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Yep, you're right! Screw this! Why pay extra for printing?!?!? What's the logic behind this?
I used to have an ESP license years ago for using Deskjet-type color printers with Indigo2, it worked very well, but that was 8-9 years ago! When I saw that in 6.5.24m, I made sure to not install ESP!!!
irix2003 wrote: u can asked trail license for 30days and try ESP :p

Not even: it' s actually 21 days
o2ric wrote: Just look in the usual place. Very few updates this time, but at least is a sign of life, and it should improve in the next release.


Nice catch! Many of us had given up on looking in there anymore!!!
Yep... What's also unbelievable is the dependencies that aren't satified with a suposedly all encompassing set of CDs...

Don't know if it's just me, but gtk2+ & xft updates require version of fontconfig & xrender that are not the ones on the CDs. furthermore, gtk2+ also needs a different version of xft than the one on the CDs...

Updated fw builds with fixed dependencies, dayed 5/28 are now available at the sgi freeware site...

gtk2+, pango and xft...
If you had made CDs, then you'll have to make CD-2, CD-3 and CD-4 all over...
gtk2+ goes to CD-2, pango to CD-3 and xft to CD-4...
Maybe you all know this already, but let me share my excitement anyway!

I was getting tired of juggling with mice & keyboard as I was jumping from one machine to the other one, both being hooked up to the same monitor. Inevitably, I'll pick the wrong screen/kb+mouse combination and start typing, extremely frustrating... I started lurking on ebay for KVM switches, but decided to give Teleffect a shot first (free download at )...

Basically, Teleffect is a client/server (master/slave for Teleffect, must be from Alabama or Missisipi :? ) software acting like a KVM. An IRIX machine is the server, IRIX and/or Windows machines being slaves.

In my case, I have an Octane2 and a PC next to each other in a tight corner of my office. By simply dragging the cursor towards the far side of the screen, the cursor simply passes onto the next screen, allowing now to drive the PC with the sgi's mouse and keyboard. On the PC, going the opposite direction with the cursor brings me back on the sgi's screen... That is absolutelly cool! No need for a KVM switch!

It's not restricted to 2 machines and works on Win XP even though it says it's for NT4.0, so practically, the number of kb+mouse is at least divided by two, potentially more!!

I know it's been around for 5-6 years, but I never bothered to try it... Well, now it's permanently on!
mis wrote: I installed firefox 09 today and its running fine

if i run it as my normal user it starts with a window where i can create and rename and delete its profile, and the default profile is there.

if i run with the default profile it says that , that profile is already in use and it cannot.

however if i start it as SU it runs fine with the defauld profile and no requester.

how do i fix that ?


the profile is now created in .mozilla... Just rename your original .mozilla, created by mozilla, and start again, it'll work just fine...
mis wrote: if the profile is creaded in .mozilla

i should the rename my original .mozilla by the same name to what / where

i dont understand


Code: Select all

mv .mozilla .mozilla.OLD

the previous versions of phoenix/firefox were creating the profile data in either .phoenix or .firefox, depending on the version.

0.9 is now creating a firefox directory inside .mozilla, the directory created by the Mozilla web browser.

Apparently, firefox 0.9 has issues with creating the firefox directory in an existing .mozilla directory. So, to fix the issue, what I did is rename the .mozilla directoy and restarted firefox. A new .mozilla directory is then created, containing a firefox directory... Firefox is now happy about it and works just fine.

You can then copy all your .css customizations from the .firefox/.phoenix directory...

This wasn't the case with 0.9rc1 as it was still using the .firefox directory. Maybe foetz could shed some light as to why it is happening...
Orakel wrote: log in with FTP as root

I certainly hope hamei doesn't allow for root ftp!! It's one of the highly suggested security measures...
No other UNIX (or Linux) box to try rlogin? rsh?
Orakel wrote: Uhm. I, for one, don't care about IRIX security. I allow Telnet and FTP as root with no root passwd set. Big deal, the machine is NATed. That could be very well the case in hamei's situation as well. I certainly hope so, given it makes the situation much easier.

