And I was replying to tomlurge ;)

Klaatu Barada Niktu, Hamei :D

:540: :Octane: :Octane2: :O2: NeXTStation x 2, A4, A7000, RISC PC
I would name my SGI as "Chunky Tuna" when I can afford to buy one. Mainly due to the fact that I want to learn Flame (Flame logo is a fish)

Image SGI Tezro 2x700Mhz R16000, 8Gb
R14K/550 Octane2 V12 (PCI cage, gbit, etc.): pug (from the book, "Magician", by Raymond E. Feist)
R16K/700 Fuel V12: winters (in honour of Major Dick Winters , 101st Airborne, 506th)
R10K/195 Indigo2 video system: milamber (also from, "Magician")
R12K/400 O2: demo (name given from old SGI loaner setup; intend to change at some point)
R5K/180 Indy firewall machine: gateway (yawn)

How do you rename a machine?

:Indy: R4600PC 133 MHz

Emachines PC 3.0GHz Dual Core (Intel)
Custom Built Ubuntu PC 1.207GHz (AMD)
Mac G4 1.25GHz
indyman007 wrote:
How do you rename a machine?

It has everything you need to know. More information available elsewhere (search!). You can download the
text in printable form.