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Anyone tried building this for IRIX?

I tried a while back, but didn't get very far :?
Cool! Now i have to find my Marathon CDs!!
Let's face it, we all hate digging through the box(es) of CDs and irix updates, patches, etc. every time you need to install or add to the system. Seeing as the SCSI Toshiba 1711 DVD rom seems to work fine with IRIX, I have to ask.... Has anyone sucessfully made a bootable IRIX dvd? Am I asking for the impossible here?
Thanks Andreas,

Have you tried it? I was under the impression from other threads on comp.sys.sgi that it would be fairly complicated.... this seems too easy! I have a feeling it won't be, but at least the night is still young!
Hmm... so far, preliminary tests aren't good. I just burned a straight UDF DVD with the 6.5.23 updates on it (not bootable). SWManager returns the following:

ERROR: Cannot mount local CD :

I have been able to boot with real IRIX CD's on this drive. Could be the 512 byte sectors issue. My optimism is fading :(
Perhaps that's the problem.... I'm burning on a mac with toast. Won't allow ISO formated dvd's. Nor will it allow ISO CD's greater than 800 megs. Perhaps I'll try on a PC with GEAR Pro. Unles someone has another suggestion.

On another note.: When I went to eject the DVD I got the following:

dksc0d4vol: [Alert] Illegal request: Invalid command code (asc=0x20, asq=0x0) CDB: 2a 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 1 0

Since installing the drive, I haven't tried to many DVDs in it. CD's all seem to work fine.
Well, it looks as if all my tests were failures. None of my test disks would mount, let alone boot. I've made successful CD's using mkefs but, IRIX sems to recognize the DVD's as DVD's. I can't access any of th data on the disk.

Anyone else had any luck?
Having a problem moving from 6.5.24 to 6.5.25:

Code: Select all

Cannot replace eoe.sw.base (1289579220) (with eoe.sw.base (1289588420))
because it is needed by other products.
1a. Do not replace eoe.sw.base (1289579220)
1b. Remove
ViewKit_dev.books.ViewKit_PG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
ViewKit_dev.sw.base (1289579220)
ViewKit_dev.sw.demo (1289579220)
ViewKit_dev.sw.lib (1289579220) (1289579220)
ViewKit_eoe.sw.base (1289579220)
dmedia_dev.books.DMExamples (1289579220)
dmedia_dev.books.DMediaDev_PG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
dmedia_dev.sw.base (1289579220)
dmedia_eoe.books.FXbuilder_Help (1289579220)
dmedia_eoe.books.MediaTls_UG (1289579220)
dmedia_eoe.books.SynthEditor_UG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
dmedia_eoe.sw.lib (1289579220)
dmedia_eoe.sw.plugins (1289579220) (1289579220)
dvdr.books.DevDriver_PG (1289579220)
gl_dev.books.OpenGL_PG (1289579220)
gl_dev.books.OpenGL_Porting (1289579220)
gl_dev.books.OpenGL_RM (1289579220)
gl_dev.books.OpenGLonSGI (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
gl_dev.sw.gldev (1289579220)
gl_dev.sw.widget (1289579220) (1319579220) (1319579220)
ifl_dev.sw.c++ (1319579220) (1319579220) (1319579220)
ifl_eoe.sw.c++ (1319579220) (1319579220)
il_eoe.sw.c++ (1319579220)
il_eoe.sw.il2_5 (1319579220)
il_eoe.sw.vk (1319579220)
impr_base.books.Impr_UG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
impr_base.sw.impr (1289579220)
impr_print.sw.laserjetPS (1289579220)
inst_dev.books.Swpkg_UG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
inst_dev.sw.base (1289579220)
license_dev.demo.flexlm (1289579220)
license_dev.hdr.flexlm (1289579220)
license_dev.lib.flexlm (1289579220)
license_dev.lib32.flexlm (1289579220)
license_dev.lib64.flexlm (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers_audio (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers_html (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers_image (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers_inventor (1289579220)
media_warehouse.sw.viewers_movie (1289579220) (1279579220) (1279579220) (1279579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
motif_eoe.sw.eoe (1289579220)
tooltalk_eoe.books.ToolTalk_AG (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
tooltalk_eoe.sw.links (1289579220)
tooltalk_eoe.sw.runtime (1289579220)
tooltalk_eoe.sw32.runtime (1289579220) (1289579220)
websupport_eoe.sw.lib (1289579220)
websupport_eoe.sw32.lib (1289579220)
webviewer.books.WebCP_Help (1289579220) (1289579220)
webviewer.sw.browser (1289579220)
webviewer.sw.eoe (1289579220) (1289579220) (1289579220)
x_dev.sw.binaries (1289579220) (1289579220)

