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don't assume all of that money went directly to development. either way, most of the valuable features of blender were developed either before or after the 'commercial NaN enterprise' (IMHO, mostly before).
NauSeuM wrote: amen, sky...


/me pets his 1.8x blenders...


- NauSeuM

yeah, i have the sources for blender 1.80, but i need help reintegrating the irisgl code back in, it was kind of mangled in the later days there. still 2.2x is getting an interesting facelift, i'm still maintaining the irix distribution, trying to keep it from getting out of control (like opengl 1.2-3-4-1,000,000).

anyway to the point of the thread jahshaka looks interesting, but where's the documentation? i tried random button pushing, but got no satisfation there.
the freeware install is a a bit annoying too, we static link whatever freeware
is needed, maybe QT doesn't allow this, but it makes portability (ease of use)

btw listing the freeware subsystems that need to be installed is great to do, but
i shouldn't have to find it here, it should be part of the kit? or did i miss it?
i could only find windows/linux centric mention in the distribution.....
directedition wrote: Ton Roosendaal has a project going that might interest you:
Not much progress, but it's there for those who want to work on it.

yeah, i started it. nobody else is interested. i've known ton for years.thanks.
in response to some blender users desire to have latest blender builds, will now carry nightly builds of blender (ok, when
the compile isn't broken :-) for IRIX. these are complete mips3 builds same
as the release version (only maybe a little buggy, or not depending on how
well we're doing :-) except you get the benefit of incremental feature adds
each day!

Enjoy, and thanks irixcentral!
new software! 'yafray' the "yet another free raytracer" project has been compiled for irix!
the binary resides at .

Yafray is a raytracer developed by Jandro and friends at

Yafray enjoys close ties to blender. Hooks to export yafray rendering information is being
actively built into blender.

the only caveat seems to be you must have a recent version of IRIX to run. not quite sure how recent..... after .15 (which doesn't seem to work) and before .21 (which does work). might
be wrong though... i had dynamic linking problems on .15.... it's a work in progress, we just
got the whole sheebang running today (in between actually doing our jobs, heh).

Thanks Cosmo!
hey Thomas, i get this on display :0.1

sgi126 10% realsoft3d
X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 78 (X_CreateColormap)
Value in failed request: 0x33
Serial number of failed request: 34
Current serial number in output stream: 34
sgi126 11%

works ok on :0.0
nvukovlj wrote: Skywriter,

Can you send the error message to mailto:[email protected] ?

None of the dev. machines used have dual-head display though, so I'm not sure how this could be reproduced...


Done Nik!
my :0.1 is SSI, and :0.0 is MXE. perhaps that's the difference.

oops the :0.1 is SE, not SSI.
can you add a 'fast' button? they're all too slow to use.

*posted from internet explorer*
foetz wrote:
skywriter wrote: can you add a 'fast' button? they're all too slow to use.

*posted from internet explorer*

what sgi do you have?
indy r4k?

o2 r10k-250. browsing and cdplayer skips. using sgi freeware build of firebird. is there anything that is faster? just the jabbering emoticons take 50% cpu, ugg.
hamei wrote:
skywriter wrote: [ using sgi freeware build of firebird. is there anything that is faster?

that''s an antique , sky ! jeeze.

ah yes, the bane of open source, you're never uptodate... where's it at, then?

hamei wrote:
get one of foetz' newer ones. I was particularly happy with an early v.8 on MIPS if the newest gives you some trouble.

btw, gtk2 is not so wonderful.

gtk2? err, i'm not ready to spend a day resolving those conflicts....
huh, in irix 5.3 there was support for two heads of texture with VGXT. ... ips.tar.gz

this is good. it even runs on 6.5.15. are the lib/iris-6.5.mips files fixed then?
it would be nice to know how the new features worked without having to dredge through the forum drek. any new feature documentation available?
ChiaHos wrote: BTW: how does our old friend 'sequence.blend' fare with that binary?

I doubt it's a problem anymore. I'm pretty certain the problem stemmed from a mismatch between development components, and 6.5.21's partial upgrade of those systems, and the state of the precompiled blender libs. I never had time to sort it out (or do anything else for that matter). I've upped to 6.5.23 (the EOL for indy/indigo2) and will be sorting out my 7.4 compile platform. all takes time.

the unfortunate side effect of having more than one machine is you have to maintain them all as well.
ChiaHos wrote:
workaround that would allow
compatibility: blender has a cvs module of pre-compiled
libs, so the solid stuff could be compiled with 7.4
and committed to that module, with the build system
altered to use that lib under irix rather than trying to compile
the library itself (this was the behavior of the build system
up until about a week ago, but the gameengine
maintainer wants to move away from this practice).


or to make the gameengine optional, since IMHO it's worthless aggravation.

oh, and also to make the version reported by blender only the offical version for the offical release. the practice of leaving the release at 2.33a (for instance) ever since it's been release (for months) is idiotic for bug tracking purposes (i found a bug! which version? 2.33a! which 2.33a? I donno i compiled it last week! oh download the latest and try again!). seriously put CVS versions into the header, and directory. it's only freeking software, the rest is people valuable time (for the non-linux crowd anyway).
i like the cabinet style...
hamei wrote:
squeen wrote:
skywriter wrote:
i like the cabinet style...