You are? Don't advertise it in public, you might attract some fucknuts trying to break in... Yes it is a big deal, NAT or not... Imagine a nice little java script running as root coming out of you browsing the web... Could do some damage...

hamei is in a business environment in which security is a concern (not that home users shouldn't be concerned) ... root password is most definitely set, password file shadowed, and most likely root ftp & al. disabled... When it comes to network security, it doesn't hurt to be paranoid...
Orakel wrote:
unixmuseum wrote: You are?

Not arrogant.

Oh yes you are! One of the worst kinds actually! Look how strongly you react to the simplest disagreement...

BTW, the question wasn't "what are you?". To mark surprise after an affirmation, it is usually common practice to repeat the affirmation in an interrogative manner...

I think you covered your use of the word arrogant pretty well... For next week, your homework assignment is to insult people with a word starting with the letter B...

Orakel wrote: Advertise to whom? Break in to what? I stated the security consequences. He/she (assuming male gender for the rest of the post) is able to think for himself wether the solution is worth it or not.

You just did... This was a joke... Such an angry kid... You stated nothing and braged that you had no need for a root password and everything open because NAT was protecting you.

Orakel wrote: Not really possible here given my browser doesn't run as root nor runs on IRIX. You're welcome to try it though. What website would you wish me to travel to (please no flash/shockwave/activex/java, it won't work)?

You crack me up! You can't possibly be that naive! Oh sorry, my arrogant side coming out again... BTW, do you even have an arrogant sgi running that arrogant IRIX OS? Just arrogant curiousity...

Orakel wrote: He stated he has FTP enabled. It could be (according to you "most likely not") that FTP using the root account is possible. Wether it is passworded doesn't matter in that case since he knows his password. Shadowed passwd file is also completely irrelevant. IF it he is able to get Telnet working via this way he's also able to enable SSH and change his password although he'll have to reboot to get Telnet working which might be unpleasant, you're right on that. So why not state the possible solution to the problem?

Try to understand what I'm saying... Read the post over and over before spewing. Maybe in your world it's OK to have open root password and such (although I'm wondering what world that would be); in a business it is never the case. Disabling root ftp is part of the standard procedure to secure a UNIX workstation, just like shadow password file is.

As hamei is running in a business environment, it is very likely that the admin or himself has spent more time making sure his workstations are secured than decorating them with LEDs...

As for solutions to the problem, I believe I talked about rlogin, which would be a possible solution... Wasn't as earth shattering as "try to overwrite a file by ftp", but that's all my arrogant self could come up with...

So, let me propose another one: "why not sacrificing a black goat over the machine, it should fix it". If anybody disagrees with me, I'll call them arrogant. Sounds familiar?

Orakel wrote: Really? He firmly agrees, that's why he's using Telnet and FTP, not SSH! Why haven't i read any of your preachings on hamei's usage of Telnet/FTP? Finally i also hope you're not using too much fw_* packages, for the sake of your brilliant (network) security paranoia....

All hail to Mr Orakel, IT Security Technical Giant. Read again what you wrote: "no root password, I don't care about IRIX security"...

There is no brilliance in my somewhat secured network, I never claimed anything like that... Just common sense, a dose of reality and great information from many arrogant people who happen to know a lot more than I do. You should try it, it's quite nice to learn something (step #1 for Mr Orakel: quit thinking you're so smart ands so original).

An arrogant link for your reading pleasure:
dexter1 wrote: Unixmuseum, that is quite enough. No personal attacks please.

If someone's idea of system seciurity is sitting behind a NAT and letting every bsd protocol open, that is their choice. My Crimson at home is also behind a NAT, but i teach myself to compile the latest openSSL/H and login only via that. Not only it's good practice to do so, but you also get to know the Crimson quirks of compiling that code, and in general it increases the work needed for an occasional hacker who succeeds in breaking into my Firewall.

dex, you baffle me on this one... Did you read the posts or just the last one? I guess it is OK to allow little obnoxious kids to insult other people, but responding to them is a personal attack? I do not understand how you can come to the conclusion "I have to stop unixmuseum" and at the same time encourage Orakel's moronic blurb and aggressivity...
Stopping this useless conversation is fine by me...,
0ctane wrote: Apple does it again with a stunningly large new LCD display. 2560 x 1600 pixels. And they got rid of the Apple Display Connector. Digital DVI all the way. Woohoo! :D Of course, the video card required will not be available until August.

