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in first place: Congratullations!, you are making a really great job, along with Vegac!!!

I have installed IconBar on my recently configured dual-desktop O2 (by mean of Teleffect), and it runs really stable, and improves seriously my productivity!

Thanks, that´s a great piece of software for 4DWM!!!

... May be later the IconBar Development Team can add a little of support features for Teleffect!!! :twisted:
Could be even more funny! :P
Oh, you have done a great job!

...I don´t know if the tweaking that i can suggest may be very popular :lol: , i don´t know even how many peoples uses on a dayly basis Teleffect... but, just to say:

1) An IconBar on each system desktop (the main desktop of each irix-box, i guess... i don´t mean that you must add multi-desk support), showing up all the active applications (either iconified apps, or fully openeds) on the complete totallity of desks (the sum of the active apps of all the systems, viewed at the same time on all the desktops), but with undercolored indication of the desktop that own each app... i´m not sure if i´m being really clear, since my even poor english... :P really sorry!

2) A numerical pop-up showing the desktop owner of the app, when i pass the mouse pointer over the icon. I mean, may be when it grows, could over-print on the icon a translucent number, showing the desktop owner of the app. May be Crystal-3D translucent numbers, with a look and feel MacOS X... Nekonoko could be more happy even!!!, hehehe!!! :o

3) Of course; the possibility of really launch the icons on another desktop from the current (maybe using Messagge-Parsing between each copy of IconBar?)

4) And another one that not necessariously is strict to Teleffect, but i can love even: vertical pop-uped groups of similar kind of icon-apps!!!

I mean, when you use, just to say, a dozen of same-time Nedit opened instances... you could be show only an icon with the number of instances, so, if one let the pointer a few seconds, IconBar can show up to you the complete vertical list of instances; and you only need point and click the choice (i hate say this, but... just take a look to the WinXP task bar)

5) Another one of the kind of (4): The possibility of just move icon bar to other margins of the display. Not very useful at first look; but if you uses Teleffect, and need the major integration between desktops, could be nice take a little control at this point.

Well; only rest to say: Thanks by your wonderfull job!, And my suggest are only an observation of what I could like to see on it!!!, Maybe you can open a Poll, and get a wide range of suggest, and get a more complete idea!
Greetings from Rosario/Santa Fe/Argentina!
well, i know, i know!, maybe the requests (1)/(2)/(3) does not seems a very popular thing.

But a think that are related to my particular job!, i mean: i´m always working with multiple sessions of cvmake, nedit, etc...

i´m always the desire to get an even better integration through my desktops (just like a PC running Windows2K/XP with multi display, with a few PCI video cards: we can have four displays, maybe, but ALL are sharing the same TaskBar/StartMenu, since we have only one CPU/WindowsInstall)...

...and pass from A display to B display takes a little time, but we can´t execute things that are placed on the B display from the A display... i´m being clear???

Maybe on a first look it can seems a unusuable thing, but on my production environment, i´m sure that sometimes i need just see IconBar, to make me sure if a c++ module was opened on my other CPU/Display (Teleffect uses many CPU´s/Displays, and ONLY ONE set of kbrd/mouse, so, you can take the control on every CPU/Display just placing the pointer on the station of your choice. It can´t execute apps on A Workstation from the B Workstation, you only share the same keyboard/mouse set between different CPU/Display sets)

But, i say: really, man, you don´t necessariously put tomorrow your hands on this mods!!!, these are just only suggestions!!!, don´t worry about it!

I think even that can be most widely supported by the people, the "pop-uped categories" to make groups of different instances of the same app!!! :wink:

Thanks by your attention, and no doubts abou it: IconBar is a really great app!!! :wink:
Nekochan´s folks is never enough tired to let a compilation session for tomorrow, hhhhuuuuuu???

Really Cool!!!, this bunch is really so much crazy like me!!!

Just let MIPSPRO two seconds!!!, heheheheheh!!!! :lol:

I really appreciate your dedication, guys!!! Nekonoko´s friends are the best!!!

Happy New Year For All !!! :P /
psergiu wrote: Get your Blender 2.33 from:
... and Yafray render engine:


The Game Engine is back !!!

Very cool!

Very good with IRIX >6.5.20...
but don't get resolved a few symbols under IRIX 6.5.17...
...May be we'll be knowing about Linux-MIPS driver-coding advances, after all!
Many times better than a PlayStation2 tuxed box, if you need Linux and even think on MIPS, I think! ;)
sum][one wrote: thanks foetz,

but sadly this aint fixed the problem .. every system links seams correct.. but i still have the same error :(

FIXED... i reinstalled the 'lp' stuffs from IRIX.. and removed the ESP that was isntalled with .24 (that's incompatible with 'lp') .. thanks

Ok; I think that a little thing could be of help for you:

CUPS is a context sensitive service: you must have correctly done the settings on permissions of the CUPS files, the account accessing the service, and the printer enabled.

