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Hello, I have a questions in regard to IRIX Software & Programming for the 02's. Firstly this is what I would like to achieve!

I have several o2's that I would like to use as simple video servers to output to multiple video projectors. Each o2 would output a individual video stream, But stored in a common file structure stored local on each machine. The require clips placed in each folder ie: Folder #1= Cue #1.

I want a Master o2 machine to have some form of playback window in which I could call "Cues" to the o2's playback units on the network. This would be a "live" drop & drag situation similar to what can be done on the Output window in IRIX on the o2. One machine calls the cues the others playback the required file. Sounds simple But I am sure that it is not?

The machines that I would use for playback are RM 5200 300mhz/Rm 7000 350mhz o2's with the full gig of ram & the analogue video card option (Svideo) most have single 9 gig 10k drives. Should I use the second drive bay for "Files" only storage? Would this give smoother output performance not running of the system disk?

For the master machine would I need a R12000 (I have a R12000 300mhz) to call cues or would this be over kill? Or could I get away with another R5000? Some would properly suggest an onyx for what I wish to achieve, But I need the system to be both transportable & work in sometimes less that perfect temperature conditions. I have heard that the onxy's like their feet firmly planted on the ground! The o2's would be a more stable machine for moving around.

What Tools or Software will I need to compile a program like this for the 02's & IRIX? I want to be able to give a programmer an o2 to work, develop, test on. What would be the best software to code in as I have a few options available?

Now I have seen some items on ebay.....Are these remotely helpfully for my task? If I buy these, Will I need a license? Do they require licenses? Will they run or are they even useable? I am completely unfamiliar with this side of things.......

SGI IRIX ProDev Developers Suite
Product #812-0768-003

SGI IRIX 6.5 Compilers and Developer Tools Update Kit
ProDev Developers Suite May 1999
Compiler Execution Environment 7.3
IRIX Development Foundation 1.2

SGI IRIX MIPSpro C Compiler 7.2.1
SGI part number is #812-0707-002

Open Inventor 2.1.5
Used for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
Product #812-0794-002

Any help or experience would be very appreciated, I am very keen to make this a reality & actually put my blue baby's to good use.

Latter I would like to refine the system to somehow interface to DMX 512 (lighting standard protocol) & be able to trigger the Master o2 Via a lighting control desk for integration with automated lighting, I am thinking throught some form of ethernet communication.

Also on the list to be able to allow for keystone correction, possible by mapping the image to polgons or a surface patch & pull the outer points to reshape the video output. I would want this feature because the LCD projectors that I will be using are mounted on a moving yold (frame) & their position is programable.

I appreciate any suggestions or personal experiences as I am flying Blind!

Craig >Timberoz
The reason that I was leaning towards a o2 for each output rather than splitting the signal with a distribution amp was the plan to stitch multiple whole PAL video frames together to make one larger image.

This is why I would require the images to stay in sync, some of the source material is being rendered from 3ds max. I have also been given some 5m mp digital stills that I was cropping & chopping up in Photoshop to give a static panoramic backdrop for a stage cyc.

At this stage in preproduction the idea is to have 3 projectors aligned side by side for a widescreen effect 2304 x 576 pixels. A plan to feather the sides of source material so that the projectors can have a slight overlap in their alignment to produce a more consistent image across the screen surface. The projectors will be fixed & rear projecting for this event. Keystone is not an issue here, Just the playbacks

The event in November is when I would require the Keystone function under DMX control, The units will be required to project onto multiple screens inside the venue. The plan is for 4 DL1's to be hired & used.
This would allow for corrected projection onto various screens hung at different levels around the venue & thus the need for live Keystoning. In this case each o2 would project an individual image of different source material rather than the need for frame syncing & alignments like the above event.

The DMX implementation could be an interesting factor, There are quiet a few DMX to Ethernet adaptors on the market but all of the software I have seen thus far has been windows based. If this could be worked out it would allow for a very flexible system & at a realistic cost level that I could afford. Unlike systems like Catalyst (see the url link.) The unit would only ever need to read the 8bit DMX levels, as it would be a slave unit to the lighting board.