Resolve conflicts by typing "conflicts choice choice ..."
or try "help conflicts"

went about installing in the usual manner:

Code: Select all

Inst> keep *

Inst> install upgrade

Inst> install prereqs

I've tried openeing all the base cds, but as you can see from the above, it's not giving me the choice to resolve the conflicts without removing any of the above packages. Doing so results in a whole slew of other conflicts, not the least of which is removing half of my freeware and commercial apps. I tried checking off everything that was conflicting, but it still won't resolve. :(

Any suggstions?
nekonoko wrote:
But even if they did I'm sure they would have put their logo/name on it.

$150 buys a lot of spray paint! :lol:
No need to spend $30K on a new Prism... make your own!

1) Steal your moms box cheese grater.

2) Run to the hardware store and buy some purple spray paint.

3) Pop the cube logo off that old R5K O2 that's sitting idle under your desk (you know, the one you're resting your feet on while reading this).

4) Paint 'er up and slap in a mini ATX motherboard (or yank the one out of your unsuccessful O2 mod).

5) Bam! Instant high performance computing a la SGI.

Differentiated architecture delivers unrivaled performance and grate-ability. All for less than $500-.
hamei wrote:
btw, do you think they're even aware that people who spent $7,000 to $50,000 less than a couple years ago to buy SGI desktops can't even watch their god-damned Flash presentations ?

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. It's part of their marketing "strategy".
nekonoko wrote: Ecchi nano wo ikenai to omoimasu!

I'd like to know what the tag line says. I made a half hearted attempt to translate it a while back, but got nowhere. So I gave up! :D
Well, it looks like the latest release supports IRIX! I just built it tonight (which is a bloody miracle for a dimwit like me). Ahhh, the memories. What an awesome game. If you'd like to see the predecessor to Halo, give it a shot ;)

More info on open source Marathon can be found here .
I built it last night with GCC and FW_SDL. It seems to work fine on my 400Mhz O2. Movement is fluid in Marathon 2. Seems stable. I'd offer to build a Nekoware version, but I really don't know what I'm doing, so I'll leave that to the experts ;) I'm going to have to try it with the high res texture pack. Link to that is on the Marathon Open Source page.

I wonder if it's possible to port the Level editors (Pforte and Anvil)? I think those are opened up too.

Now to see if it runs on my R4400 Indy! Wish I knew where my Marathon Infinity Disk was :(
I'm running 6.5.25. As far as I can tell all the drawing tools still work, you just can't use type :( I haven't "stress tested" it though.


Looks like the same is true for Photoshop.

Oddly enough, FrameMaker seems unaffected.
If it supports CMYK, then it could be a much needed replacement for photoshop on IRIX. At $32-$100, the price is right!
Search for "Lightwave Patch" on comp.sys.sgi.

Nuff said.
Thomas W. wrote:
will not work with the demo version, sorry.

try to find an original one, like i did :D

Like on *cough* emule *cough* :wink:
Just nudging the OP in the right direction ;)

After all, owning the media doesn't give you a right to use... but that's a whole other topic. I think it's fairly clear that Lightwave isn't interested in supporting IRIX anymore. Go figure :roll:
LaZeR_BEAK wrote: then once in 6.5 i then NFS mounted my 6.5.22 overlays and conflicts a gogo.

Did you install patch 5086 before running a live install of the 6.5.22 update? That's the most likely cause of your problems. I'm not sure if installing the patch and re-installing the .22 overlays again will fix it. You may have to start from scratch or remove the .22 update, patch and re-install it.

If WV Japanese is giving you problems and you don't need it, don't install it. The older versions have security issues.
unixmuseum wrote: Next step is to make an IRIX 6.5+6.5.27 installation DVD.

I put a 1401 in my O2. It's quite nice. I hope you get somewhere with the installer DVD. That would be awesome!
I got stuck at about the same place....

have a look here

one of the hilights:

> I'm pretty sure you can put ISO9660 filesystems on DVD media.

