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on linux you can run several printing systems and you have to select witch service to print to,
maybe it's similar.
are you sure you are printing to the cups daemon?

i spent hours last week trying too workout why i could not print from one of my systems till i discovered the pages where being cached into an unused print handler.
this is good even if cosmos hates it, it means we can get some documentation on the hardware at last.

for example, who read this thread and got the evil idea of building a quad-cpu module or a sub-pcb to link a couple of twin modules together?
i did!
I know it's not open-source, but this is the best place to mention it.

i just found it,
it's been renamed!


and it was advertised on the german tv channel VOX!!!

i am going ot get this soon, the integration is incredible.
HAHAHA - forget norton "anything"
ghost saves files, not sectors.

use linux and you can use the "dd" comand.

if you dont have linux then just use one of those "live" cd's everybody seems to do now.
xxl_and wrote: It copyes the entire hard drive if it does not know
the partition scheme or the filesystem type.

that must be why it names the files as it backs up the drive. :(

no, norton has a table of filesystems in it, but i have never seen irix mentioned.
try it, but dont lose the original till you have tested the copy.
since when is it supposed to be 35 in london and paris?!!!

damned heat + a rainstorm earlier in the week has caused a giant triffid to grow infront of my sat dish,
now i cant laugh at the dickheads on fox news anymore until i can borrow a ladder & cutting implement! :(
o.k. so i got another octane here.

switch on:

white > piano > red > spinup > white.

all good you say.

no video output, it seems to be generating sync pulses but no picture.

after about 10 attempts the console outputed "diagnostic failure - press any key to continue" or something like that.

pressing any key of course did nothing.


another thing, when i power it down there is a tiny sizzling type sound coming from inside somewhere.
does the octane keep one of the fans running for a while at powerdown or is something *very* wrong somewhere.

this last problem has me worried - do i need to keep the extinguisher around it? i'd rather take it back to the kitchen. :-x
it is a cheroke, an 060-0035-001-b.

so now i have to strip it and look for tracking on the board - great :(

still dousnt explain the other stuff, maybe a total strip'n'clean inc xbow will fix it.
diagnostic leds were the first thing i went for, no problem there.
heart,i/o and qa all on.

i am going to rip this thing right down at the weekend, the sizzle noise is not aceptable.
i consider it dangerous because it sounds like ht tracking.

if i find the problem i'll post the details for everybody.

Btw, whats the difference between SE and SSE apart from the size and tram sockets, they seem to be very expensive now (SSE)
WhizzMan wrote: On your PSU, most switching power supplies have this "sizzling" sound,

no they dont, i am an electronics engineer working with "switchers" since the mid 80's,
they either run silent, or the chokes can hum if the windings are loose.
*they never sizzle*

the sizzle is a high-voltage leak-over on the pcb.

it is going to be a lot more common in europe because our rectified mains is around 380vdc whereas in america and japan it's only around 180-200.

the problem is when a spark tracks across a pcb it leaves a tiny burn.
as this continues the layers build-up until you have a strip of burned carbon that is conductive.
then things get dangerous.
a higher voltage can use a thinner and longer cable.
also, you have to step the power up less in things like tv's

brownouts are almost unheardof in europe also, because a smalll (20-30v) dropout is less noticed.

if you look at country's with 100/110v they have transformers *everywhere*, we dont.
thats because you have to keep the cables short at 110v to avoid ecessive voltage-drop.

serial diagnostic decides to report this:

Starting diagnostic program...

Press <Esc> to return to the menu.

Exception: <vector=Normal>
Status register: 0x34005083<CU1,CU0,FR,IM7,IM5,IPL=???,KX,MODE=KERNEL,EXL,IE>
Cause register: 0x801c<CE=0,IP8,EXC=DBE>
Exception PC: 0xa8000000208c79d8, Exception RA: 0xa8000000208ce370
Data Bus error
HEART ISR : 0x204000000000000<BASEIO,TIMER>
Bridge(id=0xf) ISR: 0x800<PCI_MST_TIMEOUT>
PCI/GIO error: 0x80001c<DEV_NUM=0x0,ADDR=0x80001c>
VID 0's saved user regs in hex (gpda=0xa80000)
Cannot connect to keyboard -- check the cable.
Cannot open keyboard() for input
Cannot connect to keyboard -- check the cable.
Cannot open keyboard() for input

System Maintenance Menu

1) Start System
2) Install System Software
3) Run Diagnostics
4) Recover System
5) Enter Command Monitor

Option? 5
Command Monitor. Type "exit" to return to the menu.

