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Ok boys + girls,

could a kind soul please shed some light on this:

i'll get an O2 next week and I have a LaCie ElectronBlue CRT, aside from my whole irix newbieness i have the following simple questions (since I couldn't get a straight answer from a monitor manufacturer :? ):

Does anyone works with a LaCie CRT (ElectronBlue) on a O2?
Does anyone works with a LaCie CRT on any SGI beast?

I've been reading about the SOG requirement and that the O2 has a common HD-15, and when i sent an email to LaCie asking if the ElectronBlue which is a MultiSync monitor supports SOG, I got a reply that they'll check whith the product manager and get back to me (that was 3 days ago, they're still searching :shock: )

Is every MultiSync monitor also SOG capable?

What's the worst case scenario when plugging an sgi baby on a non SOG-capable monitor?

a) nada, nix, null: i just get a blank screen ?

b) kaboom! : you shouldn't try this @ home ?

...many TIA...

PS: LaCie support sux :evil:
..thanks a ton for the fededback everyone !

..yes i work with the ElectronBlue IV on my mac as well and thing is it's a great monitor that's why i wanted to plug it to the O2 in the first place...

...thing is that LaCie (the company) is quite funked-up, i took a look @ the manual and there's no SOG mention anyplace, but then i got a reply from LaCie support saying it is supported..

am i the only one who just hates it when flunking a decent amount of money to buy a decent piece of hardware but is unable to get a straight answer.. :?:

anyone has any good source for those SOG adapters i should buy?
recondas wrote:
fu wrote: anyone has any good source for those SOG adapters i should buy?

Why not hold off on buyin' the adapter till you see if it does indeed do SOG.

I think <for whatever that's worth> it WILL do sog - before we bought the EB IV's someone at LaCie or our vendor told me the EB IV was a re-badged Mitsubishi Diamondtron, which is listed by Mitsubishi as sog capable.

<if it don't work then order you a SOG adapter>

i thought so, but then again i'm about to receive my very first O2 and while searching the forum high + low i found out that something may go faulty while in transit, so i have to check that everything's working (or not) and then inform the seller about it (otherwise i'll lose the DOA warranty)...meaning that if i get a blank display i won't be able to see if my O2 is healthy (sgi newbie here)

..that's why i got a bit worried :)

..fortunately i managed to buy a 1600sw at a decent price on eBay yesterday, the seller is Tom Bannon who after emailing each other he told me he's a member of the nekochan family...

...keeping my fingers crossed that everyhting's gonna be smooth...

...i'll try the ElectronBlue as well and post an update here, so we know if SOG is working with this monitor or not...



ElectronBlue IV works fine with the O2, not a single glitch, just a perfect, clear image... i guess all of LaCie's CRTs are gonna play nice with the O2..

...a well-blended Mojito ...!
short answer:

after finding :D

a bit longer answer:

unlike most of the rest nekochaners i'm not a technical person, i'm a filmmaker and i've been doing some serious work on sgi beasts for quite some time (not me directly, but the guys at the post-production studios i work with). so i've been looking at these machines since i was in filmschool, (used to do some video editing) but ever after graduating i got into a hectic schedule and didn't really have the time to get to know them.

and like a month ago while i was googling i eventually popped-in nekochan, googled some more and heard excellent comments about this community, so i thought to go get an O2 and take dip into the sgi universe...

..i've been using Macs for all my life but ever since the decision about migrating to Intel I don't feel too hot about 'em anymore...

oh! btw thanks to all for replying to my newbie questions so far.. :D
GeneratriX wrote:
jan-jaap wrote:
I'm old enough to have seen the sixties, or at least the last three weeks of 'em. :wink:

Kewl!!!; Then I'm not the older guy of this thread anymore!!! :lol:

no you're not Diego :D and btw, go hit your button :D
The following list will include only non sgi-made, confirmed working hardware...

• SCSI HardDisks :

    Any 1' SCA-2 HD [Take a look @ FAQ #1 & #6 down the list]

    Suggestions for low-noise 15K HDs:
    - Fujitsu MAS3367NC
    - 146GB Maxtor 15K II

• SCSI PCI Cards :

    01. Adaptec AHA-2940UW
    02. Adaptec AHA-2944UW HVD [via this hack ]
    03. Adaptec AHA-3940UW [via this hack ]

• Fibre Channel Cards :