Yes, of course you can. However, the IRIX ISO9660 implementation was
done as a user mode NFS2 server and NFS aint available in the
miniroot, therefore no ISO9660 in the miniroot. In addition, the
implementation has an inherent 2GB filesystem size limit which is not a
problem for CDs but is a bit annoying for DVDs.
I've also tried making a Freeware DVD (iso). The problem there was that the dist directory came up as empty when mounted on IRIX boxes. Other directories on the same disk with fewer items in them were fine :?

Mounting the disk on another filesystem showed the contents of dist were there. Wtf?
Anyone know what file format a template for IconSmith has to be? There's an option under import to read a template file, but all the different file formats i've tried aren't readable :? The documentation from SGI suggests tracing on an acetate and taping it to your monitor. Seriously!

On the same note, i'm trying to draw a closed shape in the form of an "H". Yet even with concave GL check, the fill goes all wonky. That is, if I apply the GL check it looks fine, then I save and re-open it and the fill color escapes the boundaries. The only workaround I've found is to mahe the "H" outline and use seperate squares to fill it in. Not very elegant.
hamei wrote:
does OS X still read-write Appletalk ? i've never needed it but 6.5 has that option ....

Yes. Don't you need a license to use Appletalk on IRIX? I usually just remove it.
cmstar wrote:
And for everyone who suggest networking, telneting, ftping, serial consoling my way in :: thank you for the suggestion. But I know next to nothing about Irix (though I want to learn) have never used this machine, got it from a surplus auction....can't properly view it (res/sync wrong for my monitor, and can't login to it).

If you have some really old macs (like Quadra or early PPC) and an Imagewriter printer cable you could connect to the serial port and run a terminal emulator on OS 9. See here for instructions on the settings for your terminal app. Plug the cable into the indy and the other end in the mac, start up the terminal and then boot the Indy.

There are instructions kicking around for clearing the root password, but I think you'll need a media set to do it (I may be mistaken though). Google should turn up some results.

Once you're past that hurdle, try running setmon to fix your monitor problems.
cmstar wrote:
You think early PPC is 'really old' *lol*

Well, they're ancient in computer terms ;)

cmstar wrote:
I have several of the PCI PowerSurge PowerMac series (7500-9500). Some run BeOS, some run YellowDog linux (need to look up the XFS support for that), some run OS 9, and Most run OS X (via xpostfacto).

You don't need XFS to run terminal sessions. Might be handy if you want to netboot your Indy. Someone else will have to help you with that bit as i've never net booted from a linux server.

Good luck.
I hope you unplugged it before removing anything.

with that said.
A)Hook up a serial cable to port 1 and run an xterminal on another machine to see if you get any output at all.

B) There is a small hole next to the on button. Try poking a paperclip in there to reset it.

C) Power it up. When you only get the amber light, Yank the plug out and put it back in (Seriously).

D) Unplug the system, remove the motherboard. Next to the Dallas time keeper chip there is a jumper, put the jumper so it covers both pins. Reassemble the O2 and plug it in. Power up. Yank the plug (as it won't power down) and move the jumper back to where it was. Reassemble the unit and power up again.

If you're ripping everything apart, make sure the dimms are properly seated and the CPU as well.
nekonoko wrote: Normally the power on jumper is only necessary if the power supply isn't powering up the system at all. With the amber light lit we're obviously getting power :) I'd say it's more likely something is loose or perhaps a problem with the installed RAM.

True enough. I've only had to pull that trick once (Thankfully). I have one O2 that occasionaly stays stuck on amber. The paperclip trick or yanking the power cord wakes it up.
You'll probably get nothing on the serial console if it's not getting into the prom. Try removing all but a couple of DIMMS. They must be installed matched pairs.

I was serious about the power cord being disconnected when adding/removing boards. If the unit is plugged in and you insert the mobo it could spell the end.

I don't think the system will boot without the PCI riser installed (Could be wrong), so check that it's well seated too.

