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Anyone remember Gil Bruvel's work?

It seemed to pop up everywhere Alias PowerAnimator was mentioned. (This was some of the stuff: more here, albeit very low resolution: )

I've been thinking about surrealism a lot lately.

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sort of... but he's prolly been copied 45 million times so i dont know if it's his work or 'inspired by' work that i'm recognising.

speaking of 3D and work and SGI and all that... these days I do most of my 3D creation work in online Virtual Worlds based on I'd love to do the work on my fuel but i just havent got the time nor skills to rewrite a viewer for them. So I end up spending all my time on the nameless faceless PC (hasn;t even got a complete case - it's a real mongrel). Sigh.

I know, this is very low info posting, but just venting a little frustration and this seemed like a good place to do it. Normal service will resume now.

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I recognize his work from the BOX of PowerAnimator. In fact, it's also on the over of each manual for the software. I like the look of his work. It's a bit dated, but still nice all the same.

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