    01. QLogic QLA2200: 1Gb Fibre Channel Adapter Copper/HSSDC Interface
    02. QLogic QLA2200/66: 1Gb Fibre Channel Adapter Copper/HSSDC Interface
    03. QLogic QLA2200F/66 1Gb Fibre Channel Adapter Optical LC connector, confirmed by magellan
    04. QLogic QLA2212: 2 x 1Gb FC-AL Interfaces [Everyone thank Dr.Dave for his guide/tests/efforts ]
    05. QLogic QLA2342: dual-port 2GB optical FC, confirmed by mapesdhs

• FireWire (IEEE-1394) Cards :

• Network Cards :

    01. FORE PCA-200E ATM Adapter Card
    02. Phobos P1000 Gigabit PCI card, confirmed by Ian Mapleson but "the SGI OEM'd "tg" and "eg" gigabit cards will *not* work in the O2"

• CD-ROM Drives :

    01. DEC RRD46 12X, confirmed by Ian Mapleson .
    02. NEC 1910A 32X, confirmed by mapesdhs
    03. NEC 3010A (40x)
    04. Plextor PX-12CSe 12X
    05. Plextor PX-20TSe 20X
    06. Plextor PX-32TSi, confirmed by twix . Eject button does not align with the o2's plastics.
    07. Plextor PX-40TS 1.12, Firmware info: 1 , 2
    08. TEAC 532S (32x)
    09. Toshiba XM-3801B, confirmed by Arabski
    10. Toshiba XM-4101B
    11. Toshiba XM-5401TA
    12. Toshiba XM-6201B 32X, confirmed by mapesdhs
    13. Toshiba XM-6401B

• CD-RW Drives :

    01. HP 9600 SCSI CDRW , confirmed by Ian Mapleson .
    02. Pioneer DR-466 (12x SCSI), confirmed by gaku but "...the plastics won't align with the O2 case"
    03. Plextor CD-R PX-R412C 1.04
    04. Teac CD-R 56 S4 1.0F
    05. Yamaha CRW4416SXZ [8x4x24]
    06. Yamaha [8x8x24], confirmed by Ian Mapleson
    07. Yamaha CRW2100SZ [16x10x40]

• DVD-ROM Drives :

    01. Toshiba SD-M1401 [more info on using it internally here or externally here and there ]
    02. Toshiba SD-M1711, confirmed by hamei [ Note: There have been both positive and negative reports on the use of non-SGI variants of the Toshiba SD-M1711 with an O2. The issue is possibly firmware related, if you attach an SD-M1711 to an O2 please post if you were successful or not, the firmware revision of the SD-M1711, and the PROM/IRIX revison of the O2. ]

• DVD-R/RW :

    01. Pioneer DVR-S303 [Professional model, released only in Japan ]

• DVD-RAM Drives :

    01. Matshita/Panasonic LF-201
    02. Matshita/Panasonic LF-291
Details on firmware updates and software to allow use of non-cartridge disks is in this thread .


• 3.5" Floppy Drives :
    01. Teac FD-235 HS

• Removable Drives :
    01. Imation LS-120 [SCSI]
    02. Iomega Jazz [SCSI]
    03. Iomega Zip 100 [SCSI]
    04. Iomega Zip 100 Plus [SCSI/Parallel]

• Magneto-Optical (MO) Drives :
    01. Fujitsu MCM3064SS
    02. Fujitsu MCM3130SS
    03. Fujitsu MCJ3230SS

A detailed bilingual guide by Diego A. De Giorgio [ Generatrix ] can be found here: The MOD/M.O.D. (Magneto Optical Drive) IRIX FAQ

• Scanners / Printers :

    01. Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5P
    02. Epson Perfection 636 [SCSI]
    03. Umax Astra 1220S Flatbed Scanner [with the proper cabling to get to a DB25 SCSI connector]
    04. Zebra/Eltron P310C PVC card printer, confirmed by zahal

• Tablets/Mice/Spaceballs :

    01. WACOM ArtPad II [Model KT-0405-R]
    02. WACOM Intuos [Serial]
    03. WACOM Intuos 2 [Serial]
    04. Spaceball 4000FLX, confirmed by zahal " MD 1.8.6 works on my O2 (it uses libsball) "

• PCMCIA Card readers :

• Monitors

- SoG tolerant:

    - Acer AL1916W LCD (1440x900), confirmed by Dr. Dave

    - CMV CT-720D 17" LCD, confirmed by strandedinnz

    - Compaq P1220 22", Confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - Cornea MP704 , (17" 1280x1024 VGA only LCD), confirmed by tillin9

    - Dell 1800FP 18.1" SXGA LCD (S-IPS true 24-bit), confirmed by MisterDNA

    - Dell 1901FP, confrimred by ramq

    - Dell 1908FPc, confirmed by theodric , but: "When I factory-reset the monitor, I got fuzzing @ 60Hz-- then I picked 72Hz and all was clear. Also works well @ 50Hz "

    - Dell 1908WFP, confirmed by theodric at 1440x900@56Hz using his custom vfo.

