Hardware Wanted

WTB: Octane in good condition

I'm in the process of buying a friend's Octane2 that I have already been borrowing for awhile. Regardless if our deal goes through or not, I am still looking to buy another Octane. I'll probably buy one from Reputable, but wanted to check here first.

Original "cube logo" green skins.
Must be in perfect physical and cosmetic condition.
(some internal dust is OK)
Single R10K/250 or better
384 MB RAM or better
4 GB drive or better

Requested, but not required:
SE or better
030-1467-001 IP30
Two hard drives (or sleds)
PCI card cage

Keyboard, Mouse, cables are not required

I plan on upgrading this machine over time, so the exact specs are not as important as cosmetic condition.
[b]We have a lot of OCTANE's R12K for sale. For around $180 you can get 195MHZ here accurateit.com->desktops->sgi systems[/b]
Or you can just search for "sgi octane" on ebay and get a dual 350MHz right now on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=11223&item=5712560465&rd=1
Of course, who knows how long that will last. :wink: I imagine it is hard for computer resellers to compete with ebay. Although, I suppose it would be easier to return if you don't like it.