>> hinv -v
System: IP30
Processor: 300 Mhz R12000, with FPU
Primary I-cache size: 32 Kbytes
Primary D-cache size: 32 Kbytes
Secondary cache size: 2 Mbytes
Memory size: 128 Mbytes
Network: ef0 ethernet (100/10 base-T)
SCSI Disk: scsi(0)disk(1)
Audio: RAD Audio Processor
Graphics: ESI
>> exit

i was sure it had 256megs of dram, maybe one is bad, but i dont have any spares here - SHIT!
an update,

i cant find whats making the noise in the psu yet,

i stripped and cleaned *everything*.

i found that the fan on the xbow was sticking - WATCH FOR THAT ONE - IT MAY EFFECT THEM ALL.
oil seems to have fixed that problem.

the original problem remains - i am 99% sure it's the IP30 so i am going to re-heat all the balls on the heart with some smt-flux.

wish me luck. :)
o.k. it's dead.

either the ip30 or the xbox is finished. :(

dont have another to swap parts so it has to wait.
most of this is not important to me, most of us on this forum are private collectors.

these things are simply out of reach without robbing a bank (or several?).

i have 2 maxed indigo2's, and once i get my octane nice that's it with sgi for a year or 2.
octane2 is too expensive for me at the moment.
i will be aiming for a nice ultrasparc next.

then after that the octane2 will be on my hitlist - after that only ebay knows :D
colin wrote:
Intel-OUTSIDE wrote:
i have 2 maxed indigo2's, and once i get my octane nice that's it with sgi for a year or 2.
octane2 is too expensive for me at the moment.
i will be aiming for a nice ultrasparc next.

You can get an Ultra2 with dual 300 MHz and creator graphics for $150 these days. If you hunt around you should be able to find a new-in-box keyboard and mouse for $30. Probably your best bet for $200 Unix.

Octane, dual 300, with MXI/MXE or V6 is really nice too. Even Mozilla and MPlayer run great on it, which is saying a lot!

Of course I'm still living in 1998, where Octane was king, NT was still unstable, Pentiums were slow, Apples were beige, and new BMWs still looked cool.

Now where'd I put that CueCat?...

well those prices arent in the u.k. :(

and afaik octanes are king, xp is still unstable, pentiums are slow (compared to amd), apples arent as colourfull as they used to be, and the bmw 850i kicks ass! :D
jan-jaap wrote:
warerat wrote: I've got an official SGI Price Book from February 1998. An Octane with a R10K-250, 128MB RAM, 4GB disk, MXE graphics, and a 20" monitor had a list price of $47,995! Double the memory and add dual-CPUs and the price went up to $61,495!

I've got an R10K MaxImpact Indigo2 with TRAM option and 512M RAM. I wonder what that cost when it was new, I'm sure it was not exactly for free.

And I'm pretty sure the G160 board I put in it cost more than my last diving holidays :shock:

i'm sure your right, the golden rule seems to be not to think about what you paid for stuff :(

my idigo's are almost the same,

both r1000-195, 1gig ram,high-impact w/4meg tram.
one has g160 that cost me $80 on ebay :( :( :( and a "channel option" card
the other has an FDDI card and a impact-video card (analog one)

seeing what all this goes for now can almost bring tears to your eyes :(
make sure you know the voltages supplied by the old psu, i think they are different from atx.

i have never seen the data you want, but there was a website with data in challenge-s psu,

here is a past:

I bought a used Challenge S machine, which turned out to have a broken power
supply. I was told the replacement part was expensive and possibly complex to
get, so I set about either fixing or replacing it.

A friend of mine familiar with electronics spent a few hours trying to find the
problem, but failed (it was not one of the common problems Google turned up in
response to a query about Indy power supplies).

So, here's the information acquired by mailing Nidec / Power General (the
manufacturers of the original Indy power supply) and reading a web page from Net
Express. Please note that while Nidec / Power General were very helpful in
providing me all the information necessary, they no longer manufacture these

The smaller connector for the SGI runs mainly between the control panel and the
mainboard. Only three wires go to the power supply itself, and of those none
exactly match the ATX signals. I'll cover them later. The next table is about
the larger connector, which is of the same type as the ATX connector.

Color codes for matching leads

ATX color ATX pins Function SGI color SGI pins
Orange 1, 2, 11 +3.3V White 1, 2
Black 3, 5, 7, 13, 15-17 Ground Black 11-16, 18-20
Red 4, 6, 19, 20 +5V Red 3-8
Purple 9 +5V aux (always on) Green 9
Yellow 10 +12V Yellow 17
Blue 12 -12V Blue 10

Other leads

The connections above can power your SGI, but will not start it. The remaining
ATX signals are Power On (Green, pin 14), Power OK (Gray, pin 8) and -5V (White,
pin 18). The remaining three SGI signals are all on the second, smaller
connector; I suggest cutting these leads close to the power supply itself. They
are Logic Inhibit (White/Red, pin 9), Fan Control (Brown, pin 20), and Power
Fail (Orange, pin 19). -5V is simply not used in the SGI.

One might think that Power Fail and Power OK are similar, but in fact they
operate at opposite ends in time. Power OK is used by PC power supplies to
indicate that enough voltage is present for operation; the SGI assumes this to
be the case when power is activated. Therefore, my Challenge S always fails two
tests in the POST when it gets powered on. Power Fail is used as a 5 ms UPS
function; it goes low at most 5 ms after power is lost, and at least 5 ms before
the main +5V supply drops to +4.75V.

