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Hmmm. looks impressive, but under win 2k I managed to crash it several times with large files and some clickage whilst using the text tool. Clearly not prime time yet...

Anyhow, he seems to be using SDL for crossplatform-ness and thus I dont expect there's much SGI specific accelleration so it'll prolly be dog slow under IRIX.
Hi all,

This is the first public release of my CD Writer applet. It wraps mkisofs and cdrecord in a SGI Motif panel.

Read the README, learn the various DISCLAIMERS off by heart and get it here:



PS. Please make the effort to REPORT BUGS ! No bug reports, no fixes.
Thanks for the compliments everybody :)


I'm developing/using a very plain vanilla OEM SCSI-II drive. Works fine.


The CD burner that is as the cdwriter application doesn't seem to find (or look for?) any devices...

Are you saying that CD Writer isn't picking up any devices to display on the recorder tab? If so could you post/pm me the output of 'cdrecord -scanbus' on your system.

Also, the one I downloaded is not fully IRIXified like the snapshot on the download page: the check boxes are not the usual IRIX red check mark...

Interesting, I get nice IRIX red checkmarks... Could you post/pm me a screenshot?

Oops... silly me :) I see that I have some cdwriter* resources set in my .Sgiresources that I forgot to include in the 0.2 distribution. Will include them in the 0.3 release.
My my, you _do_ seem to have a lot of SCSI channels ;)

I just checked my cdrecord binary and yes, it's setuid root. I forgot about that... not good. I'll have a look at hooking cdrecord into the IRIX privilege system for the next version, that's probably a more elegant way of doing things.

Other ideas for solving the cdrecord root issue are welcome.
Thanks again for all your nice compliments, they're much appreciated!

I'm working on the various bugs and issues reported in this thread and I hope to have a 0.3 bugfix release out soon. As to releasing the sources as Free Software... I haven't made up my mind yet.


The SGI style tabs in CDWriter are a function of using the ViewKit VkTabbedDeck component. 'man VkTabbedDeck' for all the information ;)

I saw miyazaki's 'Howls Moving Castle' two weeks ago - most excellent and this week I've been OD-ing on Crest/Banner of the Stars - totally excellent! And as ever in these matters, USENET is your friend...
dunno about 'useless', they're a pretty good vent for frustration about the protracted demise of all that what was cool, fun and impressive about SGI. till the mid/late nineties.

Whether such threads actually make any impression on reality is another matter entirely.
I think Apple turned it around because:

1. They got back their colourful, egomaniacal leader.

2. They had a crufty old OS that needed to be thoroughly revamped. Which they did, and the revamped product offered real benefits over the old one.

3. They realised that the old 'applets' that came with their OS, were... old. So they started building/shipping applets that fit with current desktop usage: photos/images/video/music.

4. Jobs understands that design _really_ matters. The beige corporate square boxes with uninspiring model numbers were replaced with sleek sexy stuff designed by Mr. Ives. The 'hallowed' gray finder/Mac OS look 'n feel is now a gaudy eyecandy fest.

5. They diversified into high volume hardware after first grokking on-line distribution of digital music.

6. They made sure that the platform remained a viable one for 3rd party ISV's.

Those that know a little about SGI history will see how SGI could/should have done the same. Here's my take:

1. Jim Clark was the soul of a company he ran in order to make huge piles of cash by creating cool stuff. Then in came the suits to turn SGI into a respectable 'proper' company. Clark didn't take well to losing control and left to make more money elsewhere, SGI never recovered.

2. IRIX needs to get proper support for a bunch of commodity hardware, and a bunch of other system/network software. It'll never happen.

3. A major desktop revamp was on the cards as late as 2001/2002. It never happened.

4. Having met Bob Bishop a couple of years ago, I wasn't impressed by his awareness of things relating to 'coolness' and 'design' - something SGI was always famous for. Mr. Bishop simply isn't a superstar CEO. Jobs is, Clark was. Can't see Bishop building a way-over-the-top sailing ship. If I'm not mistaken, the man has a house in Switserland - that exciting land of the Cookoo clock.

5. SGI should have grokked PeeCee based desktop 3D way back in the days of the Voodoo cards. A bunch of SGI engineers left and now NVidia is doing the high volume desktop 3D stuff.

6. Yeah right.
As to the original post asking to comment on: "chips is where it's at, mobo's are obsolete."

I'm not sure I understand what this greg chap is on about in his blog. As I understand things, chips need interconnects - no? Mobo's are simply surfaces that support and implement interconnects - no?

If so, if you've got chips you'll have mobo's. Though it's unlikely that the classic PC _architecture_ will still be around in 2010.

