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Has anyone tried WalkInside?
Looks interesting, but couldn't find a demo download :evil: ... ty_sgi.htm
Sitting in a room.....thinkin' shit up. :evil:

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Look at the top of the page:

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Click on Try

no IRIX download apparently :(

wanted to try it on the Onyx2....
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Yes, Looks like the demo is just for the PC ....... ATM ........even though it describes usage in the SGI line.......maybe the demo SGI link will be made available shortly

looks really good. want to have the demo, too :D
We have Walkinside here where I work. It's pretty damn good visualization software. Example this pic is taken from our Cave when we were running Walkinside platformdemo:

Walkinside Viewer doesn't yet support textures, but they have promised to do that by the end of 2005. We have run model with 1.3 billion polygons with no problems with Walkinside. (Of course all the polygons were not visible at the same time) We have Onyx4 with 6 pipes and 10 CPUs...
cool viz apps :D