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I am in the process of connecting Apple Cinema Display 23" with the Octane2 (VPro V6).

I've got good initial results - the login image on the screen is there when you set V6 at 1920x1200x60, but it does not stretch all the way to the edges so there is a black area 1/6th of the screen to the each side. I believe this to be the issue with the .vof configuration file for this resolution so I will try to compile my own 1920x1200x60 that will work with ACD 23" (I've found manufacturers specs for the screen timings)

Problem with ACD 23" is that it needs PP sync and most cards output NN (including V6 I believe on SOG). Also I am not sure if V6 outputs H/V sync on the 13W3 or only SOG (Sync on Green).

Right now I'm extracting sync from SOG with a circuit I've made and then feed that VGA signal into Gefen's VGA->ADC converter and from there into the ACD.
But it's not all peachy since ACD only works in native 1920x1200 resolution so you cannot see the Octane2 boot process until it reaches the login screen (X running).
I believe V12 has dual DVI only if you buy the DCD adapter for it which is another $995 or something like that. By default it does not come with it afaik...
thanks :)
So I broke my piggy bank and bought that V10 from jwhat and now I'm selling my VPro V6 with the XIO carrier (hoping to recover some of the cost)

Seeing that there was a V6 here earlier for $250, that'll be my price as well. The board works 100% and I'll ship wherever you want via UPS as long as you pay for the shipping (customs/duties are your responsibility, too). If nothing happens here I'll put it up on eBay next.
I never had MXI so I cannot really say. I figure performance wise VPro should be better being a next generation after.
Speedwise some things just cant compare because clone machines (PCs) have advanced much (you have Intel Pentium 4 3.3GHz ) while MIPS is still "crawling" at R14000 600MHz tops or around. Talk about proprietary hardware...

This said if you plan to do major computations don't bother with SGI unless you have some serious fire power (Origins or Crays networked in parallel etc).
BUT as a desktop workstation for general things I think SGI still has some leverage, minus the insane costs for Tezro and Fuel workstations. You can get yourself a nice Octane/2 on eBay and start from there.
IRIX is a solid and stable OS, still ahead of Windogs in my opinion. Most applications are available (many thanks to Nekochaners efforts) that are used on a daily basis so it does not lack there. Specific applications are also available, depending on your field of interest.

So just for the sake of collecting, you should one SGI box. Who knows maybe you even decide to switch to it as a main workstation. I know that the sluggishness (my main gripe) of the Linux KDE/GNOME/X does not exist with IRIX. The GUI feels fast and responsive just like Windogs yet the flavour of Unix is retained, in full flow and ffunctionality.
Where can I get a good client for IRC, and I dont mean that poor excuse for an IRC support in Gaim or console BitchX, I mean a decent IRC client like mIRC in Windogs, that has advanced features and such?
The same Xchat from Linux?

/me shivers...

Isnt there a good stable client like mIRC? could we run perhaps 16bit mIRC in IRIX? :)
Past few days have been wonderful here in Toronto, not too cold not too hot, blue sky and puffy white clouds rolling across, idilic and picturesque.

Why I say this? Because it's usually living hell here in August with humidity at 100% and temperatures over 35 C, yet the summer here has been all but hot.
I think it's a matter of preference. mIRC is a "clean" and reliable for me. It is not slow and has necessary features I'm looking for. :)

If BX works for you, all the better then, personally I just couldnt bring myself to ever like it...
I've installed 6.5.25 yesterday on two Octanes, and I just needed the 6.5.25 discs plus the 6.5 Foundations, NFS, Dev.Foundation/Libraries.

No need for any patches since they 6.5.25 is the fresh install...
I'm wondering if you peeps have seen ?

Actually I own a full license for Linux, but it got me thinking that it would be "cool" to have this in IRIX as well. And seeing that the author has made so many ports already, perhaps we can spark his interest to make an IRIX port, too. What the rest of you think?
I didnt know he had an IRIX port before, perhaps it was before I found out about it, but if enough of us here email him, maybe he'll re-do the IRIX effort.

I agree that it feels awkward using Pixel32 after many many years of Photoshopping, but I think it comes pretty close to it, at least as an alternative.
Unfortunatelly there's no source, it's binary only, but lobbying the author from enough SGI users should get him to make a port to IRIX, no? :)
That's why I'm hoping that Nekochaners can make a concentrated effort in that direction...
I remember reading about that...somewhere, not sure where exactly it was. Have you tried searching Usenet archives, it is possible that it was some newsgroup post there that talked about the problem you are experiencing?
opcode wrote:
I posted earlier in a different thread. I thought I would breath life back into this one.

I installed via scripts and everything seems to work just great except I have no indigo magic desktop.

Are there any special config changes I need to make to get the indigo magic like desktop working? I tried searching for answers but can't really find anything.

I logged into IRC but no one is in the #maxx channel, is this project still under development?

If you are still having this problem...ROX-Filer that's supplied with MaXX is crashing.

Just get a newer version from Rox website - I used git to grab the source and compiled it, then moved it to /opt/MaXX/bin64/Apps/ folder. Log out and log back in and it should work.