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I have two Indys: Old_Ullix (mine) and Mummianix (my mom's)
And also two x86 (one Mandrake and one RH7.3+98):Ullix and Big_Ullix
I've to decide the name for the I2/R10k that's coming.

Given the voltage problem, maybe I can try to put the 200MHz I2 CPU in the 175MHz module swapping the oscillator instead of using the 150MHz...
The bad point is that the 100MHz oscillator in the I2 module is larger than the one on the Indy, so I may need to buy a new oscillator.
Do I need to do anything to the serial eprom in this case?
Anyone can point me to a link that may help me understand the voltage of the R4400 CPU from the CPU marking?

I'll add my 2 cents to the discussion.
I've noticed, at least on my O2, that when XMMS freezes in the gr_osview I have the CPU consumed waiting for "pio".

I wanted it too :cry: :cry: :cry:
This means that I may wait a bit before I update the octane irix version?

Great Manny Calavera!
Worth any penny I paid!

Does manni run fine?
On which hardware?
With sound?

I was able to dremelize an R5K chassis to put in an R10K MB.
Works fine.
i can provide pictures if interested.

Too bad, but I couldn't resist to the dark side of Unix.
After owning 3 Indy, an I2 (gone), an O2 (gone) and an Octane...
I got an HP-UX machine.
For 200 euros including shipping I got a 400MHz PA8500, 1/2 GB of memory and graphics with texture. Dual graphics actually. Both with texture!
Not as cool as an SGI, but way more affordable :?
Going to power up soon...

I'll provide the picture as soon as tomorrow.
In fact the interior of the B2000 is quite roomy and allows for easy shooting... it looks somewat similar to a good ATX case... but you know, it was the same with the fuel :)
For the benckmark what may I run that's pseudo-crossplatform?

I checked what the second graphics was... well I can confirm that I have both an FXE (18MB, 3,5 allocated for textures) built-in and a nicer FX5 (non pro).

Hopefully I should be able to startup (and give some attention to) the machine in the weekend.


P.S: how do I send the interior pictures?
Hakimoto: I got the pics, send me the infos for the upload.
You may need to crop them a bit...

Scott Tarr: the built-in graphics only has 15pin VGA, the additional FX5 has both VGA and DVI. And Stereo.

the1: if FX2 is supported on Debian I can send you one for shipping cost.
For the freeware, did you tried Something is actually available.
What release of HPUX did you used? I use 11i at work and doesn't seems so terrible in sw management.

CDE does depress me too... have you tried Gnome? It's available even if not really updated...

About I/O: in the x000 series of workstation you get ultra2scsi (80MB/s) and from 2 to 4 PCI buses ranging from 266MB/s to 768MB/s each.
For instance C3000 has 4 PCI buses while my B2000 inly has 2 :(

Sorry, friends, but I just installed the B2000 (no tuning at all) at a first glance I have to say that mozilla is WAY more usable than on the R12K/300 1GB even if the machine only has 512MB :(
Mozilla on that is about like Firefox on the octane...

That's the installed stuff:

# ioscan
H/W Path Class Description
10 ioa System Bus Adapter (582)
10/0 ba Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/0/12/0 lan HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
10/0/13/0 audio Built-in Audio
10/0/14/0 ext_bus IDE
10/0/14/0.0 target
10/0/14/0.0.0 disk MITSUMI CD-ROM FX4830T!B
10/0/14/0.7 target
10/0/14/0.7.0 ctl Initiator
10/0/14/1 ba PCI Core I/O Adapter
10/0/14/1/1 tty Built-in RS-232C
10/0/14/1/2 tty Built-in RS-232C
10/0/14/1/3 ext_bus Built-in Parallel Interface
10/0/14/2 usb Built-in USB Interface
10/0/14/2.1 usbhub USB Root Hub
10/0/14/2.1.2 usbhid USB HID Mouse(0)
10/0/14/2.1.3 usbhid USB HID Kbd(1)
10/0/15/0 ext_bus SCSI C895 Ultra2 Wide LVD
10/0/15/0.5 target
10/0/15/0.5.0 disk SEAGATE SX150176LC
10/0/15/0.6 target
10/0/15/0.6.0 disk SEAGATE SX150176LC
10/0/15/0.7 target
10/0/15/0.7.0 ctl Initiator
10/1 ba Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/1/0/0 graphics PCI(103c108b) -- Built-in #5
10/1/1/0 graphics PCI Display (103c1008)
32 processor Processor (400Mhz PA 8500)
49 memory Memory (768MB, just upgraded)

Unix workstations aren't dead at HP.
Even if I think that Shrek 2 was redered on a linux render farm, HP recently made available the C8000 with 2 PA8800 1Ghz cores (3MB L1 cache and 32MB level 2 cache!) and 32GB of memory.
Likely someone is still buying this type of Unix Workstation instead of PIV PC on steroids.

