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When you install Lightwave (demo or original version) with the Software Manager, you get dialog window with some specific instructions.

These are (in a nutshell):

1. Install Lightwave using the software manager (duh).
2. In a shell, type "SETUPLW", which will run /usr/sbin/SETUPLW. This procedure adds the path /usr/lightwave/Bin.
3. Log out and then log back in, with the same user.
4. In a shell, type "which LW" to see if the correct path is added.

This should make it possible to load the included project files (even with the demo version). Saving is NOT possible with the demo.
But the real question is...

DOES it come with the cute plexi pedestal, like seen on the Prism family-shot?

Seriously, let's recap the most important complaints about the Dorado I read in the aforementioned threads.

1. It's a Tuxbox (which means the end of IRIX).
2. It uses Itanium CPU's, so R.I.P. MIPS (Opteron would have been a much better choice).
3. It uses the AGP standard (PCI Express would have made more sense, but can't have that huh SGI).
4. No SCSI drives (current S-ATA drives have plenty to offer, 8MB cache, 15K RPM, 5 year warranty, NCQ so what's the fuss about?).
5. Did I mention it runs Linux?
6. ATI graphics. Where's V16? Oh wait, SGI is into PC boxes now. Exqueeze me then. So where's the CCFL decorative lights then?
7. Ah, almost forget, it's only a dual CPU (the Tezro had 4, it IS the same case, not? Again, that would be too much value for money for SGI).
8. Price. 8500 for the base model. Yeah right, that's for the box with lesser specs than the regular $1000 ALDI (Medion) PC.
9. The notebook DVD-ROM drive. Doesn't make sense. They're more expensive than regular 5.25" form factor drives and I bet my left foot they're less reliable and less performant.
10. It has a really nice case (it seems the case designers are the only competent engineers SGI didn't lay off).

So, here it is:

39.000 USD should get you the nice version, with dual CPU's and dual graphics cards.

The AlienWare PC boxes with Dualcore CPU's and Dual PCI-Express 16x GFX seem like a good buy. They also have a nice case AND watercooling ;) Cosmo eat your heart out (he'll understand).

This means that the Tezro will be the last SGI jewel to look out for on e-bay, after all.
There's nothing like hittin' the herb while typing in obscure commands in a shell...

Disclaimer: I found the above true until I saw the felatio scene in the movie Swordfish. That one blew me away (pun intended).
Hi, my name is Yves, I was born in 1971 (may 13th to be precise) and I'm a sys admin and webmaster. I studied electronics but always was way more capable in front of a computer. That's why I'm one of those lucky people that turned a hobby into a (paying) profession.

My computers where: Sinclair ZX-81, Atari 800XL, Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, Amiga 1200, CD32, Toshiba Satellite laptop (first peecee) and after that only (and many) self-built PC's. About two years ago, I started to lurk e-bay for SGI equipment.

But my biggest passion is martial arts. Started out 19 years ago in Taekwondo, then Hapkido, some kickboxing and Win-Tsung and since a couple of years I've been practicing Escrima (first Sinco-Tero but now IKAEF). My main motivation is self-defence (not competition) so that's the reason for the exotic cocktail of fighting systems (each has its pros and cons).

In the weekend, I pop off a few rounds at the gun range. I'm an avid Glock-fan and also love shooting modern military carbines and SMG's. Besides my Glock 19C, I owned a Bushmaster XM15E2S Commando (AR-15 .223REM 10" HBAR with telescopic stock) but recently sold it to get a Steyr AUG A3. But I digress.

I like music, especially the Blues. Oh yeah, and 80's like late Pink Floyd, The Police, Guns 'n Roses, Metallice, Peter Gabriel, Rolling Stones, Simple Minds, Talking Heads and the likes.

Oh man, I forgot to mention AC DC!

Just gimme some REAL music made by REAL people that can play REAL instruments (not paint notes with a mouse in CuBase and even then fuck it up). Everybody, make a mental note of this:

* Good music does NOT need a fast changing videoclip with girls shaking their ass in ya face, aiiiiright? If I wanna see tits, I hit the tittybar, geddit? Just play the friggin' guitar and shut the f*ck up or take your BLING BLING somewhere else, oo'kay???