Darn! Must be nice! The 24" Sun LCD is pretty groovy already, so I bet this one would be quite spectacular!
Darn! Nice job!
Very comprehensive set of explanation!
Sounds like a pretty cool 3x17" LCD type of situation could happen very soon on my desk...
nvukovlj wrote: Could anyone who has an Octane/Octane2 with VPro gfx card and either IRIX 6.5.17 or 6.5.22 and above, and has a few minutes, please download and try the latest Realsoft3D (link to the download is a few messages above) ?

Octane2 V10, 6.5.24... Dodwnloaded and installed, had to put /usr/local/realsoft3d/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH to get the "rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname ''" taken care of

nvukovlj wrote: When you start the program, does the main view window look normal, or is it in multiple colours ?

Multiple colors...
nvukovlj wrote: Likewise, the leftmost window should be white colour - is it white on your machine ?

Pure yellow...

nvukovlj wrote: What happens on switching to OpenGL - button on the right side that looks like a grey boulder

The graphics window shows up as it should be, no more patchwork...
Playing with my new V10, I came across a few new things in xsetmon (coming from MGRAS SSE):

1- a shitload of new resolutions, that's cool! An interesting one is 1280_1024_safe, what's this for? safe as in secure or stable? I don't recall seeing that on SSE, but maybe I just didn't pay attention...

2- a new, slightly puzzling "Valid Configurations" menu
This one got me puzzled because for a certain number of resolutions, it offer 2 options. For instance, 1280x1024_60_no_tiles.cmb and 1280x1024_60_4_tiles.cmb. What the heck is this? I'm guessing it's the OGL Multipipe thing, hence the 4 tiles... Am I way off on that one?

3- a new frame buffer depth control, I guess it's related to #2
schleusel wrote: Those are display combinations for using several odyssey pipes with an external compositor (InfinitePerformance(TM) ;-) )if i'm not totally mistaking.. see sgcombine(1) for example

OK, so that's pretty much the opposite of what I thought... It's combining multiple VPro instead...
schleusel wrote: this is used to switch between 8bytes/pixel and 16bytes/pixel framebuffer depth, see and friends :-)

That's directly related to the normal display? what an odd location in the UI for this choice...
Dr. Dave wrote: Any thoughts on performance? I'd consider if it provides a huge benefit over MXI, but since MXI does texturing (plus I also have a spare MXI) and offers decent 3D speed, good 2D speed, and leaves open the possibility of PVO, I'd have to be convinced.


I can share my experience so far, comparing a V10 to SSE and SI+TRAM.
My applications are 3D CAD/CAE, i.e. heavy openGL requirements, with optional texture/environment/clearcoat mapping (sometimes a lot of it!). V10 does great in standard graphics, and does wonderful in textures. I uploaded two textured object pics, class-A type of surface (very heavy surface definition, hard on graphics cards). I get real time dynamic viewing on the V10, [email protected]

I'm pretty sure the V6 would do pretty much the same, minus the resolution limitations... This is a departure from SSE or SI+TRAM for sure... Interestingly enough, V10 does as well on untextured and much better (that the big surprise!) on textured than a 128MB nvidia Quadro 1000...
colin wrote: Whoa, very cool! What app is that in your screenshots? Sure looks snazzy!

Imageware... It's a commercial application for class-A surfacing and reverse engineering, somewhat like Alias|Studio... The V10 is loving it!
Omega_Trion wrote: Ok all this is confusing me. I have a SONY SDM-S94 with dvi-d and Hd-15 so how well will this work with V6? I was thinking of switching, but it seems like a hassle.

