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Diego wrote: I know what you talk about, man; I've seen a couple of .....

Diego, you realize you've probably just got nekochan net blacklisted by everyknown version of 'parental control' software out there. :wink:

<your name will be infamous amoung eight-year-old SGI owners world-wide - don't scoff, Octanes have recently become affordable to those financing purchases with money left by the tooth fairy>
Antnee wrote:

Hey, can we get some real UK/US Pool game? I prefer it to any kind of billiards.

The good old English pool is played with seven of your English red balls, seven yellow and a black.

uhhh - that might be pool over there, but ya'll will have to leave US out of it <solids 'n stripes 'round here> :wink:

Antnee wrote:
The first person to pot a colour will have to pot the rest of that colour. Potting (or touching) another ball, black or the opponents, before your own, is a foul. Once you've potted all your balls, you pot the black to win


<hmmm - the old 'two peoples separated by a common language' thing rears it's head> Next time yer over this way I know a coupla places we can get in on a friendly <cough> game o' buck-a-ball. Just keep a tight grip on the thin end of the cue stick - first time you mention potting yer balls we'll probably havta fight our way out. 8)
Dubhthach wrote:
I wonder how much they would ask for the source code of IRIX now that would be interesting. Or even for something like XSGI or 4dwm

I don't think sgi owns very much of the unix part of the source code - many of the pieces they do own they've already ported over to linux and/or opensource. As much as I truely appreciate siliconbunny's efforts to secure a "hobbyist' version of IRIX for 50 bucks, this is the main reason I don't think a hobbyist version will ever appear <i.e. what do they have to pay for each version they license, and/or will their license even allow it?>. They've clearly chosen linux as their future. In sgi's current financial position, maintaining both IRIX and linux is a drain on resources they have progressively less and less of to expend. At this point in the game, I'd suspect sgi believes doing anything to promote IRIX has the potential to worsen their situation <the other reason I think that hobbyist IRIX is a big time longshot>.

recondas <but hey, WTF do I know anyway?>
Diego wrote: For those asking for the fix for the latest release of SlimDesktop V0.05, there is a working (b) release already uploaded.
Enjoy it!
Cheers! ;)

Thanks Diego - I installed SlimDesktop V0.05 on one of my systems and had some minor issues - the "Background Settings" window would remain open no matter what I did - it was even visible on top of the login screen. Probably something simple, but I couldn't find it, so I un-installed SlimDesktop and restored the config files I backed up prior to installation.

So what'd I fubar? :roll:
Diego wrote:

please, let me know what kind of SGI system you are currently using. I've tested SlimDesktop on four different configurations of O2 boxes; ranging from R5K/180MHZ-64MB to RM7K/600MHZ-768MB, and each system was reportedly without any kind of problems; but I know that some kind of platforms without hardware texture memory could not handle with proper speed the XPM files that I've bundled with SlimDesktop.

Octane ->SI Graphics<- 225MHZ 512MB RAM. It currently serves as my test mule - when I set it up I cloned the HD <with the fresh OS install> if I screw up something I just rotate the drives and reclone the old one before I do anything else.

In fact I've considered this kind of issues, arranging four different kinds of resolutions for the background files, to not just enable lower res desktop to handle the backgrounds properly, but also to allow the machines without TRAM modules to handle littler images with a surrounded solid colour of your choose.

Hey - I think it looked good- and saved me a sh*tpile of work. I would have installed it on my O2 - but I didn't see any backgrounds to fit the resolution of the sgi 1600 FP <1600x1024>

The chances are, that your "Background Settings" panel is actually loading perfectly the XPM file, only that it takes definitively too much time to set up properly the background preview frame. That looks as a system hang-up, but in fact the system is trying to show properly the image, just that too slowly. If you wait enough, you'll be able to see the image. My O2 600MHZ changes between two high resolution background files on about 12 seconds.But in fact R5K/180MHZ takes a lot more.

That's certainly a possibility - but I tried nuking the process - it would continually respawn itself even if I logged out or even restarted the box - root or user accounts. As I mentioned it even appeared ontop of the login screen.

I've downloaded the tardist, just to test the integrity, a few days ago and was funtional without errors in O2(s) running IRIX 6.5.26/6.5.27; but as I've mentioned, I can't test it in others SGI platforms, so; please, write here a post including: 'hinv' and 'uname -aR'
It's running 6.5.22m - I mentioned most of the hardware above

I'll try to see if ther is some other kind of problem! ;)

I'm not a programmer - so bear with the suggestions from left field - but how about a configure script first time the program is run that lets you pick which bits to activate <with some hints to the {cough} clueless as to suggested minimum hardware?>
Thanks in advance by your feedback! ;)
I grabbed a copy of the samething from google a while back 'cause I've got a 2944 still in the factory shrink wrap <that I "might" use someday>. I haven't tried it yet - how about a post if you decide to try it and it works?
loonvf wrote: Allright,

So the 2944 seems to be a working HVD SCSI adapter for the O2

Thanks for the hard work and update :wink:

loonvf wrote: This evening I will try to build a disk stripe and do some speed tests.

