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Well, the logo is not as nice I have to agree. It was awful when they rebrand it as SGI from Silicon Graphics anyway. Now they add a green dot, perhaps to make it more "green" i suppose. I suppose it will just take time for people to get use to it anyway.
Painter X runs slow on mac and pc, not sure about painter XI. Artrage is the best painting software for osx that i came across so far. Better controls than painter, sketchbook pro. Give a feel closest to physically drawing on paper.
seem like a 1 nodeboard system and 1 rm from the photo of the 'pedestal' onyx2
Prism cases is cool. The moire effect from the double layered mesh is clever.

Wonder who designed the onyx2 deskside and O2, these are my favourites. Actually octanes, indigos and indy are nice too.
cool, found this but nothing on the indy ... _caching=1
where do i find them?
i know a o2 r5k model was about 10k at 97
Did you managed to install the drivers for odyssey? I have to reinstall the OS to get mine working, my disc was clean to began with.
Yeah, you probably need a terminal cos the octane won't boot into prom after the graphic swap. If you don't have the terminal then clean install is the other way...

Wonder if anyone knows what software packaged to install if i want to downgrade the system from Vpro graphics to mgras graphics?
thanks for the great site.
i suppose the one who take out the graphic card has to pass on the rest of the machine.
theinonen wrote:
hamei wrote: hey, theinonen ! what's that in your avatar ? Looks mostly like a puppy, but not really, maybe some kind of kitten ? Or is it something rare and native to Finland ? Cute !

It is a dog puppy.

It is a 3 months old Pekingese, and it actually originates from China. Very cute, looks like a mix of cat and ape.

I know it is off topic but can you post some photo of the face? I wonder what is the look of a cat mix with an ape.
Interesting site actually
why don't you tell us where he is going to throw it:)
Shaking with excitement when you too the photos of the boards?

Your collection is growing :)
you going sell virtual Tezro/O2 on second life?
bri3d wrote: A V10 arrived for me today!

I'm working on getting it inserted and the cooling rerouted right now!

The good news: The V10's huge heatsink clears the node board (with the metal box removed, obviously) by a fair amount.
The bad news: I had to remove the back connector plate from the V10 - it looks like the ones in real Onyx 350s might have them, but the back plate on this Fuel V10 wouldn't clear the serial daughtercard.
The really stupid news: To seat the V10 in the slot, *both* blower fans must be removed. Once the V10 is slotted in, the second blower can be put back. What a pain.

Once I get the cooling set up I'll see what the software thinks of this setup :)

PROM says:

Code: Select all

Odyssey board #0 found on nasid 0
Running Odyssey xtalk sanity diag...
Board version 1 - Buzz revision 2B
On board sdram size: 32 Mb
Cas latency: CAS 3
2 banks by sdram module
Running Odyssey Buzz registers diag...
Device passed diagnostics

Got to do a reinstall to get all the graphics stuff in my IRIX - and I don't have an OHCI USB controller handy, so no X for me yet, but this is a viable, working config!

The PROM does not show the Odyssey board. Do i need to enable the PROM automatic update or some L1 settings to make the system detect and update the PROM?

did you do the other stuff on the site?
Have been putting off the upgrade for a while now. For those who did the upgrade, are there any performance benefits after the upgrade?

Any software compatibility issues for those software that you are using?

Hope someone can share your experience. Is it time for the snowing leopard?
Think they too out the ppc support in the snow leopard version to save space and optimise codes.
Seems like i have to put it off for later still. My experience with 10.5 upgrade 2 years ago was not good so i kind of learn the lesson and wait for a more stable SL. It is also a pain when all the software are not compatible till after a while.

Well the trackpad text input is something interesting. Tried that in 10a380 and was keen to find out if it got better.
One quick question. Is NTFS 3g required for ntfs r/w ? Is snow leopard suppose to support ntfs r/w on its own.
Did the upgrade. Still adjusting to the expose. Otherwise all seems well.

latest Xquartz yet and all my screensaver stop working.
I experience something strange after the snow leopard upgrade. My rc flight simulator on vm fusion XP image no longer work proper after the upgrade, seems to be a bug in vm fusion 3.01 graphic driver.

Nevertheless the os is working great but I do miss the old expose.
Interesting articles, thanks for sharing
Adaptor for 13w3 to hd15 for a non-sog monitor is complicated.

If anyone have a working wiring circuit please let me know. I tried the few pins options mentioned in other threads on the forum but no luck so far in make one that work between a Octane and 1600sw.

Experiments starting with those conducted by the scientist Dr. Ernest Rutherford using alpha particles show that atoms are mostly empty space.

So in simple terms are we compose of 99% space as well? Any scientists in the midst to clarify this?

So what is between the nucleus and the electron shell? is it some other undiscovered matter?
Came across this theory on youtube. It is rather long but toward the last bit it sway away from physics theory but the first portion seems interesting. ... playnext=7

Noncents or Nondollars?
nice expansion :)
it is just a end of a calendar, no end of the world :)

Merry Christmas to everyone. Or if you prefer happy holidays that's fine with me too.
Any illustrator expert here to verify if the process describe in the video is true?
I tried the method and there are really layers in the certificate!!! ... ded#at=267
Downloaded the file and open in illustrator. The layers exist. US government actually post an editable birth cert on the official site.

Use MPEG streamclip. Great freeware that works for most video codec.
SGI 2100 server forsale 8x350mhz

All skin intact.

$250 no shipping