Hardware For Sale/Trade

some hardware I don't need anymore...

Here comes the list:

(Sun) Elite3D-m6
(SGI) IP30 R12000/270MHz processor module (030-1467 boards only)
(SGI) 2xESI framebuffer
(SGI) 1xXIO2PCI bridge card for O2k

You only have to pay the shipping costs from .bg to your place (the hw is for free)...

PM me.
don't suppose the elite3d M6 is horizontal (Ultra 2)?

It's the Blade 1k UPA card. I don't think it'll fit in U2.
I'm not familiar with SUN's hardware, so I have to ask :)
I have an Ultra 1 Creator 3D which has UPA port. Will this card fit? (because as I see here can be a vertical one?)
I'm from Sofia ;)

P.S. i see.. blade, means vertical. :(
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