I think Neko is right, it sounds like the memory or CPU aren't seated right.
Avi. I've said it before.... You da man!
A little OT, but maybe helpful. I have a Samsung 950p that supports SOG, it had to be set using the onscreen menus. The catch. It wouldn't dispaly the settings menu when hooked up to the Octane (no sync), so I had to plug it into a PC, set SOG and then move it to the SGI. Maybe that's the case with your LaCie?
Whenever I lauch certain applications (swmgr, xvm manager) I'm getting the following error:

Code: Select all

Warning: Cannot convert string "-monotype-arial-regular-r-normal--*-140-*-*-p-*-iso8859-15" to type FontStruct

and the fonts come out like:


I can't find monotype arial anywhere (tried reinstalling all the fonts from my base CDs) nor do I know why these applications are looking for it.

Not sure where to go from here :?

Running IRIX 6.5.27 F.
That fixed it! Thank-you Zappa!
By far not the worst offender, but I find the Discreet suite (FFI, etc) to be less than user friendly or intuitive.
Thanks to Fu for the idea ;)

Since there seem to be many rumors and myths surrounding the Fuel , let's try and get a comprehensive list of what is known to work on the red beasts. Some of this information may apply to other members of the IP35 family (Tezro, O300, O350, Onyx3, O3k, etc) but this aggregation is primarily aimed at the Fuel

Firewire PCI Boards:
- Adaptec 4300 (Red PCB)
- Belkin F5U503Vea1 (Blue PCB)
See the "Other PCI Cards" list for a FW/USB Combo card

Firewire 400 Hard Drives: Any Oxford 911 chipset based drive should work
- Maxtor One Touch II - Combo USB2 and Firewire (300Gig)
- Elite Pro FireWire Enclosure with Oxford911+ chipset
- LaCie Hard Drive (design by F.A. Porsche)

FireWire Card Readers Note: IRIX support for FAT file systems is limited to FAT16 / 2GB.
- Microtech FW CameraMate (Compact Flash - there is also an SCM branded version of the CameraMate) - see this thread for details.
- Lexar RW-19b Firewire (Compact Flash) - see this thread for details.
- SanDisk Extreme IV FireWire Reader/Writer (Compact Flash) - see this thread for details.
- HAMA Traveldrive CF (Compact Flash) - see this thread for details.

Firewire Video Devices (the optional DM10 Development libraries are required - installation instructions in this post)
- IIDC Devices: - AV/C Devices:
Fibre Channel:
- Qlogic QLA2200 (single-port, 1GB/s)
- Qlogic QLA2310/2310F (single-port, 2GB/s, requires IRIX6.5.18 or later)
- QLogic QLA2340 (single-port, 2GB/s, requires IRIX6.5.18 or later)
- QLogic QLA2342 (dual-port, 2GB/s, requires IRIX6.5.18 or later)
- QLogic QLA2344 (quad-port, 2GB/s, requires IRIX6.5.18 or later)
- LSI LSI7104XP-LC (single-port, 4GB/s, requiresIRIX6.5.28 or later)
- LSI LSI7204XP-LC (dual-port, 4GB/s, requiresIRIX6.5.28 or later)

- SGI 2-Port PCIX Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE HBA - SGI Part # PCIX-SCSI-U4-2P
- LSI LSI21320-IS Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE HBA (OEM functional equivalent to PCIX-SCSI-U4-2P)
- LSI LSI22320 Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE HBA (two external ports)
- LSI LSI22320-R Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE HBA (two external ports) - SGI part number 013-1994-002
- Qlogic QLA-1080
- Qlogic QLA-1280
- Qlogic QLA-10160
- Qlogic QLA-12160

- LSI SAS3041X-R 4 internal SAS/SATA ports
- LSI SAS3442X 8-port SAS/SATA HBA (4 ports internal, 1x SFF8470 4-lane external)
- LSI SAS3442X-R 8-port SAS/SATA HBA (4 ports internal, 1x SFF8470 4-lane external)
- LSI SAS3080X-R 8 internal SAS/SATA ports (the HP 347786-B21 is an OEM version)
- LSI SAS3800X 8 external SAS/SATA ports (2x SFF8470 4-lane Infiniband)
- LSI SAS3801X 8 external SAS/SATA ports (2x 4-lane SFF8088 miniSAS)

SATA / SAS Devices:
- Quantum TC-L42AN LTO-4 SAS tape drive (IRIX definition file in this forum topic )
- IBM Half-Height Gen 4 LTO SAS tape drive (IRIX definition file in this forum topic )

