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skywriter wrote: inventory costs money, lots. nobody was buying the systems. scrap 'em. what's so hard to understand?

It's obvious no one was buying them at regular price. But they didn't even try to sell them at a discount. At least make an attempt to try and live up to their tree hugging claims. Instead they were pulling lint out of their pocket with one hand and pushing these systems off a cliff with the other.

Don't they know that's not what I wanted to have happen? I wanted a Tezro for every room of the house. Even the laundry room.
Very nice. I remember seeing this same episode on the tube way back when.

Any idea what the ascii terminal is being used for towards the end of the show when they're working on the cat? I've seen those being used on other making-of documentaries/shows featuring SGI's.

I always assumed it was for command line rendering on an Origin, Challenge, etc. Something to give them quicker results than the workstation's CPU.
ramq wrote: It would be fun to know the list price on a 16-proc O3800 were at the time...

Not quite enough to retire on, unless you went with 64 CPU's.
Has anyone seen this yet? The Third & The Seventh.

Amazing to say the least.

:O3000: :Onyx2: :Fuel: :0300:
hamei wrote:
87Porsche wrote:
Has anyone seen this yet? The Third & The Seventh. .

Blocked in China. These people have gone insane. They think they are going to be a world power - yeah right. With six year olds running the country.

Here's a link to a 900MB .MP4 file of it. You should have it in no time. :D

Very much worth the download though.

:O3000: :Onyx2: :Fuel: :0300:
8x180MHz CPU's, 4GB RAM, 9GB HD, power cable, serial cable, 1 key, plus extra DIMMs and 1 or 2 extra nodeboards. No CD-ROM.

I'm tired of looking at it. Free. Please take it. Free. It's collecting dust in my office. Free. I'll even help you load it into your car. Free. Kansas City area. Free.


:O3000: :Onyx2: :Fuel: :0300:
This thing is sweet...

Too bad its Weber/Vettel though.
My Fuel hasn't been powered up for about a month, but it always stays plugged in. Right now it's not turning on, there's no light or fan activity, and nothing is showing up in the terminal. Shirley it's the PSU and not the motherboard. Hopefully.

So... It looks like there's four different Fuel PSU part numbers out there. Mine is the Sparkle 060-0202-001 460W.

When looking for a replacement, should I stick with the exact part number? Or would one of the 430's suffice?

Here's its hinv:
pentium wrote: Sparkle made power supplies for SGI?
Dear lord. No wonder they fail so much.

Yeah that seemed kinda odd. It's the first time I've ever paid attention as to what brand it was.
recondas wrote:
87Porsche wrote: Yeah that seemed kinda odd. It's the first time I've ever paid attention as to what brand it was.

Yeah - its almost enough to revive speculation that an EPS power supply from a PC could be rewired to work <maybe even a Sparkle ;) >.

If you have the chance a few close up photos of the label, interior and any makings on the PCB would be very interesting.

Here you go. I thought I had thrown it away.

I took the cover off and looked around with a flashlight. Didn't see any bulging caps, scorch marks, etc. Then again I don't usually take this stuff apart. I've got a lead on a replacement 430 and 460, but........ I may just part the thing out at this point.

Here you go...

I came across that same auction. It was tempting...
When I was young I wanted to be Han Solo. That didn't work out.

Instead I'm the lone IT guy for a family owned (not mine) printing company that was founded in 1896. I've been there for twelve years now. I have 15 servers and 60+ workstations running the usual array of Microsoft products, in addition to several iMacs and Mac Pro towers running Adobe and ESKO products. On top of all that I handle the Crystal Report writing, phone system, alarm system, wiring/cabling, 'help desk' stuff, broken home computers that magically appear in my office, etc... All the way down to changing toner. Some days I'm twiddling my thumbs thinking it's too damn quiet, other days I don't realize what time it is until my wife calls asking when I'm coming home.
fu wrote: @87porsche, all of the printing houses i'm aware of run on macs for reasons of colour consistency, is windows ok for such a job? (not joking, genuine puzzlement)

Workflow modifications aside, we could easily get away with running Windows instead of Macs in our art department. It's just a matter of prying the $70 mice and keyboards out of their cold dead hands. :D It is of course the platform they've been accustomed to all these years.

For us though, the maintaining of color consistency occurs between the press and the customer's proof/existing printing. Then being able to reproduce that consistency time and time again in future jobs.

We do calibrate the iMacs and cinema displays (to the best of their abilities) to match what the presses can produce, but they'll never be 100% dead on with each other. So on the computer side of things, the emphasis is on the CMYK/RGB numbers... Which you can do on whatever platform you want.
The State of Kansas would like to formally apologize for I-70. But at least I-70 in Colorado makes up for it.
I've been wearing this beast for about 6 months now.

49mm x 19mm case, Swiss ETA 2824-2, 4mm crystal, HRV.


I went and looked at it over lunch. That display is niiiiiice.
$#!% that's fast. And consistent.

3.5 MB/s - 115 MB of 246 MB, 36 secs left
:D He does look like Vettel.

Aside from a few leftover parts, I've been SGI-less for about 6 months now.

After a 10 year hiatus I've started biking again. Pretty much every other day after work and on weekends. Also going back to the gym, usually late at night.

I've also been increasing my vinyl collection 180 grams at a time. :D Get it? I kill me. Same goes for various audio/video components.

And PC gaming. Got burned out on that several years ago, but have started to get back into it again as of late.