On the other hand, wasn't the whole point of the Origin 3xxx architecture to make a system with upgradable interconnects? Even so, somewhere along the line, a 'chip' will have to be stuck onto some kind of connector-to-the-rest-of-the-system thing, and that's a Mobo in my book.
Hehe funny - I was thinking about my various bits of IRIX code just the other day.

Unfortunately, I haven't shipped my O2 to my current location yet :( Am considering picking up an Ebay Fuel one of these days, but I'm not yet decided on the matter. Sort of hoping that the Tezro's will start showing up in the next 6 to 10 months. Going from an O2 to a Tezro should be a pretty 'meaningful' upgrade ;)

On the up-side there was some bugfixing/packaging/featuring happening to the CD-applet and my ViewKit extensions before I left Amsterdam in February.
Hi All,

Spent some time over the weekend hacking-up a little ViewKit/Motif applet that does Post-It(tm) notes for the IRIX desktop.

I wont have much time over the next few weeks to finish the 'save on exit' function, so it forgets all notes on termination... But I thought I'd let it out the door anyhow as somebody might read the TODO-list and feel the need to contribute some code ;)

Get it here:

The README-file in the tarball and the comments in the source, is all the documentation you'll need.


hamei wrote: Needs the Viewkit dev stuff installed to compile, I guess ?

Indeed it does - sorry :(
Hello All,

I'm happy to announce a version of Notes that actually saves the notes you create.

Get the source here:

Please read the README - it contains all the information you need to run the applet.


Spidy wrote:
Uhm...having a bit of trouble compiling.
cstdio needs to be in usr/local/lib?

Hello Spidy - thanks for taking an interest in Notes ;)

As far as i know cstdio doesn't belong in /usr/local/lib at least not for MIPSpro.

Spidy wrote:
Ammended the Makefile to include /usr/nekoware/lib/gcc/mips-sgi-irix6.5/3.4.6/include/c++ where the file lives, still getting errors I'm afraid.

It seems that you're using gcc and I haven't tested compilation with gcc as I've been using MIPSpro for a while now. I am terribly sorry, but I have no idea why your seeing these errors.

Spidy wrote:
Any pointers?

If you don't have a copy of MIPSpro handy, I'm afraid you may have to wait a couple more days till I release an officially blessed-and-holy-pee-sprinkled tardist :(

Spidy wrote: Is this version the same as 0.9?

No this is the initail announcement of the project at version 0.1 - it doesn;t save your notes

Spidy wrote: There's another thread...

yes, the other thread is the announcement for the 0.9 version which _does_ actually save the notes you create.

btw. spidy, I still haven;t found an answer to your build question. sorry ;(


ka0s wrote:
Jimmer I love your Notes app !!!

You're welcome ;)

ka0s wrote:
What would be really nice is to have just a little more features added to it like different fonts and fontsize, Bold , Italic , underline. And a way to resize the window.

Wrt. different text size/colour etc., i thought about it and then I ran in to issues with Motif. The stock Motif 1.2 text widget is annoyingly primitive, but I might try something with Motif 2.x 'rendertables' one of these days. Of course 'right way' to do this would be to write a new ViewKit component that does Fontconfig/Freetype AA text. But I simply don't have the time atm to learn how to code such a beastie. Sorry.

Wrt. window resizing, that's a function of the window manager borders. If I want non-bordered notes, which i want, then I sacrifice resizing. Adding a popup-dialog just to enter a new note size seems a little 'cumbersome'.

In the end I decided that fonts and resizing weren't essential to the applet and left them out.

ka0s wrote:
But for a 0.9 version it's 'tha bomb' !)

You da' Man! ;)
shyouko wrote:
Um... Guess now I should learn how not to trust my brain.

Sounds like you need to see the Lain anime series again....

Hello everyone -

Virtual Reality used to be a mainstay of IRIX applications, but like most things that started out on IRIX, VR-apps have left the CAVE and moved on to the PeeCee.

I was wondering if anybody in the nekochan community is using any of the newer 'commodity' VR environments, in particular SecondLife(tm). Of course there is no port of the SecondLife(tm) viewer to IRIX but I think it would be interesting to see if IRIX users have moved to the SecondLife(tm) platform on other systems.

Thanks for voting :)

I think I wrote something very small and demi-useful once upon a time.


When I get another IRIX box, hopefully sometime soon-ish, I might try my hand at a few more 'applets'.
There is a specially coded irix xvid/mpeg4 player thing written by an ex-sgi employee (little wave to brendan) that does a reasonable job even on an O2.

Beyond that, dont expect the ICE to accelerate anything else than MJPEG and some OGL Imaging extensions (cf Cesar Blecuas Udias' very helpful notes on the matter). The docs on using/coding for the ICE were never released to the public. Some say they are collecting mould in a soggy cardboard box in some dank warehouse where shiney new-SGI dumped all the junk from crusty old-SGI.