Whit these words, I salute you.
Dubhthach wrote:
Glock wrote:

But my biggest passion is martial arts. Started out 19 years ago in Taekwondo, then Hapkido, some kickboxing and Win-Tsung and since a couple of years I've been practicing Escrima (first Sinco-Tero but now IKAEF). My main motivation is self-defence (not competition) so that's the reason for the exotic cocktail of fighting systems (each has its pros and cons).

Interesting mix i'm a Taekwondoka myself :)
Escrima basically filipino fighting system with a high emphasis on stick fighting as well right?

Yes, single stick or double stick as well as daga (knive fighting) with heavy influences from Kali. From what I've learned (I'm NOT claiming to be an expert on martial arts history - I'm more into practicing it, so feel free to correct me), the Chinese Win-Tsung system also incorporates stickfighting techniques from Escrima. Also, Escrima and WT are both based on a system of triangular foot-movement.
GeneratriX wrote:
Glock wrote:
Just play the friggin' guitar and shut the f*ck up or take your BLING BLING somewhere else, oo'kay???

Then, are you meanning these weird frog, displacing him as if he were on an invisible motorcycle, singing all the time "BLING...BLING-BLING-BLING-BLING-BLING...BLING...BLING-BLING-BLING-BLING-BLING...BLING..." (and so on...), while he's doing all kind of weird faces???

...Nop; I have not seen it! :D :lol:

With Bling Bling I was refering to the whore-mentality, so common in the entertainment-industry.

But your Frog remark is right on the spot: as it happens, the provider that sells the Crazy Frog ringtones for a company called Jamba, has just been fined 40,000 UK Pounds by ICSTS, for misinformation of its clients (stupid shallow kids who actually like the crap that's produced from that retard frog).

Shows you just what the entertainment-industry is all about... Bling Bling...
Looks like a nice event...

This is what can be seen at the fair (excerpt from their website):

Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, XL, ST, Lynx en Jaguar
Commodore plus 4, C16, C64, C128, PET en Amiga
Sinclair ZX80, ZX81 en spectrum
Philips Videopac
Sharp MZ700 en MZ800
MSX (Toshiba, Sony enz.)
BBC Microcomputer
New Brain
Coleco Vision
Nintendo NES, SNES, N64
Sega Master System, Megadrive/Genesis, Dreamcast
Sony Playstation 1

Hmmm... No IMSAI (but they have ZX-81 - my first love). I wonder if some copyright org will be there, to look for tape-swappers.
subedai wrote: 10-15 years of seti@home - cant be that much sky left :P

Yeah, but the seti@home workunits only contain a sample of a particular star or cluster, at a particular moment in time (time of recording)...

Even if we would have searched all of the bandwidth a hundred times already, we could still have missed it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a 100% in favor of projects like this, I'm just being realistic.

<Glock goes off to check if all his boxen have a steady flow of WU's>
denver wrote: I'm using a FC array, so I just pull the FC cable for a bit, and that causes a delay, which stops the capture.

Let me see if I'm reading this right: you stop the recording session, by disconnecting your harddrive???

At least you've won the first price for creativity d00d!

Never ever disconnect a live filesystem. You might (read: will) damage your filesystem, and as a consequence, your filez. The proper order is: close all open files (exit apps), unmount volumes, spindown drives, pray...

* Ask Bluefan how feeble filesystems are, even on plug&play (or unplug and play as you will) systems like Windhoos...

I'm just guessing but... maybe the dropped audio is a direct result of this.

One last question: at the time of unplugging your fibre-channel array, was your cupholder open or shut???
If you, or a friend, have basic soldering skills, you can make one for about 2 euro's of parts (1x female DB9 + 1x male MiniDIN 8-pin and a piece of 8-wire cable).

