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has the firefox bitten netscape 4.8?

nearly all my SGI machines run firefox 9.2 now and are about to be upgraded to 9.3 (thank you, foetz).

However, a problem remained - good old netscape 4.8 now reports
INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not load linking error= 2057:netscape: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '/luisa_data/KONRAD/.netscape/java/lib/' under any of the filenames /usr/me/.netscape/java/lib/

System error?:: Error 0

and also - too sad - /usr/sbin/infosearch does not work any more like it did before:
I am running an apache web server on an Indigo R4000 machine for that fast and highly valuable information source.
I can still access it by a remote login to that machine (where there is no firefox) but the neat GUI Toolchest-Help-Online Books Highway is unavailable :-(

Has anybody here please an idea how to get NS4.8 resp. Infosearch back to work?

You could try deleting your ".netscape" directory then run netscape so that it sets everything up again. (back it up first if you want)

Installing firefox alone should not move around your plugins, or write to the ".netscape" directory for that matter. There should also be a ".phoenix" dir and a ".mozilla" dir - that is what firefox uses. however, your plugins should not be in those dirs either.
I have tried that already - no change.
IMO NS complains about something *missing* so removing could only make things worse... anyway, a file of that name (found on another machine) brought into position and
INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not load the function CreateOJIFactory

System error?:: Error 0

seems like it's not the correct version for 4.8.
Yeah, same here. Doesn't matter for me though, since I only use firefox. It is possible to rewrite the infosearch, I can send you a bookmarks file for firefox if you want. As for Netscape (not sure why you'd want to use that), but I believe it could be solved with a bit of path juggling. I'll try and have a look at it tomorrow. (Just came back from dexter1's and it's like 2 am... need bed).
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It bit me too. I haven't figured out the root cause of this, but my workaround was to copy the netscape start script to ~/bin and modify it to add:

Code: Select all


before it runs the netscape binary. So, what is wrong with the plugin path? I am stumped, as the plugin path is definitely pointing to plugins under /var/netscape/communicator, and those appear to be the correct vintage.

I thought about digging into this, but really all I wanted was to get infosearch back in action, and try out wrp. wrp was a bust, but infosearch is happy, so I am not sure if it is worth digging more.
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That is why I love this forum! Can't tell you how many times I have landed on a 10+ year old thread for info.
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