Gigabit Ethernet PCI Cards: * see here for hacking instructions
- Alteon ACEnic 10/100/1000*
- Compaq NC7770 Gigabit Server Adapter* (Tigon3 chipset)
- 3Com 3C996 10/100/1000 PCI-X Server Network Interface Card* (Tigon3 chipset)
- SGI GigE with SGI part number 9210289
- SGI PCI-X Dual Port Fiber Giga Ethernet Card (Made by Silicom Ltd Model PXG2F-SGI), part number 9210293
- Generic BCM5704 Dual port Gigabit ( detals in this topic )

Audio PCI Cards
- M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PCI card (requires IRIX 6.5.21 or higher; the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 was used by SGI as the DM8 Digital Audio Option)
- RAD Digital Audio PCI card 3.3 volt cards only! SGI Part # 030-1441-001 & SGI Part # 030-1649-001
- Early Release 5V RAD Digital Audio cards (the 5V only versions, but only after this modification )
- Creative Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS (SB Audigy boards require IRIX 6.5.25 or higher)
- Creative Soundblaster Audigy (SB00090) ( generates a boot error message but otherwise works fine. )
- Ceative Soundblaster Audigy ES (SB0160), ( works, but generates same boot-time error messages as the Audigy SB00090 ).

Other PCI Cards
- PCI Serial I/O (UFC) SGI Part # 030-1657-003
- Adaptec AUA 3020 rev B Firewire/USB Combo card (blue PCB) - works in Fuel, had bus reset issues in Tezro/O350. See this nekochan topic for details.
- DMediaPro DM6 digital video I/O board - SGI Part # 013-3745-002 See this nekochan topic for details.

USB Devices See this thread for info on setting ioconfig.conf to get your USB device up and running, or see the usbinput man page.
- Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3
- Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4
- Logitech USB Illuminated Keyboard
- Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard (programmable macro keys not supported)
- Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB
- Apple Mighty Mouse
- Apple Pro-Keyboard
- IBM Preferred USB Keyboard
- Griffin iMic and iMic2
- Telex USB audio device
- Apple iMac Graphite USB keyboard
- Logitech TrackMan Wheel USB mouse (scroll supported) P/N 804360 - 1000
- Sony VAIO USB mouse
- 3D Connexion Spaceball 5000, driver v. 4.64 (works with Pro/E Wildfire 2)
- Wacom Graphire4
- Logitech USB Stereo Headset (microphone not supported)

CD/DVD Drives
- Toshiba SD-M1401 SCSI DVD-ROM
- Toshiba SD-M1711 SCSI DVD-ROM
- SGI External DVD-ROM Drive (bootable; SGI Model CMN020; Klingon Gray enclosure)
- Pioneer DVD-304S ( bootable, audio-over-SCSI )
- HP C4315 (an OEM'd Pioneer 304S - HP enclosure requires modification - bootable, audio-over-SCSI )
- Pioneer DVD-305S ( bootable, audio-over-SCSI not yet tested)
- HP C7499B (an OEM'd Pioneer 305S - bootable, audio-over-SCSI )[/list]
- Pioneer DVR-110DBK DVD Writer* (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970) Audio over SCSI also works with this config.
- Pioneer DVR-109 DVD Writer* (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970)
- Pioneer DVR-106 DVD Writer* (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970)
- LG 4167B DVD Writer (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970)
- LG GSA-H42N-BK DVD Writer (Bootable/Audio Over SCSI) (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970)
- Samsung DVD-Writer TS-H652 (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970)
- TEAC CD-R58S CD Writer (Bootable)
- Lite-On DH-20A4P-04 DVD Writer (via Yamaha SCSI-IDE Converter V769970) (Bootable)
- Yamaha CRW2100S SCSI CDRW
*The Pioneer drives give the following error when a DVD-R is ejected:

Code: Select all

dksc1d3vol: [Alert] Illegal request: Incompatible media (asc=0x30, asq=0x5)  CDB: 2a 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 0
So far it doesn't seem to affect anything.

Alternative Power Supplies:
Included in this thread are specific instructions on how to create an ATX-to-Fuel PSU converter so that a properly spec'd ATX power supply could be used as a replacement for the SGI OEM unit.

