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zafunk wrote: Perhaps that's the problem.... I'm burning on a mac with toast.

Use hdiutil, it should already be installed (assuming you're using OS X).

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PowerBook$  hdiutil makehybrid -o myimage.iso StuffForImage/ -iso
PowerBook$  hdiutil burn myimage.iso

Read the hdiutil manpage, it can do just about anything.
Timberoz wrote:
Also on the list to be able to allow for keystone correction, possible by mapping the image to polgons or a surface patch & pull the outer points to reshape the video output. I would want this feature because the LCD projectors that I will be using are mounted on a moving yold (frame) & their position is programable.

Digital keystone correction is not a Good Thing... it's impossible to do without losing resolution/quality. You'd be better off doing keystone correction in the projector itself, if at all. There are only two ways to do keystone correction without compromising quality: 1) in the lens assembly iself or 2) by using CRT projectors, which allow for a wide range of raster geometry adjustments.
I just ran across this: ... /cs248-99/
Several of the games are built for IRIX.
From the "what's new in Maya 6" page:
Performance improvements – Maya 6 has been optimized throughout. For example: the Smooth Proxy is up to 18 times faster, and Subdivision Surface performance is up to 8 times faster.

I wonder if this is just a marketing bullet item or if the whole application has really been sped up. I'm looking forward to hearing Maya 6 vs Maya 5 (or even Maya 4.5 and 4.0) performance reports from IRIX users. In theory, Alias could have used the latest MIPSpro compilers and gotten a lot of performance help and advice from SGI...

I doubt they'll make an IRIX version of the Personal Learning Edition... but I suppose its worth asking for.
AlphaPi[jr] wrote: Hallo!

This is my first post on Nekochan but I lurked here for a long time.

AlphaPi[jr] wrote: I am in need of old software for Irix 3.3.1, especially an internt browser and irc client.
I tried to install Mosaic 1.2 but it requires Irix 4.0.5 .

I think you may have been asleep for the past 11 years!

Even Mosaic 0.5 (~January 1993) requires Irix 4.x. The source to Mosaic is freely available, so I suppose you could try to compile it under 3.3.x. As for IRC, you may have some success building ircii under 3.3.x, it's pretty basic.
Shtoink wrote:
I also noticed that they niow have thier own Hair system built in. No idea how it stacks up to Shave, but it still better than just a plain shader or Paint Effects that are difficult to animate.

Shave is no longer sold for IRIX.

Nice to see Freeware living again. Though I wish they would have included their own build of FireFox as mentioned on the usenet: ...

Thankfully we have Foetz!
Interesting thread. I'm curious, what version(s) of Maya and Softimage|3D do you folks consider to be "the best" for Indigo2 MaxImpact and any O2 in general?

Is SI|3D still sold and does the most recent version of it still run well on older SGIs?

How does one go about buying an older version of Maya?
I'm interested!
foetz wrote:
skywriter wrote: can you add a 'fast' button? they're all too slow to use.

*posted from internet explorer*

what sgi do you have?
indy r4k?

I *wish* Mozilla was "just slow" on even R5K Indy, instead it's painful. :(
The latest FireFox on R12K/300 Octane is "OK", but certainly not speedy.

MSIE 6 is quite fast on a 500 MHz Pentium 3, and renders almost every site perfectly. It's the rest of its host OS I don't care for. That and never-ending Windows Update circus.

Regardless, I thank you Foetz for your Mozilla and FireFox builds. Rolling my own Mozilla revealed the numerous tedious dependencies required. Ugh.

*Posted from Safari on a PowerBook*
Direct3D is just one of many libraries available in DirectX. For game developers it makes sense to support a certain version of DirectX and leave compatibility up the the sound/graphics card makers.

Direct3D, like the rest of the Win32 development world is fine... if you like object oriented orgies. C++ hell. But some people enjoy that.

A couple of the Mac (and Linux) game porting houses have written development-time Direct3D->OpenGL wrappers. The result is good but not perfect. You get something that's slower and more difficult to tune/optimize.
Very nice! Perfect example of good 4dwm icon!
I'm in the process of buying a friend's Octane2 that I have already been borrowing for awhile. Regardless if our deal goes through or not, I am still looking to buy another Octane. I'll probably buy one from Reputable, but wanted to check here first.

Original "cube logo" green skins.
Must be in perfect physical and cosmetic condition.
(some internal dust is OK)
Single R10K/250 or better
384 MB RAM or better
4 GB drive or better

Requested, but not required:
SE or better
030-1467-001 IP30
Two hard drives (or sleds)
PCI card cage

Keyboard, Mouse, cables are not required

I plan on upgrading this machine over time, so the exact specs are not as important as cosmetic condition.
Awesome work!

