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Stone Stress.

Hello All,

Question: I have a D9 Stone, It is connected to release of Effect 6.1.2 & I am running only 4 bays in the stone.

I have used the SW Tools to stripe the disk array. But when I get to the Project User selections I have the following

Project: default (PALDefault : non-exsistent)
User: Craig

If I choose "New" From the selection menu & go into the Framestore setup change to PAL from NTSC set the Aspect to 4:3 for the project & rename it to "PAL" & press apply I get a flash of white & the PANIC swf_cut: Mismatched links in list & the 02 starts to dump!!!

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Hi ,
You could ask this forum for your request :
Hope admin from here will be not in anger against me about this link :oops:
If yes, would you please excuse me and delete my post.
But it 's just to help this person to solve his prob.....this forum is just for IFFFS artists nothing compare from here ;)
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