If you change only one permission on the chain, to keep out of combat a single file, you can louse the access.

Salutti per la mia Italia, ma' baccio per tutti bambina da questa terra! ;)

Intel-OUTSIDE wrote: this is good even if cosmos hates it, it means we can get some documentation on the hardware at last.

for example, who read this thread and got the evil idea of building a quad-cpu module or a sub-pcb to link a couple of twin modules together?
i did!

...mmmhhhh... that's sounding like a clear call for a mission from the "Chicago-Joe" agent! ;)

Yes, the project is a cool thing, besides the Cosmos hating; more interesting even if anyone could add a work about the O2 platform too... :)
Dubhthach wrote:
Diego wrote: Yes, the project is a cool thing, besides the Cosmos hating; more interesting even if anyone could add a work about the O2 platform too... :)

Linux boots on R5K O2's from what i remember, there's supposedly some issue with R10K's one though. I just had a look at the netbsd page and they say they support both R5k and R10k O2's

Oh yeah. I see. I was in this page a few times. But I'm meaning "Full Support" (i.e.: framebuffer, ethernet, ICE module, MVP...)

...well, ok!, if a good only-framebuffer support is there I'll take it! ;)

I cand put one O2 only to testing purposes....

Kumba wrote:
Semi-supported (i.e., experimental ...)[list][*]GBE Framebuffer (I think works if configured for 2MB, But unsure. O2 can run X for remote X sessions, however, I've seen a guy run GNOME on it under Linux via a remote session)

Sure Kumba!; seems to me very interesting even: enoughly to try the first framebuffer-fully-functional version of the distribution.

It's not an offense, I'm not telling that the support for the O2 devices is a bad thing.
But I'm just programming heavy duty graphics engines, and I'm interested to see what can do these nices O2 babies with a fully 64-bit supported operating system.

Just curious! ;)
MilkShake And Cookies Invitation:


squeen wrote: We've hit 222 downloads on the iconbar project--not too shabby. I've been watching the numbers and it seems the downloads are 0's for most days but then happen in clumps of 4+. Anyone care to speculate about this socialogical phenomena?

-> 222 => "The Three Ducks" are responsible...

mmmmmhhhhhhhh..... or maybe E.T. Abductioners. No doubt. ...Or a very subtle intervention from "ChupaCabras" :D

squeen wrote: Any clues with might have changed in the XFrre86 vs. Xsgi setup so that the RGB image lib is BGR rather than RGB?

I'm not working not even close to XFree86, since I use several added abstraction levels. But, sounds like a migration from SGI Classic Image/RGB, to something like Targa/TGA. Not much rational, but even possible, considering the ATI-Factor present on Onyx4. Perhaps a sort of optimization for the ATI's Graphics Engine ???
...We are talking about the same thing? :)

squeen wrote: Also, I've added a feature than modifies the color of the icon and appends the host name if the window is from a remote client. I'm using XAddPixel() to color the image but am not happy with the result--I was looking for something more like a tint. Any clues?

Cool; I was dreamming with such features!!!! :D
...mmmmhhhh; about the tint factor, can you copy the portion of the code here? I'm not aware of the XFree86 related syntax. But seems that XAddPixel() is only a pixel-by-pixel OR function. You need take every single pixel and apply the displacement value only on the color-vector (R,G,B,A channel) desired; against the binary matrix-to-matrix OR function that you are doing now. I can't be more specific to the code, since I don't know the syntax of the lib.

But the basics are: instead of the adding of a solid color matrix by mean of the OR function, displace the value (ALGEBRAIC SUM) of each pixel on the desired wise.

squeen wrote: Thanks.

I hope this could be help to obtain the new "Hyper-IconBar"; I like to try here soon!!!!!!!! :D
Scott Tarr wrote: Holy CRAP!!!!!

I've been off the block for a month or so and come back and find that Diego is pushing this app along quite nicely.

I love what I see Diego. Very very nice. Glad you stuck around here. :D

Welcome to the thread Scott!
The two programs are getting nice... ;)

On pricing:
I'm of the mindset that there is a great burgeoning need for lower-priced apps (specifically for O2 machines). Why? There are boatloads of O2s selling on eBay and the "new IRIX user" market is growing. What these users don't see out there is affordable software to utilize the O2 they just bought.