    - Dell 2001FP 20.1" UXGA LCD (S-IPS true 24-bit), confirmed by MisterDNA

    - Dell 2005FPW, confirmed by lewis

    - Dell 2405FPW, confirmed by dangermouse

    - Dell 2407wfp, (24" 1920x1200 DVI/VGA), confirmed by tillin9

    - Dell U2414M, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - Dell P1130 21", confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - Eizo FlexScan S1910, confirmed by Arabski

    - Elements EN-LM500/ Envision EN5100e 15" TFT, confirmed by tillin9 but: "(same panel marketed under at least those two names), only supports 1024x768 max resolution VGA" .

    - Fujitsu Siemens X140f (@1024x768), confirmed by ramq

    - Fujitsu Siemens SCALEOVIEW L22W-3 (@1440x900 - native res is 1680x1050) confirmed by [[C|-|E]]

    - Gateway VX900 18" CRT, confirmed by akimmet

    - Hanns-G HW191A 19" 1440x900 LCD, confirmed by theodric

    - HP 2035, confirmed by Arabski . " native 1600x1200. Nice feature is "Custom Scaling" which allows to map pixels 1:1, so any resolution looks good (black frame around image) ."

    - HP F1703 17" SXGA LCD (dithered 18-bit) (several versions made), confirmed by MisterDNA

    - HP L2335, confirmed by tikiroa but "good 1920x1200-16@60, 1920x1080-16@60, 1680x1050-16@60, at 32 bit large black boxes in the lower part of the screen; standard resolutions good"

    - HP P1130 21", confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - HP P1230 21", confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - HP LP2475W, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - IBM P70 17" CRT

    - IC Power 17' & 19' LCDs, confirmed by zizban .

    - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17 17" CRT (both on HD15 and BNC inputs)

    - LaCie 19'' & 22'' ElectronBlue IV, confirmed by fu . (LaCie CRTs are re-badged Mitsubishi Diamondtrons).

    - LG Flatron L1732TQ, confirmed by bidD.

    - LG Flatron L1952H, confirmed by cicero

    - Mitsubishi Diamondtron RDF225WG 22", (same as LaCie's ElectronBlue CRTs, specs )

    - Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - NEC MultiSync FP1370 (22'' CRT), confirmed by gaku

    - NEC MultiSync FP1375X 22", confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - NEC Multisync LCD 1830, confirmed by loonvf

    - NEC 1860NX (18" TFT) - 1280x1024, DVI/VGA, confirmed by tillin9

    - Philips 150S4, (15" 1024x768 VGA only LCD), confirmed by tillin9

    - Philips 150S6FG/00 (15" TFT), confirmed by xc8

    - Samsung 153T 15" LCD (dithered 18-bit), confirmed by MisterDNA

    - Samsung 172x, confirmed by phrosty-boi

    - Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, confirmed by Glock

    - Samsung SyncMaster 710V, confirmed by Indyboy

    - Samsung 740N, confirmed by hamei

    - Samsung 913N Syncmaster, confirmed by Skysearcher

    - Samsung 940BW and Samsung 940BF, confirmed by tesla.

    - Samsung 950p, confirmed by zafunk, -->needs SOG activation

    - Sony G530, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - Sony G550, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - Sony GDM-400PS 19", confirmed by gborce

    - Sony W700 24" CRT, confirmed by dion_b

    - ViewSonic G810, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

    - ViewSonic P220F, confirmed by Ian Mapleson

- Non SoG capable but hackable (YMMV):

    - Eizo FlexScan L567, hacked by cicero : "...Colors are okay, some vertical regions of the displayed image are a little blurred. You probably notice this effect when working in the shell."

    - NEC Multisync LCD 1770 NX, hacked by cicero : " have to use a customized VGA cable (pin 11 - 15 removed) in order to force the display to use the SOG signal" .

    - Nokia Multigraph 449M (15'' CRT), hacked by gaku : "..."almost" looking normal with an gamma-patch" applied as suggested by -> hindu <- "
Bluefan wrote:
...I'm still at school, very boring, as it is too easy.

