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I ran the mplayer -vo null -nosound -quiet -benchmark on the warcraft 3 trailer, and got 183 seconds on my HP C180 running a 180MHz HPPA 64 bit processor, gotta say, I wish I had that 400MHz one.
well, on the itanium front, I've heard that the 1.5GHz can get just about 6Gflops, so that's a good thing, but there definately are support problems, and you can get just about 4gigaflops from a $200 AMD unit, so will people pay $6,000 or what not for that extra 50%?
I have a HP netserver LC II, which used to have a Pentium 2 266. I found a 100MHz fsb P2 450 in a dumpster (just the card), so I put the P2 450 in the housing of the P2 266, put on the heatsink, put it in, calculated what the dip switches should be set for a fsb multiplier to go from 66MHz to 450, and I set it like that, and the P2 450, booted running @ 266MHz because it has a fixed multiplier. I guess I'll go back to the 266, and see if I can OC it with the dip switches.
have you done a chkconfig? one of the things there will tell you if it's doing dhcp. I think ifconfig is another thing that may give you some clue too your ethernet's working condition.
as far as I can tell, the only SCSI dvd-roms made come from pioneer, and toshiba, I'm partial to the pioneers because they have 512kb cache. I think that pioneer also made a "dvr-303" or maybe -S303, and unlike the 202, and 101, it writes general, as well as professional dvd-R's, so if someone ever gets their hands on one... well, I hope there aren't any non-toshiba SCSI problems, iirc there can be strange problems with non sgi vetted scsi stuff.
only SCSI ones I know of are Pioneer's dvr-s?0? with 3, 2, and 1, 1 only able to do maybe 3.7 GB on a professional disc, 2 being able to write a full single layer professional, and 3 being able to write full single professionals, and I think full single generals. professionals being overly expensive, and hard to find (written at a different wavelength I believe, suitable for writing master discs).

there are more SCSI dvd-RAM drives, but those are the only -r ones I know of, and the 303's not mentioned on pioneer's US site, only their Japanese site, and the 101, and 202, new cost on the order of $1500...

hopefully there are ones I don't know about, lest you be forced to use some ata-scsi adapter solution or something.
any reason not to use the cdrw/dvd tools on SGI's freeware site?
you can buy the parts for that system for about $3,000 unless they somehow make it propriatary. now they're just an obscenely overpriced OEM, although I do like how it looks like (assuming you get stuck with this) you won't be forced to upgrade through SGI. but basically the only "sgi" part of it, is the OS, which is a linux derivitave...

this move seems very similar to the two or three times SGI made NT boxes, except for the itanium's exceptional FP performance... but iirc both those were failures, so what does SGI think will make this try any different?
well, the description seems very similar to their prism... for the prism, SGI's got this northbridge that's a crossbar to the local memory, and a 50Gbit NUMAlink port.

now I'm looking at the tezro, and it looks like it's got a similar architecture, so I'm supposing that whatever the tezro can do with it's numalink, you'll be able to do that with this new itanium workstation...

so, is this like a origin 200 where you can make connect only two nodes (I suppose hanging an origin off a numalink router, and trying to make a 8 proc o200 wouldn't work) or you can hang a i/o enclosure off of it? (it looks like you can hang a VME backplane off of a rackmount tezro...)
the 17U looking thing that's more reminiscent (size wise) of the more traditional SGI "deskside" looks like it can handle 8-16 ia64's (wonder what happens when intel makes DC (UP [uni-{package, core}]) ia64's, 4-8 graphic pipes, and up to 192 GB of RAM
here's the brocure for desk-cube model
1-2 procs 1.3-1.6 GHz 3MB L3 (ia64-2's come with 3, 4, 6, & 9 MB L3)
internal SATA, a dvd-rom, 5 usba-2 ports (device support should be good as it's linux)

as for software, the paper specifically lists gnome, kde, and openoffice... sorry, I just have to roll my eyes, as... well, it's about as little as they could offer. what does this offer that sgi's competitors can't offer... a dynamic MIPS binary translator, and probably NUMALink that's disabled... good, I suppose if you're a big SGI shop with a large SGI altix multi-node supercomputer...