I'll watch for it

loonvf wrote: Nice since I have a few Discreet 3x6x4GB HVD SCSI disk arrays
which I now can use with my O2, Octane and Onyx2/SE :)

Your post was good timing for me - I was at an auction last Friday and ended up with the winning bid on a lot of four Sun D1000 dual channel 12 disk arrays. Externally they connect via HVD - internally the HVD is converted to LVD/SE. I'll probably try the 2944 hack <thanks again>, but may pick up a HVD card or XIO board for the octane to get two HVD busses.
fu wrote: Ok boys + girls,

could a kind soul please shed some light on this:

i'll get an O2 next week and I have a LaCie ElectronBlue CRT, aside from my whole irix newbieness i have the following simple questions (since I couldn't get a straight answer from a monitor manufacturer :? ):

Does anyone works with a LaCie CRT (ElectronBlue) on a O2?

We had a couple of LaCie 22" ElectronBlue IV's at work <nice CRT BTW>, we primarily used 'em with mac's <moved on to LCD's now tho>. We've also got an O2 there. - But I never had a reason to cross pollinate 'em. :wink:

I managed to google up LaCie's web page on the EB IV - you can d/l the manual and a data sheet here:

According to Lacie's manual:

Code: Select all

Sync: Separate sync. TTL Level Horizontal sync. Positive/Negative Vertical sync. Positive/Negative Composite sync. (Negative) (TTL Level)

No mention of sync on green :cry:

Seems like a major omission for a monitor that cost as much as these originally did. As I recall the ElectronBlue IV was a rebadged Mitsubishi Diamondtron - Lacie seems to have squat on their site - I found this on the Mitsubishi <look identical BTW> ... /ps/430534

Code: Select all

sync type - Separate sync: TTL Level, Positive/Negative
Composite sync: TTL Level, Negative
Sync on Green: 0.3Cp-p

Yep - SOG - so maybe??

If you don't want any surprises - go with the bad news in LaCie's manual.
fu wrote: anyone has any good source for those SOG adapters i should buy?

Why not hold off on buyin' the adapter till you see if it does indeed do SOG.

I think <for whatever that's worth> it WILL do sog - before we bought the EB IV's someone at LaCie or our vendor told me the EB IV was a re-badged Mitsubishi Diamondtron, which is listed by Mitsubishi as sog capable.

<if it don't work then order you a SOG adapter>
I picked up a LaCie SCSI DVD-RAM drive with a Matshita (Panasonic) LF-D201 mechanism <the drive comes in a blue case that looks like it was meant to go w/ an o2 or 02k :wink: > . I ran up on this tread and found zahal had already done all the heavy lifting necessary to get the drive working under IRIX.

One minor <non-functional> addition. Some of the Panasonic LF-D2xx series require a DVD-RAM cartridge in order for the drive to function in write/re-write mode. Locally the cartridge disks are somewhat harder to come by and more expensive.

While searching for a firmware update, I discovered Panasonic has a downloadable utility that will allow LF-D2xx and LF-D3xx (4.7gig) drives to write to non-cartridge DVD-RAM disks. There's also a UDF format utility, a tool to set dvd region and test/copy DVD-RAM disks. The software is windows only, the XP version is here: ... ownxp.html

<zahal - where did you find you firmware update?>
hamei wrote: Ahh, so *you* bought that drive. Good going, we need more people to take risks with unknown equipment and report back :-)

I picked it locally - as noted above 'drag and drop' copying works flawlessly. IRIX (6.5.22) identifies it as a CD-ROM on the desktop and via hinv - tho it does load a dvd icon when I put a disk in and "get info" shows the correct disk size. The right click menu evens offers a 'format dvd' menu option, and warns "you can create only a UDF filesystem on a DVD-RAM". XCDRoast <a fairly old 0.98alpha revision> identifies it as a DVD-RAM but doesn't allow it to be selected as a writer.

So far I can tell you that a firewire LaCie external on a Fuel at 6.5.21 doesn't work :-(

I have a smal variety of external firewire devices - if I can find the 'correct' pci firewire card I'll test it in the o2k just to see what happens. <it's running 6.5.28>
zahal wrote: Actually, I *think* this was the page:

yup, that's the page.