:lol: :lol: :lol:'s always boring
I'm trying to setup neko_sshd,

I followed joerg's shortcut :

joerg wrote: Perform the following steps:
1. Check if the directoy '/var/empty' exits otherwise create it.
2. Check if a user and group named 'sshd' exits outherwise create [1] both and. The shell for this user is set to /bin/false and $home is the /var/empty dir from above
3. shutdown the IRIX sshd and disable it with chkconfig. Its not installed by default.
4. run 'chkconfig neko_sshd on'
5. start the daemon with '/etc/init.d/neko_sshd start'

[1] use the gui for that job or from commandline /usr/sysadm/privbin/addUserAccount. But create the group first by editing /etc/group with your favorite editor.

So far not so good, i get the following error:

Code: Select all

Privilege seperation user sshd does not exist

as for the rest of joerg's setup, i'm getting a bit confused (if not lost):

joerg wrote: A 'ps -edalf | grep sshd' shows you if now a process is up and running. Try to connect with a 'ssh $user@localhost'. If it works stop the sshd and start editing the /usr/nekoware/etc/sshd_config and ssh_config files. You may want to limited the use of ssh version 2 protokoll, dont permit root logins, enable x-forwarding and some more.

Before you upgrading neko_sshd to a newer version make a copy of your existing config files because in previous versions of the neko package it overrides the files.

could anyone post a more detailed step-by-step guide (or link) please?
deather wrote: It seems you must create an "sshd" user ;)

:D apparently, i messed up the passwd file, it's ok now though...

joerg wrote: What did you not understood on step 2.?

hi joerg,

i didn't mean step 2:
joerg wrote: Check if a user and group named 'sshd' exits outherwise create [1] both and. The shell for this user is set to /bin/false and $home is the /var/empty dir from above.

I got the first steps (1-5) right:

Code: Select all

ps -edalf | grep sshd
gives me feedback


Code: Select all

ssh $user@localhost
is working fine too

I mean how to setup the second part of your suggestions:

joerg wrote: start editing the /usr/nekoware/etc/sshd_config and ssh_config files. You may want to limited the use of ssh version 2 protokoll, dont permit root logins, enable x-forwarding and some more

there seems to be a zillion of settings there...
joerg wrote:
fu wrote: there seems to be a zillion of settings there...

And there are all describe in the sshd_config manpage.

yup, looking at the manpage is what got me dizzy in the first place :?

joerg wrote: My /usr/nekoware/etc/sshd_config file:
[code]Port 22
Protocol 2
#AddressFamily any
#ListenAddress ...


that helps a bit, though i found out that for simple (secure) ftp transfers i could do without configuring sshd_config, just by using the command line...
joerg wrote: Work as a real men and use 'scp' for secure copy :)

:D :D :D

hex! thanks for the tip!
Excellent topic Diego + jan-jaap :D

should be turned to a sticky, i bet it'll come handy to O2 owners...
VenomousPinecone wrote:
fu wrote: ...a well-blended Mojito ...!

"This guy knew his stuff. Made me a Mojito. I don't think its a gay drink. Mojito..."


nowaitaminute, where's that quote from? SouthPark or Family Guy?

[hysteria cuased by guerilla warfare on semiotics]
VenomousPinecone wrote: ...Family Guy, the "Brian the Bachelor" episode, the one that makes light of reality teevee shows.

damn right!

visual memory gap: fixed

VenomousPinecone wrote: Speaking of semiotics, ever read Pattern Recognition by Gibson?

yup! like a month ago, i used to enjoy Gibson's prose, though i'm not sure about his latest works...

if u ever wanna dig in semiotics, i reckon j. baudrillard's works published in the states by semiotext(e)

boy this is an alcohol thread:::>second favourite is vodka with a twist:

Cosmopolitan Classic
that's totally rad! know in every forum on the net its memebers (want to) believe that "this forum is the best, cause our memebers have an iq above the average" though all you get from most forums is pr0n links + pics, the latest hype for pc boxes, geeky replies intended for geeks-only, and -if u get lucky enough- how to reset the NVRAM of your Mac...

So here we are on nekochan talking alcohol and cool is that..!?

VenomousPinecone wrote: Father of Cyberpunk and the coiner of many a phrase, including "cyberspace"

Father(s) of Cyberpunk as we know it is Velvet Underground + their friends (Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, etc) + W. Gibson for putting the word on his book(s)

But "cyber" as a prefix was coined by the master, Stanislaw Lem , whose most popular book is "Solaris" . Another master, A. Tarkovski turned it into one of the masterpieces in film history (nothing to do with Soderbergh's adaptation and George Clooney's performance)

To get an idea about Lem: there was an interview of Arthur Clarke in Wired (can't remember which issue), and he quoted "...if Lem had written in English, none of us would stand no chance.." So if you dig sci-fi, you ought to read Lem's books...