:D :lol:

me too (damn!)

the nice part about it is that when peopel start wanting to do case conversions for their peecees, it'll already be done !

bwahahahahahahaa *cough* hahaha.a.... *choke* hahahehehehe .... hehe.. phew... damn that was funny :) so much so, i will enable smiles in this post!
squeen wrote:
SGI still talks about a five year IRIX commitment.

is that like they just EOL'd the crimson, 4 years after y2k busted it? and support in the kernel was dropped in 6.5? now THATS commitment!
welp, byebye hi-impact at least for ALT-Z.

actually can't get ALT-Z to work right on MXE or V6. it's ok on VW320.
gandalf wrote:
I had no report that 2.36 works fine for me, Hos ! :-) I will work on it as soon as I can. I was busy with other things.
I begin also to suspect that hy system is hosed, although I don't have the problem with other applications. Maybe next year I'll do a clean install. It amazes me that "one user reported". Possible that it affects only me ? I got the computer with the OS preinstalled, maybe something really hidden is non-standard.

For now, good that IRIX continues to live in Blender and I ask every Irix/Blender user to help report, detect and possibly fix bugs too.

ALT-Z doesn't work on any my blender usable systems. and no i didn't use the bug tracker because it's too annoying since anonymous login was disabled (i always entered my email).

you get uber-toon shaded in 3D window instead of shaded view.
well one good thing about down reving to, i can use my o2 at 6.5.15f again. bad news is, it does work with ALT-Z either.
gandalf wrote:
hmm.. I must correct myself. WIth some scenes... I get weird results too. Some objets are shaded some may be uber-toon :) like one big flat color. If it is grey they get invisible :)

I verified though that the same scene on MacosX has the same result... So it is a generic blender problem, not a specific IRIX one. YOu might indeed take 5 minutes of your time and post a bug report.

the lostride2.blend from 'old' blender (surely everyone must have this!) displays the problem perfectly. and no, i don't have 5 minutes for that website. i dont' remember my password, and I have WAY too many of THOSE to remember.
ChiaHos wrote:
Game engine: Objects without texture faces now render in their assigned Material colors, and with lighted faces. This shows with ALT+Z textured view mode too.

Could this be the source of the issue? Certainly a screenshot
would be helpful.


yeah, thats what i thought i was seeing. at the time i was observing a difference in visual results between my windows machines, and my irix machines (all sgi, of course). now i'm not sure there is a difference. so little time to check. the irix ones didn't seem to be lighted correctly... it's certainly not a dropdead problem.
last time i compiled yafray was with 0.0.6 and gcc 3.3 on MIPS. yes the performance was pretty poor. yes the binay was huge. yes the experience was digusting. but it did work. sometimes that's all the counts anymore. too bad. I would have too say that this source (at the time) relied on too many GNU-ism's like libtool to make it worth using a different compiler.
weird.... but free!
now this thread is starting to make sense :)
miunk wrote:
Any way I can make ANSI art on my o2?

after 23 years i can't do with anything else :)
don't worry it'll be something completely different broken in the next release. upgrade!

alos bittorent is annoying. when you're done; please package up with something useful.
Most of my posts start as a looooong rants. However, i generally get though 1/2 of it, get disgusted, and replace the whole thing with a short one-liner as i realize i've probably gone way beyond anyones particular interest in reading the post (i know i rarely read anything over 3-4 lines...). usually it doesn't matter, sometimes it does (yes i've already deleted this post 3 times already... but must.... go... on..). therefore i wish to clarify previous statements.

skywriter wrote: don't worry it'll be something completely different broken in the next release. upgrade!

what i intended here was that my own frustration with open source projects where somethings were so broken on IRIX, that by the time I fixed i it someone had either already replaced it entirely (or deprecated it), or it was fixed by accident, or something else turned out to be even more broken that was more important. Point being the work that dexter has put into yafray should be applied to the CVS and maintained by (nobody should break it by virtue of being commited to the codebase) so we can continue to use a MIPSPRO binary without having to reowork it everytime a new release comes out.

skywriter wrote: alos bittorent is annoying. when you're done; please package up with something useful.