Ultra-High Resolution Monitors:
- IBM T221 Monitor at display resolutions as high as 3840x2400 with DCD-equipped V12 graphics (lower resolutions are also possible with the V10). Details in this post: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16726857

Fuel Fan Replacements courtesy of Schleusel

Code: Select all

Original                                                                 size(mm)      RPM       CFM    m^3/h   dBA
EXHAUST    Delta        AFB1212LE         DC12V 0.30A     3pin Molex    120x120x38     2000     84.76    144     34
DISK       Delta        AFB0612M          DC12V 0.12A     3pin Molex     60x60x25      3600     19.78    33.6    31
PCI        Delta        AFB0812L          DC12V 0.12A                    80x80x25      2400     27.9     47.4    25
XIO        Delta        AFB0612M          DC12V 0.12A                    60x60x25      3600     19.78    33.6    31
PSU        Minebea      3110Kl-04W-B60    DC12V 0.34A     2pin Molex     80x80x25      3400     42       71.35   35


EXHAUST    Titan        TFD-12025M12B      DC12V 0.28A    3pin Molex    120x120x25     2000     79.14    134.5    36
DISK       YS-TECH      FD126025LB-N(2A5)  DC12V 0.12A    3pin Molex      60x60x25     2600     17.1      29      25.5
PCI        YS-TECH      FD1281253B-2A      DC12V 0.10A    3pin Molex      80x80x25     2000     30.0      51      23
XIO        YS-TECH      FD126025MB         DC12V 0.12A    3pin Molex      60x60x25     3700     20.0      34      28
PSU        PAPST        8412 N/2GME        DC12V 0.10A    3pin Molex      80x80x25     2600     34.12     58      26

Schleusel's comments on the fan replacements:

I mostly went with YS-TECH as those are relatively cheap and very quiet for the amount of air they move - i'm pretty happy with that choice so far. Especially replacing the two small XIO fans was really worth it.

Initially I had no intention to replace the large Exhaust fan as it was barely running at half speed most of the time - but as soon as I had replaced the rest I realised the very annoying clatter it produced. If your's is quiet - don't replace it
The Titan fan I now have in there isn't really optimal as it is only a 25mm thick model. It needs a higher rpm to move the same amount of air (currently its running at ~1500 rpm compared to the ~1200 rpm the original was mostly running at) but its still a lot more pleasent than the old one. It seems to be pretty hard to find 120x120x38mm fans these days.. well, apart from some 30 EUR+ PAPST models..

A note on the PSU fan:

I have the first generation 430W PSU so I can't comment on the newer 480W ones. The PSU fan was by far the noisiest part in the system. Noname thing running at 3400rpm and no rpm sensor (two pin only). The L1 controller does somehow manage to "guess" its rpm but it isn't really controlled. A few minutes after the machine is powered on it just keeps running at peak rpm. Initially I replaced it with a YS-TECH at 3000 rpm that actually moved more air than the original one - and was almost as annoying As the PSU is hardly running at 50% load and barely got hot I decided to try the PAPST I currently have in there. 19% less throughput at 2600 rpm - a lot better. Some Silent PC junkie would probably still run away but I don't really dare to go even lower. It needed a little software hack though: When initially powered on, the PAPST is running below the warning rpm of the L1 environmental monitoring. So with the monitoring running the L1 would just switch off the machine 60 seconds after power on. To work arount that I wrote an init script that switches off the env monitoring during system shutdown and switches it on again 5 minutes after the system is booted. At that time the PAPST is already running at full rpm and the L1 is happy - very ugly but works.

Anyway, a newer PSU is still quite high on my wishlist. Several l1cmd env outputs of machines with 480W PSU show the stock fan running way slower than my original one.. and hopefully with proper rpm sensor as the rest of the fans too.

Many thanks to Schleusel for this info!

The fan headers in the Fuel use a non-standard pin out. Martin Steen provided this photo shows how to connect the cables of a standard PC-fan to make it work on the Fuel. (or the wiring leads could be changed at the plug).
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Keep 'em coming and I'll update the list.

<updated 17 March 2014>
Sweet. Glad to hear the card is working out. A little surprised to see where it ended up though :lol:
Hamster wrote: You also can use a serial cable for "old-world" MAC's :)

I'm using a Newton serial cable to talk to my Indy. They're not uncommon on ebay. See RageX's post here .
lewis wrote: I find the default icons annoyingly difficult to interpret, but making a whole set of text-only ones would take for-ev-er...

When you're done, you could share with the rest of us :lol:
What excellent timing! I'm supposed to be picking up an Indigo this weekend.