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Smoke 7 message - Partition manager: testing speed disk

Hello to everyone
We have an Smoke 7 .0.14 system build on an Octane 2 with IRIX 6.5.28 and 4 GB of RAM and an Octane's Video option with MXE graphics card.Also the Octane2 has a cardcage but it hasn't got any cards installed on it. Ours Stone are 2 old D1000 stone boxes with 6 stones 7200 RPM of 9GB each per box.These D1000 boxes always has been connected to the SCSI port of our Octane 2 and Smoke 7 starts perfectly and works OK everytimes.
A few days ago I had to digitize a tape on a Pal Project that previously It has been created for me. I started Smoke, I login to the previously Pal project I created,then go to library,started the input clip module and digitize the clip and save it into the library.
At this point all works fine but when I want to load the clip to the editdesk a message appears, it says- "PARTITION MANAGER:testing speed disk" and Smoke start thinking and finally I have to switch off because I'm bored to wait.
What can I do?
Someone can help me to solve this or explain to me why this happens?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you to all
i take it this is a commercial request?
Hello again.
This isn't a commercial request.
I've never seen this message (Partition Manager:testing speed disks) on Smoke before.
For the present when I try to digitize a clip and load it into the editdesk this message appears and smoke freezes and I don't know why.
The only that I want to know is how I can I solve this problem or quit this message because I can't do my job.
If someone knows why my smoke do that or what can I do,please tell me how.
Thank you to everobody
alestes wrote: The only that I want to know is how I can I solve this problem or quit this message because I can't do my job.

then it is a commercial request.
What is wrong with a commercial request? Businesses have to put up with computers, too!

I've never used smoke before so I can't help... :( I wouldn't know where to begin other than 'check the cables'.
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sybrfreq wrote: What is wrong with a commercial request?

well, he's getting paid for what i told him for free. doesn't sound right, right?
i do a lot of commercial support but not for free ;)

every so often some guys try it anyway. we had a few cases here as well.
I would jump on over to or Autodesks area, there are quiet a few working artists on both those sites & I am sure that someone may have an answer for you.