VenomousPinecone wrote:
But obviously, more links/resources are greatly encouraged.

I wish I had some! Like you said, it is hard to find anything concrete or canonical on the subject. That must be because of its soft-science nature, which is always up for intepretation.

The quick and dirty is: the study of signs and symbols, what they mean and how they are used

Now, about Semiotics:

Father of Semiotics as a field of research is Umberto Eco . Semiotics is not soft science, it's a special section of Philosophy, Gnosiology (theory of knowledge or epistemology) to be precise. Like most things these days, semiotics is often confused with just about anything, and more often than not, every illiterate "author" is publishing a book about some conspiracy mumbo-jumbo (ie DaVinci Code) and wants to convince his/her readers that semiotics is what his/her work is all about...however, the skill required to turn such a book down requires a sound understanding of semiotics...

Here's a Semiotics 101 (and why it matters):

Semiotics for Beginners
Semiotics and Media
Pictorial Semiotics

People doing some serious work on semiotics:

C Theory
AdBusters / CultureJammers
Critical Art Ensemble

and of course: N. Chomski, the creators of Southpark and Family Guy series, and F.U. F.Me

i'm gonna stop now cause i may end up going too deep :lol:

this is an alcohol thread after all...
VenomousPinecone wrote:
Ga53n wrote: I would consider even philosophy as science

I must be seriously jaded or something... I find it really hard to call philosophy and psychology science. Thats my opinion, cant/wont change. So lets forget about it.

let's mix some tonic with the gin:

no no no Philosophy is NOT Science (and will never be)

Philosophy is a field of inquiry – the pursuit of wisdom; the predecessor and complement of science, pondering those questions which are beyond the scope of science...

Ga53n wrote: but back to c2h5oh

drink of the moment: Gin Tonic :wink:

seems retro-kewl..!
..i joined the team too some days ago

found a dusty organ-donor-pc to do the seti-funk...
...i bet i'm stuck to something very basic, but i'm quite dizzy right now and i'd appreciate some help...

following Gerhard Lenerz's tips :
Use chkconfig to make sure that visuallogin is set to on and noiconlogin to off . The icons (SGI RGB format, at least 100x100 pixels) can be placed in the following locations:

Code: Select all


$USER is the loginname of the user, $HOME the home directory.

there was no "faces" directory under /usr/lib/ nor /usr/local/lib so i created 'em and copyied the image file over there:

Code: Select all

o2 1# ls /usr/lib/faces/fu
o2 2# ls /usr/local/lib/faces/fu
o2 3#

my chkconfig looks like:

Code: Select all

o2 3% chk
Flag                 State
====                 =====

acct                 off
appletalk            off
array                off
audit                off
autoconfig_ipaddress off
autofs               on
automount            off
cesag                off
cluster              off
desktop              on
esp                  off
fcagent              off
fontserver           off
gated                off
grio                 off
grio2                off
ipaliases            off
isdnd                off
ldap                 off
lockd                on
lp                   on
mediad               on
mrouted              off
named                off
nds                  off
neko_sshd            on
network              on
nfs                  on
nfsd                 on
noiconlogin          off
nostickytmp          off
ns_admin             off
ns_fasttrack         off
nsd                  on
pam                  off
pmcd                 off
pmie                 off
privileges           off
proclaim_relayagent  off
proclaim_server      off
proxymngr            off
quickpage            off
rarpd                off
routed               off
rsvpd                off
rtmond               on
rwhod                off
sar                  off
savecore             on
sdpd                 off
sendmail             off
sendmail_cf          off
sesdaemon            off
sgi_apache           on
snetd                off
soundscheme          on
sshd                 off
tfxd                 off
timed                off
timeslave            off
ts                   off
verbose              on
visuallogin          on
vswap                off
webface              off
webface_apache       off
windowsystem         on
xdm                  on
xlv                  off
yp                   off
ypmaster             off
ypserv               off

o2 4% uname -aR
IRIX o2 6.5 6.5.26m 10060437 IP32
o2 5%

..any tips..?
nekonoko wrote: You need to rename the image file so it matches your login name, i.e. mv mad_127_100.rgb fu

So it should look like: /usr/local/lib/faces/fu ( with fu being the image file itself , not a subdirectory)