Got it - and thank you on both counts
Hey CDG, I'll chime in with a me too. I've ridden to/thru Arizona a coupla times, you're very fortunate, it's a fantastic place to ride. Last time there we stopped at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and on the way out rode thru the painted desert. Spectacular ain't a stong enough word. Planning another pass thru Arizona during this summer's tour.
ajerimez wrote: Great trip, but if I had to get another bike I'd probably want something small and light like a little Rebel 250. Trust me, a 650lb bike is a BITCH to pick up once you've dropped it ;)

Nice photo ajerimez. If you like to tour, stick with with the big iron <more places to hang yer sleepin' bag :wink: >.

Here's a nice trick for liftin' a bike that weighs several times more than you do.
At one time you could email SGI's license lookup service, and it would respond with all the licenses valid for a system's ID, serial number, LMhostid, and host name. Must of been an automated thing, 'cause you had to give them cetain info in a specific format with each field separated by commas - if you skipped a field, you still had to include the commas in the right places.
mpickering wrote: I'm a late comer but now I have a list worth posting...


Nice list - keep up the good work :wink:
Nice work - any thoughts of a tardist?
By any chance do you have esp turned on? <look in chkconfig>

If you do try turning it off.
regan_russell wrote: Hi recondas,

Turning it off has fixed my problem (THANKYOU)

Yes I do (did), but sorry you lost me there... turning off event monitoring and logging...
how and why has that fixed things..? isnt no logging/monitoring dangereous..?

I'm running 6.5.27m btw.

WTF? I just turned esp back on in chkconfig rebooted and everything is mystereousily work fine again... even with logging on.



I've experienced the same issues you reported and also noted the configmon errors - troubleshooting configmon eventually lead to turning off ESP. Stopping ESP and leaving it off has been the only lasting solution for me <eventually the problem would come back if I re-enabled ESP>. BTW - to my knowledge turning off ESP doesn't stop configmon - just ESP.

I've seen a few posts mentioning SGI has released a patch - but I don't have access and so haven't tried or tested it patched.
regan_russell wrote: I'll go look for the patch.

Try patch 7111.

Code: Select all

IRIX Patch 7111: ESP eventmond core fix.    28-Sep-2006
Indyboy wrote: Hi!

Solid red light, blinking white light and automatic power off :shock: What the hell is that? :(

The Fuel owners manual has some basic info on the interpreting the status of LEDs. Hopefully it's the result of something simple, like over zealous handling during shipping jarring something loose?
4 years - 1572 users - 98793 posts. The SGI world would make a much smaller footprint without

<just in case I was being too subtle, a very big thank you should be read into those numbers >. :wink:
Spidy wrote: Ne1 had any luck getting an LCD to work with this beast?

I've used an SI, SE, MXI, and MXE <and a V10/V12> successfully with a Dell 1800FP <1280x1024x60> using a 13W3>HD15 adapter.
starfoxacefox wrote: other crazy video card as show me up nice Vpro 6 wont work I try everything once again. So it dead from what I know...

<cough> It ain't easy when you've got to guess at *both* the question and answer. :lol:

Long shot, but if the "other crazy video card" wasn't a VPro series, *and* IRIX was loaded when the "other" graphics adapter was installed, you'll probably need to install the VPro software bits before the V6 will work.
starfoxacefox wrote: which should have boot to a graphic prom

It shouldn't be an issue with an Octane2, but it is also possible you don't have a PROM revision new enough to support VPro graphics.

If you need to check you can connect via serial terminal and issue the command "version" at the PROM command line - while you're in there, you might consider executing a "resetenv".
A brief note to those who previously had a CadDuo installed for KB&M ports and upgraded to an IO6G , here's a pretty simple fix to *undo* the CadDuo mods:

Power the system down, remove the CadDuo and IO6, then install the IO6G;
Connect your KB&M to the IO6G;
Leave the monitor connected to whichever graphics board you have;
Connect a serial terminal to tty_1 on the IO6G;
Start the system and stop in the PROM;
Issue a ' resetenv ' to the PROM;
Reset ' AutoLoad=Yes <and anything else you can't live without>';
Boot the system, log in via the serial terminal or remote access;
Check the IO6G PROM revision is up to date with the ' flash ' command;
As root edit /var/X11/xdm/Xservers to remove -devdir /dev/input1 ;
As root issue /usr/gfx/stopgfx , then /usr/gfx/startgfx ;
You should now have a dispaly, keyboard and mouse <not to mention sound>.
kshuff wrote: Try it with a set of digital heard mine ;)

I can't quite hear them here :wink: - what kind do you have?
nekonoko wrote: A V10/V12 Octane would have no trouble connecting to a 24" Dell TFT.

I'm using a Dell 24" LCD with a V8 equipped Octane at 1920x1200 - so a V8 could go on that list as well.
SGIFanLongTime wrote:
Does anyone know if O2 has ever worked on a wide-screen res ? I'm looking for any resolution that might work with the O2.

