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5Dwm = vaporware, fake?

I've been following 5DWM development for years, and nothing appears to be released, at least in the form that E.M (the author) promises.

Even, the screenshots that the author published here,


appear to be "retouched" by some painting program, look at the last screen: the WM uses different fonts for two title bars (file manager and Notifier). That notifier window is also exactly the same as in the screenshots at , and the File Manager... ┬┐where is the file list with icons? ┬┐where are the traditional SGI tools ?

I don't want to attack the author, but seems that the development is FAR from being complete.

Of course I appreciate the efforts of porting Indigo desktop to Linux-x86, but I don't know why smells so 'fake'...


It's real. Eric is working very hard on it. End of discussion.

MaXX Desktop
#maxx on Freenode
well well well !

Are you from the Gnome or KDE community ? Just kidding.... or am I ?

I am finalizing the legal process with SGI and should be ready to release sometimes in October... I know it's not what you want to hear, but I've work on this project for over 4 years now and I will NOT risk getting into legal problem because I forgot something !

end of discussion !

Eric Masson

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