Code: Select all

[Mai:~] neko 7# ls -la /usr/lib/faces
total 80
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     sys            28 Oct  3  2005 ./
drwxr-xr-x   69 root     sys         12288 Sep 19 04:42 ../
-rw-r--r--    1 neko     user        30512 Sep 28  2005 neko
-rw-r--r--    1 neko     user        30512 Oct  3  2005 root

[Mai:~] neko 9# file /usr/lib/faces/neko
/usr/lib/faces/neko:    SGI imagelib image (100 x 100)

[Mai:~] neko 10# file /usr/lib/faces/root
/usr/lib/faces/root:    SGI imagelib image (100 x 100)


that did the trick

thnx neko :D
josehill wrote:
fu wrote: yay!

that did the trick

So, are you going to show us the image? :wink:


i'm gonna take some screengrabs later...

i 've been messing with irix's vizual customization (X11 forwarding + VNC too) 2day and it's been (relatively) easy 2 do some funky stuff... 8)
^ good news: added to the scsi tips
GeneratriX wrote:
Well, here is my new toy...

hey diego

sgis are back in your place?

(good news)

couldn't stand pee-cee stuff only eh?
this thread is already part of the o2 hw 'gator but before i buy a 2944 for my o2 (which has to recover from its necrophania), i'd like to ask the following:

(after browsing david's gallery i remembered that) i do have some avid rS drives lying around which are vhdci externally:

Code: Select all

will i miss anything important (scsi-wise) if i just use a vhdci<-->hd68 cable..?

btw @recondas:
david your neko:gallery is some kind of visual library for me...
especially your "spares" pics provide visual pointers for stuff i've (long) forgotten but might come handy some day (not that my spares collection is as big as yours - i usually throw/give away things i don't use)

thinking twice about it your pics are a visual octane hw aggregator :)

Avid rS MediaDrives
recondas wrote: fu - as far as I known the Adaptec 7880 stuff is O2 only.

yes i remember that :)

i mean i can use a vhdci-hd68 cable to hook the rS drives to the o2, can't i?

thanks for the diskperf results
recondas wrote: The external SCSI connection on the O2 is SE SCSI, so that will work with the Avids.


recondas wrote: If you add an Adaptec 2940UW in the PCI slot you could stripe the drives across both SCSI busses for a performance increase.

check (i do have an extra 2940UW in the o2)


sorted: my rS drives are labeled Ultra 160/LVD , but i got baffled by B+H's page that suggests a vhdci cable

[scsi terminology always makes me dizzy :? ]
Due to my (frequent) o2 motherboard woes, I decided to (try to) compose a list of the most common signs of erratic o2 behavior. I like having a starting point of the most common errors/tips+tricks before asking the same questions. Well, let's try...

After powering on the o2 displays its status via its front LED. SGI's original troubleshooting flowchart is a good starting point:

o2 chart left

o2 chart right

Sometimes (if not most) following the flowchart (and its suggestions) won't take you very far. Also since most nekochanners won't give SGI a call asking for o2 parts, the following tips/tricks reported by members might come handy.

- Power On Issues:

1. Sometimes the o2 won't power up. Even if there was no mains/surge problem and everything seemed fine when you shut it down. It just won't... Unless the PSU is fried you can force the o2 to power up by covering the "PWR-UP" jumper on the motherboard [more info and pic of the jumper location on recondas's original posts ].

How to jumpstart the o2:

    a. Disconnect the power cord - Then remove the logic board carrier.
    b. Place the jumper across both pins of "PWR-UP" (right next to the DALAS chip).
    c. Re-install the logic baord carrier assembly into the O2.
    d. Plug in the power cord - the system should power up as soon as power is connected.
    e. Stop in the PROM command monitor - type off <enter> -the system should power down.
    f. Disconnect the power cord - Then remove the logic board carrier.
    g. Remove the jumper and place it on only one of the two header pins.
    h. Re-install the logic board carrier assembly into the O2.
    i. Reconnect the power cord and test for normal start up.

The jumpstart trick should power up the o2 as soon as you plug it to mains. If it won't power up then (99.99%) the PSU is dead and you have to find a replacement.

2. Some other time you may experience a variation of the power on issue:
Glock wrote: Firtst try: system powered up without pressing button, orange led, no chime and no picture.

Solution: did the jumper trick which took care of the auto powerup.
Then I removed the PCI-tray, CPU-module and all RAM sticks and emptied half a can of compressed air, and reseated all components. This resulted in a functional system.

- Boot Issues:

Strange booting behavior is also common with the o2. This may be due to old PROM versions, incompatible keyboards, dead DALAS clock chips, etc...