I hope what I have outlined makes sense? Do you still think that a central sever is a more realistic option? I have the o2's already. I you think a central server could you suggest what I would need as I only own o2's?
No single video loop would be longer than a couple of minutes in length & many would be less than 30 secs or a complete still frame. The MJPEG codec was what I had planned as it was native to the o2?

It is correct what has been said about keystoning the projector VS the source material & the output quality......But remember in this instance the video projector is not a fixed unit in a fixed position or on the same single screen the whole time.

If with some luck the production company I run may be able to afford to purchase these units before the events rather than cross hire the DL 1's. If this is the case fingers crossed, Keystone will be a built in feature of this fixture & could save quiet at bit of work & programming.

Thanks the the reply's & I welcome any further knowledge or suggestions you can suggest.

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Here is one!

I have a great little origin 200 wind up to still sealed in it's original box. Purple & magenta silicon Graphics computer systems slinky!
(My pride & joy :D )
A collection of celebrating 20years pins
Silicon Graphics stickers from Ebay (these are pasted to my rack)
O2 introduction video from 1996 & luck last a o2 T-Shirt.

I have NO Idea what I just bought, :shock: But I am still ecstatic! :D The unit was local to the area......No idea on the HINV the only description was

It has 50 x 4.2GB 7200RPM hard drives and I think it has 2 Mips, 3 bricks

2 separate racks, On housing 2 Origin 2000 cabinets stacked with the LCD screen in the middle & a second rack with the drive arrays. Now I just have to read up on the units & do some homework so that I can put it in operation. Any guesses, what is the smallest cpu hinv configuration for a Origin 2000 machine? Will both Origin 2000 boxes contain CPU's? or one a dummy for other boards :?:

G'day Glenn, Yes mate I am still in shock myself. As long as it's a deal I am stoked! Was thinking the studio could do with another SGI... But I think if I put anymore Records, CD's or SGI machines here the floor will give I am positive.

Besides my business has points that are 15amp on a 3phase distro. Plus there is more room there for me to hug it! Is anyone else here that is sadly that addicted to the colour blue?

Want to come up & help me work out how it all works? I think that there will be some intensive pdf reading going on over the next few weeks/months :?

Well Glenn, The beast is now in my possession! I can't believe that they actually parted with the machine. The best $611 dollar that I have ever spent I must say.

As for size! OH MY GOD you would never get that into you Subaru. We collected the Sever rack in a Mercedes Sprinter Van & we had to do 2 trips one for the Server the other for the disk arrays as both towers were to wide to fit into the van at the same time. Thank god SGI put them onto rollers. :roll:

I just have to work out what all the boards are in the machine, all the cables were still attached to the units (scsi, power, serial console, etc) It like complete right down to the Cray door that covers the interconnects. It's like they disconnected the input mains cable & left everything else there. I am about to go attack Techpub for PDF's.

Cry's *Why* Did the have to dump Maya now! Would not this have been a prefect render node? Photos to follow soon.............. I now know how Hamei felt when he got his Fuel :D

As Diego would say.........I still have my eye on your Octane as part of my quest for "World Domination" But I have blow my budget this week so to speak. But if it not sold anytime soon, I am sure that our paths are going to cross in the near future.

MMMMMM *Stones*

Makes my life somehow complete!

lol...long live bozo

I 2nd that!

For one it might see some new software come to the platform. Or better still support stay for some of the older products that left. Maya, Discreet apps just to name a few.

Or see ongoing development for existing ports.

I wonder if there is any chance of IFX ever being convinced to sell older versions for Irix cheaply

I have often thought this with many of the comp & editing apps that were available for IRIX. It's a dead end for most of the software companies, But having said that........ :mrgreen:

How many people out there are genuinely interesting in purchasing legitimate versions of these software packages. If there were enough neko users out there with money to part with I would be interested in contacting companies on behalf of a "Group of buyers" to see if they would offer a 1 time limited release of the their legacy IRIX lines. Some of the Avid products also come to mind (Elastic Reality would be 1 of my 1st picks, Jaleo for the O2 would be another)

I am not sure what the interest level would be. But I would assume that if there were enough users willing to part with cash then it might appear worth while to do. I assume that the last version release & licence with access to all of the patches would be a fair ask with a text or pdf user manual to help things along. What have we too loose?