You should get ahold of Brandon to see if he has any hardware colorspace conversion suggestions. I recall he spent a lot of time and research working on that component of his IRIX DivX player.
VPro is faster, newer, and more reliable than previous Octane graphics. And if you have modern CRT, you get the benefit of crisp 96 Hz! But, unless you really need the power of VPro, save your money for for more RAM, a faster drive, or a faster CPU.

For the little OpenGL tinkering I do, my Indigo2 MaxImpact felt just as fast as the MXI Octane I used to work with, and just as fast as the V6 Octane I'm currently borrowing. In my own case, I'm aiming for 1xR10K/250 SE+Tex for the Octane I'm wanting to buy or piece together. I some day hope to upgrade that to 2xR10K/250 2MB L2. O2 with the 600+ MHz RM7000C mod is also interesting to me as it would give just about the right CPU performance and plenty of OpenGL power for what I do.

If you need ultimate OpenGL performance, get VPro. Period.
unixmuseum wrote:
Dr. Dave wrote: Any thoughts on performance? I'd consider if it provides a huge benefit over MXI, but since MXI does texturing (plus I also have a spare MXI) and offers decent 3D speed, good 2D speed, and leaves open the possibility of PVO, I'd have to be convinced.


I can share my experience so far, comparing a V10 to SSE and SI+TRAM.
My applications are 3D CAD/CAE, i.e. heavy openGL requirements, with optional texture/environment/clearcoat mapping (sometimes a lot of it!). V10 does great in standard graphics, and does wonderful in textures. I uploaded two textured object pics, class-A type of surface (very heavy surface definition, hard on graphics cards). I get real time dynamic viewing on the V10, [email protected]

I'm pretty sure the V6 would do pretty much the same, minus the resolution limitations... This is a departure from SSE or SI+TRAM for sure... Interestingly enough, V10 does as well on untextured and much better (that the big surprise!) on textured than a 128MB nvidia Quadro 1000...

Whoa, very cool! What app is that in your screenshots? Sure looks snazzy!
Dr. Dave wrote: So basically a V6 is really a [email protected] beast then... if you can run it at that speed, then you're good to go.

Even better than that... at [email protected], V6 can do 16 byte pixels, which gives you double buffered, depth buffered, 48 bit color (12/12/12/12 RGBA).
NauSeuM wrote: this isn't the same as S.Dakhil known on the newsgroups as a bad seller is it?

It could be.

Communication was the biggest problem when dealing with S.Dakhil. His prices were good and his machines were in good cosmetic condition. I don't think he was any worse than the average eBay dealer today (probably better), but he's no Greg Douglas.

Just be sure both you and Dakhil are clear on what accessories are included and at what cost.
squeen wrote: Please let me know hwo this performs. I have the SCSI DVD-RAM drive from SGI and have had problems with the data integrity on some writes (i.e. I get a file of <nulls>). Other times, all is OK. I wonder if I got a bad drive or cable.

Have you tried the patch(es)? They fix the following bug:
916895 - Data written to a udf fs on a DVD-RAM is randomly corrupted
I've never used BXPro, but X-Designer is a very slick application! Designing, simulating, compiling, and testing a GUI was very fast and very easy on an R12K/400 O2 running X-Designer 6.0.

But it's sooo expensive. You might be better off with an O2 running 6.3 and RapidApp. (This is the combo Cesar used to help him write Pegamento).
It seems that LACE Technology will no longer do the soldering job required for the O2 300 MHz RM5200 -> 600 MHz RM7000C upgrade modification. Has anyone located another rework shop willing to do this work for a reasonable price?

Also, has anyone tried R12K/400 -> 450 MHz overclocking and/or L2 cache upgrade as ChicagoJoe suggested sometime back?

I will have to return my loaner Octane back to its original owner in a few weeks and am looking for a replacement machine. Despite it being slower than Octane2, I am leaning towards a faster CPU for my O2. I had originally hoped to wait for a 700 MHz RM7000C, but it seems as though such a CPU may never be built.
This was discussed on the usenet and in a Matlab mailing list. Release 13 for IRIX almost didn't happen due to sales figures and limiations in the IRIX implemenation of Java. To meet the needs of a few major customers, Mathworks agreed to work with SGI to make release 13 possible. I believe they made it very clear that release 13 would be the last for IRIX.

Have you worked with a recent unix version of Matlab? The GUI is a mess and it's Java everywhere. You're better off with Windows for Matlab anyway. Even the Mac OS X version is a mess.