I'll be offering a nice discount to Nekochan forum users; and therefore there'll be a discount on the IRIX version of PartixFX. VideoTrackerRT there'll be an IRIX only app.

I believe you can make more money selling 3-10X the software at lower prices than selling small quantities of software at higher prices.

I know I've not bought ANY software for the O2 simply because I do not like the possibility of spending > $250 US on a piece of software and then finding out that the software doesn't even suit me or at least give me a "WHIZ*BANG* effect.

I hope that we can achieve on both softwares the " "WHIZ*BANG* Effect " :) In fact: I'll be naming a Preset with such name! (Sorry, just kidding)

If there were a version doing quite a few things running < $100 US, I would buy it. At the same time, a "full-featured" version running > $250 would entice me to pick that up after using the inexpensive version.

I have to work a few (well: a lot :roll: ) more even, before the production version be ready. But I don't want an overpriced app. The commercial (Full) version of PartixFX was priced many months ago, a lot higher than VideoTrackerRT, considering many other facts, like the real-world physics module, and a soon-implemented possibility to run parallel on Origin and Altix systems. Anyway, I'll be revisiting cost-factors on Pfx too, probably dividing the line on two apps (Uni-Processor / Multi-Processor), to get one version inexpensive for hobbyists too.

As you know; VideoTrackerRT was not thinked as for sale; and was an experiment, time ago. Then was implemented like a module on PartixFX. Now, following the suggestions here in the forum :D , is getting an stand-alone app.

I would very much like to see PartixFX (I always want to type this as PartiFX.. without the lower case 'x').

Yeap!, peoples loves the name "VideoTrackerRT", but PartixFX seems difficult to pronounce
Today I was completing the insulation of about 4500 code lines from PartixFX, that there'll be constituting the first version of VideoTrackerRT, along with 2500 new code lines...


...the basic functionalities of the new NLE Videoeditting System are working perfect now! :D

Only to increase the dramatic accent over this situation, the screenshots this time are omitted intentionally!

...Oh!, I forget the mention: the GUI was changed substantially...

Anybody is interested to see it??? 8)

I'll not be publishing pictures if I can't see at least twelve hands waving by the hights of this room.

...And yes; I'm serious! :twisted:
ruckusman wrote: I second that

OK; We just need to see nine waving-hands-up more, to see the new baby's picture...!!! :D
Dubhthach wrote: both my hands up!! :lol:

hehehehehe! :lol: ...Only one counts!

...We just need seven more! ;)
Hello, Squeen; was my brief of any use?
I'm wondering if we could see the new IconBar version soon! ;)

I'm expecting by the new features anxiously! ...hehehe! If I can help, just let me know! (even when I'm not initiated even on the MWM API syntax... :? )
11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4...

...SpaceShipOne starting engines!


...four hands more for the new picts!
squeen wrote:
Also, if you are interested, join the iconbar developement team and you can tweak the source as well.

...I think that I'll be needing a little work, to get implemented succesfully my motion of the new 36 hours argentine day :D

OK; seriously: take for sure that I'll be collaborating on the inmediate future, even when right now I'm very short of time, working on this happy "reborned" NLE of mine!

But, yes, of course; I'll be glad to contribute in some way to the IconBar jewell! ...I'll be trying as soon as possible some kind of implementation for the color-tint matter. Anyway; any start point to learn the Motif MWM internal syntax is welcome, since I'm using another GUI Toolkit! ;)
claudio wrote: 8) I dont understand a word but i have no choice.

...hehehehe!!! You are the Indigo2guy ? ;)

Welcome to the doom temple! 8)

...Yes, too many genious here! :lol:
I'm using Mozilla V1.4.1 from IRIX 6.5.24 Overlays; and it is running pretty well, even when is a painfully slow app, and almost a never ending wait if you try to use composer.

But I think that I can't demmand more from an O2 R5K/200MHz :lol:

Skipstone is pretty faster, but a lot buggy :?
Netscape is a pain rendering sites slightly complex than basic HTML... so; Mozilla is my choice!

...Anyway, I MUST get installed your version, Foetz; to try if things goes better! ;)
Thanks in advance by keep our SGI boxes up to date! :D
foetz wrote: hello,
i primary focused firefox/bird so far.
maybe this is not what you want.

but... wich is the dependencies list, to install your builds? Thanks in advance! ;)

(Sorry if you have posted this info before... :? ) wrote: Hi gentlemen,
I would like to proof, that it is possible to do some good web/2d work with an o2 and some good freeware stuff…

The standard solution for web design on IRIX is "CosmoCreate"; even when maybe you could prefer do the job on "Mozilla's Composer".

