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besides WorldView and (X)Emacs? What about other Eastern Asian languages?

There is cxterm package at

but I've never had the luck to get it working. :x

I installed Yudit today and it is running well. Thanks.

But I still want more than an editor. Does XIM mechanism exist in latest version of IRIX? My IRIX is 6.5.5 and only a few locales are supported, and I couldn't install any XIM program.

the cxterm package mentioned in my previous post is an X terminal emulator that supports CJK. So at least I can input CJK text to console programs running in it (like mutt, tin, BitchX, etc.) Maybe I can open a ansi-term in Emacs and do this too? I don't know. I will try to see if it works.

I did some modifications to the cxterm source and make it compile but when I ran it, nothing appeared except that the program was running at background. An X terminal window was supposed to appear. I just don't know where is the problem.
Thank you for taking your time to help me! I just installed it and it rocks!

I guess the possible reason why I couldn't get it compile is either

1) It doesn't like freeware gcc. I don't have MIPSPro license so can't use it. But this is unlikely because gcc works very well with many other packges. After hacking the cxterm source I can still made it compile and run. I just couldn't get the desired result.


2) My previous IRIX is old (6.5.5). Maybe some header files are old. I just upgraded it to 6.5.17m yesterday but haven't tried cxterm again yet.

I don't think I want to tried it again since I already got a running version from you. Thank you again!
nicolas wrote:
IRIX disc filesystem is EFS. i dont know if OSX support that.
linux can read them.

Yesterday I tried to access my Development Library CD in order to get the motif_dev* files (for iconbar, :) ). Since I don't have CDROM on my Indigo2, I tried to mount the CD under linux, but failed. I used the following command:

mount -t efs /dev/cdrom1 /somewhere -o loop

I can't remember the error message and I have no access to the linux box now.

Did I miss anything important? Or is it just because my CDROM can't handle 512 block size?

And are there other ways to access the CD (on windows or linux)? I found efssh (libfs) via google but coulnd't get it work.

Hi, in the O2 hardware reference manual, there's a chapter: troubleshooting. It is somewhat helpful.
very nice work!!

unfortunately i don't have any cdwriter attached to my sgi machines.

would you realse the source code in the future? I want to learn motif programming so that maybe i could make a graphical frontend to rdesktop. And your code is a perfect start for me :)
i had the luck to compile a gcc mips-3 duhdraw . mipspro version always segment fault.

Edit. requires neko_ncurses.
yes, i can confirm it works with -lcurses.

to use ncurses, i made some modifications to the Makefile (added -I and -L for nekoware ncurses) and changed #include <ncurses.h> to #include <ncurses/ncurses.h>. You can check the differences by comparing the source in my tarball with the original source.
miunk, maybe you are right. duhdraw segfaults with -lcurses. just the viewer ansi works fine with -lcurses.

the beginning of my Makefile to use ncurses looks like this
CC=gcc -O2 -I/usr/nekoware/include
LIBS= -L/usr/nekoware/lib -lncurses

I also changed #include <ncurses.h> to <ncurses/ncurses.h>, as mentioned above.
winterm (xwsh) wont work. you also need a capable font. i am using rxvt as term program, and vga font, set term=vt100 or vt220. i remember i got the font here. search the forums to see if you can find anything.
yes, it is very interesting. neko_bash has the same error on .28m and .26m here.

it seems that one char is eaten by some unknown. try this:

Code: Select all

> /usr/nekoware/bin/bash -c 'A=$(x(2+3)); echo $A'
>/usr/nekoware/bin/bash -c 'A=$(xls ./); echo $A'
It is very strangely hot here, yesterday and today.
if the color temp. of the greenish monitor is adjustable, you could try decreasing the green component. I got a slightly better image though not prefect on my other pc monitor.
I heard vim7 dev version is cool. However I am an emacs guy :)
an 'xhost + O2_IP' in the local x-term? I am not sure about GL apps. but I have always been able to run software packager on my Octane2 via Cygwin/X.
nice found. let me try my systems...
congratulations!! soon we would see pictures of an sgi-climbing kid :)
ant_39 wrote:
Well, it's a documentation that serves the purpose very similar to man page. It's in no way necessary for mpfr runtime. I think "man.manpages" suits them well.

Or you can use "man.infopages". I always used it while I packed tardists.
Looks like perl stuff. I think perl is missing from the Inkscape dependencies. Perl is included in Inkscape for the addin support. I am not sure if the new perl package would be good for the pretty old Inkscape.
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Can anyone please do a purple Indigo2 on its feet?

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I believe it's because inkscape couldn't find the it expects. Do you have neko_perl installed? Is a part of the installation? You can check it by using 'showfiles' command.
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I added the following soft link while I built and packaged inkscape_gcc. It was a quick and dirty fix to enable perl script support in Inkscape. I am sure it was pointing to an old version of It might help to modify this link to point to the correct one (usr/nekoware/lib/perl5/5.8.8/irix-n32/CORE/ but I don't have a box to try it now.

Code: Select all

l     0     0 neko_inkscape_gcc.sw.eoe   usr/nekoware/lib/
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You can try to update the soft symbolic link. If this does not work then inkscape need to be rebuilt...

Code: Select all

ln -s /usr/nekoware/lib/perl5/5.8.8/irix-n32/CORE/ /usr/nekoware/lib/
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Can anyone fix the inkscape package please? Based on the test from cybercow the simple fix works. Just need to update a soft link to point to the newer

Code: Select all

ln -s /usr/nekoware/lib/perl5/5.8.8/irix-n32/CORE/ /usr/nekoware/lib/

I introduced this link and am pretty sure it is used by inkscape only so nothing else should be affected.
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gratz on your lvl 1 :D
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Hello long time no see!
Never been an apple owner but I've always wanted to own one of those. Recent ebay prices range from $300 to more than $400. I am wondering whether it is still worth buying one for $300. I could imagine using it for internet browsing, occasional RDP to windows machine (possible or not?) Maybe photoshop too. How is the performance of G4 1.5GHz with 1.25 GB RAM? Thank ya
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Thanks for all the inputs! Really helpful. I am fine with it being a little slow (not too long ago I was very happy with my Octane2 360, and before that a purple I2.) Also as people mentioned above the form factor of a 12" is attractive. New macbooks are great but they are expensive. Anyway we all love vintage machines dont you? :D Otherwise we wouldn't hang out here.

I can't use firefox to surf without installing flashblock/adblock addons so those web pages should be fine lol
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Have you ever really really wanted to [xxxxx] but for [yyyyy] reason you just couldn't years ago? Now you can but it might not be reasonable. Will you go for it? Will you not?

Yeah I guess it's emotional too...
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And a lot of FC I wish they go for cheap to lucky sgi lovers.
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I am running win7 on a dell mini 10v. At least not worse than XP, except that the disk space occupied is larger.
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I am curious about what you guys dislike about the vista start menu? I am more a keyboard guy so I type words in the search box most of the time. I found this is much faster to get shortcuts and run them than the old clicking way
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Great work! Now I need to power on my octane...

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Welcome back and only 10 replies to this post!?

I don't know if you remember me or not. I am still keeping the Octane that I got from you, in the garage though. I got a baby girl too. She is about 7 month old so still no time to play with O2/Octanes in near future.
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+1 on emacs -nw & screen

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