At least that way you'll be sure it is of the right type, as you have the schematics for it. Never rely on some anonymous clerck selling you the right cable - these days the robots at the box-shoving companies they work for, don't know the difference between a shoehorn and a handfull of buckshot. Sell sell sell!!!
Imagine an O2 (bloodred skins):

- Athlon64 X2 5200+
- 4GB dual channel DDR3 (humour me)
- 2x PCI-express 16x render pipelines - 512MB each
or, V16 - but now I'm reaching
- 2x S-ATAII or U320SCSI in RAID (0 or 1)
- Updated ICE (MPEG-1/2/4 & HDV in hardware or hardware assisted)
- Dual Layer DVD+RW (ATAPI for compatibility with future formats)
- Wireless USB for cable-free desktop (mouse/key/printer/...)
- FireWireII and Gigabit Ethernet on-board
- IRIX 6.6 (hell yeah) ported to match hardware
- Matching 21" superwide DVI TFT (some 2ms ├╝berpanel)
- Did I mention IRIX 6.6???
- Price tag BELOW 10,000 USD if you please...

But that would actually make sense, so it probably won't happen. MIGHT even be bad for Prism sales... Hmmm... It would mean SALES, and we can't have that, no? Would mean we have to HIRE smart people instead if firing them. What, no lay-offs next year - who would pay for some exec's new Porsche then???

Or what about that Quad Dual Core Opteron based Tezro? Bah, some bean counter would rape the design by putting MS Vista on it. HEY, that's even worse than the switch to Linsux, so it MIGHT happen after all...

Why do I keep hearing that lame Supertramp song "Dreamer" in the back of my head?

I need a beer now.
MooglyGuy wrote: 4 wires is really all you need for serial.

True, if your app supports Xon/Xoff (which is software handshaking). Otherwise, it won┬┤t hurt to connect the DTR/CTS pins.

But for terminal access to an SGI box, I believe Xon/Xoff (4 wires) should suffice...
What about the video source, you're recording from? I ask this because many analog tape based systems have screwy timing and sync circuitry (in fact is more to do with stretched videotape and/or filthy or magnezited heads or even a worn out motor).

So if you tested with some consumer tapedeck, try recording again with a stable videosignal, for example a DVD player (just the menu-screen because the MacroVision copy protection scheme fucks up timing a little to make analog copies difficult).
Yes, it sounds like a thermal problem. The Mardigras line of cards are real stoves, compared to the later VPro's. And if I understand your post correctly, the fuzziness starts a while after bootup (in other words, as the machine heats up).

More modern gfx-cards are a single-chip design, so the digital and analog parts are on the same chip. This is why modern cards tend to produce digital artifacts, when heat problems occur.

With the Mardigras cards, the analog part is a seperate chip and, when too hot, fuzziness sounds like a typical 'analog' mailfunction.

Ofcourse, it won't hurt to check your cables. Also take care not to route 'analog' cables next to powerlines and other inductive sources (speakers, transformers,...).

And the Octane is a vacuum cleaner, so take care of any dust that may impede the airflow. A can of compressed air is an essential for every SGI owner :)
I suppose VNC or some remote-X ploy are not the answer you are looking for?

If you wanna go the hardware route, I'd suggest a KVM-switch...
Spidy wrote: Sqeen, what do you mean by the whole desktop? Is this different to teleffect? I'm using teleffect now, it works well, but I still need two monitors. I thought vnc needed two monitors also.

TelEffect only forwards keyboard and mouse "data" to the auxiliary system (which has its own screen to output to)... You can compare it best with a Dual Monitor setup in for ex. Windows XP: you just move the mouse to the monitor displaying the app you want to operate.

If you have only one monitor, one of the two systems is headless, so its screen output must be directed to another system for display. This is where apps like VNC or Remote-X come into play.
Double yawn...

Just yesterday, I rolled back both my Octane & O2, from .29 to .27 - I don't have .28 - because of some quirks with NFS I can't seem to get around. Must be my limited UNIX-skillz but anyways, .27 seems to work just fine.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
"What is understood, need not be discussed..." Loren Adams