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Discreet Flint question. . .


I have an early copy of Flint, fully licensed but have a problem. It is supposed to run on IRIX 6.3 but Id like to run a RM5200 processor - to the best of my knowledge this isn't supported until IRIX 6.5.3?, anyone know different?

I can install the ap under 6.5.x ok but cannot get the stone&wire filesystem to install correctly - it cannot create device entries under /dev properly.

This is an early version of flint which I believe allows non discreet framestores - is it possible to create a simple RAID 0 with xlv? - or would you need to purchase a license?

thanks for any help . . .
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if u flint version < 8, u can use XLV framstore, if v8 ans later, just support stone :(