Then you can publish your pages using "SiteMgr".

Anyway, please take account that I'm not a web designer, but a C++/OpenGL programmer; and I've used both only to keep up to date my very simply website. So, probably there'll be over there more "speciallyst" tool relateds to HTML...

Good luck! ;)
jdboyd wrote: For more technical vector drawing, there are a lot of nice free tools depending on what you want. I've used Dia for a few things. I've used Xfig for a few things. Both are pretty god.

Dia is my way. I can't imagine currently a vector graphics drawing program more easy to handle. I use every single day to arrange my programming diagrams before coding. Wonderful little piece of technology!

My only preventive point is: with IRIX 6.5.24 seems less stable, and some operations hang up the app... :(

(Anyone knows any fix?)
jdboyd wrote: When I want diagrams for programming (say, state machines, object models, etc), I use a program from AT&T (opensource, not that hard to get onto Irix) called vizgraph. It does a nice job of putting out graphs from a simple text file format. I usually have it spit out postscript files for printing or conversion to PDFs, however, for graphs complex enough to give it some trouble it will spit out Dia files that can then be tweaked in Dia.

Hi JDBoyd ;) ,

...sounds like a really great way to do the dealt. Anyway, it uses something like <HTML> syntax, or so? ...I don't know these app...

jdboyd wrote: The thing that I really love about vizgraph is that I like to use code generators for various tasks, like state machines. So, I modify the code generator to spit out both C code for the state machine, but also the vizgraph file for the state machine. That way I don't have to worry about there being differences between the printed graphical representation and the C code. I think it's a very powerful way of working.

...mmmmmmhhh... evil man... you're temptting me! :lol: ...I think we could arrange a new entry on Fluid's menues to do the job... but not a lot of time here to new modds on FLTK/Fluid (I was making a lot of this last months to get new Widgets, Events, and Array Types...)

jdboyd wrote: Of course, this is now starting to trail a bit off topic, unless the original poster is really interested in web sites for programming documentation.

Yes; sorry Martin! :lol: ...we are programming addicts! ;)
hamei wrote:
jdboyd wrote:
hamei wrote: You could always use Illustrator. It has an okay reputation ... :-)

Oh, does that mean they've started issueing licenses for Illustrator on Irix again? Very cool! Even if it is only version 5.5 (which I think is one of the better versions anyway).

You're rattling the bars on purpose, right ? :-)

Screw Adobe. "Stealing" software is not a criminal act. It is a civil offense. The damages are monetary. If the copyright holder refuses to sell the product, then they can't very well claim damages, can they ? Adobe in particular has to be one of the worst offenders against decency in this respect. MANY people with legal licenses have tried to get a new license from Adobe when disaster struck their computers, only to be refused. Adobe was one of the very very few companies which refused to free NeXT applications for individuals when NeXT went tits-up. Overall, they are scum without a leg to stand on if people hack old Illustrator licenses when they want to move it from the old Indy to their new Octane ....

Admittedly, it's not that great a program ... but it's a heck of a ot better than Sodipodi :-)

Okay; you have me convinced now Hamei: I'll never refuse the sell of licenses, even if the earth's people needs to be evacuated to travell to the moon or a far-far-away-planet as new home for all... :lol:
...congratullations Dexter1 and Vegac!, very impressive optimization work!; I'm a lot sure that with the help and investigations of both, the maximum performance level for MPlayer can be achieved on MIPS.
Very anxious to try the NekoWare MPlayer as soon as possible.

...Keep on the good work, both! \;)/
squeen wrote:
I vote this the most exciting thread!

Completely agree with you, Squeen! ;)

squeen wrote:
Maybe I can write a simple Motif front-end for the final product....hmmm

...Oh yeah!, a nice GUI could be really great! \:D/
Cold Sunday (-1 C degrees) @ Rosario/Santa Fe/Argentina!

...But VERY brilliant sun! :P
...So, the ACARD 7720 SCSIDE adaptor fits perfectly inside the O2 CDROM top bay? ...Wow!, It is so cool! :D

...I'll be happy if you post the exactly ACARD sufix model... even when I suspect it is the AEC-7720U Ultra SCSI-to-IDE Bridge, true ?

Thanks in advance! ;)
...the weather in Rosario/Argentina is "re-choto" again: a lot of wind and rain! :lol:
loonvf wrote: He guys,

I got that part working over a few months already!
This is no news anymore.
Just look in the other two firewire subject posts.

I tested two TI chipset boards succesfully with my Sony DCR TRV-110e
on my O2 with 6.5.24. I am just waiting for my cardcage to arrive and
than I'll test it on my Octane too.

