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I love this program so much I could cry! Autodesk SBP 2010

Okay, maybe not cry. That's the post-op pain drugs talking--I hope. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010 still rules.

Not since 1997 with AutoCAD LT or 1992 with Animator Pro have I been this overjoyed with a software product.

I was looking for digital canvas apps for my tablet and saw ArtRage and a few others then I saw this with a link to a Youtube video where a guy drew an exquisite looking car. I downloaded the trial and went to work, expecting to have to adapt. No. It was designed to work so eerily naturally. Having never seen it before, I did my homework and looked into the origins of the app and wasn't surprised... it used to be an Alias product.

I'll be honest, I thought about pirating it, but went for a price just for grins. $100. Really? Not for an academic version either? Full version. Wow. I looked at eBay and the usual places to see if there were any discounts to be had. Amazon to the rescue at $20 off. $80 for the package. I'm getting two seats, maybe three.

I use it on a Toshiba Tecra M7 with a C2D T7200 2GHz 4MB L2. Fast machine, good 3D chip, but heavy as hell with short battery life. The app is so gently-priced I'm investing in a customized 3lb Thinkpad X41 Tablet just for this program.

You know you've found a great app when your only regret is not finding it sooner.
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I used to use Sketchbook Pro for my freelance work. It's great software however I prefer Painter IX because it allows you to adjust brush effects and other parameters that SKB dont have.
I haven't tried SketchBook Pro, but did recently spend the cash to upgrade to Painter 11 (from X) and Manga Studio EX4 (from EX3). Need to get back into drawing again.
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Agreed, my intous 4 tablet came with a copy and i love it.
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Painter X runs slow on mac and pc, not sure about painter XI. Artrage is the best painting software for osx that i came across so far. Better controls than painter, sketchbook pro. Give a feel closest to physically drawing on paper.
Sktchbuk rulez! here some sample of my Proyects at the University
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I got my copy of the old Alias SBP 2.0 from eBay for cheap a couple of years ago, has it changed radically since? If you can't take it with you and got an iPhone/iPod Touch you could get Sketchbook on that platform.