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I just ran across this while scouring YouTube. I don't know if it's oldhat or something someone might find interesting.

Steve Jobs - Silicon Graphics
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Additional thanks here also Nekonoko. I can't wait to get my Indigo back out and get it up and running. :D
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My roommate is a big Soccer (football) fan (Liverpool specifically) so I will inevitably be seeing a lot of it. He and I go out to the local soccer fields and practice a couple of times a week. He's okay at it, but I am terrible.
I'll definitely be seeing a lot of it.
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pentium wrote: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Just thinking of a mac clone reminds of the Umax SuperMac systems.

I had a 200 MHz UMAX SUPERmac c500. It was a good Mac and lasted for years.
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MattPayne wrote: the NVRAM battery on my Onyx is kaput... date and enviroment variables reset after hard power off, and a nice stream of NVRAM battery messages in the console output....

ive looked all over and cannot see anything that resembles a battery.

where the dickins is it hidden? and is it an easilly replaced battery or a soldered on nightmare???? :)

I hate to pull up an old thread, but I'm in the same boat. Anyone dealt with replacing (or know the location of) the NVRAM battery in an ONYX Deskside?
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nekonoko wrote: The Onyx manual states that the battery is in the System Controller. I have no idea what the battery looks like in there, but that's the place to start.

Thanks nekonoko. I'll check it out. 8-)
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My copy arrived at 10:16 AM this morning VIA FedEx. I installed it a few hours ago after I got off of work and I'm playing with it now. :)
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cheg wrote: IRIX 5.3 wallpaper "Twilight"

I had the default colored Scatter background from IRIX as the Wallpaper onmy Windows box at work for a while last year. Might be a good idea for me to start collecting IRIX backgrounds for other platforms. Or maybe I'll just wait for the MaXX Interactive Desktop.
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In addition to what others have recommended:
QuickTime Pro
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strandedinnz wrote: I have downloaded the 6.5.22 overlays from SGI , how do I now install them over the top of my 6.5.15 installation

Unzip and then untar each of the overlay files' contents into one directory.

strandedinnz wrote: a large list of conflicts .. most are about dev stuff which I don't care about yet, but some are about "incompatible" warnings

The first time I overlayed from IRIX 6.5.7 to IRIX 6.5.22 I didn't have any Dev. CDs. The only CD I ended up needing was the 6.5.7 Foundation 1 CD in order to get something along the lines of: 32 bit and 64 bit standard libraries eoe.sw, everything else I removed.

Sorry to be vague about the specific file, it has been a while.
And as Joerg said, don't forget to install the 5086 patch and reboot. I forgot one time and felt like crying when my Indy didn't boot back up.
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Did someone say TRON ? :shock:

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vvostenak wrote: It is not anime, but as a child I loved cartoons like (the M.A.S.K. (1985)

Yeah, I also enjoyed watching M.A.S.K. (1985) when I was younger.

I thought Macrosss Plus was excellent.
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A few weeks ago I was up late watching GoldenEye on WGN -- one of the best James Bond films by the way, up there with Goldfinger and Casino Royale -- and out of the corner of my eye I notice something on a computer monitor as Trevelyan's base is exploding. I thought I saw it, but I wasn't sure. So I go to my closet and get out the GoldenEye DVD and put it in the DVD player. In past viewings of GoldenEye I had noticed the other IBM references: all the computer monitors have large IBM logos on them, Q's laptop is an IBM, and Natalya goes into a computer store with an IBM sign to demo an IBM compatible computer.
This viewing though was the first time I noticed the OS/2 Warp logo on a computer screen (see below).

I just found it interesting and didn't know of anyone else had noticed or caught it. Although, I'm sure that I'm not the first person to ever notice it.
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Gray Fox wrote:

Thanks for posting Gray Fox.
I ended up ordering a Vostro A90 from Dell. I'm still waiting for it to ship.

bri3d wrote: I'm pretty pleased with Windows 7 - but it's years too late.

Windows 7 is what Microsoft should have released as Vista - it's basically a reliable, stable, solid version of Vista. So, I quite like it, and I plan on running it daily, but it's not exactly a tour de force from MS or anything

Well put.
I've been running Windows 7 RC for 3 or 4 months now on my main machine and intend to buy the full version when it comes out. It boots fast and I think I only recall it crashing once since I've used it.

My specs :
Quad-core 2.40GHz intel Q6600 CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 (with NVIDIA PureVideo [pops his collar])

The GUI is still cumbersome to use though :(
Microsoft seems to be regressing in the GUI and usability dept. They're making it shinier and more convoluted, not sleeker and easier to use.

