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Bad Ethernet on O2

I've got an O2, came from a dumpster outside of Columbia University. Machine was "Bronk" in the music department.

Anyway, it runs just fine on 2 gig HD and 64 meg RAM, but...

The ethernet connection seems to be dead, no connect lights on my hub/router, never negotiates an IP address from DHCP. Nada

How many times, if ever, has anyone seen this? And assuming not a total hardware failure, any workaround to resurect the net connection?

It was free, via the dumpster, so not a huge thing if it never works again, just kinda like to have all my toasters running with everything working.

Thanks in advance.


R5000 180 mhz, 6.5.26
You probably need to replace the motherboard . I've seen it a few times on a couple off O2's I've bought . Have you tried to run diagnostics ? It usually fails on MACE controller if ethernet is bad
Nothing shows up wrong in either diagnostics or confidence tests. Very odd.
have you done a chkconfig? one of the things there will tell you if it's doing dhcp. I think ifconfig is another thing that may give you some clue too your ethernet's working condition.
dont worry about that last post, if your not getting a connect led on the router then the hardware is down.

check the board for obvious signs - bad soldering on the socket, damaged socket, burned network chip etch.

if you know what your doing you can get a datasheet for the network controller and probe the signals on it.