I'm a youthful cynic, so I think the docs never existed in the first place and the only reference to the ICE is in the heads of the engineers who built the damn thing in 1846.
Hello all,

Am trying to use cairo for drawing in a Motif/ViewKit setup. I;m stuck :(

Here's my simple tester code minus the boilerplate:


MainWindow::MainWindow(const char* name) : VkWindow(name) {


ui_root = XtVaCreateWidget (

"ui_root", xmFormWidgetClass, mainWindowWidget(),

XmNwidth, 600,
XmNheight, 400,


ui_drawingarea = XtVaCreateWidget (

"ui_drawingarea", xmDrawingAreaWidgetClass, ui_root,

XmNtopAttachment, XmATTACH_FORM,
XmNleftAttachment, XmATTACH_FORM,
XmNrightAttachment, XmATTACH_FORM,
XmNbottomAttachment, XmATTACH_FORM,



Display *dpy = theApplication->display();

cairo_surface_t *cs = cairo_xlib_surface_create( dpy, XtWindow(ui_drawingarea), DefaultVisual(dpy, 0), 200, 200 );
cairo_t *c = cairo_create(cs);

cairo_rectangle(c, 0.0, 0.0, 200, 200);
cairo_set_source_rgb(c, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5);

// I think cairo_fill() fails with BadWindow because the X11 drawables aren't mapped
// since VkWindow->show() hasn't been called yet :(


MainWindow::~MainWindow() { // bye, bye. }
const char* MainWindow::className() { return "MainWindow"; }

void MainWindow::mnu_file_new() {

cout << "called: mnu_file_new." << endl;

void MainWindow::mnu_file_new_cb(Widget w, XtPointer client_data, XtPointer call_data) {

MainWindow *obj = (MainWindow *) client_data;

void MainWindow::mnu_file_quit() {


void MainWindow::mnu_file_quit_cb(Widget w, XtPointer client_data, XtPointer call_data) {

MainWindow *obj = (MainWindow *) client_data;

VkMenuDesc MainWindow::mnu[] {

{SUBMENU, "File", NULL, mnu_file},


VkMenuDesc MainWindow::mnu_file[] {

{ACTION, "New", &MainWindow::mnu_file_new_cb},
{SEPARATOR, "Menu separator"},
{ACTION, "Quit", &MainWindow::mnu_file_quit_cb},


My understanding is that cairo_fill() in the constructor gives me 'BadWindow' because the actual widgets haven't been mapped yet as VkWindow->show() hasn't been called yet. But when I move cairo_fill() to mnu_file_new() in the menubar, so I can call it when the window is mapped, I get a segmentation fault. Which I think is because of the whole C++ instance thing where things aren't actually mapped in memory like you think they are, which is why you need to define things as static for callbacks etc., which remains very confusing to me.

So my question is: how do I get a handle to the cairo drawable/surface in each of my VkWindow instances so I can draw into them at will?


lol - ah... well.. I'm using lesstif and ViewKlass on Arch linux inside a VirtualBox on my Macbook Air while I'm on this roadtrippe and haven't got the Fuel hooked up to anything.

Thanks for taking an interest :)
turn Macs into high-priced, high-turnover commodity machines

Turn? surely Macs have been exactly that for quite a while now....
sort of... but he's prolly been copied 45 million times so i dont know if it's his work or 'inspired by' work that i'm recognising.

speaking of 3D and work and SGI and all that... these days I do most of my 3D creation work in online Virtual Worlds based on I'd love to do the work on my fuel but i just havent got the time nor skills to rewrite a viewer for them. So I end up spending all my time on the nameless faceless PC (hasn;t even got a complete case - it's a real mongrel). Sigh.

I know, this is very low info posting, but just venting a little frustration and this seemed like a good place to do it. Normal service will resume now.

Fancy sig pending.
@ajerimez - surely that's more of an 'All' programmes for IRIX list, not just a 'Best' desktop programmes for IRIX list... :)
Well since it's pretty to look at... why dont you use it as an 'art' thing? Run a picture slideshow or something similar. Only the other day I was thinking of getting a big flatscreen TV to use as a huge picture frame. Though it's not as big, your G5 would be prettier and give you many more options.
I have a filmmaker buddy who is concerned about Apple as a pro company. He doesn't like 10.8 (or, for that matter, 10.7)

I dont think Apple is very interested in being a computing company anymore - pro or otherwise. They are now in the business of selling highly specialised information appliances designed to lock the non-pro sheeple into AAPLs storage and content platforms.

