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IconSmith: File format for a template?

Anyone know what file format a template for IconSmith has to be? There's an option under import to read a template file, but all the different file formats i've tried aren't readable :? The documentation from SGI suggests tracing on an acetate and taping it to your monitor. Seriously!

On the same note, i'm trying to draw a closed shape in the form of an "H". Yet even with concave GL check, the fill goes all wonky. That is, if I apply the GL check it looks fine, then I save and re-open it and the fill color escapes the boundaries. The only workaround I've found is to mahe the "H" outline and use seperate squares to fill it in. Not very elegant.
I just noticed this old post. I suspect that the original poster is long gone, but someone might be interested.

It's been years, but to the best of my recollection the format for templates is simply another .fti file. If that file is imported as a template, then it is not modified or saved with the new icon, but acts as a reference layer.

By the way, I see that someone has developed a Java based .fti editor. The user interface is a bit different than IconSmith. It's available for download in the Apps section of this website:
Appreciate the info! zafunk was on Nekochan just the other day, you can check by clicking on the Profile button in anybody's post.

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The documentation from SGI suggests tracing on an acetate and taping it to your monitor. Seriously!
I've done that... I've also done things far more embarrassing than that.. when you want something done you gotta do it!

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Concerning templates, I usually use bitmaps, displayed with imagemagick or xv at a suitable size, and flip between iconsmith and the template with Alt+F3.

The FTI Editor comes with two functions I've been missing in Iconsmith: nameing parts and the capability to move them up and down in steps, instead of just all the way to the top or bottom. What I'm still missing is a function to snap to intersections of lines, and a function to turn closed polygons back into open ones (although the latter is easy with a text editor...)