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Monitor issue - little niggling problem

I've had my Indigo2 running for a while using a Nokia Multigraph 447Za monitor with adaptor. It works, but every once in a while on startup, I get no picture. The machine is clearly running properly (if I wait long enough, I can log in and hear the hard drive working), but it just doesn't get a picture on startup. When that happens, I'll have to restart the machine, and it usually takes 1-3 restarts until it comes up working with the monitor. It's not a hardware problem in that its not a bad cord or anything. I just think its not initializing the monitor every single time. I was just wondering if anyone had any similar problems... is there any way I can check a bootlog sort of thing after I successfully get it up?
netx time it happens power the monitor off, then on instead and report what happens.

this sounds similar to something i have seen.
I have seen this on my Octane hooked up to a Dell flatpanel, try Intel-OUTSIDE's excellent recommendation--I wish I had! I kept logging in remotely and restarting the machine, huge waste of time.
drylnn wrote: I just think its not initializing the monitor every single time

AFAIK Indigo2 output is pure analog RGB - with SOG of course. No initializing at all...
so it´s - as the other posters stated - most obviously the monitor which is to blame for not catching the signal.

What´s that adaptor you mentioned for?