Well, the impact of Carly leaving is still to be measured.
I, as a shareowner, have seen only the little spike in stock price, not any real change of direction. Likely it will be the new CEO to really take (or not) a new direction.
Until them nothing is going to change.
As an employee I hope that they will not wipe out the promised pay raise.

Having had the unpleasant experience of running a dual itanic in my basement I can confirm that the heat produced is close to nonsense.
The machine will require a dedicated air conditioner or you'll find the room to be too hot even in winter with limited additional heating... and the computer likely shutting down to preserve integrity!
Noise is directly proportionate to the heat produced.
At the moment I really don't feel the personal urgency to move to itanium and for sure I'll not have a machine 24x7 at home.
BTW seemed quite responsive, but not really ready for office time. I'm told that with oracle it really shines.


Note: My opinions are mine and not those of my employer!
I really need to tell it to people: sometimes I really hate windows.
And linux too!
But maybe I should really hate programmers: ere is the story:
I needed to edit a text file of 180MB so I started an editor on my windows laptop: after about half an hour I was greeted with a message stating that I had not enough virtual memory.
So I had a notebook with 512MB plus 1024MB of swap and this was not enough to view the file.
Which incredible memory allocation perversion drives the memory needed to load a text file to more than 7 times the file size?

So I thought: I'm a smart ass, I'll do it on linux.

And transfered the file on my mandrake 10.1 (updated to 10.2) and wrote "vi file" and I was greeted with a great news: vi is missing a required library from perl.
Why in the hell does vi in linux require perl? And how the f**king mandrake update screwed even the most basic tool?
Keep it simple is no longer a good programming principle after the Vic20 3.5KB of memory was increased to multy MB?
BTW somewhere in the machine there was the damned library.

Before going into killing rampage I decided to connect in vpn to the work and use a remote machine: on a sun vi almost worked with this file.
Almost because there was not enough space on /tmp and I had no way to increase this space.

It was really a bad day.

At the end of the day grep and | were my best friend.
Unfortunatly the log wasn't nice enough to have a tag on all the lines to find a given session, but with several subsequent grep I was able to get what I needed.


P.S: zgrep is even a better friend if the files are compressed all in hte same manner
In windows the best editor thet i've found for free is crimson editor.
It works fine up to 28-30MB on a 512MB notebook.
But as I wrote you need more than 1.5GB for a 180MB text file.
And swapping on a notebook disk is overdepressing.


P.S: Thinking about Solaris X86 instead of linux: any esperience?
Candidate machine SGI230
I really think that is necessary not to overlook a detail: user requirements.
As an example I have the desire to occasionally play modern games on my computer.
And I have a satellite receiver that's a pain to make work in linux (like a lot of very custom or very new hardware)
And I have no longer a lot of free time to spend hammering things down on the system.

Each of those needs may have it's own solution alternative to have MS on the computer: point 1 buy a console, point 2 restrict the HW bought based on mature support in linux or buy external devices not tied to the computer, point 3 use proprietary HW with proprietary OS in a supported configuration.

Each of those solution has it's own drawback. money, space, power consumption whatever.

Unfortunatly no one-size-fits-all solution is available: it's good for you if you're able to do all you need without MS.
I, for myself, have to problem that the satellite card sits unused, that the mandrake installation has problems with my Radeon9500 so that textures are slower than in an O2 and broken.
"all better than MS in all cases" is quite a statement.

I was unable to make cygwin/x work for me in remote.
The local xterminal opened fine, but redirecting output from the O2 had no result.

Anyone knows what's the needed black magic?Thanks
The thin client only needs a GEthernet and all the rest is done server side :)
I really feel like 100 mbit is not enough for 1280x1024 true color with VNC with standard xapps...

Wasn't exceed PaidWare?

I'm somwhat ignorant on the matter: what is the definition of "street drugs"?

Very happy indeed!
Santa (and Neko) ensured Nekochan and the forum were still online even if it was more than 4 years that I was not seriously powering on my Octane.
Helped my memory big time: cloning the book disk to ensure I have a safeguard should the 10 years-old drive decides to die.