Perhaps a limited list of apps (wish list) would prove helpful? I think by keeping this small it would keep purchase numbers high rather than scattered breakdown?

Perhaps the suggestion of an upgrade path/option to a non IRIX current version could be suggested to the supplier. This may give the companies more incentive if they can see the possibility of continuing brand loyalty? With respect, it would be foolish to assume that people are not running cracks etc on systems. If most were given the option of a legitimate license at a realistic cost..........

What are peoples thoughts on this? :?:

Hello All,

Question: I have a D9 Stone, It is connected to release of Effect 6.1.2 & I am running only 4 bays in the stone.

I have used the SW Tools to stripe the disk array. But when I get to the Project User selections I have the following

Project: default (PALDefault : non-exsistent)
User: Craig

If I choose "New" From the selection menu & go into the Framestore setup change to PAL from NTSC set the Aspect to 4:3 for the project & rename it to "PAL" & press apply I get a flash of white & the PANIC swf_cut: Mismatched links in list & the 02 starts to dump!!!

What the hell am I doing wrong?

I agree about these non stop updates, Max 2009 arrived on my desk today. The only way to survive is to go onto subscription these days as it keeps it affordable. I am still running version 9 & the 2 newer versions are still sealed sitting in their boxes.

I am after some assistance with a stubborn O2 Effect system (version 6.1.2)
I have a D9 stone (4 x 4gig drives) & the flint dongle attached to serial port two. (thanks to Grant & Rangi) I now know that I my IP address changes it causes problems with the stones.

To be honest my IRIX skills are close to zero, but here is what I am attempting.

I log into the effect account. type Effect -vr & the interface starts at the project splash screen as it should with no errors.
VOLUMEMGT : Warning ( I choose Y) & can hear the drives respond.
If I choose a <New> project
I now have a new screen with no project
Name, [blank]
Description, [blank]
Partition <new>
Setup Dir. [/usr/discreet/project/effecrs/untitled]
Cfg Template film.cfg
Memory 0 (what should this be if my 02 has 1gig of ram?)

I go to Partition & click on <new> & it opens the Framestore Setup window.
I can see that the stonefs has no partitions & plenty of free space. I change the default NTSC tab to PAL click on 4:3 change the name to PAL TEST the apply (ERROR : VOLUMEMGT: PARTITION NAME IS TOO LONG OR CONTAINS INVALID CHARACTERS) so instead I have PAL & click "Apply"

I get an instant flash of white onscreen
PANIC: swf age_cut: Mismatched links in list
Kernel/Interrupt Stack Overflow @0x801c4494 sp:0x803a7918 K1:0x40
ra:0x801c4494 stkflag:1

DOUBLE PANIC: Stack underflow/overflow

I have tried numerous button clicks but these all result in the flash of death & a long sigh.
In the project window I can see 3 projects one with a (NTSCDefault : non-existent) & the other (PALDefault : non-existent) & then <new>

Any help or advise would be gratefully received & really appreciated. I am one step closer than I was before, but I am still not quiet there.

Thanks in Advance
Would anyone be able to give me help or tips on the following please, as I am still banging my head against the wall with this machine.

#1 Where is the licence kept for Effect? & Also the Sapphire 3.0 Sparks? (So I can do a back up)

#2 When I go to start the software, I use effect -riv. (VOLUMEMGT: WARNING: All Data on Volume stonefs will be DESTROYED !) I choose Y
This brings me to the start screen. I am starting to think that the Stone is ok & there is a problem with the Software?

I have the following Clues.....
In the xwsh window after I have typed effect -riv & I go to create at new partition & the system crashed I can see the following
PROJECT: Happy_Meal
USER : default
CONFIG : Warning -could not read /usr/discreet/project/effects/Happy_Meal/cfg?Happy_Meal.cfg

Error reading config file--aborting.