Glock wrote: Another O2 I got my hands on, did not produce a picture, until the IRIX log-in window came up. Other than that it worked fine.
I made myself a null-modem cable (costed me 2 euros in parts) and connected O2 serial port 1 to my PC.
Set HyperTerminal to 9600-8-N-1 and powered up the O2.
Got to the Command Monitor, did a resetenv and all was fine.

Good thing is to insert an IRIX 6.5.x Installation Tools & Overlays Disc 1 and use the System Monitor to initiate a self-diagnostic. You'll see feedback on the connected terminal.

milatchi wrote: When I first got one of my o2s I tried an older IBM PS/2 keyboard. The o2 didn't like it at all and would never boot until I got a more modern, generic PS/2 keyboard.

milatchi wrote: My first o2, I had to re-seat the Dallas chip.

Replacing the DALAS RTC chip :
You can order free samples of the real time clock chip that keeps the o2 running directly from Maxim. The model number is DS1687-5 and the product page is here .

- Booting/Controlling the o2 via the serial console:

chicago-joe wrote: Do you have a second computer you can connect to the serial port as a terminal? (a windows machine with HyperTerm?)
If so, remove the multilink adapter, keyboard, mouse and memory, plug a null modem cable from the computer with the terminal program running to serial port 1 on the O2, power up and see if you can boot to the terminal.

Diego's [Generatrix]: O2 As Serial Console: HOWTO

- CPU upgrade Issues:

Most (if not all) motherboards can accept a faster CPU module. However sometimes it's not just a plug+play game. First thing you need to check before installing a new CPU module is the PROM version of the motherboard (and probably upgrade it to a newer version). Sometimes doing a resetenv also helps.

- PROM Issues:
nekonoko wrote: Normally the PROM will be flashed automatically by IRIX when installing a new overlay version but you should be able to force a new flash (if for example you install an older logic board in a machine) by doing:

Code: Select all

/sbin/flashinst -T -y /usr/cpu/firmware/ip32prom.image

Dr. Dave wrote: I was messing around with upgrading an O2 to R10k a while back, and found the only significant issue regarding the PROM was flashing to a version that recognized R10k, that is, if the machine will boot (irregardless of architecture, CPU, IRIX version) then you can run the miniroot and install. I think I was running 6.5.18 on what would be condidered an 'Irix 6.3' PROM and it worked fine.

If the PROM doesn't recognize the CPU, the machine will sit there looking silly and not do much else and then you need to flash a new version. If it gets farther than this, you should be OK - or OK enough to install software at least.

recondas wrote: Another inclusion might be to suggest resetting the PROM environmental variables *after* installing a new drive and/or loading IRIX onto a clean drive <that one has come up at least twice in the last few weeks>.

Occasionally the PROM variables that define the boot drive/partition and the boot file become corrupted following such installations.
i'll be posting (aggregated) tips/tricks in a rough order at the moment

any tips/tricks/comments/suggestions: just reply
hi all

i can dedicate some of my (holiday) time to do some write up on the wiki, how should we structure tips/info from the o2 diagnostics thread?

under How To? ie How To-->J-->Jumpstart the o2?

under Workstations-->o2-->Jumpstart the o2?
thanks for the guideline(s) dave

i'll start working on it + see how it goes


just created my first article O2 Diagnostics: The Jumpstart Procedure under How To

seems ok to me (hopefully i didn't brake anything)
RageX wrote: ...Quicksilver, but I haven't really started to use that one...

QS is an instant love or hate affair (or not)

sometimes i love it sometimes i don't: it can be really addictive (kinda replacing the finder) it can also be very annoying (it adds one more interface layer)

noisetonepause wrote: ...There's Camino if you really must have Gecko..

ditto, faster one i ever tried

if u want to stick to WebKit browsers you can also check out Shiira and (if u are into web development) Sunrise

RageX wrote: or even what tweaks/utilities you always install right away on a fresh machine?

depends on what kind of work u want 2 do with your mac

my desktop macs are customized for visual (film/video/photo) work, my pb is split into 2 partitions (one for net/email/word processing/etc mumbojumbo, and another for visual work on the road).

if u r thinking of film/video editing, ignore all apple marketing bs stating that you can do it all with a default mac os x installation in just one partition... it will only end in tears

u can find some helpful tips on installing/managing/customizing mac os x from Mike's Mac OS X Deployment and Management Solutions and Setting up your OS X from scratch

there's also a Mac OS X FOSS directory with a dedicated Portable Apps section
josehill wrote: Just came across a list of 16 Killer Apps to Put On Your Brand New Christmas Mac ...