The last "good" version of Matlab was release 11 (version 5.3). Everything since then has been a cross platform, java, not-really-native-anywhere heap of crap. Maple is heading down the exact same path on all of its supported platforms, but that's another rant...
colin wrote: Maple is heading down the exact same path on all of its supported platforms, but that's another rant...

Ok, I guess I can safely upgrade from Maple 6!

Maple 9.5 (latest version) is still available for IRIX, and when launched with "xmaple -cw", it loads the classic GUI, rather than the slow Java mess!

Do any IRIX Mathematica users have screenshots of recent versions? I have only used the Mac OS X version of that app, haven't even seen the IRIX version.
squeen wrote: Here's a screenshot of Mathematica 5.0

WOW!... did I ever suffer a case of brainfade. I looked at your screenshot and thought, "hmm, that sure looks familar"... then my brain finally found first gear, "oh yeah, I guess I played with the demo about a month ago!".
jdboyd wrote: I suspect that DisplayPDF and FCP really pissed off Adobe.

Mac OS X uses Apple's own Quartz, it's not "Display PDF". Its primitives can easily be exported as PDF (or PS, or SVG, or...). Search the Usenet for posts by Mike Paquette, a NeXT/Apple engineer.

As for Adobe, they seem to get "pissed off" by anything other than steadily increasing sales and licence agreements.
Cory5412 wrote: (I'd suspect though that it was FC*E* that really made adobe mad, if anything from apple at all, because FCE and iMovie are really what bites into the market that Premeire would've had.) (So I guess adobe's best strategy would've been to turn Premeire into the iMovie/FCP of the Windows platform, instead of trying to compete with free, and SEVERELY less expensive options on the mac.)

Have you used Microsoft's free Windows Movie Maker 2.0? It's far better than the original 1.0 release and is pretty much has everything found in the original release of iMovie.

I'm amazed at how much "mindshare" Adobe Premeire has. It seems like the average semi-pro computer user assumes that Premeire is the gold standard of video apps... despite better products for the same price range (Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Avid DV, etc).
hamei wrote: if we wanted to be like 90% of the computing world, we could go out and buy a crappy all-in-one mommyboard with a 2 ghz celeron, cheap flaky memory, a 60 gig ide hard drive, realtek 8139 ethershit nic, AC97 onboard audio, a jaton 'video' card

HA! I **wish** 90% of the computing world had a dedicated graphics card! You wouldn't believe how many PCs have "integrated" graphics. Sucks up a a bit of the RAM, but totally kills performance. Overtaxed hardware, not enough RAM to start with, some of that precious RAM unavailable for Windows to use, poor drivers, and you've got a WIN-WIN situation!

It's bad enough on the newer i865G chipset, it's very painful on the old i810 chipsets I see all over the place. Yeah, great idea, lets use the PC100 RAM for the frame buffer too! It's not much better with the new DDR6-9900 SUPER HAPPY OVERCLOX0R RAM either.

A $7 Jaton graphics card with 4 MB of framebuffer and a SiS graphics chip can literally double the performance of one of those older, nasty, all-in-one motherboards. Mix in some of that XP goodness with spyware, a fragmented IDE drive with a zippy 9.5ms seek, and just try to kill of that bizzare service or two! Fun fun fun! Ever look at the detailed specs of those bargain bin $500 Dell systems?

Actually, if you want to be like 90% of the computing world, get a 200 MHz Pentium and run Win95 like your dentist's secretary uses... or that PC in the back office of the local lumberyard.
[quote="Jason"]Way cool to see that Maya works on so many different SGI/mips configurations.[/quote]
Yeah, but the list of known bugs has been growing since version 3.0.
zafunk wrote:
No need to spend $30K on a new Prism... make your own!

You're not too far off... a vizsim VAR has been demoing a 2 projector active stereo setup driven by a new PC. Single motherboard, dual processors, dual Quadro? PCI-E x16 graphics cards. The demo screen was small, but bright and impressive. I think the resolution was 2300 or 2400 pixels wide by 1024 tall (2x 1280x1024, minus some for edge blending).

I've been told such PCs will become very cheap within the next few months and that dual/quad CPU with 3 PCI-E x16 slots will follow eventually. The latter is what is exciting many people, they'll finally get to drive a 3 projector reality center (or 6 projector cave via 3 dual channel cards) from a single cheap PC. Need to develop software for such an environment? Buy another such PC, several $400 LCD monitors, and a shelf to stick in your cube.