Windows 2000 was so good usability-wise. What happened?
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pentium wrote: AirPort card under OS 9.2.2
Someone is crazy. :)
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SAQ wrote:
Now that 10.4 is completely unsupported (read: no more security patches), what are the Neko types using to run classic Macintosh applications? As I see it, the options are

(a) keep around an old PPC or 68k Mac (or both, or more than one of each) to run the stuff on, but that gets bothersome with moving boxes around (no remote display).
I have a 350MHz Blue & White PowerMac G3 dual-booting Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.4.*.
I also have a Mac Classic dual-booting Mac OS 7.5.3 and System 6.0.*

SAQ wrote:
how does Apple expect anyone in IT to take them seriously if they don't commit to 5 years - even MS does that! </rant>
Better get Windows 7 certified! ;)

jan-jaap wrote: The idea behind this is to load all this version information and dependencies into a database which would then be able to answer questions like

Good thinking.
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The iPad is cool, no doubt, but I am still unimpressed with it.
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MisterDNA wrote: In BTtF3, Doc and Marty burn out the DeLorean by trying to run it on whiskey. Doc was smart and any redneck can make moonshine. Why not further distill the whiskey into pure (more or less) ethanol and burn that? It would have worked, though the seals on the fuel lines would need replacing in a few years.


I'm guessing it would take 3 - 10 days to distill the alcohol to ethanol. Doc is being shot in the back by Buford Tannen over a matter of $80 in 3 days, so in my opinion it's not really feasible.

The better question is why don't Doc and Marty get gasoline out of the other DeLorean that is in the Delgado Mine?
When Marty arrives in 1885 there should be 2 DeLoreans, one with burned up time circuits and the other with replacement components (vacuum tubes). The DeLorean in the mine should still have fuel in the tank, and if it's going to have to be towed in 1955 anyway (wheels rotted, etc.) then why not just take the fuel out of its tank?
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I admit it, I like the song.
Yeah, the music video was cheesey, but most fun things are.
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Merry Christmas to all.
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Excellent video, informative, and well edited.
I had a Color Classic in the late 90s/early 2000s. Truthfully, it was more of a pain in the ass rather than a neat collectible, for a lot of the reasons you listed.
I think I donated it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, some place like that.

Regardless, great job.
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System Administrator in a department with a dozen or so Windows boxes at a big corporation.
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Impressive, most impressive. --paraphrased from Darth Vader
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skywriter wrote: I always found the web to be a pointless distraction to enjoying an SGI with IRIX.

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mapesdhs wrote: May the 4th be with you! :D


I got that joke this morning. 8-)
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Hi Fabian,
on my older IRISes I've found Dillo to be an excellent option for basic web browsing.
I have it on one of my Indys with IRIX 6.5.22 and 128MB of RAM, I have it on an Iris Indigo with IRIX 6.5.22 and I want to say 32MB of RAM, and I still get (IMO) acceptable browsing.
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I deal with Windows boxes as my daily duty and have accepted that I live in a Windows world, Server 2008 along with Windows 7 are actually good OSes, and Microsoft's support (corporate/enterprise) seems to be good. I do feel a little abandoned by Apple and the way they're heading with their software and hardware, but I don't blame them or begrudge them their success by any means.

I started out on a Mac when Apple was a faux pa in computer fashion and have now ended up with Windows (and liking it, scary I know :roll: ) as everyone else seems to be migrating to Apple iDevices -- I had some Unix in-between of course ;)

I do wish I had been older, rich, or had a rich family during the heyday of the SGI, Sun, etc so I could have supported or owned those caliber machines when they were at their apex (I think I would have had a blast) but at the time I only remember seeing them in magazines and on TV specials.

Oh well, back to the now.
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porter wrote: I see this as a deliberate attempt to kill the 2nd hand Mac market and turn Macs into high-priced, high-turnover commodity machines.

I see this as probably a long term goal of Apple. Welcome to the future! Soon everything will be disposable :D
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Below is part of a post from a Slashdot user I saved back in 2002 or 2003.
"I haven't been following any IRIX roadmaps lately, but it seems that IRIX 7 will likely never happen. I went to SGI's Developer Forum in '97, when 6.5 was relatively new. Several of the sessions talked about all the great things that they were doing for IRIX 7, due out no later than the following summer. 5 years later and we're on something like 6.5.17. SGI continues to pump out minor maintenance and feature releases, but you certainly get the feeling that IRIX isn't going much further these days. 'Tis a shame, really. Back in the day, IRIX was the best Unix out there, bar none... "

I also remember another post on some site years back where a user talked of attending an SGI conference (or maybe he worked at SGI; don't remember for sure) where it was discussed that IRIX 7 would be a port of IRIX from MIPS to Intel Itanium
-- I thought I saved the above post or URL, but I guess I didn't.
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josehill wrote: I was poking around SGI's Techpubs site today, looking for an IRIX 5.3-era man page

I'd like to find some IRIX 3.* man pages. yeah, I know, good luck. :lol:
Thanks for the links though Jose, I'll use 'em.
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