the point here was that regardless of the absolute value of bittorrent (which is not being argued, it's a neat concept no argument) it's a fact that it's use by entertainment trading users has relegated it to the 'bad/evil software' category by large business. my companies webfilter at work not only does not allow use of bittorent, i can't even visit the site to download it. which means yafray is inaccessible to me at work. when i'm at home i use IRIX and don't want to deal with downloading software (bittorrent) only because one other peice of software needs it - therefore, since i want to use yafray at home, and i use IRIX i want to yafray to be packaged in something that is directly usable by irix, zip or .Z is prefered.

ok, enough talk; on with the party!!!!
squeen wrote:
Paul Graham wrote: Historically, languages designed for other people to use have been bad: Cobol, PL/I, Pascal, Ada, C++. The good languages have been those that were designed for their own creators: C, Perl, Smalltalk, Lisp.

Sorry, didn't mean to rant. As you can guess, this has been on my mind a bit. Good gravy, I'm a dinosaur. :(

welcome to the club (wonder which list APL (my favorite) is on) :)

hardware examples:
Good: Verilog
nekonoko wrote:
skywriter wrote: i can't even visit the site to download it. which means yafray is inaccessible to me at work.

Actually the official YafRay site has direct downloads - it's only that seems to want to link to Bittorrent files instead.

Edit: Looks like removed the Bittorrent links and now just links to ...

sheesh! what a labyrith the web has become...
dexter1 wrote: And now i'd reeeeealy like a different project now 8) I've seen too many glassobjects with blue cubes....

hehe! how about smalltalk? or oberon!
profits will soar!!!!

yeah i known ton since blender 1.23. nothing condradicts him. like i said be real, we have to do this ourselves.
GeneratriX wrote: Same as you say above: the IRIX community HAS to show some active interest.

The title of this thread could be replaced by:

"Requesting Volunteers To Keep Blender Alive For IRIX"

the question is, what do you really want to get out of blender, and how much do you want to put into it? as the person that originally supported irix before chiahos; i spent all my time getting the stuff that i didn't care about running that developer kept dumping into the CVS database so blender would be 'the same' as the other versions - nearly all of it was a waste of time - like build systems that were never adopted, or character animation that wouldn't perform on more than one sgi platform anyway. now look at Ton's roadmap, not bad for a modern system - but we don't have that, and we have a lot of different types of systems that need to be compatible with. IMHO; if you want a real good 3d anim package that runs on IRIX, fork it now and build the performance in, and rip the junk out. for the remaining 'features' your think are important - you can always use a peecee. as for stepping up to be the 'next maintainer'; try to create the build system, and developers environment, and keep up with it for a couple of rev's; and make your own decision.

as for the 'pulling our own weight' crack - i don't think you'll get much pursuing that line of inquiry.

so if you want to keep your dignity, the choice is very simple; fork and do what we know is best for the platform.

i paid my $2,000 USD to be a Blender Foundation Gold Sponser. i got about what i expected; the priceless graditude of a long time good friend in Ton, and the freedom to be able to allow our community to make our own choice for our own good.
GeneratriX wrote: To be honest; the only thing of which I'm actually conceirned, is about the fact that the only guys talking about this are ChiaHos, you, and me. Nobody else seems to have interest... then I can't avoid to agree with ChiaHos about his concepts about the apathy and indifference of the average IRIX user.

well, that's because we were all more than just regular users. chiahos was right for a lot of reasons. long ago i told Ton he should dump all his platforms and do just windows. he'll get much more done that way, and fewer bugs. but he wouoldn't that ok it's his dream, i helped as much as i was able to, when i was able to (and please don't anyonhe trry to second guess what my intentions really were, you'lll never have any idea what really happened).

anyway, i think nekochan is the only really talented stable irix community and should take blender and so it is IRIX way. no multiplatform, rip all that right out. optimize is back to opengl1.1, 6.5.15+, mips2 and up (well aybe 3, someone elses call) add all the video hardware we have support, scale it from 1 to 128+ CPUs, all the reall SGI value add features. if you want to stay on the mainline, theres always blender foundation.

me; i have important stuff to deal with, family, job, and nice car :)

there's more than enough talent to SGI the heck out of blender on nekochan. you just have to be patient - it's just not a priority.
GeneratriX wrote:
skywriter wrote: - it's just not a priority.

...And it is not my priority at all, just a good wish.

Yeah, and i got my new honey-of-a-car-Volvo :) spend all my time building in horsepower, torque, valentine one radar detector, and 10 cd track changer :) *once a gearhead always a gearhead*

oooh! i hit a penquin the other day, but he washed right off, didn't even leave a scratch. hmmm vanity plates? TUXITUP ??

it's a 2001, and good share lot's of fun :)
ok, after about a year or more, who's going to setup up the independent CVS for the IRIX only blender fork?