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looking for 2-way thermal tape

I am looking for some 2-way thermal tape to 're-apply' a heatsink. I know there are different kinds but does that really matter as long as it transfers heat? The heatsink is the small one on a LSI chip in the rear of a IP25 board. The old tape is transparent and very thin, not the same as the stuff on the CPU's.

the old tape is transparent and thin because the adhesive is gone,
dont wast your time and money (a lot of money) the thermal performance of that stuff is shit.
one of the overclock sites got some to test and it was terible.

use thermal epoxy or thermal ceramic glue - it's cheaper and better.

i suspect it's the shity tape that causes problems with old trams because all my indigo2's (3 of them) have had the tram heatsinks almost fall off because of that shit tape.
The old tape didn't go with the board I sent you. The old stuff was white on both sides and seemed to be aluminum at its center, hence the orangish tape around the tops of the pin holes used as a safeguard against shorting on the tape. Any heat conductive tape will work.

I apologize for not adding a note with the heatsink