Funniest thing about the demo? The Windows implementation worked far better than Linux.
Intel-OUTSIDE wrote:
i have 2 maxed indigo2's, and once i get my octane nice that's it with sgi for a year or 2.
octane2 is too expensive for me at the moment.
i will be aiming for a nice ultrasparc next.

You can get an Ultra2 with dual 300 MHz and creator graphics for $150 these days. If you hunt around you should be able to find a new-in-box keyboard and mouse for $30. Probably your best bet for $200 Unix.

Octane, dual 300, with MXI/MXE or V6 is really nice too. Even Mozilla and MPlayer run great on it, which is saying a lot!

Of course I'm still living in 1998, where Octane was king, NT was still unstable, Pentiums were slow, Apples were beige, and new BMWs still looked cool.

Now where'd I put that CueCat?...
There was some buzz awhile back about an IRIX-LITE being considered by some of the software guys inside SGI. The idea was to reduce the license fees SGI has to pay anually and per-copy of IRIX. (Not everyone needs BRU, DPS, etc, etc). This would also help reduce the price of IRIX.

Apparently the IRIX-LITE project was never finished, but some of the cost saving measures were indeed rolled into IRIX. (No more Postscript support, new/diferent fonts...)

License issues are a big mess for a long-running piece of software, especially when the licensor wants to increase the fees. The same sort of thing is holding back a few games that are being ported to Mac OS X... GameSpy is used in many existing PC games for game server tracking, but the parent company has just increased the Mac SDK and licenese fees exponentially.
Mostly the same as above:
Ted 2.16
DVDauthor or similar
OpenOffice 1.1.x

AbiWord 2.2.1 (Is there a GTK1 version? If not, is GTK 2.6 / Glib 2.6 any faster than GTK 2.4.14 / Glib 2.4.8??)
Latest KDE in a tardist
Mplayer GUI (maybe Motif based?)

FireFox 2.0 w/ SpecialSuper10xFast patches (fast enough for R4600 Indy!)
I think there's still interest in Indigo2s... but it fades quickly when a potential buyer realizes that shipping will almost cost as much as the machine itself!
schleusel wrote:
Dubhthach wrote:
As for the workstation, i find it interesting that they are going with twin AGP 8x, surely dual PCI-E 16x would have been better (well from a SLI point of view)

Prism still uses AGP 8x too. One can only guess why this is the case. Either it was already too long in development when the PCI Express hype started or they took the cheap route and simply built upon the AGP midplane of Onyx4 Ultimate Vision they already had.
Dorado is likely a repackaged Altix 350/Prism just like Tezro being a repackaged Origin 350/Onyx 350 IP.

Prism uses SGI's new Tio I/O chip which supports multiple AGP 8x interfaces.
Onyx4 UltimateVision used PCI to interface AGP cards at 1x.

It sounds like Dorado is just a workstation version of Prism.

Unless you need the NUMAlink kungfu, a dual Opteron + dual PCI-E 16x board will probably do just as well...
Can you use more than one head?

Who *wouldn't* want an 8 processor workstation! :)
Is it possible obtain 450 MHz? I would be intersted in overclocking an R12K/400 module in O2.

I figured something must have been different with the 400 MHz model. It seemed like my R12K/400 O2 ran cooler than my R12K/300 did.
unixmuseum wrote: The icon for thunderbird was made by someone else, I just changed the colors to make the ff one... The iconified pictures are what I'm trying to accomplish, but both ff & tb share the same WM name, so no can't do :cry:

Changing the WM_NAME for one of the two applications should be a easy compile-time modification. However, legal/license issues may prevent someone from redistributing something modified like that, perhaps even moreso in Foetz's case.

As far as the other comments about how "proper" this build is, I say quit complaining and be happy you have anything at all. 32 MB is a fair download size compared to what you would find from, and the Foetz builds are much newer and much faster. If we keep complaining, Foetz will grab his ball and bat and go home. Compiling Mozilla/FireFox is a huge pain. My last build of Mozilla took a full weekend of banging my head against my desk and monitor, and it was still slower than a similar Foetz build.
Wow! Another great desktop addition. Thank you!

I too would like to browse the source if you are willing to make it available. Would be a very handy starting point for other similar projects.


So what's the next step in this project?
I have seen a few "red" Asterix machines used for demonstrations. These were actually the original blue skins that had been spray painted red! I don't think they had the "silicon graphics fuel" labeling yet. Tezro didn't have any prototype skins that I'm aware of, just the sheetmetal and a "Chimera Prototype" sticker. I forget the code name of the Infinite Performance FireGL systems offhand. Those were just Origin 300 with an AGP 1x adapter and a hole cut in the sheetmetal to make room for the card and adapter.