*edit* oh, it has two 8x AGP slots so you can have two 32 bit per component ATI workstation cards... although you're limited to 256MB it looks like, because graphics card makers have brought to the public a gaming 512MB card that is totally and utterly pointless, but they haven't brought out, to my knowledge, a 512MB workstation card. I'm not a cad/cam guy, or a 3d modeler or anything, but I'd think that they did that the wrong way around.

*edit 2* and in other news, HP's discontinued it's zx6000... as one ia64 star burns out, another starts to shine... or something
well, I suppose if there are linux drivers you could add on these boys... though how that makes this prism deskside special... ... angue_ID=7 ... rdware.asp ... IUS_HD.asp ... rdware.asp

and if you want out, but not in
well, I happened to look at a sgi periodic table for '01, and I'll be darned. I'd forgotten that SGI'd already done exactly this (except their 750 workstation used a HP/intel northbridge, and now it's using a sgi asic)...

733MHz Itanium with 2 MB L2 ati gfx $15,500
interesting I thought.
see the other two threads, one about the prism, the other about the dorado (the code name for the prism desk cube), but it seems the consensus is that the only market this has, is shops that primarily have altix servers.
so for the 300MHz 350MHz R12K, I'd get one of these,
chicago-joe wrote: acronym wrote
where are you getting your 300 chips?
I've only found 2 places online, one on Yahoo shopping is charging $17.

R12K-300MHz cpu chips are US$133 + S&H per chip, this price is for 5 chips or less, but the chips can be bought 1 at a time. This is the contact person and information:

Circuit Solutions (631)563-1100
Contact person is: Jon
email is: mailto:[email protected]
the proper P/N is: UPD30710RS-300 Rev 2.4 or Rev 2.3 (either works fine)

If you have found these for $17 each, you should buy all you can for that price and resell them. :)


and then do a little soldering.

could I try overclocking the 250 to 300?

are there any other mods for a R10K 250MHz?

also, I now have a 200, and a 250 R10k, and there have been quite a few modications made between the 200, and the 250.

for instance, that place stocks
I'm guessing that it's the wrong package, or it somehow wouldn't be compatible with the O2 board.

or ... tnG=Search

can't get much out of this, but it might have a little info about the chip (my adobe doesn't support unicode or something) ... JJ*&e=9888
uhh... ... 0-300.html

The downsizing of computing has made performance issues even more vital for workstations and highly functional personal computers. VR12000-300 microprocessor provides up to 20% higher performance than the previous model (the VR10000-250), while its binary and pin compatibility assure a smooth transition with no changes, other than power supply voltage.
thanks hamei, looks like instead of getting the bare part, it'll cost less to pick up an octane 300MHz proc (possibly with mobo) or some other sgi equipment with that sort of thing...
oh momma... daddy wants.
there's a document in techpubs that I found a while ago that had, iirc, some good tips about dvd-ram use. I posted it here somewhere, but that's all I remember.
I think I've got one that measures 1 meter by 1 meter. ... z&srch=udf
that might help, couldn't find the one I remember.
I'm kicking around the "hows" of a simple SCSI firewire driver. it'll take me a while, and stuff like byte endian ness are too complicated for me, but patience may pay off. maybe in a month or so I'll have code that'll be able to send a single SCSI command over firewire in IRIX.
GeneratriX wrote:
TeeTylerToe wrote: I'm kicking around the "hows" of a simple SCSI firewire driver. it'll take me a while, and stuff like byte endian ness are too complicated for me, but patience may pay off. maybe in a month or so I'll have code that'll be able to send a single SCSI command over firewire in IRIX.

These sounds very good 'TTT'! :D
... And I guess could cost us less than US$ 70,000! ;)

$69,999 =]
irix's an odd one. I've been looking into it, and there are parts that could be taken from other places to speed up developement... I think. mostly it's the PCI stuff. it's fairly standard, except the details about how the program gets the location of the PCI config space, and the base address register, which I haven't quite figured out. I think... ahh,
yea, I'm trying a different way, iirc some address is attached to a vertex on the hwgraph, and I think it's the BAR. there are also a couple other trees I'm barking up WRT that.
I heartily recommend full metal alchemist to everyone. if, after the first two awesome episodes, a few are a little slow, keep with it. I really got a lot out of it.
I have lots of Sbus cards someone else was throwing away... two keepers though, a Sun Video SBus card, and a dual FCAL 100Mb card (a handful of 25MB fcal cards that everyone tells me are propriatary, but conform to early revision of the same standards the other one does...) two multiport serial cards, some OC3 cards some FDDI cards, I think that's it.

system wise, I have an empty marathon CPCI chassis, and a SUN Ultra II with dual 300's, and 512MB RAM. I'm also holding on to my friend's ss5 (looks like the two have the same frame buffer) as he wants it with an operating system, and i've so far failed to install ss9 on it.