Might be a hassle (read "disapointmnent"). Take a look at and see if there is a matching resolution for your LCD (making sure you read the footnotes)
I bought on ebay a 17" monitor for a mere $22. As the seller was in the LA area, we arranged for local pickup. What I discovered is an sgi spare parts & complete system treasure cove right in the heart of Inglewood, CA (for the non-LA residents, depending on the time of the day, a SWAT escort might be required)!

Whatever you need sgi-wise, the owner of this business (nadiaabu on ebay) has it, and not only one, but a pile of it! Not just Octane/Indy/Indigo2 (100's of them BTW), but also big irons, RAID arrays, monitors, ... It's like a flea market exclusively dedicated to sgi hardware.

The guy is a very reasonable, personable person. The kind I wish I met more often, especially in LA! For instance, the thing that struck me: I was told if my $22 monitor didn't work well, I could bring it back and get another one... Now, how many times do you hear that? Also, the price tags are aligned with ebay, so for the LA residents, it's ebay with try & buy! For outsiders (yeah, you now, like these people, like who don't leave in LA), he happily ships too! I spotted a groovy 24" sgi monitor who needs a new owner...

As far as I'm concerned, unless I find a V12 for $50 Buy It Now, I am done lurking on ebay and will ask this person first for sgi merchandise.

In short, for those who haven't guessed yet: very highly recommended!

PS: this is personal experience, I have no ties whatsoever with this very nice person and do not get any sort of kickback for that obvious plug... It's just for the benefit of the sgi officionados (the ones tired of buying so-called refurbished stuff from sgi resellers who bought them on ebay for half price the week before)...
wolflord wrote: Well, if you ever happen to drop by there again, don't suppose you could see if he's got any old 4D stuff....namely just a partial or complete(HA!) G or GT board set. Really at this point I think I'd rather have a G, so I can swap boards out to determine the board that causes the pinstripe of death and maybe figure out whats causing it. I've got to take some pictures of it sometime because it's not as clear cut a problem as you'd think.

I did see a lot of old iron stuff (boards, skins, ...) although I really didn't detail out everything (and I saw only half of what he had).
OK guys, after further reflection and responding to dozens of pm, I guess it's not too much of an invasion of privacy to communicate the info of someone who wants to sell stuff... So, here is the contact information:

Chacker Dakhil
mailto:[email protected]
Dell 1703FP works great on Octane SSE, SE, SI, V10 with appropriate cable, and O2 with regular PC cable...

it will do 1280x1024 max, at 60Hz or 75Hz, has 2 input, one analog one digital and has a USB hub and 2 USB ports. It also pivots 90 degrees (should try it on the Octane one of these days to see what happens, see if 4Dwm likes 1024x1280).
Looking at the SYSLOG, I got:
Scanning firewire bus /hw/node/xtalk/13/pci/1/ohci/0 (1 node)

So firewire communication happens (and apparently well as my camcorder is indeed a DCR-TRV230), but where do I go from there?
vegac wrote: Does Media Recorder (mediarecorder) pick it up as a video input source?
Probably not, but hey, I can dream right?

That would be nice, but no...
5086 applies to swmgr installations, i.e. installations you're performing while the machine is up and running, logged as a user with privileges to install software... It doesn't apply to installations done by directly booting off the CDs, so you're OK...
I got the same SIIG card jwhat has: SIIG NN-400P12, TSB43AB23 (Ti single chip).
I plug this thing into my Octane and hinv reports:
IEEE 1394 High performance serial bus controller 0: Type: OHCI, Version 0x104C-1 0 instead of DM10 like jwhat reported...

I was running 6.5.24, and now 6.5.25 and still don't see DM10...

I tried fwprobe and it's coming back with: fwError: unable to access firewire driver

Am I missing something? DM10 1.01 is installed...