Fan Control is a three-level control for the speed of the fan. At 0V, the fan
spins at low speed; at 3.3V, it should operate at medium speed; and at 5V, it
should run at full speed. I connected the fan directly to a floppy connector (it
needs 12V) so it always runs at full speed.

Logic Inhibit does the same thing as Power On. However, you'll need an inverter
(powered by 5V aux) to get it to work. While I hadn't soldered mine in yet, I
connected Power On (Green from the atx supply) to ground (Black) to start it up.
Now I use a 4049 inverter, connected to ground, +5v aux, logic inhibit and power
on. Remember to connect all inputs to something - they should not be left


if your old psu wont start then change the small electrolytic capacitors. :)
all the romz are on the newsgroups.


warning, they total 10.7gigs not including the 'chd's !!!
(me is a mame contributer and romdumper!)
loui wrote:
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cvisors wrote: I have to say, that absolut vanilla, is just amazing, drank neat on ice.


thanx for the tip, not seen vanilla.

now you have made me spend another £10 i probably shouldnt have.
dexter1 wrote: Beer:
Grolsch (springcap bottle)
Duvel (8.5% Belgian beer, very bitter)

yes, both regular visiters to my stomach. :)

dexter1 wrote: Spirits:
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you have got to be joking, especially the Ouzo, greek paint-stripper!!!
Hakimoto wrote: Dex, sure I would next time we see each other. Though only one bottle! ;-)

i corrected that spelling error for you. :twisted:
lisp wrote: Sorry it's so big, but the VPNs down, so I can't get to it properly to shrink it

Image [/img]

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dont worry about that last post, if your not getting a connect led on the router then the hardware is down.

check the board for obvious signs - bad soldering on the socket, damaged socket, burned network chip etch.

if you know what your doing you can get a datasheet for the network controller and probe the signals on it.
Nihilus wrote: Beer:
Trappist (actually not a brand but a type of beer)

you mean the strong one :D

i am shocked, a swede who didnt mention ABSOLUT VODKA!
how can you not mention the "nordic honey" that is Absolut?
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lisp wrote:
And here i was, just gloating over having a pair all of my own to play with, with Real Crinkle Action and Multicoloured Ring Mounting points!

crinkle action? can you explain that, i cant work that one out.

as for your multicoloured mounts, i take it we are talking about the NIOBIUM type!
well i have some of those, so it's not just a female product. :twisted:

i have to admit, women almost always get into clubs for free, and never pay for the drinks though. :(
netx time it happens power the monitor off, then on instead and report what happens.

this sounds similar to something i have seen.
plug it in while the superbowl is on, if your lucky you will cause a brownout and screw several hundred local fans of that "sport". :D

(american-football = rugby for pussy's!) :twisted:
i think those fans look pretty nice, considering you wont see them - only the glow on the wall.

the paint job is another matter altogether.

when i look at that picture i just want to open the front and take out a cold beer! :twisted:
shit thats bad, i love the psu handle and the rupture in the zinc/ally frame!!!
if i lived close enough to collect then i'd pay upto $10 for it,
it would be good to put light-up fans and neons inside it and use it as a cool mood-light!

i'd pull the IP30 though, neons in both sides so that the light shines out through the honycomb. :)
Thaidog wrote: It pains me to see SGI at the stock price it's at right now...

it could be worse, it could be "GM" :twisted:

you know, under the current dictatorship if sgi could lighten the octane enough they could put them in the nosecone of missiles and bombs and sell thousands of them for 1000x what they are worth.

afterall, realtime image-processing is what they were designed for.
unfortunatly (unless your in the middle-east) in there present form if you put them on an aircraft it would never get off the ground. :lol:
i cant wait to turn one into a speakerbox! :twisted:

who the hell is gonna spend 8500 on a box and then buy shitty 1year-warranty crap neon-case-boy type drives for it!
well i still say the deskside looks like a speakerbox.

and another thing: see my name? well i think that says it all :!: :twisted:

and i see today sgi got a contract from the DOD, i hope they insist on payment in gold or atleast upfront cash. ;)
a new update was just released,

i dont normally bother telling people here, but the main update is the mips debugger so it may be of interest to people who want to reverse-engineer the boot roms
dexter1 wrote:
I'm on the mailing list and last builds by me were 0.70. They are now at 0.96.

well i'm one of the 2nd tier dev'rs and it's actually reached 0.96.3 :P
the old tape is transparent and thin because the adhesive is gone,
dont wast your time and money (a lot of money) the thermal performance of that stuff is shit.
one of the overclock sites got some to test and it was terible.

use thermal epoxy or thermal ceramic glue - it's cheaper and better.

i suspect it's the shity tape that causes problems with old trams because all my indigo2's (3 of them) have had the tram heatsinks almost fall off because of that shit tape.
it's not a good idea to just write something,

take someone elses program and try making small changes without breaking things first.