I'm in a similar situation to the one in another thread, where someone has a ultrasparc 10 but doesn't have a use for it. I was going to make it into a router, but the interim box does that job using less power, and making less noise...
unixmuseum, is that elite3d M6 horizontal, or vertical (horizontal UPA like sbus, or vertical UPA like PCI/AGP?) as I'd like to add that to my ultra 2

as to moogly guy, I can get you two 168's for the ultra 2, I have a pair of 300's, and a pair of 168's, and I'd like to end with a pair of 400's, but the 300's were cheap. (I think the x3666 also works)

what the heck are those two db9 ports doing on a graphics card?
uhh with the shell comment, if you're griping about what I assume you're griping about, maybe you should explore other terminal packages.

as for passing grade, I think it's changed recently, but iirc for me it was about 85%.

as for how to prepare for it... know subnetting backwards and forwards... it's broad ranged, so you have to know most of the stuff. last time I took it you could use the help functions so it was less memorization required there. sorry, it's been a while.
wishing here, but a mips chip with a on board memory controller, and on die hypertransport. hypertransport to numalink chip. or maybe intel's new CSI, but IBM's new power is going to have hypertransport I think.
I don't think the x-mplayer2 is the name of a program or package, I think it's a generic identifier, like pdf reader, or flash player. if you check the mozilla plugin site, it basically says that the only inline video you can do is mpeg2. mov, & wmv are out. realplayer has a linux version, and flash 9 is out. I have both of those working.
planetes about some space garbage disposers... starts goofy, gets goofier, then, and a friend of mine says is logically explained all in a scene where some suits dismiss something offhand, turns moral... then the ending is a little turbulent in the "too little explanation" sorta way IMHO. anyway good anime, some loose ends though.
don't suppose the elite3d M6 is horizontal (Ultra 2)?

watched fruits basket recently. I liked it a lot. a lot left unfinished though... and I've been so good about limiting my anime money to just a couple dvds.... now I have to get 17 $15+ manga...
imho if you're in best buy or somewhere, one of the best things to buy, is the first two revolutionary girl Utena disks. the escaflowne box set too, but the first season of utena is fantastic.
I've got a terrible memory for movie names. but here goes.
one of my favorites is cowboy bebop: Knockin on heaven's door.
flcl/furi kuri is another favorite
all studio ghibli ( )
read or die
ghost in the shell
macross plus
ah my goddess/ oh my goddess the movie

two movies that really shouldn't be watched before the series are the evangelion movies, and the kenshin movies

finally, jin-roh the wolf brigade is probably the best movie I've ever seen from both the technical, and emotional standpoint. that said, it's a big downer.
if you really want to crank it up to 11, a gateway ALR took 6 socket 8 processors. you could try 6x ppro, or 6x overdrive.
in a perfect world, what I'd like is to capture full res NTSC from my 250MHz R12K O2 in rice, or huffyuv, or one of the other favored lossless video compression formats. what I'm trying to do with the constraints I'm working with, is record in either MV using RLE24, or quicktime animation with full resolution NTSC. what I can't even is just plain record full resolution NTSC with no compression at all.

It looks like the comp option for dmrecord is there because they planned to add that feature later, but where it is now, it only accepts jpeg. so I look at avcapture. when I try anything with avcapture I get packing error, and when I specify -d 3 for vid device 3 (s-video) that fails before the packing has time to fail. I'd love to run avcapture -B which is a disk benchmark because whenever I run diskperf -W I get like 2MB on a 36GB 10K drive.

media recorder's nice, but I can't even get it to capture uncompressed without it dropping so many frames that the result video is choppy as heck.

I'd really like to do this without resorting to mjpeg, but can someone remind me what the max bitrate is for ICE compression?

does anyone have any advice on uncompressed vid cap on an O2?
cowboy bebop's pretty unique, the three series that I can think of right now that are most related are outlaw star, trigun, and kiddy grade. that said, you really shouldn't miss full metal alchemist. watch the first few episodes. that kind of series doesn't come along often.