I'm going to try on an O2 to see if anything happens, but in the mean time, does anybody have any suggestion?
Diego wrote: Hello UnixMuseum! ;) ,

I'm a lot happy!, today I've founded (Thanks to GOD!) an Adaptec AFW 4300 PCI FireConnect card, and the, once installed phyisically IRIX shows up as a DMediaPro DM10... :); I must say that I've not installed even the DM10 SGI drivers; and I'm just about download this ones now!

Tomorrow I'll test it with a Panasonic MD9000 (same as AG DVC-7 (NTSC), but PAL-B); I know that it is not the best MiniDV cam to find for a test, since the Panasonic non-standard firewire implementations, but it is the only firewire device handy here... :roll:

Of course; as soon as check at full if it works, I'll start the libfw C++ wrapper, to add firewire support to VideotrackerRT!!! :D /

Well, I did what you did dude, I got myself an Adaptec 4300, and IRIX is happily showing a DM10 now :razz:
Mine is a 4300CS, and was only $35, but the end result is the same...
Thanks a bunch for the tip! I guess I can put my $4 SIIG into a PC to see whart happens...
Diego wrote: ...So quickly??? :D

Hey; you're a lot speedy!!! :lol:

Yep... BestBuy is 10 minutes away... I knew what I wanted (thanks to you), and avoided prowling in the store (well almost, Knights of the Old Republic was $19)...

Now, you know what's even cooler: I have a Sony firewire CD burner and guess what: IRIX mounts it, IRIX likes it and xcdroast likes it too!
Diego wrote: ...Now; I'm close to buy the LG 4081-B DVD-RAM (next week, I think!); and I hope this one can work along with a FireWire-To-IDE Cabinet, as an external DVD-RAM unit on IRIX!

... basically, same stuff as "Edefault", but via firewire, and avoiding the SCSI-To-IDE Yamaha bridge... :roll:
Wish me luck! ;)

Now here's an idea... DVD-RAM, hmmm... I guess I could take the CD burner off the Sony enclosure (I've done it before, right now the firewire enclosure holds an old HP 8100) and put on of them IDE DVD burners... Not a bad idea... Off to ebay! :lol:
Cory5412 wrote: All I can really offer up is the old projector, but if you want that, I might trade it. (*Though, I highly doubt that a projector which does 16 shades of gray at 640 by 480 is worth an octane or G4 to you... May as well put it out there anyway.)
Well, I bet if you sweeten the deal by adding a pair of old socks to your trade proposition, you'll get the whole thing! :lol:
choza wrote: hi fellows....

well looking for a matlab option in SGI and came with this...but
where is it ???

seems like a broken link
thanks in advance

broken link allright: ... s4.tardist
zafunk wrote: I'd like to know what the tag line says. I made a half hearted attempt to translate it a while back, but got nowhere. So I gave up! :D

"I think dirty thoughts are very bad"?
nekonoko wrote: And I just realized I can't even remember what I used to open that Gmail account. Crap :(

got one for you if you'd like...
zizban wrote: Anyone got one that will work in an Indigo2? All I can find on ebay are 280 meg ones. With a sled would be nice but it is not manditory :D

ebay should be your friend... I don't know, an ebay store like this one: :lol:
zizban wrote: hey, would that Viking HD you have work in an Indigo2?
About that! What an unbelievable coincidence :lol:
BTW, the HP drives would do too...
radrob wrote: regarding irix
install it it's not so trick
yes... pal
all must be do in their correct way
but the hardest part of the work it's

partition the drive with fx
and start the inst procedure

after that steps
you must only wait
and you'll easy get a configured system

I agree. My first 6.5 install took several hours, only because of a caddy 1X CD-ROM drive. It was done just based on the "Installing IRIX" booklet (a simple case of RTFM, really). This was on an already fx'd drive though.

On a new drive, you're right, this is a little harder but Ian's doc (or sgi techpubs, but Ian's is very concise and easier to follow) is there to assist.

Once you've done it a dozen time, it becomes second nature... Well, almost :lol:
On my list to Santa Claus, there is:
    - Open Office 1.1.3
    - evolution 2.0 with exchange connector
    - mplayer UI
    - gnucash
    - n|vu