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so... first one ! :D


next one? :lol:
We are here on Earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I don't know.
Pic is a year old, from when I worked at Linens n Things, I'm a school teacher now.
Picture taken from last Nerdcamp july '04. I chose a photo of me with a "Shirow" shirt to give you definite evidence that it's me :)
Here we go, this is when I was in Poland this year.

The Bandito wrote: In a few years, no doubt, you'll be able to buy a computer,
software and operating system that will match the capabilities
of your current Amiga at about the price you paid for the
Amiga way back when. But you can smile to yourself, knowing
that you were touching the future years before the rest of
the world. And that other computers and operating systems
will do with brute force what the Amiga did years before with
grace, elegance and style.

Eroteme.ch - my end of the internet...
Sorry, no photo with an SGI, but an horse:

IS this the forum police :lol: :lol:

Sorry, really no photo which is somewhat actual.

Life is what happens while we are making other plans
It is the Neko S.W.A.T.

In case an SGI is in trouble, the Neko S.W.A.T. will come and rescue them.
I hope... :wink:
yeah :lol: :lol: :lol:


i wanna join!
This picture is a couple of years old but here it is:


That was the last picture I had taken.
The Texas State Home for Orphaned and Wayward Computers - http://www.blackcube.org

It's Me!!! :lol:

...Yup!; but just add some kilograms from the date of this picture. Programming and fast food is not a good combo...

Cheers! ;)
try this one...


mind you I haven't played for a couple of years or so, due to not having time and trying to make ends meet... oh the gravy days of the tech boom :(

while looking for this pic, here's a couple of others I found of a light-modded O2 I have here:


Well… Since I dont want to stand behind… :-)
That's me pretty recently taken by me… :-)
Apple Macbook Pro C2D 2.33 2GB RAM
SGI Octane2 r12k 400 1.5 GB
and some other stuff… that won't count…
In the interests of journalistic, er, something, here's a pic of my research.


JasonSGI.jpg (54.87 KiB) Viewed 2297 times
Sorry it's so big, but the VPNs down, so I can't get to it properly to shrink it

Image [/img]
lisp wrote: Sorry it's so big, but the VPNs down, so I can't get to it properly to shrink it

Image [/img]

that's some seriously psychadelic chest/shoulders & hair combo you got there.
next-time give advanced warning so i can find the sunglasses :D
sybrfreq wrote:
dc_v01 wrote:
sybrfreq wrote:
even just a few mV can be lethal in the right spot.

That's an awfully small spot (inside the body). Say a few mA instead so you can drastically widen your target area. You're far more likely to hurt yourself with a low voltage source if it has high current capability (i.e. car battery) by the side effects - the heat and molten metal spraying over you from shorted contacts, etc.

that's like saying you can drown in just an ounce of water, but you're far more likely to spill it and then slip, fall, and crack your head.

To some extent that's true, but the first situation is far more likely to happen. Car batteries are dangerous - there's a reason rescue crews cut the supply. It's quite easy to cause a small explosion by dropping a tool across the terminals. Other high current low voltage supplies are similarly dangerous. Try playing with an arc welder. (No, don't do that if you don't know what you're doing!)

sybrfreq wrote:
deBug wrote:
Depending on who you listen to it seems like 15 to 30mA through the heart can be lethal.
As the body resistance is a few kilo ohms you need well above 12V to create that current.

Am I correct in thinking that the resistance of dry skin is a few kohms, and inside the body (particularily the heart & brain) could be much lower?

Yes. Anytime you have chemistry with ions - like salts in the water of your body - you have lower resistances. That's why I agreed with your statement about a few mV being potentially life threatening - if you rip open your body, get the electrodes right on your heart or brain, and hit the right spot. The electrodes will need to be close together. I think it's an open question if your more likely to die from the mV potential, or the insertion of the electrodes into the center of a vital organ. Your body exists in a sea of charge - anywhere clothes are touching your body, you routinely generate hundreds of mV potential through rubbing. kV levels are easily possible, if you try. You really don't need to worry about low voltage potentials - please remove that 9V battery from your tongue, though.

That's why it's more useful to talk about current - you can assume the required potential and sufficient charge is there, whatever kV levels are necessary. As deBug pointed out, small currents are potentially lethal, as they can cause heart arrhythmias - irregular hearbeats that your body can't recover from. Ironically, higher currents are actually safer - your heart stops completely and can then recover normally. That's what they do when they apply a defibrillator and zap you. The higher currents are safer up to the point that they really start to fry you.......

sybrfreq wrote:
this thread should be split...

Sure. But I'm not sure what else there is to say....
iKitsune is a but tipsy at the moment but I asked him if I should post a photo he sent me of him in front of his rack.

Here's a martini to his Origin 3200.

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iKitsune wrote:
Bite my shiny metal ass.

Told you he had a few too many martinis. :P

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