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Perhaps nomagic does not yet fully understand the sgi market. It is full of entirely different types of customers. From professional studios to government agencies to eBay facilitated sgi want-to-be's (such as myself) to educational facilities. All of these potential customers have drastically different budgets and expectations. If there is a great interest in the product by the types of customers that have the means to purchase it at a high price (such as those who can actually puchase new sgi hardware). Then why offer at a lower price at all? If there is no interest at that level, then by all means lower the price, make it accessible to hobbyists, and hope to sell more licenses at a lower cost. A company cannot simply jump into a new market and throw a price out there, that would be irresponsible. Successful companies expend alot of resources gathering "business intelligence" on customer demographics, etc. That does not make them crooks. Perhaps you've heard of another product by nomagic, "MagicDraw". That is a quality piece of software and there is no reason to assume that this one is any different, or that the folks over there are dishonest - based entirely on theory. Perhaps they are a good software company who is new to the sgi market...
I need to create a circle with the edge of the circle having the texture of a rope. Is it possible to do this with gimp? Or perhaps with blender?
That is exactly what I need to create. You did it with lightwave 3d correct? I suppose I could get my hands on that program, but I'd rather use blender. I'd like to be able to do this myself - any keywords to help me going on this?
(tool names, texture, etc.)
No - I had a short deadline and I just went with a "circle of wood" with gimp and told them it was the best I could do. I still plan to give it a shot when I get some time. The interface for blender is unlike anything I have ever used. Perhaps I should grab lightwave.
I would like to thank you as well foetz. I find your builds very useful. I would like to mention that I have heard that "galeon" is a little quicker than firefox, but I have not yet found a build for galeon.
never played any of the scummvm games - any good? I sure did like space quest(s) though. Anyone ever played sierra's gold rush? Possibly my favorite.
I keep receiving unresolved symbols when configuring apache sources against an installation of berkeley db that I've already installed. I am fairly certain that my compilation of berkeley db was somehow flawed.

Configure.log yields unresolved symbols "pthread_condattr_init" amongst others. This comes after warnings that /usr/lib32/ is not used for resolving any symbols.

Anyone seen this before? I am using gcc 3.3.3.
I have 2 o2s that I have been saving. Both have flawless skins - they are basically just sitting around waiting for a terrible disaster to occur to my "main" o2. I am reluctantly willing to part with one or maybe both of them.

300Mhz R5k w/ 512 Mb RAM (4x128) & 9 Gb drive. (old style skins)

300Mhz R12k w/ 512 Mb RAM (4x128) & 9Gb drive & FPA. (new style skins)

I have an audio card and video card between them. I'd like to get around $350 for each. PM me or reply if you are interested.
Rhode Island - I drive south through new york (287) into new jersey and down to washington dc once a month.
If you have a quick machine check out chatzilla extension for firefox.
Since there are no takers and I am too lazy for eBay (I got some motivation now everything is up for auction). I'll part these machines out at low prices.

You could try deleting your ".netscape" directory then run netscape so that it sets everything up again. (back it up first if you want)

Installing firefox alone should not move around your plugins, or write to the ".netscape" directory for that matter. There should also be a ".phoenix" dir and a ".mozilla" dir - that is what firefox uses. however, your plugins should not be in those dirs either.
I might have for the right item. I just put everything up on eBay this morning. I hope it all brings more than the $45 total it is currently valued at. I have noticed O2 prices really have gone down in the last few months.

Thinking of getting an octane2 -- if I wait perhaps I can find a dual r12k 400mhz v12 for around $400 dollars.

I am thinking I will also sell a 1600SW and multlink adapter. Once again I'll give the nekochan guys first shot. Shall we say $600?
Is there a joystick / gamepad device compatible with the o2 that can be used with xmame?
Guiness and Jaegermeister shots if I go out. Malbec or Cabernet at home.

Did anyone else used to do this? Any way I can make ANSI art on my o2?
Hmm, is that similar to aciddraw? Just kidding. I have avoided learning emacs for so long it would be a shame to start now.
How did you do it? I kept getting:

rm -f duhdraw
gcc -O2 -s -Wall -L/usr/miunkware/lib -o duhdraw duhdraw.c -lncurses
ld32: Segmentation Fault.  Removing output file...

This is with ncurses 5.4 - which I compiled /w gcc - perhaps my ncurses libs are no good?
Really how about with -lcurses? What does your makefile look like? I am getting another segfault. How can I debug ld32 segfaults?
Thanks - adding the ncurses/ncurses.h was the key. I can run the program but the "splash screen" displays all jumbled - do I need to configure my winterm?
Much closer.


Downloaded the fonts, downloaded and compiled rxvt. I execute it from a xwsh winterm via:

rxvt -fn vga -tn vt100 -fg white -bg black -display localhost:0.0

If I run the ansi program on one of the provided ansi files it looks great. When I start up the application it looks bad, but different than before (perhaps it is just a really bad splash screen?).

The major problem now is that the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) don't work in the rxvt terminal duhdraw. Anyone know if this is a setting I can modify? Would I have better luck with aterm?
Be careful /w nedit. I built an entire website using it, and once I deployed it I discovered that the encoding was not compatible with google's spider. So the google description was all jumbled and messy. They have since removed the site from their index, and have ignored my request to reinstate it.
I've been doing ASP then .NET for the last five years. I have sample code to do just about anything you'll come across. If you have a specific question, send me a pm.
o2 does /w flat panel adapter option + 1600sw monitor. The resolution is 1600x1024. I don't think you can get 16:9 proportions via vga on the o2. You should be able to find the fpa and a 1600sw on ebay for fairly cheap - $200 max, but if you have a good eye you can get them for less.