The collected works of irix2003

nice :o
4D/25 :D

u can use IRIX 5.x for 4D/25
u can asked trail license for 30days and try ESP :p
New installing need base 6.5CDs: (Upgrade not need )

IRIX 6.5 Foundation 1
IRIX 6.5 Foundation 2

if install Development u need:
IDF -- IRIX Development Foundation
IDL -- IRIX Development Libraries

and NFS need:
ONC3/NFS Version 3 CD

and Networker MIB need MIB CD

if u just upgrade installed system, just need:

IRIX 6.5.X Overlay CDs and Application CDs

select all U I labled software compents, and will no conflict :D
How aoubt X-DESIGNER 7?

and ICS QT and BXPro
Like u IDF is too old..

IDF need 1.3
u can use SGI Altix for MatLab R14 :razz:
if u flint version < 8, u can use XLV framstore, if v8 ans later, just support stone :(
how about HyCD?
inferno/fire will running @Prism.
Cool, will try :D
cool viz apps :D
if u have more channel display, maybe can try IRIX Vizserver.
Maybe need changed block size to 512 Byte/block under PC, then use under IRIX.