Turns out 10.6 was the last generic computing platform for apple hardware.
We have fast multi-core processors these days. We've moved past the 486DX.

ehh... hamei, you're generally spot on - whether you're ranting or not - but our Fuels run processors from yesteryear, each powered by a single asthmatic hamster. That's not so far past the 486DX.
hamei wrote:
I upgraded to an O350. I now have the power of two asthmatic hamsters, running full-tilt in their special SGI-designed contra-rotating hamster wheels.

I'm calling the RSPCA right now . I expect them to be turning up on your doorstep in full riot gear to rescue those poor little furry critters.

Congrats on the O350 - that's about as good as it'll get for a 'workstation' SGI machine :)

hamei wrote:
You've obviously forgotten how slow a 486 really is :P

I loved my 486DX. 40Mhz in a stupidly large towercase with a SCSI-II drive chain running off an AHA1540 and an ET4000 driving a no-curve Compaq branded 17" CRT. It blew past all my mates' machines at uni. Well, it did once I had finished fiddling with modelines in XFree86 and downloading Slackware onto 900 3.5" floppies and getting my dial-up tcp/ip connection to the uni modem banks sorted so i could display X-clients installed on the uni's sunos4 servers. Ah, those were the days.

hamei wrote:
I mentioned it elsewhere but spent the past few weeks tethered to a Macbook and an iPad, was happy to tears to get back to Irix on hamster power.

Macbook and ipad... Ugh :( I broke my 2011 macbook air a few weeks ago and had to get a 2012 macbook air. The 2011 macbook air ran 10.6 Snow Leopard and once you got used to all the cr*p that is OS X, it was a nice enough desktop operating system. But the 2012 unit comes with Mountain Lion and all the iCloud mess and vendor uber lock-in it heralds is just miserable.
Perhaps ?

On second thoughts maybe not... your datagrams might end up as dinner:

I have a 1st generation Galaxy Note.

The Note's slightly larger size makes it just big enough to be a capable/sensible ebook reader. The stylus thing is a tad gimmicky, but with its good battery life, great screen, ok camera and good wifi tethering options - there isn't much to complain about.

I think it's a good all-round piece of kit.
Alpha.... hmmmm. Back on memory lane I had an Ollivetti labled Alpha 150/axp 'jensen' box. Really impressive big thing. Though I had access to the NT MSDN CD-ROMs I can't remember if I ever ran winders on it though... think there might be some usenet postings of mine from way back when calling for firmware and MILO support to get it booting. Ah, those were the days - as a astudent i lived down the road from a 'pc doctor' and every so often they'd get interesting things in that no 'sane' peecee person wanted. Never any SGI stuff though, just Sun, HP and DEC stuff :)
Japan. I might go in spring. I guess I'll be free to off myself sometime next summer. Sorted.
sgtprobe wrote:
Ops, gotta go, my render just completed.

Well, don't just leave us hanging... show us the render already!



:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12
Dear All,

I fired up redbox this afternoon for the first time in forever and installed the 'new' Firefox - it works great so far! BIG thanks to all who worked on getting it to compile on IRIX :)

Inspired by all of this fabulousness, I fired up Blender and created a new SGI cube-logo throbber and took the liberty of cleaning-up Hamei's 4Dwm userChrome.css prettyfication-mod posted earlier in this thread.

To install simply unpack the attached tarball and copy the files into:




:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12
Hello All,

Did some more digital spelunking on redbox and found the sources for a little IRIX FTP client thing I was working on last year. It's still very early stages ie. it can login to and browse a remote FTP server, but file transfer isn't implemented yet. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share... who knows, somebody might want to toss a few lines of code into the hat :)

Notes are in the README.



:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12
@Foetz... not so sure my stuff is 'development', it's more like well-meant bricolage :)

I spent another few hours with the code: made it less braindead and have managed to get some sort of download function going. But it gives up on big files and uploading seems entirely stuck. If somebody who actually knows what they are doing can have a look... I'll be glad to receive any advice on how to proceed.

There's a minor improvement in vknew that efteepee 0.2 needs, so I've attached that too.



:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12
Are you using RapidApp, Jimmer ? or getting Viewkit elsewhere ?

I use nedit and a couple of winterms, and I get my ViewKit straight out of stock IRIX. After all, it's just a library with some headers and the ViewKit manual is very good. I don't feel like I'm missing much by not using a UI-builder tool like RapidApp or BXPro.

In the end, my issue isn't with the UI part of things, rather it's with C++ which I find to be a very complicated and hoop-jumpy set of languages.

:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12
Gave up on understanding the C++ way of doing uploads and 'hey presto' uploads now seem to be working fine in the C way of things.

It's all still very primitive and fragile and for some reason when completing an upload the remote filelist doesn't update, but here's the next tarball.

:Fuel: redbox 800Mhz 4Gb V12