Probably not what you meant, but I ran one at 1600x1024 for several years using an FPA & 1600SW.

SGIFanLongTime wrote:
Also looking for how the VFO was compiled that I tested previously.... Any details would be extremely helpful. thanks.

I think I may try to embark on compiling my own VFO file. Yikes!

SGI has a tool called the Video Format Compiler <a.k.a. VFC>. You can get a basic idea of how it works with man vfc . There's also a Video Format Compiler Programmer's Guide available on-line at SGI's TechPubs.

If you're not already familiar with how to boot into single user mode, you might want to include that in your reading list <and it's good stuff to know any how>, just in case you have any near misses while your compiling your video formats and need to reset your display properties from a command line.
I ride - my avatar photos are some taken on the road <headed to California next month>.

Tho I'll probably take the bagger :wink: .
dingofarmer wrote: Reconas, you drive all the way out to CA, wow, is that a new HD night train?
It's not new <it's a 2000 year model NT>, I've had it since '99.

I like to travel on a bike, was in your neck of the woods <Colorado, ain't it?> last summer - rode Independence Pass while passin' thru.
dingofarmer wrote: Yeah I live in Greeley/Fort Collins area, PM next time your in town.

Thanks, will do.

Vagabondo wrote: Anyone here have any experience with the Moto Guzzis?

Got to put in a little seat time on an Eldorado 850 - nice machine, but the ergonomics were a little too, uhhh, european for me <not that there's anything wrong with that - it's purely a case of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks :wink: >.
Vagabondo wrote: What exactly do you mean by "European" ergonomics?

Purely supposition on my part, but I'd guess early moto designers "saddled" a motorcycle so that they were positioned in a way that was similar to how they saddled <and rode> a horse. Compare the way a jockey or cowboy would mount and ride a horse. I <and I'm just speaking for me> am more comfortable with what I became accustomed to.
Out of curiosity I loaded flightgear on an eight-way Onyx2 with IR2E graphics.
I started it from the command line, the default rendering options seemed to be:
Specular reflections on objects;
<I added> Show frame rate.

With the plane on the ground it gave 26 - 27 fps.
I didn't take the time to learn the controls, so I couldn't manage to keep the plane airborne for very long, but during the spiral to the ground :roll: it displayed anywhere from 30 to 36 fps.
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Vagabondo wrote: I have been looking for the download of 1.4.1_06, but no luck yet...will keep trying. ;)

SGI has 1.4.1_06 available for download.
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Ran across an interesting, if not slightly dated <circa 2001>, comparison between an Onyx2 with IR graphics and nVidia GEforce2, Quadro2MXR, and TNT graphics boards . The tests were done at the Electronic Visualization Lab < EVL > of the University of Illinois at Chicago .

Browsing around that site lead to another point of interest , EVL invented the CAVE virtual reality theater in 1992 , a technology sometimes powered by SGI hardware. I'm not sure how much SGI hardware is still in use there, but I did find a student guide on the use of the editing suite with mention of using Orion/Sirius and VCP .

Any current/former students in the house who could offer any insights or comments?

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squeen wrote:
SGI just finished installing a CAVE for us this past month.

If it's permissible, I'd be interested to read what components are in a recent SGI Cave and how they're configured. While I'm asking, most of the photos you see of a cave are of the display(s) - it'd be nice to see some of the underlying hardware. There's a photos <and a brief slideshow> at EVL, but you really can't see very much detail.

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Ran across a few more cave links including some that might interest gamers. Paul Rajlich, a research programmer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications <NCSA> ported a virtual-reality version of Quake II to Cave powered by a twelve processor, four-pipe Onyx2.
Paul Rajlich wrote:
There's something to be said for seeing the monsters from Quake II life-size. A tank monster is a lot more intimidating when he is standing right in front of you, and your head is barely above his waist!

Here's an interview with Paul Rajlich on , and some additional info by Rajlich hosted on NCSA's site.

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fvador59 wrote: So each time my Octane boot and log in as root i have a new core file of 1GB
even if i delete it, at the next reboot a new one comes again.

Changing the configuration flag for savecore to off will help with the core file reappearing on each boot.
<as root: chkconfig savecore off - see "man savecore" for details>.

Why it dumps core each time is another issue. A search of comp.sys.sgi.* for "out of logical swap space during fork/sproc - see swap(1M)" might offer some insight. Here's a few related threads: ... fb1917b257 ... 29b090a4b9 ... bd4c88b108
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I added articles on 'Defining Non-Standard Tape Drives Under IRIX' and 'Using the Octane Compression w/ VPro Graphics' to the "How To" section of the wiki.

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