If only we had a professional programmer that could write some code....

Hey Francois! ;)

...I'm ready from months to make a fancy Capture/Play/Edit app including a cool GUI; but I'm trying from last three months to get one of these boards here, and nothing!!!

Have you reached some degree of success with the Pinnacle Studio DV ???

It is the only TI based board that I've founded in my country; and it is not so cheap:

U$D 285.- Studio DV

against U$D 500.- for an original DM10

...not so great difference :roll:

I'll code a libfw based app as soon I can get working a FW board here!
foetz wrote: hello,

$500 for a dm10?? by far cheaper as i thought!!
where do you get this price?

Developer Program PLUS discount price list...
jdboyd wrote:
loonvf wrote: If only we had a professional programmer that could write some code....

I was under the impression that we had several of those. It's just a matter of finding ones with free time, and getting the right hardware into their hands.

I've got not problem of get one of theses U$D 285.- Pinnacle Studio DV; but I need some degree of warranties that the stuff works on O2/IRIX , since I don't want pay U$D285.- on a PeeCee only FireWire card...

I never used PeeCees since last two years, other than for proxies/caches/firewalls and always with some free Unix flavor.

I'll never put one of those dirty crappy boxes on my desktop! :lol:
unixmuseum wrote: I got the same SIIG card jwhat has: SIIG NN-400P12, TSB43AB23 (Ti single chip).
I plug this thing into my Octane and hinv reports:
IEEE 1394 High performance serial bus controller 0: Type: OHCI, Version 0x104C-1 0 instead of DM10 like jwhat reported...

I was running 6.5.24, and now 6.5.25 and still don't see DM10...

I tried fwprobe and it's coming back with: fwError: unable to access firewire driver

Am I missing something? DM10 1.01 is installed...

I'm going to try on an O2 to see if anything happens, but in the mean time, does anybody have any suggestion?

Hello UnixMuseum! ;) ,

I'm a lot happy!, today I've founded (Thanks to GOD!) an Adaptec AFW 4300 PCI FireConnect card, and the, once installed phyisically IRIX shows up as a DMediaPro DM10... :); I must say that I've not installed even the DM10 SGI drivers; and I'm just about download this ones now!

Tomorrow I'll test it with a Panasonic MD9000 (same as AG DVC-7 (NTSC), but PAL-B); I know that it is not the best MiniDV cam to find for a test, since the Panasonic non-standard firewire implementations, but it is the only firewire device handy here... :roll:

Of course; as soon as check at full if it works, I'll start the libfw C++ wrapper, to add firewire support to VideotrackerRT!!! :D /
unixmuseum wrote: Well, I did what you did dude, I got myself an Adaptec 4300, and IRIX is happily showing a DM10 now :razz:
Mine is a 4300CS, and was only $35, but the end result is the same...
Thanks a bunch for the tip! I guess I can put my $4 SIIG into a PC to see whart happens...

...So quickly??? :D

Hey; you're a lot speedy!!! :lol:

...Anyway, I've payded U$D70.- by the 4300 board today! :(
unixmuseum wrote: Yep... BestBuy is 10 minutes away... I know what I wanted (thanks to you), and avoided prowling in the store (well almost, Knights of the Old Republic was $19)...

Now, you know what's even cooler: I have a Sony firewire CD burner and guess what: IRIX mounts it, IRIX likes it and xcdroast likes it too!

YES, YES, YES!!! :lol:

It is SO cool, man!!!

...Now; I'm close to buy the LG 4081-B DVD-RAM (next week, I think!); and I hope this one can work along with a FireWire-To-IDE Cabinet, as an external DVD-RAM unit on IRIX!

... basically, same stuff as "Edefault", but via firewire, and avoiding the SCSI-To-IDE Yamaha bridge... :roll:

Wish me luck! ;)
unixmuseum wrote: Now here's an idea... DVD-RAM, hmmm... I guess I could take the CD burner of the Sony enclosure (I've done it before, right now the firewire enclosure holds an old HP 8100) and put on of them IDE DVD burners... Not a bad idea... Off to ebay! :lol:

...Well... I guess you can check it for me, man!; if you get one of thoses DVD-RAM before; just try it!!! :)

Just two tips:

1) Use a model easy to obtain in Argentine!

2) Report the results here! ;)

...and then I'll be running very fast to buy one on my nearest computer shop! ;)
themacosxflies wrote: Well, I also found the adpatec card here , is that one, right?

Well Angelo ; you got it! ;)

Yes; that's the card; I could be interested to see if works with the Philips DVD burner! ...eMail me if it works! ;)