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nah, port it to Mac OS X/Darwin so I feel more at home here 8)
/me drools. Can only afford $300 :(
Looks like r13 is it. I would see if they will sell you a copy before it goes away.

No, the Linux version wont work on Irix.
foetz wrote: seems like they phased out many traditional unices... :cry:

With the rise of Linux and Mac OS X, they seem to be. Adobe managed (again) to insult the Mac community by dropping Framemaker for the Mac but keeping the Solaris version.
I like the Gimp; I hate Gimp 2.0--its over wrought and kludgy. The only thing Adobe I like is Framemaker--maybe they'll make a OS X version but I ain't holding my breath.

And Quark? is there is a better example of complete and utter disrespect for your user base?
My Indigo2 is hands down the best SGI machine I'd ever used (Thank you GamerKarl!). I hope SGI doesn't drop the MIPS machines. Irix rocks.
Anyone got one that will work in an Indigo2? All I can find on ebay are 280 meg ones. With a sled would be nice but it is not manditory :D
Ah, I always wondered about that. Cool.

zizban comes from a character I created when I played DnD, as a Fizban (of Dragonlance fame) knockoff. I don't play anymore though zizban remains my board and IRC name of choice. :D
Pic is a year old, from when I worked at Linens n Things, I'm a school teacher now.
hey, would that Viking HD you have work in an Indigo2?
Irix is the hardest install I did. Its crytpic, non intuitive and so easily messed up. I found this doc which helped me enormously:

The only gotch for me was spending nearly two hours figuring out my cdrom wasn't bootable.
Thats Iconbar which can be found in the downloads section of the website.

Fire up software manager and point it to to see all the goodies you can download.

There is also Nekoware, which is more up to date but you need to have least 6.5.21m to run (I think).
So this beast will run Linux, I assume? Maybe cheap Fuels will appear on ebay now. :D
Diego wrote: As soon as they get done a tardist compatable "Software Manager" / "Software Packager" duetto for LINUX, and good drivers for the ATI graphic boardset, I don't mind if one of thoses "Dorado" Workstations lives in my desktop...

Linux has lot of software repositories, some of them much smarter than tardist so I don't expect SGI to do anything about that.
I dont know. I love apt-get and dpkg. Awesome.
Unless SGI offers something super compelling, some awesome reasons to buy one, I wont. I just don't see the benefit (yet).
SpaceTaxi wrote:
R-ten-K wrote:
And lastly, why Gnome? Why don;t they just port 4DWM, and with the Irix library translator it would be a nice transition system for current Irix users. But maybe that would just make sense, and SGI can not have that.

This guy has been working on a Linux clone of 4dwm, I wonder if SGI will pick this up?

I doubt it. His development pace is slooooooow. His binaries are for Red hat 7.3 (!). He doesn't respond to email and who knows when the next beta will be out.
A pain ain't the half of it. I takes nearly a day for on mac OS X and it has to have its hand held the whole time.
I like OO.o but I use FrameMaker on Irix. Curse Adobe for not makign a Mac OS X version!
I dunno; I do everything in Framemaker; books, letters, reports. But OO.0 2.0 would be schweet.
I have to yawn. What sgi is doing is just cruel. Kill it or don't.
Ever try just plugging in a usb flash drive into a solaris box? it doesn't just work. You do have to sacrifice some small furry animals to get it to work.
Maybe it's the fact that I am using a usb pci card on my Ultra 10 that I installed. I'll try again on my Blade 100 when it arrives before I bitch :D
Wow, that computer is drool worthy.
This is excellent. Let me make this a sticky.

Edit: I can't. neko?
In case you haven't heard, Nekochan now has a wiki:

We're trying to collect all the knowledge, how-tos and hacks collected on the forums over the years in one place to make it easy for anyone to find. Feel free to dive in and add to it.

Right now only a handful of us are working on it in our spare time. We need your help!
Wow, four years!
Pretty standard. Solaris uses grub so it sound't be hard to set up.
Heck port Irix to x86.
It's real. Eric is working very hard on it. End of discussion.

MaXX Desktop
#maxx on Freenode
Please discuss any issues, questions and comments in this thread regarding Maxx Desktop.

Let me add the sign up info:
Hi Everyone,

It is a great day today (except the winter storm killing my back) for MaXX Interactive. We are officially starting the Developer Release Series with a new web site that will allow us to better document, communicate and share files related to the DR series. We have created a Google Group called MaXX Interactive Desktop Release Series that off loads the main web site and better suited for the task. He is the URL.

We invite you to visit the MaXX Interactive Desktop Release Series Google Group to browse information and discuss various topics.

Here are the steps required to join the MaXX Interactive Desktop Developer Release and to have access to the download files.

1- You have to send us you system configuration (uname -a and the model of your graphic display and its driver version) to the following email; [email protected]
2- Then, we will send you an invite to the MaXX Desktop DR Google Group
3- After completing your registration, you are becoming a member of the group and have access to pretty much everything for downloading, compiling, running MaXX, providing feedbacks and participating in various forums.

We hope this new process will enhance communication and allow everyone to add a little something to the success of MaXX Desktop.

Eric Masson
I'm waiting for my invite :mrgreen: ;)
My best card is actually an ATI as well.
By the way, the invites are out and about.
DR-1 should be out today. Eric had some personal issues and thus it was delayed. I'll post a screenshot as soon as I get it installed. :mrgreen:
A screenshot of DR-1. No desktop icons yet, toolchest and some other minor things but very usable. This is running on top of Debian Etch. Kudos to Eric for all his hard work.
GLterminal does rock...too bad it doesn't work real well on intel.
let's move this.