I see Mozy @ #11... while free, keep in mind that their Mac client is still beta. I ended up uninstalling it since it was causing (almost constant) fastfan activity on my pb (MozyClient was messing with lookupd every second or so )

josehill wrote:
kitsune wrote: a good place to pick up mac up hw and other stuff is otherworldcomputing they have great prices and support is top-notch. load that mbp up with 4gb of ram for around $100. =)

I have to agree with that recommendation. I've been buying stuff from them for years, and they've always been great, including when I've had to return faulty hardware. They're not necessarily the cheapest, but they're usually close enough. (I don't know if they do any biz outside of the US & Canada.)

nice guys, i've been dealing with them for ages too

and yes they do ship out of the US :)

nekonoko wrote: ...Here are some of the items in my dock though...

that's a huge busy dock neko !

here's my minimal (net/email/wp/mumbojumbo partition) on my 12'' pb g4:
i remember wondering about the o2's video capabilities when i first got it...

it looks so sexy, was made for video and your fingers are itching to see what gives...

i guess every new o2 owner wants some quick/rough comparison between the o2 and a mac or pc or whatever but its meaningless

o2s were being used for video work by some broadcasters/posthouses etc but that's where it ends...

(o2 was not made for the average off the self mumbojumbo hw/sw)

bjames wrote: Just wondering how the O2 (AV-1) video quality would compare to a Miro (Pinnacle) DC-30 board on a wintel machine, specifically image quality during capture and printing to tape...

(i've never used a pc set up/pinnacle hw myself) i did some quick+dirty captures with the o2's AV-1 and it was fine (as far as s-video goes)

if just want to play around why don't u give the AV-1 a try and see for yourself?

if u want to do some work that matters, leave the o2 where it is and work with a recent mac setup

bjames wrote: ...Just wondering if I sould look at upgrading to the digital video option.


dig.vid option for the o2 talks SDI which is professional stuff, nothing to do with s-video

unless you already have decent sdi back-end ready to work under irix just don't bother

oh and btw: the true cost of any aqusition device is how much the post costs.

oh and btw2: take a look @ O2 HW Aggregator faq #6 and you'll find a link to C. Pirazzi's Lurker's Guide to Video (reading it is essential)
the quads are decent machines (except for some early revs that had a temperamental coolant device (can't remember the name) causing leaks/corrosion/havoc...)

you can still find one with AppleCare around the $2k tag. i own 2 quads (both on AppleCare) and when one of them started playing dead (about 3 months ago), apple gave me back a MacPro...

nekonoko wrote:
pentium wrote: It's so big I can't even think of what to fill the screen with.

Oh it's pretty easy to fill it - I'm thinking about maybe picking up another :) I posted an "action" shot of what's running on my 30" 2560x1600 display in the "What Next?" thread a little bit ago.

heh, yes screen-estate is never enough...
fvador59 wrote: What about Smoke ? and forget oldies like premiere 5.
It's able to solve all your problems for ever 8-)

nice style but a totally different game...
^ CandyBar is one way 2 do it
100% dundee here ( fu:el 6.5.29f)

thanks a ton harry
(more booze on me)

(would it be easy for u to come up with a script that turns any disk/volume/folder into a permission-agnostic one?)
semi-fly wrote: here is my trusty 1.5 ghz PowerBook's current Desktop...

how's leopard running on the g4? my main laptop is 12'' g4/1.5 but i still run panther on it... another g4 pbook user here reported that so far is ok...

RageX wrote: iPartition - Definitely worth the $$$. Can non-destructively resize bootcamp partitions...

i must be one of the very first iDefrag/iPartition buyers (not wise - i know) and in its early days it used to funk up things quite a lot, the latest releases + 10.4.x seem to be ok... did u notice anything funny running it on 10.5.x...?
what other (archived +useful enough) topics should make it to the wiki..?

would it be helpful to come with a wish list and take it from there? i could dedicate some time if i knew which ones are really worthy...

what about Diego's
- The MOD/M.O.D. (Magneto Optical Drive) IRIX FAQ ?
- O2 As Serial Console: HOWTO ?

and what about external links/articles like:
- Chris's [The Keeper], Fibre Channel FAQ for SGI user's ?
- Chris Pirazzi's Lurker's Guide to Video ?

(i guess the real question is) should the neko:wiki be one central/complete reference point (including copied-pasted articles and link(s) to the original source(s)) or should it focus on just good enough nekochan topics with external links..?