If I jump into that director /usr/discreet/project/effects I can only see a folder Destination_AXN & project.rdb project.rdb.bak
In Destination_AXN is XFERS.omf

At the splash screen I have Project Happy_Meal (NTSCDefault :non-existent)If I hold the mouse over the project bar & click I can see 2 new options <NEW> & default (PALDefault :non-existant) I can't find any files in the Project folder?? Is this part of the problem. Why is the Happy_Meal project the NTSC default?

Could the problem be with the init.cfg file in usr/discreet/effect_6.1.2/cfg/init.cfg?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
Thanks, I have just got the machine out of storage. I will check on that & report back.

Thanks for the help

Well I am now the proud owner of an Onyx 2 I finally found one here in Australia. All I know that the deskside unit is working & boots. I believe it has 4 cpus but I have no HINV for the system.

In a worst case scenario, what would be the graphics option installed in such a system?

I would jump on over to or Autodesks area, there are quiet a few working artists on both those sites & I am sure that someone may have an answer for you.

Keep your eyes posted on Ebay for a used Flint system or Effect Option 3 on the O2. These have dropped down in cost & are now very affordable. Sparks are still available for most of the older versions so as long as your willing to spend some extra time rendering you will have a very usable toolset at your fingertips.

Also check out a few of the used broadcast sites on the web. A few of late have had cheap flint boxes with sparks listed for reasonable money.

Well it would seem that I have missed the boat, SGI in Melbourne trashed all of their legacy parts via skip 6months ago I just found out.

I am looking for skins to suit both an Origin 200 & Origin Vault.
Front door.

If you have any of the above, please send me a PM.

Well perhaps you could ship from Aus a deskside?

There were 2 went up on Ebay a short while back. One I bought for just over $1k the other went for 99cents!!!!!!!1 :shock:
I have an email for the guy here still, perhaps it worth an email to see what he still has left?

The natural shift away from antiquated RISC/proprietary Unix-based servers and the movement toward high performance, open architecture.

This is a quote from the latest SGI newsletter, the linux push continues.

I am curious, what was the system like?

Did you get much of a grasp of the system during the trial period?

Have you contacted Autodesk to see if they would generate a new license for the Tezro. I am sure that there will be some hoop jumping involved, but the performance difference may make it a worthwhile spend.

Do you know the name or company name of the previous vender?
Would anyone know where anymore of these episodes may be lurking for download?

I was searching for some images of SGI render farms & stumbled across this little gem.

Hello All,

I am trying to solve a quirk with a ZX10 running windows 2000. I have installed 2 Revolution 4 graphics cards, 1 APG version & the other is a PCI slot.

I have installed the NNRIVW2K driver package & hooked up a 1600sw flatscreen. For some reason I can only select 1280 x 1024 pixels as the max resolution?
In display properties I have gone into "Advance" "Adaptor" "List All Modes" & 1280 x 1024, True Colour 32bit (60hrz) is it!
Any suggestion on how to run the panel in it's native resolution? I think the 2000 driver I am running is SGI ver 1.0.0

Would someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of a better driver?

Thanks in Advance
Put the drive & the riser card also.

Version 7 does require a Dongle, But you don't require a stone array from Discreet.....You can run the raid as an XLV. I have this option running for my copy of version 7.

You should be able to do a HD project already. There will be options in your project settings as to your project/frame size. This in turn will mean that you will have to create or split a partition on your stone array for that project. Flint can do HD but only in 8bit not 10 or floating point.

You are right about the 1100's being stable, they are great workhorses..... I am still using the 1100 (P3 Dual 1ghz) & 1200 (P3 Dual 850mhz) servers running windows 2K as render nodes for Autodesk Backburner to render Max & Combustion files. I actually think that the 1200's are as snappy even with the slower cpu's. SCSI advantage over the IDE drives in the 1100's perhaps? There was a flood of the 1100 servers on Ebay years back when SGI took hammers to the back of the units & sent them to scrap heaven. The motherboards were actually Acer boards, the Intel's were in the 1200's

Timberoz> Craig
Cares....... But not enough to fix Firewire & USB!